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Phantoms Far Above The Trees Fright calls me from beyond By the lip of a faceless man I'm waiting to glide his voice to my Neverending dark To feel my body As the icy wind touches The memories of ancient ones, The memories of heroes Which were redused to ashes under the fullmoon I fly towards you I feel the dying grasp Of your untouched heat I'm waiting for her voice to show a sign, The way as the picture of eternal fire and power To shine my light, because it is I I fly towards you I'm waiting for your comfort In the path of the far voice __________ Aeons Of Desolation The wind sighed among the trees The fallen leafs crackled On the sleeping landscape It was a sad, still voice And I hear, only I hear it The only human being in the night Among the hungry shadows Who are smelling the breeze Which is carrying the secret dreams Hidden desires I hear as the wind brings it towards me And from the impasse it always returns I hear Only I hear it As the naked wind weeps through the night __________ 1100 Years Ago 'Oh my lord, let us fire up every church Oh my lord, let us break every bell Oh my lord, let us kill every priest' (11th century saga, Hungary) Witches burn the twelve holy disciples Christian believers frozen in blood On the darkest infernal day On the dawn of eternal funeral The holy trinity burns on the stake Faith of our heart, the only sign is immortal __________ As The Bliss Is Burning The night has fallen black Whispering voices surrounding me My being is the only eternal blaze In the black mirror of shadows I can't feel the pain But struggle to a finish I'm becoming I hold the blaze in my hand It makes my eyes blind And a distant voice calls me In the drawing of the secret I can't feel pain I'm becoming I broke through the silent darkness Beyond the treshold a sear bliss was Waiting for me It whirled me along, I feel It draws me deeper I can't feel pain I'm becoming __________ Land Of The Phantoms Wind sweeps through the forest It sweeps through valleys and mountains It stops and casts its eyes over the peak And looks inquiringly when it trances me down I don't speak and nor do the wind It's just standing and looking at the landscape Solitude takes my thoughts I feel quite well in this way But my soul is tired Then it rises and regains strength It entreats me to fly with Through valleys and mountains It asks me to soar before the sun rises To take advantage of darkness and night Since then I've been one with the landscape And it has become one with me too Since then I've been one with the darkness Which is a vital element for me Since then I just stand here and I see everything As the others are carried from peak to peak As the wind stain the world As they sink out honour to the depth of hell I look around. We have remained few in place The others have flown away, wither their interest hoping for better But I see that we're still firm And like sand, the wind carries the others __________ Beyond The Darkness We walk on hidden ways And live the worn moments of reality There's no free soaring The all-saving aim There's no flotation just painful being and emptiness But my soul wants to break free from its prison shaped body For its long agonies to find the ways to dark secrets Where we must fight great battles We must walk through endless paths Where with the help of warning masks of tiny gravels We reach the last fulfillment to merge into darkness And just he who doesn't want to see the bliss He can't see the eyes in which the fire is still burning __________ With Mournful Eyes A dazed vibration wakes me From the confluent hiding of time and space A new world is born in my body My pain turns to nothing On its palely diaphanous horizon This is the last moment excelling the flight of time And from the shade of fear I recognize myself With stabbering flotation From the mirror of darkness The past looks back with thousand faces And from the distance An icy hand touches me An all-defeating icecold hand The Pagan Winter Ancient The forest is dying In the heat of the sun The countryside is burning Dying birds on dying trees They sing their last song. The sky turns dark, the sun Falls apart. Full moon shines. The sky opens up From the next world arrives Vata. Icecold fire burning in his eyes Awekening, from the other world Into this real one. Wolves licking my body, frozen in ice Desire grows the desire of.... It brings eternal winter Onto the sizzling countryside. The mourning is still painful My soul frozen in ice. Adramarah calls me again I stepped into his dream Piercing coldness embraces me. I feel the power of the next world I feel the power of the Lord of emptyness. Now I think back A strange feeling, as I lie buried In the frozen ground, I feel the coldness Of the sweeping winter storm __________ The Pagan Winter Awesome power Emptiness Loneliness Spiritual journey On the edge of the horizon. The moon projects dream images. Frozen mourning calls On the eve of the pagan winter On a November night Dreamworld, in the frozen Reflection of the sea. Internal powers draw me in Inside my own self. Paralysed voices In a virtual reality. Frozen mourning calls On the eve of the pagan winter __________ ...Where The Darkness Always Reigned The pentagram is frozen, in your dark dreams There are butchered christian priests Falling in the common grave Blood of christ paints my face. Disgraced godly thoughts, Thousand believer's souls A burning church brings me joy, Many believers affection burns in there. My dark spirit purified after an unholy blasphemy. Frozen pentagram shines on the night of the massacre. __________ Twilight My body is split open At dawning of pain. Come, step inside and dream on. Beautiful suffering it is On the other side of an other dimension. "With dead bodies we hug each other I touch you with my ice cold fingers." Do you feel it? "We dance together, on the horizon Of eternal sadness," Winter veil covers us. "Wake up, on the day of your funeral Praise the Lord" For this beautiful night. The Haunting Tunnels Of Vision I hear the languages of south as a dark angel accepts me under her wings, with dry skin and soft eyes I head into oblivion through this tunnel of light. My heart appears new and unaccessible in divine blood. I lived without victory until now but right here in the milky light among monsters I thrive. I'm dying in joy. It's pure violence in my mind when I take account of the past I am handsome in my death, really beautiful soothed by my departing soul. Shifting away I don't care as it is no longer mine. I have a vision and now I step on to the bridge to learn the horrendous wisdom of life. __________ Hell Within Snow falls into her open coffin I'm looking at her frozen face someone has painted a smile on the face of death. Unprepared to her sudden exit the fast arrows of my imagination are flying through the air, Confused in this madness of the flesh I feel I've been tricked. Who holds the answer to this? Sweeping rain of tears pounds the earth and echoing cries reach the universe Misery descending on my days I'll pay whatever price I have to pay. Go now, get prepared so you will be able to understand this internal hell __________ Land Of Silence If these trees of old could speak, ...oh the stories they could tell, a time when might sat high upon its mountains Those days of pride blew away with the wind But now silence rules this land and everything seems to be mute Only the streams are weeping mournfully but if you listen their cries you can hear they're whispering and say: "We will conquer what once was ours" Centuries pass and the trees of the forest have grown thicker and stronger, the snow sparkles in the winter sun, a raven perches high upon a snowy branch to view the landscape. As I walk along this winter path I think to myself will it ever be as it was when mighty people of long ago roamed these lands. When I cupped my hands to drink at a pool of water near a stream, I realized the answer was yes, for the wind blew the trees so the sun shone against the water and I saw my reflection, ...I saw the portrait of a heathen. And I hear as the stream whispers... __________ Unholy Dance As the hour comes She opens up like beautiful rare flower Blood offered, desire taken She looks through blue glass A white witch of my spirit bathes in the black river of her blood. I feel sacrificed She feels only the night that turned into a dance. The key to immortality falls into my hand My whole existence is taken by this scene. Unfulfilled souls gather to watch as she bites my feeding hand. We unite in the sweet tasting dream of enlightment Dawn find this world quiet, cold and unbearable... __________ Soulless I see your star... shining Far away up in the high... Someone calls me higher and higher I fly up Someone strews my wings with lead ...I'm falling... ...I can't see you... ...and I... fall into the dust. __________ The Haunting Your memories torture you with pain They hurt you, don't they? Spasm of pain, are you sweating? They don't leave you alone with the loneliness of your mind. Who is that? Who does speak? You could embrace with one movement but it fades... it has gone! Your brain, in front of your body. Do you feel your consciousness in your hand, and the similarity with one movement? It has come back! It speaks! Everything is moving again! Are you growing weaker? Its face has been satanic!!! But the Dreamsoul strikes down Disappeared!! Your living wraith. The world ebbs, abates, calms down What's going on? You seem tired and confused but tomorrow is already near!!! What is this silence? You will never know... What tries to stay in silencearics... __________ Left In The Dark Centuries pass slowly I'm looking at the appearing memories in silence There is no existence, only the neverending flotation In the sempiternal dark of cosmos The path has come to an end I've broken free from the earthly bound of my body That was a heavy stone on my soul I'm travelling in space I'm lonesome but not alone The stars are my companions They call me with their icecold brightness But they are far away from me and I'm suffering The permanent coldness shackles me Another dimension of existence it is As I am left by myself in the dark Souldive Souldive Close your eyes Start to dive into your thoughts to understand the secret Drink from fountain of wisdom And feel the energy That surrounds everything - both material and living being Where you can't feel the frequency of the gravitational waves Tiny is the drawing to the center Where we are a drop in the ocean A fine piece of sand In the desert Fools are those who believe in God Fools are those who put themselves above all It is time to explore the relation between inner self and the cosmos We are part of the universe Which surrounds us Few know that in each of us a cosmos dwells And that there's an almighty: The infinite power and source of energy __________ Moments Of Falling The spell has broken I can't see the face of silence anymore And the force of wind suffocates me I need all my power To struggle forever I've fought many battles My hair is stained with blood And in the dark the blade of my sword shines I know now how the wind blows the infirm ones away I stayed here, yet not alone The Eagle leads on me As if I knew him since the days of old My only companion I feel now as a warm wind calls and caresses into the deep We dive Sweep between walls of flame Roam through the darkness of dangerous fields I entered a marble room And spreadlegged angels laid before me (I've fought many battles My hair is stained with blood And in the dark the blade of my sword shines) Grand Destiny The World Beyond I suffer in delight The poison is mixing with my blood A raging cyclone is coming Onto the threatening sky of mine Fury and longing rule my heart When my time has come to depart When I take my very last breath I close my eyes and I emerge I dare the burden of gravitation Into cold space I venture I watch the stones from the far distance Beyond the threshold of earthly existence The sting of darkness penetrates me I'll be the cruellest shade That dwells in your scariest dream __________ Death In Torment With my haunting memories I'm still staring into a narrowing funnel Where bats fly Look at my plated face Eaten by rain and rust Washed by a blye glacial torrent My shadow is pinned against a sweating wall With all the immensity of feelings in my heart No one could satisfy my excessive thirst for blood My carnal lust for the incarnadine I step onto the freshly frozen snow You'll not see my footsteps to follow I'm the hay in the mass of green grasses I've seen everything from dark to blazing bright I strike down with the power of falling stones I see you lying in the heat of the sun Your odour spread in the air A scent beloved by vultures __________ Arx Idolatriae In the deep of the Carpathians Surrounded by forests where beasts of night dwell On a bare mountain it stands The loneliest fortress O' Lord Opour Worship the four elements God of Earth, thy gift a great stone Created not by human hands God of Fire, thy gift, a furnace in the bowels of earth from which thou throw out thy fury Through the "flue of hell" God of Water, thy gift an awesome trunk Transformed into a stone black as night No axe could chop it and it sparks by the beat of steel God of Air, thy gift an enormous thunderbolt That fell on the ground of Arx Idolatriae Step into the sulphur cave Inhale the might of thy idols Though the walls are crushed We will raise the flag of the long forgotten ones __________ Labyrinth Of Pain And I saw my death And I killed with passion I was out of breath And filled with aggression A silent cry echoing in my mind And a handful of sand that in the deep of my heart dwell There are visions engraved in the maze of my brain And a sempiternal restlessness leads my existence Into the darkest labyrinth of life An unbearable pain restricts me from touching the stars I lick the waters that fall from heaven Even so I dry I have seen my doom and I travelled through horrors there's an awesome vortex that in the deep of my heart whirls Though tears fall from heaven It won't soak my soul I would rather dry forever Than to be empoisoned by god I've been searching for the treasures Hidden in the tangled labyrinth Of my innermost and supreme being Sometimes I fell upon the earth Yet I rise and with the strength I sweep Into the darkest labyrinth of life An unbearable pain restricts me from touching the stars I lick the waters that fall from heaven Even so I dry __________ Hate Blade We rise from the deaths And we are holding our swords Our heart is filled With pride and might untold With our spiritual brothers we shall gather To fight side by side in the mightiest battle And we shall use our mental force for we are transcendent We are gifted with the energy of universe Join our army And fight in this spiritual battle The memory of conquering Still lives in our heart And we daydream a time When we'll be in warfare We have no time to loose Triumphantly we'll awake the flame Its embers lie inside (for a long time) Waiting for this day When we declare war With the purest feelings in our heart With the bitterest memories in wind Why should we forget those whom we hate inside? __________ Black Heart Still I dream and I'll never wake again from a dream where the cruellest phantoms dwell I invite you to my world to enter Where the wind blows always and night is darker I'm everywhere. Here and out there Crossing galaxies I travel I have no visions and entirety draws near Look at this liquid blackness dripping and floating Unseen I sail the streams of ether Waiting for the greatest storm to gather I fell in love with darkness With delight With hatred Come and taste my fury I rise and spread the wings of my heart Over spheres and stars ...You will fall into my slumber __________ God Man I have left my world behind Ethereal winds tear me apart Fallen angels wanting my bleeding heart Ghastly shadows I belong to your kind I fill the universe With black cosmic sadness Come to drink from these galactic fountains I watch the stars' aura I feed my lake of fire I'm lonesome and forgotten Heading to the endless seas of oblivion __________ Moments Of Falling The spell has broken I can't see the face of silence anymore And the force of wind suffocates me I'll need all my power To struggle forever I've fought many battles My hair is stained with blood And in the dark the blade of my sword shines I know now how the wind blows the infirm ones away I stayed here, yet not alone The Eagle leads me on As if I knew him since days of old My only companion I feel now as a warm wind caresses Into the deep we dive Sweeping between walls of flame Roam through the darkness of dangerous fields I entered a marble room And spreadlegged angels laid before me (I've fought many battles My hair is stained with blood And in the dark the blade of my sword shines) __________ Infinitude Beyond the utter darkness In the blackest night Where noctiflorous flowers bloom We breathe the autumn air The night sky seems so pure When we wonder in the winter cold We are but shadows Smelling the breeze of forests Perhaps the vision is over And the fog ascended Walking towards the sky with desire I'm disappearing in the distance, far away When I find no words And I loose my breath Then I find out that All finite things reveal infinitude When the secrets are destroyed And nothing left but void I will see you in the night Dressed in silver moonlight Forsaken Symphony Last Stand A battle cry for the very last time My enemies must all face me and die The circle of fire will consume them I will point the bone and release the magic Prepare to fight and lose it all this time We are standing in the circle of fire Destiny brought on and will end this war forever I will look you in the eye Break your will and destroy your weapons I will bury you under earth and ice Fire brought heroic inspiration to fight Unmarked graves will hold our enemies forever. Demonic fear squeezes hearts We bring darkness and weaken the soul But the face of death Advances on me Steel or armour No longer protect me But no fear in me as we clash! __________ My Journey To The Stars Am I ruling in hell? Or is it just a dream so cruel I have taken the hands Of the most magnificent doom Blindly I'm seeking for the wisdom of truth With persistence untold I'm standing in a lake of warm blood Yet my visions are cold I see cliffs and peaks licking the sky And deep cold lakes With the universe their bottoms unite Cosmic forces gave me the strength To take my journey And to be one with the stars I was a demonfaced man But now I'm a manfaced demon Look at me and this face Bathed in the silvery moonlight I admire the splendour But it's getting pale as I leave it behind Now the sparking stars are the only light But their shining still as cold as ice I died a thousand times Yet I believe in thanatism So I avoid the realms of bliss In the search of utter end May the darkest space be my tomb And may my blood paint the stars Lifeless I drift far But I reborn in the shape of emptiness __________ She Will Return Through the night Dreams elude me Wide eyed, alert and sane I stare into the heart of darkness Waiting, inhaling Exhaling, dying She will return to me I live colourless days The sky lightless and pale I envy the living The star-crossed lovers Of hope and life Waiting, inhaling Exhaling, dying She will return to me Lying here motionless My eyes wide open With a torn and naked heart I long through the threshold of pain I left open the gates of hate Allowed emptiness to come in Desperation weigh me down Falling like an angel... __________ The Vanishing Still I feel lost In this chaotic world of hypocrisy The memories still haunting me And the voices echoing between The grey walls of my mind With a bleak smile on my face I feast As I still mourn the past I watch as the naked leaves fall And rigid branches crackle under my feet I will return to the peace I so long forgot Regression and progression are the same In this state of suspended animation Heartless I lie on the coldest ground ...Night is too bright for me I learnt much of the lies I have seen witches burning on stakes I will never smell the fresh air again My vision is blurred with fine hoarfrost The horrendous truth It blurred my vision I glance at you with empty eyes As I vanish into thick fog I realize that Night is too bright for me... __________ The Forsaken In the coldest chamber of my mind A place Which never saw The beams of light Never felt the touch of Sun I am aware what dwells within I faced the impossible Thus an eidolon I became Transfixed with the blade of immortality I am inaccessible Roaming upon aeons Holding the secrets of ages And the ageless wisdom of eternity I take a look at the past All I feel is bitterness Emptiness surrounding me Is this grand destiny? __________ When Death Comes I beheld an awful sight With abysmal woe in my heart Into blackest mystery I dive Among fools and in despair I lived my life Now I'm longing for the time to come to depart The years rolled away Now my days are numbered The hours vanishing away Soon I will visit that place below Among the living I have nothing more to experience With profane rites I enhance my longing and willing Gates are opening in the gathering darkness I leave this mortal coil to enter the endless depths I behold a grim sight Forgetting the taste of pain in my mind Everything came to an end All I hate in this world is over No more lands, religions, kings and boundaries The battle is for eternity now! No more years, neither days nor hours Time has lost its meaning __________ Eternal Battlefields On the battlefield The carnage is done Heroes, broken and dead Lying in the mud But I look up to the sky Ready not to die The sky above me is gray My blade is drawn It's getting dark I see the shades of my enemies They gather by the thousands Darkness encircles us all My sword is drawn For the very last time They're sharpening their claws Screams and thunder Their claws ripping my flesh It is the greatest day As I won't retreat or surrender My body falls to the ground Their teeth tear my flesh Eyes, burning with madness Teeth bloody, I've heard The crunching of my bones I die! Enshrouded in fog I'm marching With great warriors of past Among the slain I wander I look up to the sky Filled with stars I became one with them __________ Enthralling Mystery Between two worlds Here I'm standing in a shower of arrows Watching as my spirit departs As though I walked the path of inferno (You can) Take my soul, take my life My spirit with the cosmos unites I feel the blackness devouring me I see my destiny clearly I remained all alone With my odium unfathomable I soar high on the stellar vault Towards a mystic vortex I flee Where I'll be engulfed By the most sombre gloom I've ever seen I'm bleeding from a thousand wounds I cannot hide, I will look you in the eye My lood gushing forth The time has come to the last sacrifice Storm of blood, storm of wrath There are things no one could understand I'm facing demons surrounding me They eat my flesh, eat my soul I'll be one with them I see planets with stars collide The immensity of its power enthralling me My path has come to an end Future holds nothing for me I've seen everything I had to see I've been everywhere I had to be __________ The Hour Of Burning Threatening clouds darken my sky The air is filled with infernal heat Wicked flames are longing to taste Her witching body Ghastly voices echo in the dusk Faceless demons waiting for their feast to come When the dark sky is about to open Despair and horror everywhere The terrific visions became reality There's no way to escape It is the utter end Memories fade away Like when mountain disappear In thick haze Despair and horror everywhere The time has come to understand The lethal wisdom of hell The angry flames like hungry wolves bite the flesh They're licking her with ecstatic lust Time passes slowly when she is devoured by fire Only fine ashes you leave But your spirit unseen flies away Time and space do no more restrain You step out on the way of stars again Step out on the way of stars again... Glory And Perdition Birth Of Eternity There's a feeling that weakens me Sucking my blood Like thousands of leeches on my skin There's something that keeps me sleepless It draws me in deeper and deeper Like black holes devour the stars There are memories I find myself Imprisoned in earthly flesh But the ground will be shaking When I unleash my wrath I have been at the birth of time I have seen rainbows made of methane Galaxies were my playground And the universe will be my grave I sank into the waters Of grotesque I must drink from the fountain of wisdom For I want to roam The unfathomed dephts of the universe Where stars are born and die And the aeons seem only to a moment A tiny fragment of endless time But now I stepped through The threshold of fear My heart is filled with joy I laugh upon the mortals For they can't explore The unfathomed dephts of the universe Where stars are born and die And the aeons seem only to a moment A tiny fragment of endless time I have been at the birth of time I have seen rainbows made of methane Metagalaxies were my playground And the multiverse will be my grave Nothing weakens me anymore It is unearthly tranquility I found And now I cross the river of no return __________ Reverie I am where the loneliest souls gather Though I remained all alone But may these moments be eternal May this dark yet starlit sky shine on me Forever __________ Night Journey Enter my dreams and you will see what truly hides behind my mask Believe me I am bleeding from a thousand wounds I often feel I'm banished This world is not for me For a long time I found out How to communicate with stars For they are my only companions On the edge of an unknown existence I am staggering Look into my eyes and you'll know what I'm yearning for I celebrate the funeral of my emotions Will this nightly joureny ever end? My scars are deeper than you'd think And even if I die now, my shadow will haunt you Forever! __________ Glory To Perdition I'm in the claws of darkness The sky above me is bloodred I welcome you to my place Where I dwell In the palace of loneliness At the shore of forbidding illusions I am the planet and you're my moon I need you To glorify perdition Until the grave I'm fighting I try to look into your mind In the flickering light of a lone candle I summon thee I rebel against the things they do I never let them take my throne I am the planet and you're my moon I need you To glorify perdition I'm bewitched by your splendour Time has come to the final sacrifice And in this very moment I summon thee __________ Two Worlds Collide Feel the cold embrace of despair In the land of the phantoms Be prepared, for you will taste The cold sweat of fear This is what you will feel My tears mixed with rain My blood became cold My soul in sulphur lake I saw as the sun broke to shatters Since then the coldest winter dwells in me I will be here until eternity ends For I've seen the future And I've seen the past But I broke the hourglass of tomorrow And time will lost its meaning My tears mixed with rain My blood became cold My soul in sulphur lake __________ Shores Of Death In dim half-light In shadowy reverie Near the Stygian shores Where howling winds prevail And the tainted soul of a man No longer stains the air This is where I've arrived With the taste of grief That plunged a dagger into my soul In this recondite yet gruesome moment There's only one thing left unanswered Is time in constant motion? With the grief of a thief I scourge my foe Now I'm truly rejoiced I do need no one anymore In dim half-light In shadowy reverie There's no return from this place And now the funeral will begin I linger on among my memories That used to mean so much But now I bury them Into the deepest of my soul In the graveyard that dwells within __________ Dreams Spectre My will has woken Feel the eruption Of all that seethe within This is the beginning of the neverending restlessness Rise! Among pyramids made of ice And icicles of sand Crossing the orbits of dangerous planets I flee My soul is broken Feel the eruption Of all that seethe within This is the beginning of neverending restlessness My life it and elegy unwritten I sculpt you like the clay of time Like crystal snowflakes dress the naked land After an enormous avalanche I lay there buried Be prepared to be the next victim Fall! And now I realized you are a spectre in my dreams

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