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Prophecy Of Zavorash When Our Kind Has Returned To The Valleys When Northern Lights Fill The Skies When The Domain Of Darkness Rises Then All Else Shall Die From The Frozen Realms We Shall Arise Marching Down From The Permafrost Turning Our Swords Towards The Shining Until All Light Is Lost Barbarians From The Land Of Snow And Ice Shall Pilage And Prophane The Bright Paradise Riding Proud On Slaughter Of Battlehorns Forseen Unionship Of Zavorash Universals Of The North Adverseries Of The Weak Ones Through Whirling Storms We Roar The Sons Of Thunders Time Shall Come A World In Fear Bow For Them Before Sent To Kingdom Come We All Their Lifes Condemn "And Then Came The Blast Turbulent Destruction Icicled Oh, How We Laughed Majestic was This Revelation Deadly Pact, Funeral Eternal We Were Swords In This War We Beheld Death And Shivered With Lust We Were The Ones Who Turned The World To Dust" Feel Spiritual Forces Lurking The Woods Under Eons Of Stars Breathe The Winds On The Mountains And Let Thy Visions Fly Far For Alone They Are Mighty Together All Else Falls Enstranged By Dark Fountains In Which Milleniums Call For Strong Unswerwing Riders Glowing Spots In The Night Of Light And For Swords To Be Unsheated When The Time Is Right. Za Vorbashtar Raz Shapog!!! __________ Dying Beneath With Evil In Eye They Arise At Night Spreading Wings Over Moonshine Skies When They Ascend With Winds To Flight Then It Is Time For The Darkened Tide To Arrive Desecrated Domains Dying Beneath Delighted They Spread Death To Acheve A Kingdom Of Bones And Frozen Eyes Ravished Souls Still Tortured In Ice The Vision Is Black With Spots Of Red The Goal Is Death And Sorrow To Dwell And Fear To Strike The Pethetic Breed Complete Evil Is What They Acheve They Will Bring The Divine Sons Head On A Pole Then Multiply The Nails In His Father Then In Mystical Rites Cry And Spread Their Shadows Of Murder I Great Them Also To Give Me Wings They Need Not Seek To Take My Heart Heel To Heel We Will Rise In The Winds To Fly With Glowing Eyes And Crush The Foundations Of Light We See Them As Plague Us As Remedy We Are Streams Of Bloodlust Coming Down Soon To Become A River The Legion Great Them As Allies The World Great Them As Death Blessed By Evil Before The Start Of Time And They Still Rule The Astral Worlds Devestated Dying Lands Beneath Is Not Enough To Their Lust Apeace Thee Might Have Hid In The Light Till Now Now None Shall Save In The Darkened Tide Erased Empires Stand Witness Again Their Offspring Shall Fall Never The Subject Of Forgivness So Laughed At By My Horde Several Melliniums Passed Blindly Behold Now A Dark Dawn Where None Shall Save Where Only Die You May __________ World Rejection Invinsible Hatred I Beg Thee Not To Let Me Free I Wish To Lose Myself In Thy Darkness This Cursed Sorrow Which Lives On In Me Shall Be Hidden Within Thy Sarcasms Let Me Walk The Earth And Trample All It's Life Let Me Be The Last Being Watching All Die Standing Proud In A Life Of Contradictions As I Laugh While I Wish To Cry By My Own Words I Am Forsakened Sinking In Unbroken Patterns Of Rejection Circling Down To A State Of Hate So Pure And True That All Else Fades No Mistakes Made For I Cannot Regret Still A Lie It Would Be To Say I Am Content I Became Truly Evil When All Hope Left And The Present Condition Makes Rage Suit Me Best On A Journey Away From Light And Warmth I Desire To Kill All The Rest I Show No Weakness And I Have None Yet I Wonder What I Gain I Reject The World On Principle And Let My Nihilism Reign I Crave None And Give The Same I Spit On All Which Have A Name I Blame None But Hate Them All Convince Me Wrong Then Convince A Wall For I Have No Soul Or Purpose To My Peace There Are No Doors __________ Releasing The Legion As I Behold The Most Frozen Landscape And Await The Dusk To Pass I Call Upon A Second Age Where Death And Winters Last By Fire By Ice And By Dark Rage We Will The World Into Eternity Cast By Mountains White Under The Moon By The Valleys Yet Unpassed I Swear Myself The Emperor Of The Most Dark Of Paths As I Await The Night To Cloak The World Suddenly I Can Speak The Tongue Of Souls Unheard There By The Falling Sun I Am Granted Wisdoms Known To None My Tears Have Made My Armor Impenetrateble They Have Stained My Path Is Of Darkness In My Sight Pure Hatred Reigns Dark But Yet Enlightened Evil And Yet Just Walking The Land Of Lunar Lights Calm I Enter This Violent Might Convoking Spiritual Oneness With Snow And The Fallen Foe Above And Before I Stood There Glancing Where Shadows Of Fires To Come Were Dancing And I Saw Through These Glimmering Views Of Snow And Frozen Stone A Crack From The Skies To Earth's Foundations Then Opened My Brothers' Gate The Time Has Come To Rise The Banners The Time Is Now To Charge I Shall Stand Where I Should Fall I Shall Charge Where I Should Flee I Shall Laugh Where I Should Cry And Hate Where I Should Love Prepared And Stout I Now Await The Final Dawn Releasing All I Have Worn And Gathered Feeding My Own Flames In The Legion I Shall Come Forth Among Countless Dark Names A Revenge With No Message A Slaughter Before Unseen As I Behold The Most Frozen Landscape And Await The Dusk To Pass I Call Upon A Second Age Where Death And Winters Last By Fire By Ice And By Dark Rage We Will The World Into Eternity Cast By Mountains White Under The Moon By The Valleys Yet Unpassed I Swear Myself The Emperor Of The Most Dark Of Paths As I Await The Night To Cloak The World Suddenly I Can Speak The Tongue Of Souls Unheard Above And Before I Stood There Glancing Where Shadows Of Fires To Come Were Dancing And I Saw Through These Glimmering Views Of Snow And Frozen Stone A Crack From The Skies To Earth's Foundations Then Opened My Brothers' Gate And For The Coming Eons We Now Release The Legion __________ An Oath To My Kind Mesmerizing Whirling Fires In The Night Through Which Visions Of Splendid Nature Is Brought To Sight A World Of Foul Worms Crumbling In Their Filth Burning Themselves Blindly To The Final Hilt I Will Always Remember The Time I Understood That They In Ignorance Spit On Me Would For As Long As I Still Held On To Myself Till Death For I Shall Not Break For Anything Else Feeling The Weakness From Which They Flee Knowing Their Fears I Know All Their Dreams A Child Not Grasping The Meaning Of Mortality Every Being Of Flesh Turns Out To Be Ruled By Ignorantly Ethical Primates My Struggle Will Forever Be A Stillmate Without Pride In A World Not Knowing The Meaning Of The Word I Am Forever The Bringer Of A Simple Truth Unheard Mezmerising Stars Eternities Away Listening To The Silent Symphonies Of The Night Standing Alone Yet Never Lonely Longing For Death Still Celebrating Life Dark I Am In The Eyes Of Others How Does The Blind Make Differance Talking Monkeys Scorning All Truth In Fear I Could Join Them But I Will Never Be Near Borned And Taught By My Kind I Learned Their Aims And Goals Now To Be Scorned And Looked Down On For Their Lies I Disobeyed Disrupting Their Garded Patterns They Fear I Will Break Their Circles And Disseminate Clearness The Weak Fear My Mind So Then Hear My Oath Thou Of My Kind Of Hatred Scorn And Disrespect Behold My Affront To Thy Hierarchies Be Certain I Shall Betray Thee I Abdicate All Unity With The Rulers Of This World For Better Is The Animal Than My Kind And Its Word __________ Return From Grace Zavorash! Wastelands Of Cold, The Deathlike Beauty Memories Stained By The Tainted Blood An Urge To There On The Hillside Gather A Warmass On Our Ancestral Grounds Then Forge Revenge On Those Who Made The Tale Come True Cremate Them On Their Own Fires Judge Them To Fall From This Earth Under The Weight Of Our Steel Let The Altar Crumble By The Winternight And The Icon Burn By Our Hate Let The Gate Be Crushed And Vengeance Dance Like The Blood That Shall Cover The Earth They Came With Words Of Light Our Reply Sung Out By Axe Singing Their Pestful Songs While Life Spills Out Before Them Ancestral Souls Among Us Gather Those Who Watched The Lake Before The Cross Through Mountains And Pinewoods Tales Behold Of The Sin That Sank The North Bringing Us Strength To Kill And Laugh While The Sword Cuts Deep Their Tears Will Never Quench The Firefull Hate Beyond Their Grace For When Sorrow Forces Its Dreadful Stake Through The Heart Of The Spoiled Soul The Dead Will Never Find Their Peace And Souls Again Turn Black Their Lies Fall From Time In A Plague With Countless Fallen Even If They Fear Us With Their Lives They Sealed Their Own Death We Rally Our Banner In The Wind Legioneers To Bring Time To An End May It Be That We Are The Sin But Our Call We Shall Follow The Darkened Blade Through The Heart Of Light We The Faithless Tyrants Covenants Of An Eternal War Kings To Be Crowned By Bloodfilled Rage In Odium Veritas In Odium Veritas We Ride The Cyclone Of Ages, Me And My Ravenous Breed Forlorn Shalt Be Our Fathers, When We Have Reaped Our Seed Captured The Truth In Nothing, Denied The Moral Of Man Turned To The Meaningless Purity, Where Hatred Is Void We Stand Denied, Put Down By Billions, Still It Is Fullfilled These Visions Rule Humanity, Denial Giving Nil The Final Solutions' Virtue, The Final Gift To All Behold The Complete Genocide, Undiscriminating And Cold Scorn, Revered Nihilistic Covenant, Guide Us To Our Reign Malice, Fullfilled Fascism, Kill In Every Gods Name Hidden Among Thee, We Hunt The Debris Of Man And We Behold With Pleasure, Thy Sacred Pillars Turn To Sand Our Dominions Infested, With Light And Its Pestilent Breed Though Cleansed Shalt Be This Empire, Freedom Of Loneliness Acheved Cardinal Hatred, I Am Thine, Cradle Of Atrocities, Thou Art Mine Blessed With Eternal Nothingness, The Void Is My Guide And Sign In Odium Veritas, The Circle Of Wisdom Complete Veritas Odium Parit, And It Grows Still Beyond Even Those Of Darkness, Where Nothing Rules Or Thrill __________ The Superior Creed Long I Searched What The Claim To See, And The Beauty Derived Thereof Asking Why I Felt Like A Menace, To Them - Who Everything Solved My Differences Seemed Racial, Though Ancestors I Then Lacked Until The Orchard Of Mind Opened, And I Stood Completely Aback Empty And Enlightened, I Drank Of The Miracles Torn In The Metaphysical, The Void Became A Creed As I Lost All The Addictions, And Triumphed In Deterministic Rule Propounding World Perversion, In The Eyes Of The Herd No Purity, Except A Tidal Hatred No Sorrow, Though An Ego Degraded And Love... I Miss This False Heaven Let It Embrace, No Meaning Of Life Never Repent, No Meaning In Lies Faith Signed With Crossbones Ecstacy... All Meaning Dies! Insanity, If I By Thee Could Be Characterized But My Laugh Is Not That Of A Madman It Is The Fall Of One To Wise Darkness, If Thee Were To Be My Palfray But With Fiction Even Evil Died Hence I Quashed My Last Hospice This Is The Creed Trancending All Minds, The End Of Malformed Tales Reaching For Every Thought Misbegotten, Feel The Void Of Reality's Nails __________ Dreams For Ingrates All The Limpid Lies Are Tattered, Let This Betoken A Passed Ordeal In Bereavement Of Immemorial Falsehood, Our Heinous Breed Is Revealed Every Feasibility Of Hiding Vanquished, Wheedling And Detraction Exposed As I Heaved These Shackles Of Mine, Then Cured The Ailment Of All Times In Chimerical Fraternization, In Lewd Horrendous Crimes They Ordain The Chronic Miserliness, Shibboleths Of Pure Rhymes Seen As An Impious Urchin, I Shalt Never Be Lionized Displaying The Cleavage Of Benignity, Premier In The Ordinal Of Lies Lingering Immolation Elucidation Of Complete Void Arterial Dissimmolation All In Modesty Foiled Clandestine Yet Flagrant, Man Locked In Gullability Earthbound. Universal, The Thought Killed In Conformity The Preminitions Are Grizzled, In Luscious Hope Forlorn In Vagrancy Voluminous, All Truth Becomes Torn Defending The Presbytery Of Devolution, Militating For A Cause Icebound In Shining Fiction, A Path Of Endless Loss A Maligner They Made Me, Opprobrious They Remain Yet I Have Their Jewel Shattered, Hence It Is All The Same Though Still I Dream... Lingering Desecration Upon All I Wish In The End Genocidal Annihilation May All Gods Descend __________ Human Delirium During Times To Elderly To Be Thought Of, Thirsting I Was So I Drank The Eons Wine Instantly Was I Forlorn In Divine Wisdom, My Grave Was Now Made Centuries Ago Forgotten Was I Now Long Before My Birth, Without Regret I Opened The Gates To Earth Amongst The Stones And Dust Of Battles Lost, I Hunted And Laughed For God I Now Was Though Lost Was I Once Before Reality Was Brought Asunder Dead Was I Once During Times When Lost Were The Poisen Wine But In Strength I Arose And Devoured The Universe And Became My Own Precious Lord And Slave So Rightly I Call Myself The Powered Very Essence "By Which Their Pestilent Prayers Are Formed Life Did Once Teach Me The Most Horrid Of Lessons Though Still, They Fail To Grasp, I Am Not Horned But As All Gods Should I Be Adorned!" I Represent The Denied And Dead Universal Error In Close Parallels I Mock The Worshipped Truth My Shining Aura Is That Of A Great Emperor And In My Chronicles There Is No Sign Of Truce My Names Are Many, Forever I Am Known An Angel, Savior, Whore Or Ruler As I Dance Through The Crippled Walls Of Moral And Damn Only Those Who Speak The Truth I Am Rationalisms' Very Foundation, Still Insanity Is My God-given Name Truth Is For Me Monumental, Still Through Illusions I Reign The Paradox Of My Hybris Is Striking, As I Demand To Be King Of Existence As I Rape And Torture In Blackest Hate, "Mankind, How I Love Thy Contradictive Faith" Yet, But A Humble Slave To The Present Word I Am Yet, I Kneel On The Cold Deaf Stone Though We All Have Errors, Only Others We Scorn For I Am I Creature Of Honor And I Have My Precious Soul The Future Shalt Reap My Crimes "Made Real By A Horde Of Ruling Sheep I Shalt No Death Of Theirs Weep..."

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