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Rabid Death's Curse The Limb Crucifix Show me the face of uttermost madness Reveal the mystery of time reversed For in chaos lies mights forgotten From which we all have emerged Crawling from wombs - a vast reflection A rupturing from deformed flesh Yet a false revelation, a pointless effort For the truth of all life is Death. For your bodies form a giant shape That cast shadows across all lands Filled with the greatest of emptyness Falling as it stands A crucifix of flesh and bones Lifeless, yet trembling in fear For as sulphurflames are it's consious And the smothering is near Emptiness spawn, pale stillborn breed Blinded at birth and forever to be His tusks pierced through eyelids and tounge Not even Death can set you free ..sense the smell of burning flesh A titanic symbol of death's overture Impaled on behorned pain The limb crucifix, built on remains Of the cursed breed of Cain It cries and it suffers, burning within Reaching towards the sky Anguish shaped by bloodstained flesh A shadow of Satan, longing to die __________ Rabid Death's Curse Born into a fatal illness Ascension unto a graceless sphere Yet the chain forged in sulphurfires Emerges with them through labias lair The stench, the curse, the sacrilige divine The enduring of rupturing cold Brought to life, crushed to dust By an impenetratable presence of dark Incarnation of plauges and of longdead pests Fornication of all brought to life Shadow majestic, spell infernal At the core of mankind as a lifefeasting tumor This curse if to haunt and to kill and to crush For it's claws are the flesh of all life It's eyes are the souls that burns at hell's heart The ones who are blessed from it's strife This plauge is to die and again to be reborn Through eternity and beyond For it is life, the rabid death's curse Cast by the firstborn, never to be gone Of sharpened steel and of hanging ropes Is the cure of this illness made For all lifes that walk are possessed by a curse And in the end it all shall fade Blessed from the filth Touched by the mystery Carressed by the dark Left as a snake to crawl and to curse May the seas they boil And the napalm rain Let mankind fade For still it shall reign Behold the burning of earth And your feeble creation Still cosmos shall tremble Beneath his domination __________ On Horns Impaled Bow for me, inferior I demand you in the name of the horns For I am the one To bring the demise of the bearer of thorns You who's father so pityful upon the cross died Behold it inverted And burning under the nightsky Inferior lord of heaven Your might shall fade Jesus has wept On goathorns impaled Unclean vermins, scum of the earth Blow your heads for the dark ages birth Black fire cast your flames high Above the realms of light Behorned father Satan Show them all your might Taste the blood And the decayed flesh of his sons Behold the desecration Of the weaker and feeble ones A cross burned black Soaked in sacred blood From all of us to all of you: Go fuck your jewish god Inferior lord of heaven Your might shall fade Jesus has wept On goathorns impaled Black fire cast your flames high Above the realms of light Behorned father Satan Show them all your might __________ Life Dethroned A pallid shape is floating A lurid shroud of fading life What ones was a place so glimmering and bright Has ignited itself and burnt out of light I canonize thee, lord of the odius For enlightening the path to perpetual might For guiding me on this voyage With nothing but scornful mirages in sight Devour me, oh immense shadow This locus is cursed, shroud me forever Damnation be my lodestar For humanity carves my veins I've been nailed to a cross of anguish Crucified above to behold The blind, the loathsome's strife in vain The holyness of those who should suffer my pain Lunar strains of morbid grace Reflections of nocturnal mysteries Eternally hidden for their eyes As what awaits behind... Branded by the unpure light But still, You like I Reaches for the dark And even further... As symbols of life we are fading To were this twilight reaches night A pallid shape is strangled As my soul and his darkness unite It wont shine through Believe it, you're never to see That my flesh is carved with spells Of mankinds destiny Blessed with contempt For what has edged my strife And through sacrilegous veils I dethrone life __________ Walls Of Life Ruptured Spawn of the darkest evil divine A creation of the holy womb Step aside for lord Sathanas His fist so deep within A servant am I and in flesh am I captured Holy flesh and holy sin Oh, the strength it does not take To deny life's lying pleasure Their wars stills my hunger The tears in their eyes still my thirst Yet their life's feeds my despite ...eternally to be cursed As it opens for me In darkest desolation I behold My blood runs cold through my veins Running in vain Lands fall behind my eyes And humanity is bleeding And in my hand I hold the key To all living holy glory ...and all that is evil The womb of life is rotten black The seed of light dried dead The fist of Satan deep within Behold the cunt of life in sin Behold the purest evil The creation of a higher force Lurking within all of man Stronger than every life and lie __________ Angelrape Feel the coming of a storm Of wrath burning red as blood Thundering forth With poison in veins and death in the eyes Under banners as mirrors reflecting The darkness above and below And the eye... The eye that is him Bonecrush, bloodlust Behold the remains of jehova in the dust Suffocate, Desecrate For Satan's return - Angelrape Warlust fill my veins As bullets in the heart of humanity Darkness drown me As carnal shreds of light soaked in blood Cursed to wander And to eternally despise Forever to stride For evil never dies... The beauty of destruction The passion of death Immortalized In your ashes Bonecrush, bloodlust Behold the remains of jehova in the dust Suffocate, Desecrate For Satan's return - Angelrape __________ Mortem Sibi Consciscere Created by them Yet reborn through him Blessed from life and lie For the cunts that are licked By your gentle tounges Are raped and cursed to die So far beyond Your rottening grace Yet trapped in smelling chains For the bodies you caress I have cursed And put cancer in their veins The blazes in the night called stars Are reflections of your kind Pallid and fading lifes Spawned and guarded by darkness behind For what dwells behind those flames Is hidden for your eyes And just one single glance Would transform your smiles into cries There is a war in my heart While yours is thorned by my nails For you are nothing but dead Beneath those carnal veils Rejoice as emptyness grow thicker Feel it's grasp around your neck The hour has come to release And to welcome the razorsharp fate Feel the jaws of the snake Slaves under cosmic contempt Mortem sibi consciscere Your key to achievement Casus Luciferi Devil's Blood Ageless, eternal in grace Behold the snake of temptation! Eyes gleaming with wisdom Tounges telling of truths inversed I have swallowed the hanged mans semen With necrophageous delight And let the Devil enter With all his might And in unbearable shame, enlighted by your fathomless dark I kneel unto thee, father, i am opened Let your daggers pierce through and their poisonous grace be unleashed through these hungering veins The impurest of blood, the greatest of pains!!! The Devils blood The curse of salvation The odious essence of His holy revelation It floats from the garden of eden In malevolent grace The Devil's blood Through the pentagram's maze To open the gates to where deformations form To unearthly mysteries and fire From stigmatized wounds now the river of gnosis runs free In the glorious light of the five point star Darkness, starlight in eyes The path reveals so clear now I drink my own blood yet the taste is not mine I behold my reflection yet noone stares back Driven by a lifeless hunger Must have it stilled Drop by drop, curse by curse Until all three cups are filled This soul prayeth not for victory, but for loss This body kneeleth not in vain, but in blood These eyes seeth not nil, but truth These words are spoken not by me, but through The Devils blood The curse of salvation The odious essence of His holy revelation From the tounges of the serpent Into chalices three The Devil's blood Runneth through me! __________ Black Salvation Visions of hornshaped shadows A burning firmanent black Trembling in the glory of a star Delightfully glowing with evil Ten signs to spawn A thousand of children And to be given strength Each time a heart it beats For they gave birth to the sun and the moon To cast shadows upon life And to burn the slaves that in madness gaze With scorn from serpent eyes Just as cancerous cocaine Deep in the veins of christ The malignant curse divine Floats within you all... You all! May the holy light of Satans might Burn my eyes! This filth is not worth the glance... Shining steel with Devil's seal Cut my flesh! Let them lick the blood In the ashes of my fallen temple And just as cancerous cocaine Deep in the veins of christ The malignant curse divine Floats within you all And the bonds are burning Along with His eyes Forever to brand the heart of god Forever... spearing cosmos core! For it was that light That branded the Devil's mark Into my flesh My soul and my heart Never to close these eyes Never to still this thirst High on the cross of sophia Through black salvation I hang cursed __________ Opus Dei (The Morbid Angel) And all that is holy, holy shall be... Let the light bless and let these words proclaim the blessing. Let the seal be broken and let the light prevail; Let the earth be scorched and let the light prevail; Let the wrath cleanse the world from opposition... ...and let heaven spew brimstone on sin! And all that is holy, holy shall be... Let alive the word's proclamation, Let the laws of The Books be the laws of the earth; Let humanity be sin and let denial be bliss; Let the wars cleanse the world and let their fear show their path. Let the Light reign over Man and beast, let the Lord strike the sinners with plague, let the Lord our God reign for eternity; and all that is Holy, Holy shall be... For the carnal and earthly mouths of Christ He has made blind and as vices they are Let their words and acts be spears and be chains Tormenting the weeping face of their god From the valley of Sodom to the hill of Harmageddon Behold the holocaustclouds and heed the trumpet's roar A Charge more forceful than ever witnessed May the Angels of Heaven shed the blood of Man Behold, the new and true Gospel, the words come from the Lord himself, Redemtion through death! Salvation through fire! And all that is holy, holy shall be... Let the light bless and let these words proclaim the blessing. Let the seal be broken and let the light prevail; Let the earth be scorched and let the light prevail; Let the wrath cleanse the world from opposition... ...and let heaven spew brimstone on sin! Let the prophets of double voices free And in Gehinnoms splendour eternally Let them BURN for their true majesty And all that is Holy, Holy shall be!!! __________ Puzzles Of Flesh Blinded soul, vomit faith fingers reaching deep Senses made dogmas And the Phoenix rises... None is denial I am not one of mine His words unlocked Backwards, reforming what won't reflect Assembling puzzles of flesh Perfect... yet unknown! Sigils encarved, the burning stench reveals frustration None could deny Him! Carrying the voids of those eyes None is denial I am not one of I My words unlocked It reveals through the fall Staring at the abyss, getting further Through mirrors... Flesh & mind complete, in need for substance! You are denied You are not one of He Your words are locked. __________ I Am The Earth He lives through me All of what I am The needle of hamartia Injected in the flesh of man With the soul of a carrion Sleeping, yet awake For underneath this skin Crawls eden's cursed snake Hic est draco caudam suam devorans! You may have felt it's cold Carressing down your spine Gently yet with strength And with a morbid touch For its real shape is a razor Smeared with the Devil's seed And infected with it's plauge Are the scars from which I bleed I am the earth Chained to horns Its ground is my flesh Pierced by Holy thorns I am the earth Burning deep within It's water is my blood Blackened by my sins Swallowed by His mystery Lots within it's maze The bridges behind they burn from the pyres of Hell's grace One after another The stars fade into black He has called my name There is no way back... Pierced by His will Trapped within His lair My flesh shall be the sign Of that fires are to fear For those who walk upon me Shall be punished for their turns I am the earth And within me the Devil burns! I am the earth In the shadow of the Lord A crucifix of flesh Yet sinfully adored I am the earth As your life with me does blend I am His truth The world without end... The world without end. __________ The Golden Horns Of Darash All ysop burnt, all fruits are poisoned Zaddik failed and Zebaoth lost, The lambs are banished, the temple is soiled March on white ruin, infernal host So come forth, Lord of the triple number Rise, oh trinity of DEATH, DEATH and DEATH Burn this vermin world in its most deep slumber And to all of Sheob, give the sulphur breath Blacken all their ghastly colours And freeze to scorn their charity warmth Smear our sin to their most pure innocense And nail them all to the cross!!! For they live to die, we die to live Our beginning is their end! While they fall with twelve, we rise with seven So wake the astral serpent by Thy pale hand!!! All ysop burnt, all fruits are poisened Adonai failed and Elohim lost The lambs are slaughtered, our temple shines golden Crawl on your ruin, seraphic host ... And my tongue speaks ancient names Forbidden psalms above the flames My heart pumps but void into my veins My puls runs slow, too slow for chains For chains that tie me down to earth For chains that keep up this organic curse ...for I see horns... ...golden horns... ...for I see horns... ...HORNS!!!!!!!... __________ From The Pulpits Of Abomination No less real than those whose voices echoes through the starless abyss No less cruel their nature, no less harmful their intent Of sinful seed, of soiled womb, circling the five wings throughout eternities And in a tomb beneath the pyramid of faith, as a crown lain at their feet Behold the pillaged and impure remains of a god who failed Guarded by the giant pillars to be moved by the Devil alone For they are the stones of the throne of christ which He swallowed and exhaled unto earth as his own! ICHTUS! Thine gills art dried! Iesous Christos Theou Uios Soter Where there was heart shall be vertebra ...For your children have been led astray! ICHTUS! Quench thine thirst with my urine Warm as love it shall rinse through the salt in your lungs For the thirst of the desert strangles all senses Tempted art thou and noone can resist Him... None! For what is the worth of a godless prophet whose tounge since long has dried, in completeness bereft from grace? Through milleniums tormented by the eternal eye and it's piercing vigilance Doomed to fail, for what hope can you ignite in their forsaken hearts? When in deluge thou art fallen, your scriptures are altered and your doctrine rewritten in blood? What unity in tribes long scattered? What glory and hope in a cross that is shattered? Hark! The mourning wails of defeat echoes throughout centuries! The horns of the baphomet in the wounds of jesus thrice An alligeance of flesh and steel, unto which titan altar we all kneel Hark! The reversed words of Yahwe from the pulpits of abomination! See him now possessed and reborn, the fallen messiah alight At the burning crest of the serpent's spiral smiling in confusion Fear all ye faithful for no longer on his forehead a crown of thorns In the shadow of the bloodstained cross Christ has risen... with horns! ICHTUS! Iniquitys mystery revealed! Iesous Christos Theou Uios Soter Where there was thorns shall be the horns of a goat For neither in life or in death are they absent! ICHTUS! The greatest of creations laid to waste! Malformed and depraved limbless nothingness son of a whore Two nails in your hands for both father and son And in the dirt of your feet piercing the holy spirit __________ Casus Luciferi From the vaults below the deserttemple To the throne among the stars In the hearts of us, your children, oh divine luminary Thou shineth! Like sunbeams penetrating the foundations of the earth Thine grace ignites the seeds of creation And in our veins is stillness, as your shadows come to life For they are like whispers speaking of ...death in heaven Behold the black cloud of corpselike birds Their wings are on fire And their song has turned backwards A morbid cacaphony singing of... A new dawn! Burn my flesh, thou light of lights Most eminent perfection, most magnificent of sights Mark me with thee, stainless Ar Most real, so clear and bright they shine both eye and star Descend upon the dead, black sky By a grace of just one glance they all shall die Pour the bitter wine of salvation into our blood And let our scars form rivers flooding the kingdom of their god Let the immense gates of heaven open Let the dawn of justice come When a thousand pale and silenced faces Turn towards the sky To behold in fear and wonder how the firmanent turns dark By the sound of a lonely trumpet calling And countless birdlike carrions falls reeking from above Embedded in a red glow telling of... A burning dawn! For this sunrise shall not wake you by the foul light of Christ But by Satan's fire burning in your eyes And the thundering voice of a lion over the plains of man Shall proclaim the horned phoenix final rise For it is not rain that falls tonight from the black, ominious sky But sulphur tears from the last flock of birds And the wind carries the smell of death, from the agony in their hearts As the fly in nameless fear towards... Luciferion!

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