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Hymn To One Ablaze Awakening Entity lustrous from the desert of Seth Beneath the winged sun, Goatlord Banebdjet Bare thy ivory breasts, mighty Baphomet A fiery crown of lotus leaves Thy wicked smiling head adorns And curving horns Into starlit heavens reach Impaler of Nut Incarnation of endless fertility Pangenitor Pan, from the meadows and woods Asasal, entrapped for infinity The light gives birth to darkness And darkness enforces the light Twin moons of magic shining bright Above the Goat of Mendes __________ Reflections Of A Black Seared Heart Alone and silent I feel the chilling air The storm blows violent The gale wind whips my hair The darksome night my friend in need Black blood of anguish my heart shall bleed Spite and disdain freeze my mind I feel just scorn for my own kind There's just hatred - no more love And as I'm lifting up my head I hear no laughter from above Heaven's cold and god is dead Feel my longing to destroy All God's creation, it shall fall apart Share my hatred and enjoy Hear the reflections of my black-seared heart By freezing moonlight I watch the skies Pale stars are gleaming in my cold eyes When our weak mankind will soon be dead and gone You'll hear my final howl of triumph Feel my longing to destroy All God's creation, it shall fall apart Share my hatred and enjoy Hear the reflections of my black-seared heart __________ Night Of Beltane / A Pagan Lament The Horned God guards this special night Our breasts sparkled by the flickering light We lie by the Beltane fires As sunlight fades As one with all nature's beasts Pagan gods rise Let us now feast On our desires The great Earth-Mother, the god with horns Heathendom we praise Our nakedness the sky adorns With silver moonlights glaze My body seems enslaved Next to the fire, I'm falling down I feed my heart, for what it craves Witchcraft flows free 'neath midnight's gown A prophet sober, a festering heart A loving whore tears us apart A cross for the fire, and our gods depart By the fire we lie Ecstasy beneath the sky Dance around, nature-bound, one with the galaxy Celebrate the first of May with fertility All witches gather for the great mother And one upon an oaken throne Fair maiden, walk by my side Jump the fire and be my bride Our faithful coven grants us a year Wed by nature we'll be Listen! Whence he came he bore the cross And with it came what he told of, what he held as dearest: His god And this strange harbinger, he had eyes glowing with fire When he told of god's glorious empire And we were lost The cross's shadow silenced all the laughter in the woods All our love It denied all our ancient gods And wiped us... Away! __________ Crom - Cruach (Maggot Of Time) Crawling through black space and time Great worm of Cythrauls putrid heart Eternal feaster of men And gods alike Bloodied maggot from the stars I summon thee Suck my enemies into the void Rise! El-Worlds collapse into the astral plane Unspoken entity His coils ensnare mortality Crom-Cruach! Unite - Tribes of the Earth-Goddess Danu - Embrace our fallen corpses Carnun - Horned God, all witches' father Sun god Lug - In thy raging face we'll gather Skyclad - Warriors enter battle Daemonkind - Be baptised by shining metal The Goddess - At dawn her face be stained in gore Morrigu - Crow of War Despite - our grim intentions Defeat looms - by foul spawn from far dimensions Ceridwen - Deathmother sheds a lonely tear The timeworm's shape - Rises on this battlefield of fear - No! A rotten musk tickles my face All my blood was shed Is this finally Death? As I get sucked back to Cythraul Carrion for the worm Earth's denied of any Soul __________ A Crimson Flood On Frozen Snow Like skeletal fingers of undying corpses The black shapes of trees grasp the cloud laden sky This cold winter night amongst all nature's forces I spit on this cruel life and lay down to die And no-one shall witness my peril The moon's mocking face seems to smile at my anguish As my hot salty tears melt the cold frozen snow Soon my blood joins this flood as my body will perish And will nourish the soil on the ground down below And the pain of this life is forgotten The gale nightwind sends shivers of cold down my spine And it feels like my heart, like a dead lump of ice Lady, I promised, all my life should be thine But the gifts that you gave were just pitiful lies Now watch and collect what is faithfully given Girl, you revel in beauty, in passionful pleasures Whilst denying that freaks are able to feel What remains for myself out of life's golden treasures Is a small sharpened razor of glittering steel Thy rememberance will cease with the season The deep lake's silver mirror shows what I will abandon A grotesque monstrosity punished by fate Love is reserved for the fair and the handsome What's left for a mishappen shape is just hate And slowly the lake freezes over __________ Hymn To One Ablaze Ablaze And glorious you stand tall Unbowed despite your fall And stalk the lamb, your prey 'Til Armageddon day I obey you - my dreams are soaked in blood In union - we'll slay the sheep of God Archangel - my heathen heart be thine In glory - my lightbringer shall shine You are eternity Thy blazing majesty On Lilith's bosom - I'll rest during the day Moonblessed Hecate - guides my nocturnal way Out of the woods our legions rise - And I will beat your drum An antichristian revolution - we'll purge the hallowed scum Son, I appreciate your longing for me, and I'll accept When time and space collide, in darkness we shall rise So prepare - this joyous battle lies ahead of our hordes The smoke will clear - victorious we'll prevail My flaming master - fulfilled my dearest dream Sweet Satan - Rebel most supreme So join me - Lucifer, Astaroth, Samael, Baphomet Belial - Baalzebul, Asmodeus, please guide my way Unfurl my banner, raise my dark sword - and don't be afraid My trusted servant, herald the hymn of one ablaze! I'll be your shadow, the nocturnal stalker, your enemies I'll slay My dreaded deceiver, my lewd and sweet tempter, the fiend I will obey __________ Belated Divine Abortion I watch the brooding skies All hope is lost I'm going to end my life Upon a cross A crown of thorns I wear I writhe in pain I perish slow as a martyr And die in vain Oh my God, so dark, the nameless one Oh father please, help thy son My God, why did you leave me alone? Are you still my father? I don't want to meet a fate Of this cruel kind 'But you will die for all mankind!' Why must I sacrifice my life For other's deeds? 'There must be one scapegoat that bleeds for them!' Why does a father wish death For his own son? 'Upon the earth you were abandoned!' Oh, I can't see why all this has to be 'Trust me, for I am your God!' 'Sacrifice your flesh and blood for me!' Please answer me, what this fate will mean to me at all? I want to know for what reason I was born Only to die forsaken and forlorn? 'You will obey your father's decision!' Belated divine abortion A life without a sense Darkness now embraces me At the threshold of eternity I curse God, as heavy thunderclouds gather As an example how to die A most senseless way I will become a God on my own __________ Succubus, My Betrothed Flapping wings, glowing eyes Pointed teeth in a craving smile Clutched by sin, I will lie With the lady I obey Dark clouds passing by The full moon's wary eye Observes as we fly In gloomy midnight skies The nightflower will flourish just for me Entwined so deeply in its sumptuous leaves A blossom in moonlight, carved by its liquid shine Gaia, Maia, unearthly womb I crave to vanish into her tomb Whore of Hades, wench of night Sinful mistress, nocturnal bride Her scent of witchcraft, I admire On crimson lips I'll quench my desire My damnation I shall find Temptress of all Demonkind Amidst the burning pentagram She unlocks her dark dominion So take my soul, where no mortal eyes can see Unveil to me all hell's mysteries My sweet betrothed, Ill be your groom Sinister bride, my harbinger of doom The darkness, the shadows, the power, the glory Forge them all! I sense my swelling greed Temptation, Damnation, ecstatic sensation Her gate is open wide, promising everything I need You're the only one for I will fall Whore of Babylon - eat my soul Heave in sinful shivers, feel me deep Liquid fire's emanating in thee Queen of lust, Darkness I entwine Succubus, lure me in a love malign __________ Transcendence Velvet dreams of ebon darkness Swirling like shadows, sepulchral and warm Nightborn phantoms rend me painless To a thousandfold aspects of blackness I'm torn Sands of time are running backwards To ages enshrouded by vast cloaks of gloom Translucent tnedrils stretching outwards Transcending the threshold of yesterday's doom I wander landscapes godforsaken Though crosses loom into an uncaring sky Corpses decay 'long the paths I had taken For sins born out of their hearts they had died Ash clouds on red horizons gather Emitting from stakes illuminating the night For spirit, son and holy father Their hot, cleansing fire's devouring my bride The saviour's sheep now flock the scaffold Their hypocrite faces are frozen in glee Witness my loved one's torture untold Our unison wailing in agony And as the thirteenth candle flickered My past life laid plain as a book before me I'll walk in wrath amongst the wicked Preach Christendom's fall into eternity __________ Christendom's Fall They'll fall! Listen up, woeful christians Your enemies shall speak! Your belief's an ancient relic From a long forgotten past Born of fear and superstition Only sustained by inqusition "Take my blood and my flesh - For you I'll be slain" What's this for a weird belief Obsessed by a cross of cruelty If Christ had been hanged by the throat Then a Gallow your symbol would be Suffering and pain is most regarded Masochism is heavenly rewarded "Give your life in joy Embrace eternal glory! The worse your fate, Vaster your pain, Longer you die, The holier you'll be!" It's just perverse lie Just a weird lie Of a psychotic mind Pope, you believe you're second just to Christ Who absent-minded for his 'God' and mankind died So just let deeds follow up your lies And like your weakly idol, let yourself be crucified! Your pride and your lies A thorn in our eyes Destiny awaits - we'll not take it any longer Destiny awaits - opposition's growing stronger For war - our hearts burning For war - our hearts blazing 'So let the children come to me!' We'll restore our kingdom of which we've been betrayed The Nazarene traitor will meet his final fate And we're garbed in black - Abysmal hordes You shall witness utter darkness - our earth has to be A black orb adorned in sin - in heresy! __________ Requiem The sun is fading into black The night dictates my way to feel Cloaked by history's dusty gown Old myths appear to me so real From the ruins, ancient shadows crawl to greet the dawning day Never heard of, never noticed, the sunlight soon wipes them away Out of gloomy, haunted keeps tales were told, but never heard Stories of forgotten times, but no-one wants to read these words Fairy-tales of merry dances, 'neath the silver full moon's face Nothing now remains, but memories of the glorious Pagan days The Earth Mother's sucklings starving on her wrinkled bosom lie A crone in ragged mourning gown, waiting for her time to die Children of the mighty ash-tree, world-encircling Yggdrasil Everlasting leaves have withered, ageless wood has ceased to be Sun-God Lug, thy rays were burning - say, which raincloud covered thee? Are thy warriors really beaten by those who love their enemies? The Horned Hunter sounds the bugle for all heathens' funeral march As they pass in chains, with heads bowed under Christ's triumphal arch Subjects to the Pain-Emperor, servants to the thorn-crowned king Oppressed 'neath the Usurper's throne in eternal suffering An Anthem to those Who have been nailed to the Cross And left there for aeons forgotten To Walk Upon The Wiccan Way Invoking The Watchtowers Here within this sacred space My guardians gather near Fire and flames protect my right At left Earth’s strength is here Before me Air my vision clears Behind the tides do swell And all around throughout this space The Lord and Lady dwell __________ Beneath The Eye Of Hecate The crossroad’s bathed in silvery lunar light Arrive! Hecate, glorious Empress of the Night The moon, your pale blue eye is gazing down on me Heralds your presence, sweet nocturnal entity Leave now the gloomy realms of the Lost and of the Forlorn Light up your torches and guide those who are Paganborn Fire - Lighning fills the crumbling sky Water - Rain pours from the clouds up high Wind - Sweeps across the barren fields Earth - Is sated by the blood I’ve spilled The wolves now sing their mournful tale of sin To bid a welcome to their unforgiving queen Wraiths and spectres leave their long forgotten tombs To join our Sabbat underneath the crescent moon I roam Acherons unsilent shores Make raw strands of pure magic unwind I am lupine, voluptuous and cruel Nightly haunt of your weak and feeble minds I am the purest of Black to be embraced by the seeker The third aspect in the circle of life By cold moonlight I prowl as the sun’s getting weaker Up from Hades I rise, for your lifeblood I strive I’m Hecate! We are the night Witches and Warlocks join with me Neath her blue light Darkly Mother, Hecate Powers unleashed For her maternal trinity Hail the Great Beast Queen of Witchcraft, Hecate We are the night Witches and Warlocks join with me Neath her blue light Darkly Mother, Hecate We’re Paganborn From the burning sun we flee Under the Horns Lunar Princess, Hecate __________ I Soar The Moonless Skies A pack of wolves, my grey-clad children Howl their triumph to the fading sun Dusk is drawing nearer My reign nocturnal has begun The pallid, deathlike bloodmoon Hides its face beneath the festering clouds The gloom, my silhouette hides I soar the moonless skies I prowl in eerie silence Gaslit streets through the swirling mist My undead thirst is growing Blasphemous craving to deliver the Dark Kiss Crimson wine of lascive flavour Is pulsing through your heaving vein With my embrace, I introduce you My loving bride to my lightless domain The light’s what you should fear Gaze in my bottomless eyes And fall for me my Dear I soar the moonless skies With infernal charms I tie your soul and make you my dark queen Your ivory neck, I tenderly kiss Unearthly love you’ve never, ever seen I sow the seed of boundless evil On your white skin I leave my crimson mark Lustful but lethal, my sweetest poison Makes you a minion of the Dark I may grant you life eternal As the night falls, I arise I am the lurker in the shadows And I will soar the moonless skies Oh Dark Lord, I want you near by me Your presence drowns all what I fear With your slender, guiding hand I’ll be Your Queen of Night eternally I’m overcome by your hypnotic gaze Shaken with joy in most mysterious ways Show me where the lonesome raven flies And soar with me the moonless skies __________ Boudicca's Triumph Armies march in shining splendour Sound the call of blood and fire Led by Britannia’s defender They raise against the Roman Empire Boudicca, Witch Queen of England As thy groom I’ll walk with thee Her daughters raped by the invaders Her family put to the sword Groves defiled by Roman raiders Now she holds her vengeful court Boudicca, Witch Queen of England I’m your King for seven years Horned Hunter, be our saviour The Roman Eagle is soaring high into the sky Walk proud in Andraste’s favour Save our land from being devoured by fire At the thrice-damned town of London Druid’s wrath is soon unleashed Blazing fires stain the horizon The scythe of death reaps man and beast Boudicca, Witch Queen of England As God and Goddess we unite Riding on a bloodstained chariot Drawn by two enormous steeds She’s the daughter of the Horned God Squashes Rome’s might neath her feet Boudicca, Witch Queen of England In Andraste’s name we fight As thy husband I will honour thee I’ve sworn my oath at Beltane’s fire To defend my land for the next seven years Before I bow my head to die All invaders shall now witness me As I wield the Sun God’s spear Next to my Witch Queen I’ll ride Watching Rome’s legions shake with fear Witness the glory of Boudicca’s triumph! __________ Amidst The Frozen Forest As the sunlight’s getting dimmer Spreading crimson afterglow And the forest greets the dreamer Moonshine gleams upon the falling snow Withered fallen leaves enshrouded By a blanket, white and cold The pale Wintermoon is clouded Malign its presence to behold Howling winds are blowing cold Shake the trees with awesome might Ancient heathen dreams unfold In this silent winters night And I see a wolf-drawn chariot Ride the starlit skies Feel the presence of the old gods From lost halls up high And the stars and the moon gleam in frozen silver Flakes of snow and the leaves dance in swirling grace The cold wind blows a flute, tuned by ancient spirits Naked trees bow their heads to their masters face Hear the screech-owl sound its mournful wailing Join the choirs of this unholy night The Wild Hunt rides on the snow so bright Driven by the chilling nightwind’s gale The heaven’s join this strange nocturnal fairground Lighning flashes announce the roaring thunder Ancient spirits rise from ageless slumber To greet me as one of the old god’s heirs Deities of a long lost age Dance with spirits, naturebound But as morning dawn enters the stage They vanish with no trace to be found Sunlight hurts my bloodshot eyes And my pale skin shuns the light Dreams of moonlit midnight skies Hide my pain beneath the cloak of night Feeble minions of the cursed deceiver Watch your golden temples burn The Cross will crumble, Christ will shiver Behold the ancient gods return __________ Witchfires The gruesome stench of sizzling flesh The horrid fate of daeth by fire Heretic sins reduced to ash In the name of misled desires They purge for God’s own sake Salvation at the stake Self-proclaimed saviours stoke the cleansing fires Gaze upon the witchfires Watch the blazing witchfires Don’t forget the witchfires Rememberance on those who died The ugly and the beautyful In Gods own eyes they are the same Condemned to die a death so cruel Proved guilty of acts most blaspheme‘ Suffer for the Lord Obey and hear his word No witch or warlock shall be left alive! The wicked acts we have to prove Are written in those sinner’s eyes In torture they’ll confess the truth For one in pain can’t think of lies Renounce what you had been Then we’ll forgive your sins By burning you’ll be saved from the hellish fires Recall their names, an endless list Who’re murdered in the name of God Women once fair burnt to a crisp For pious man may not spill blood Tortured, drawn and tied Mercy was denied Which devil could outdo, what the Church had done? The cross of mercy has turned red From countless graves its victims cry For 'true' beliefs thousand lie dead Below the ground charred bodies lie Brothers from the past Revenge shall come at last As winds of vengeance sweep the ashen fields __________ Pale Prince Of The Ruins Here I stand amongst the ruins Skin as white as snow in a wolflike face Red eyes observing The remains of my once ruling race I am the Pale Prince of the Fallen Feeble monarch in a dying age I am the one to watch it falter And to remain last actor on the stage I’m trapped in the eternal struggle Between the powers of Dark and Light Sworn to my saviour and my Nemesis The hellforged runeblade by my side I am the mightiest of all mortals But still a puppet in the play I’m doomed to have no friends, just sorrow Those I once had my sword has slain I’m standing at the Dreaming City’s gates Watch the havoc wreaked by me A piece of art, millenia old In just a blink of time it has ceased to be In endless sleep my loved one lies I curse the dark gods for my bitter fate The only one life was worth to live for Has just perished on my hungry blade They call me the Eternal Hero But I don’t know for whom I fight Am I a follower of Chaos Or do I strive for Order’s light? Stormbringer, the widowmaker Black bladed sword of malignant greed Devours the souls of my enemies But those of friends are so much sweeter Bound by its powers to grant me strength I raise it to the careless sky The gods of Chaos reel in mocking laughter As they hear my final battlecry Arioch - Mighty Knight of the Sword Arioch - Blood and souls for my Lord Arioch - Born your servant to be Arioch - And your worst enemy Chaos had come down upon the earth By foul Pan-Tangian sorcery Forests burn, proud cities crumble Whole kingdoms fall to drown in boiling seas Amongst the mayhem stands the sole survivor Of the Melnibonean race The gods my people served for aeons Are the same gods I soon will have to face On the warped landscapes of a dying world Chaos and Order fight their final stand I am the last amongst all mortals Awaiting the time when time will end My daemonsword ends the existence Of god or mortal, foe or friend Finally it shall drink its last soul To make mankind be born again __________ The Spirit Of Heathendom You’re calling a phantom your wise, loving father Who had formed your forebears out of clay I think that your brains still consist of this substance Or what else is the reason that your minds went astray? You think, Earth’s been granted your supreme dominion And you might reap it of everything it can give If you are interested in my solemn opinion: Scavengers like you have no reason to live! Our Mother was a woman of ravishing beauty But for womanliness you have nothing to spare In return for bearing more and more of you bastards You rape her again after stripping her bare You enslaved Mother Earth to act at your bidding And scoured it from dangerous heretics like me I am sick of you scum and I’m surely not kidding Mother’s suffering from a plague called Christianity You are nothing but pityful creatures With your God residing in Heavenly Halls But right here on Earth elder spirits are lurking Awaiting the time for the crosses to fall Morrigan, Avenger Life’s reaper, Death’s crow Bean-Nighe who washes The severed heads of our foes Bad our mother Let fertility grow! Maturity’s triad In eternity adored You deny on what all life is still founded Which is love, lustful longing and sensuous joy You prefer children born by a chaste, modest virgin That they’re products of lust, you stubbornly deny But still you are haunted by natureborn cravings And as each woman of grace is a devilsent slut You rather rape children as a kind, loving father Go to Hell if you don’t mind, cause I hate your guts! Your Lord’s bursting from mercy and positive feelings With disgust you regard those who feel anger and hate You wage war out of love for the ignorant heathen To save their souls from the devil, before it’s too late I thank you for taking my life in your hands How grateful I am I simply can’t tell But still I prefer the wild ways of the heathen Even though in your eyes, I’ll be burning in Hell First you’ve stolen our festivals sacred Then your oppressive belief had grown tall But right here on Earth, elder spirits are lurking Awaiting the time for the crosses to fall Underneath the Horns, they feast and dance and sing again To the woods the laughter will return For the powers of Earth and Fire, Wind and Rain Instead of stakes, the Pagan fires shall burn __________ Carnifex I gaze into the bleak faces The crooked figures coming around here to die On Golgatha-Hill I reside And crucify them There’s one amongst them who was living in vain The King of Jews is now a King of Pain First they brought you incense and gold Now they bring you hammer and nails On a ross ends redemption foretold The reign of God is a kingdom which fails I’m your demise Emperor of lies! I drink the wine of fear from your eyes As I lift my hammer up high And feast on your pityful cry With my first nail The only way to salvage your soul Is self-sacrifice, that’s what you preach Now I grant you the best chance to teach it The jackals and ravens You told your followers about your kingdom above The first four metres you’re already aloft! Now I’ve taken your blood and your flesh And hung it up high in the wind Now would you please forgive me my sins As you have promised? Oh you glorious ruler benign Tied and fastened in your kingdom up high Bless your followers with arms opened wide And perish forever! __________ Ordo Templi Orientis Baphomet: The desert glows, but howling winds Announce the night when our feast begins Stars shine above, their gently light Hangs like a cloak on the moonless night I watch my children reap the fruit Of sensuality, sweet and lewd Call my temtation incarnate The Goat of Mendes, Baphomet Hide from the storm that blows from the west Freezing the hearts in our bare breasts Behind a crimson cross they rode To drown in blood my sunburnt abode Jaques de Molay: To the land where the crescent stains the sky We ride forth to bring salvation and the Light We’re the knights of God, Christianity in mind For Jesu‘ blood the plague of Heathendom we fight For our king, for our liege On fortress walls, we lay siege For king Philippe and pope Clement We purge beliefs, unpure and wrong Baphomet: My children slain without defense Blood senseless soaks the desert sands Butchered in the name of the holy light Which seems to me as dark as night Knights of the bloodstained Cross Gaze upon the mindless carnage caused Call me 'Devil' or 'Great Beast' But I’m more human than your Christ at least! Jaques: A goat haunts my darkest dreams And speaks of pleasure never seen God, I can resist no more Temptation of sin I can’t endure Baphomet: Deny the cross of agony and pain And be enthralled by my pleasure-filled domain Lay down your coat of abstinence Feel ecstasy and indulgence! Jaques: Our false god had been finally put aside Darkness fell wherein we had discovered light Now we dwell in luxury never seen Rememberance erased of what we once had been Baphomet, lustrous Lord We’re the knights of the Goat Indulge in sins never thought And spit upon the sign of God Baphomet: Don’t speak of Light where Darkness looms Black turns to White neath the twin moons! I’m the One who’d ever been And I will rule eternally I’m the hermaphrodite goat Warlocks‘ and witches‘ overlord Jaques: To thy mighty oath we’re sworn And deny the loathsome virginborn We reject humility And embrace the light of heresy! The worldly powers: I am the king installed upon the wordly throne And I am the pope, as heir to Jesus Christ I’m born Together we succumb to envy, fear and greed And reap the harvest of the foul heretic’s seed Perish in flames for the blasphemy you’d done Your ashes in the four winds will be strewn Nothing remains of you and your unholy halls But for your gold which shall adorn our palace walls The Pagan heirs: We are heirs to what the Church wanted to erase Upright and proud we laugh into your weak god’s face Light becomes Darkness and Dark gives birth to Light Templars we are and we won’t give up the fight! __________ Closing The Circle Youthful maiden, Mother, wise one Thanks we offer thee Honour and love go with you - Hail! Farewell and Blessed Be! Mighty Sun-King, Horned One, Stag Spirit wild and free We loved your dance, we bid you Hail Farewell and Blessed Be! Winds and breezes gently blow Unbounded, wild and free We thank you now and bid you Hail Farewell and Blessed Be! Sparkling fire, red glowing flames So high and bright to see We thank you now and bid you Hail Farewell and Blessed Be! Softly soothing waters blue Of lake and stream and sea We thank you now and bid you Hail Farewell and Blessed Be! Earth of green and flowers wild So colourful to see We thank you now and bid you Hail Farewell and Blessed Be! Paganborn A Minuet Of Ghosts Listen close, oh weary traveller for an ancient tale I´ll tell upon the hills a haunted palace stands where some noblemen still pay for the grace from which they fell In daylight a crumbling ruin its archways dusty cobwebs span mouldering tapestries rot in its empty halls and the wind moans round the barren walls sings of bitterness to come As midnight falls in silver moonlight shadows always dance in the castle-keep swing and sway in a timeless minuet watch the centuries pass by its dwellers are denied of their eternal sleep From behind the shattered windows an unseen orchestra plays as slowly a banquet of spectres to its eerie music sways And the centuries pass by but deliverance never came so they dance each night for their lost souls to redeem Lady moon shines in milk white pallor through the fallen castles gate restored to all its former glory each night until the morning breaks The clock strikes twelve as moving figures from nowhere in the ballroom rise Lords and ladies luminescent centuries dead, but still alive from nowhere frail music rises as the shadows coalesce they dance a minuet of ghosts swiftly swaying arabesque candles flicker, they recreating a moving image surreal as an unseen violins moaning for the dancers in the hall a company of translucent nobles amongst their spectral audience through dead for years, their apparitions perform a feast, which never ends They dance a ghostly minuet - pirouettes of shadows luminescent silhouettes - moving in the darkness __________ Of Torque And Antlers - The Conquest Of Eireann The wheel has turned, he is reborn So let the circle never end Gives strength to seed and harvest corn And leads us in our Pagan dance Let us dance! Snow has covered the land, whilst the forest is sleeping Mother Nature resides as haggard crone Soon comes the time of my renewal To claim once more the wildwoods throne By the first rays of light my horn is calling Beasts and denizens of the wild My amber eyes open to watch thee Dance on my glades, sweet Pagan Child I am the Lord of the Forest Cernunnos is my name By the groves, deep in the ancient woods He builds his oaken throne Lay down my head in times of winter’s frost In spring I’ll be reborn Watch me holding the torque, for it shall bind you Let the circle never end Heave in sensual joy, feel the spirit of nature Across my green and pleasant land In the blue, endless sky, proudly I raise my antlers And sound a call of carnal desire Oh, Maiden of Spring, lay down here before me And praise me by the Beltane Fire I am the Lord of the Forest Cernunnos is my name I am the Lord of the Forest The stag roams wild and free For he’s the One who wears the antlers He shall reign forevermore By the gleam of burning embers Still witches preach the ancient lore Keep in your heart the ancient fire Children of nature mind your birth Release your chains, cast down your idols Come back from Heaven down to Earth I am the Lord of the Forest The stag roams wild and free I lead the hunt, I pipe the dancers ‘Til the sun begins to wane By the sign of Torque and Antlers Paganity will rise again! __________ Onward To Eireann The voice of Tuan: They soared upon the wind above the crimson peaks of Connemara As witchcraft filled their sails, they travelled on Towards the hills of Rein, to conquer Eireann from the Fir Bolg’s grasp Thus spoke mighty Nuada, king of the Tuatha de Danann Nuada, King of the Tuatha de Danann: Mighty Sun-God Lug, we hear thy call to battle May thy gaze of fire bless our blades We sailed forth from the sun, for in this land we’ll settle The land of our forefathers, shores of Nemed Ravenwinged warwitches ride the wind To bring our enemies death and despair The strength of our swords and all mystic forces on our side The powers of Earth and Water, Fire and Air Marching onward, onward to Eireann The land which once was ours, proud island clad in green Towards the vast plains of Magh Nia - HEY! To Belgatan our warriors march - HEY! Here we hide within the Black Hill’s shadow We rest ‘neath the might of mount Belgatan To test the power of our enemies blades Awaiting the battles to come Like the power of an earthquake our warriors stand Here by the hillsides of Belgatan Ready and willing to loose the bond Which binds the spirit to mortal form The voice of Tuan: Then finally came the day when the two hostile forces’ champions met They took the test of strength, a blood-bond was declared Breas Beautiful and Streng decided that the island might be shared But both their kings refused and thus they met their fate Nuada: The huge plain of Magh Nia shall be the battleground May our enemies’ heads ride high upon our spears So march my warriors bold, for we are glorybound We are the Tuatha de Danann and we know no fears Beneath the Raven-banners our shining army rides Feel our thirst to challenge the worm-god’s powers We’ve got the fearsome magic of the thricefold Badb on our side So by tomorrow’s nightfall all Eireann will be ours __________ Night Of Divine Power Shadows - They gathered high up in the heavens Whilst in the camp the Fir Bolg sleep Carnun was woken from his slumber As were the riders of the Sidhé Three warcrows filled with utter grimness Descended from the sky like fiery rain A triad of awesome divine powers Morrigan, Macha and Nemain By the light of the moon The mists of magic fell The new and old gods met For a divine duel Panic was spreading through the army The Ringstones glowed in witching green Above their heads as clouds were boiling A mighty dragon could be seen With curdling cries like howling Banshees The Sidhé began their first assault And corpses walked amidst the campfires Decayed and dreadful to behold The voice of Tuan: Then Morrigan, with jet-black hair Appeared before King Eochai: Morrigan: "King, now recognize my powers Fight on and meet demise Or find your peace In my embrace!" The voice of Tuan: While his King was seduced and the army lay hidden Warlock César invoked the powers forbidden: César’s invocation: Great entity of aeons without sinews and bones I humbly bid thy aid amidst the Standing Stones Thy wisdom formed the Earth and the stars above So help us in our need, mighty Crom-Cruach! The arrival of the daemongod: Mere mortal, you have disturbed my timeless slumber To beg my aid in your dismay But you have made a mindless fumble To speak aloud my secret name I will dispel your enemies’ magic But tomorrow on their souls I want t’be fed If that’s denied, it will be tragic For then, I’ll take thy soul instead! By the light of the moon The shadows disappeared But César in his gloom Knew that his fate was sealed __________ Upon The Bloody Fields (Of Cairns) Streng, Champion of the Fir Bolg: Now the time of battle has come With axes and swords we shall smite The invader’s heads shall litter the field For our deity and Eireann we fight The voice of Tuan: With dragon - hearts inside their breast The Fir Bolg braved the wave of steel Effortlessly invaders fought Against the iron wall of shields Upon the bloody fields Of Cairns Streng: I will drive them back to the sea No Tuatha de Danann shall be spared Except for the one, they call Breas the Fair For he is the one, whose blood I have shared Tuan: But suddenly above the field A dreadful apparition stands The Harvester of Souls appeared To reap, what Crom Cruach demands The daemon swept the Badb away But Nuada grabbed the Sun God’s sword And with a blinding glare of light He drove it through the fiend’s black heart Thus Crom was denied of his prize And so he took the druid instead Dragged him screaming to Cythraul And left the Fir Bolg to their fate Moy Tura! Streng (recognizes his failure): All for what we lived and fought Is lost, like our blood in the sand What is left ist bow to the conqueror’s gods And to go back to Earth in the end The voice of Tuan: Dusk fell upon the fields of gore Victorious stood the Tuatha de Danann And silence fell upon the shores Of the green island, Eireann Upon the bloody fields Of Cairns

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