13 ian. 2009


Black Unholy Presence Tempting The Bastard Seeing our beautiful, horrific blasphemies God has never been seen sending us a reward And Jesus so-called son of the feeble bastard Has never come again as told the prophecies Yes Jesus we've won, disciples of Baal We are forever led by the hand of Belial Away from this poor life where you hoped we'd confine And into our glory forever we shall ride In the times when you feel alone and abandoned When you think of the past when you had the power Don't you ever wish to send us a disaster Send us our final blow, give us Armaggedon Let Temptation lead you, be guided by Satan Come and join us in Hell, and let your father cry You were only a man, and as a man you died Come to us as a man, admitting your error Obstinate messenger of a weak imbecile I know that you'll never open your blinded eyes To you Jesus I send all my Hate and Contempt Dare to come back again, for in the Dark I wait In the Dark... In the Dark I wait... I want to use the sword and to die by the sword I want to commit sins, to Hell my life is sold I want to dive in Lust, enjoy the Flesh delights All of this you'll behold, impotent with fright In The Dark... In the Dark I wait... And then I will rejoice at the sound of your cries I'll get drunk with your Blood, to Me it's only wine By your name I shall swear, your altars I shall soil And then for the first time you'll feel Hate in your soul For the Glory of all Evil Souls, die! All Hail Satan... __________ Black Unholy Presence When darkness falls upon this pitiful land Alone I start roaming through your feared shadows I become as one with night, envelopping your mortal coil You feel me everywhere, as I invade your mind In the night, I reveal your pain Immortal, I bear the dreaded name Bringer of Doom, beyond your fears I reign Immortal, forever damned to dwell In Darkness... Sadness, Hate, my only companions Pain and Fear, my only communion Storming vengeance, I strike your weakened soul Evil essence, in Hell together we fall ...Voices from inside, the dagger on your throat Meet me through Death, and eternally roam... May you feel the powers of pain and eternal grief May you like me, be an eternal wanderer... Sadness and Hate, your only companions Pain and Fear, your only communion __________ Spirit Of Vertova They step into the old house Strange crucifixes hanging on the walls Soon they invert them all The invocation ritual has begun Magic circle in the red chamber What's going on tonight? The spirit they have called Refuses talking to them In the red chamber Flames are growing high They are no longer The daemon is alive "Strange noises of footsteps above my head There is no one here except me The spirit we have called is too strong for us It won't live after we've read the Enochian key" "Credo in Satanas, omnipotentem daemonium Factorem Bellum et pestis Visibilium malum et invisibilium Expecto dies irae suis et bellum universalis Nema" And so they stride on, out in the dark Creatures of night exiled Walking desperately, seeking refuge in Hell Thinking of a way to reconquer their lair "They have found us dead three days after this night Five dead bodies around a pentagram All of our questions have gotten an answer We are forever doomed to haunt the red chamber" __________ Black War Today sunset's different Tension filling the sky Hell is now forever Satan's legions arise The bell is tolling seven times Sirens start to roar Legions ready for attack Hate wind starts to blow Christians running like faggots In front of their dying mothers Satan's legions victorious Spreading Hate and Disaster Black War Flaming flames of fire Rising in the sky Hell has come forever To make humanity die The face of a great goat Staring with a smile The strong who signed the oath Killing the last weak alive We are Satan's legions, we're ready for the war After our final mission, your world will be no more __________ Faces Of The Void Pale are the faces staring at me through the void Pointing their fingers at my now dead body A strange music sounds the end of my days Now is the time, farewell humanity The pale faces are waiting for me to join them now The accuser leads me to the altar where the book lies-Book of Death Depths of the unknown, tunnel of Death Now I reach the end of my journey The pale faces are like me, I'm one of them now I've read the book, I've seen my name I'll stay a demon now-I am dead "Veni omnipotens aeterne diabolus Pone custodiam super templum tuum" I'm now at the point of no return, I have become a faceless entity My human coil is destroyed through fire, my spirit free beyond mortality I am all, yet I am none I'm a face of the endless void Blank faces, faces of Satan We have become We curse you all, poor earthly beings The supreme state is Death

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