13 ian. 2009


Diabolou Archaes Legeones The Era Of Satan Rising Our bodies obscured by the sun from our birth we are cursed inverted is the life we live under the pale gray sky. Bellow the shades of the dark clouds victory is drown in our eyes a dawn of a new order we adore the infernal prince we worship. The balance of life and death the icy tough of existence spit out the fruits of madness expose your hate, escape from weakness. Open your eyes and see the veil has been lifted The chain has been broken OUR REIGN HAS JUST BUGUN!!! __________ Praising The Impure Deeply down in the valley of Kings among the neutral woods of the forsaken lands A tenebrous spirit eternally dwells seeking resurrection for the horde of torment. Till the final calls, legion of the Undead will keep their swords, fiery into the crypts under a fullmoon light, onward to sacred path bright ungodly flames exist in blackened souls. Howling from darkness, summoning the nameless reveals the hateful wrath unleashed upon mankind nocturnal lullabies, praising the impure the mystery of creation perished in the endless sky. Eosforos For The Lust Of Lilith As sweet darkness falls and the night licks my skin I feel her coming I can hear her winds dressed in dark desires the stalker of my dreams seductress of men queen of the netherworld For the lust of lilith I shall give my blood for the lust of lilith I shall deliver my soul nightmares of pleasure forbidden ecstasy a profane call for nocturnal orgasms you murderess of eve draw me into the abyss mistress of the bleeding womb take me... __________ Disciples Of Black Sorcery Devoted to black arts from primal dawn of time the unseen masters of the world immortal lords of magic hidden in the caves of Ur sworn to serve the gods of night linked to our world through dreams preparing the human herb surrounded by the candlelight studying in sacred silence knowing the truths from beyond learnt in the depths of abyss before the idol of Tiamat the great vampire godess holding the trapezohedron receiving the codes of darkness disciples of black sorcery emperors of gaia... __________ Eosforos Rex Infernus Exiled archangel of revenge dethroned emperor of the universe the lord of the deepest abyss penetrator of the wicked souls along the streams of acheron place of perpetual punishment thou dwell and rule the spirits of the pagan powers thou urge a restless aspiration under your sight the legion is assembling as we breed faith and fear we have drunk of your spirit as the shadow of impure crown awaits for the shapeless immortal dominating the darkest pits resting in the lair of fire... __________ Towers Of Autumn Moon Mystic and pallid the autumnus moon throws its rays upon the horrible tombs as sanity travels upon the astral winds leaves cover the ruined graves the mysterious breed of demise shaped by the mist of the moon reborn from the faithless mortals disgust by the son of the cross towers of the autumn moon screaming through the flames of hate invocation to the elder gods the twillight of the frozen ages enlightens above the silent towers __________ A Call To Chaos (Kaos-Keraunos-Kybernetos) Black spheres of madness keys to illumination voids of infinity energy unleashed pagan gods once buried now will come to life by the psalms of the shamans (The) all seing monks of chaos the silver horns appeared again covered with astral dust swords are raised in glory shaping the eight-point star the self becomes the dragon watching the world through thee the will becomes the object to spawn the serpents egg __________ Through The Eye Of The Hierophant Burning sand covers the earth where the storms sweep the desert fiery eyes pierce the night watching the world of mortals convoking the dragonlords beside the crystal gates wisdom of places beyond as spells of blackness are shouted tribes of the forlorn ones gathered around the crypts hearing the hierophant screaming the laws of darkness dimensions blend with colors thoughts echo in the stars flying through tunnels of time collecting seeds of evil blind icons reflected molesting dreams of purity spirits summoned from the past dwell in the great dead towers the eye of the hierophant with sinister joy glowing crowining the serpent king in a mist of lair of the worm the sacred key is guarded our secrets remain locked weaving the web of malice __________ Warhammer Sinister hordes marching through led by heartless goatlords in the fields of raging flames across the land of chaos leading the chariots of fire invocating the unbroken seal waiting the ultimate oracle as the moan of gods echo thou shall kill in blackest pleasure thou shall kill in greatest lust thou shall hold no holy mercy thou shall rule by sword and axe the sign of the warhammer is carved upon our shields our blades are forged in bloodshed streangthened by the serpents wrath __________ The Era Of Satan Rising Our bodies obscured by the sun from our birth we are cursed inverted is the life we live under the pale gray sky bellow the shades of the dark clouds victory is drown in our eyes a dawn of a new order we adore the infernal prince we worship the balance of life and death the icy tough of existance spit out the fruits of madness expose your hate escape from weakness open your eyes and see the veil has been lifted the chain has been broken our reign has just begun... Apollyon Prelude To Apocalypse Drawn is the pentagram on devoted foreheads Now the massacre is ready to be started to free souls with blades by listening these words Sovereigns gathered to conquer on pain Come forth and join all lords of black earth 'cause this is the dawn of satanic rebirth The icy forests whisper our name The breed of the Ancients will reign in hate Come now and swear with your heart's blackest flame for the reason the loyt lands we want to reclaim When chaos is blasted on earth no grace will be given to anyone's birth Rejoice is absolute death, the rivers run red Let the unholiest spells from our mouth will be spelled __________ Experimental Magic Incarnations in the voice of a child Spells brewed in wizened fingertips Eyes implode and guts fountain cranial terror of the invader Twelve disciples erupt in flames The thirty air consumes the ashes Unleash predators avenging shadows pursued by barbaric serenades Experimental magic Blood of a new Christ Whirring in isolation vowing revengre on the cosmos The moon commands the creation hatched under a lunar bane charged with universal melancholy Protozoic words slither from lips A new product of Sodom greeting from the torture fed upon a graveyard erotica It's the eve of dead souls __________ Moonscar All the devils are reborn dancing with burning children Fornicate with demonolators Hellbound by ghosts in flames The shambling stars cry vengeance The cries of beasts unnature Velvet holes appear and close Havoc rises unboundly Moonscars, icicles of blood Feasting on pumping Flesh, moonscars, Moonscars, icicles of blood All infant offal magus firing the lunar throne punishing in desolate lands greeting in the fortune garden As necromances weave the invocation thunder lights the cavelands An amorphous beast of slavering offal howls in the eye of the storm __________ Wardance Of The Empress With 9 veils amde of dragon's blood weaved (from) the witches of Sagoth Drapped is the queen of darkness the empress of the moonclad tribes Within Enochian spiritforms she speaks the serpent words "The time came round you faithful ones (to) be my fiery blade (and) do my will" The flute now sings the hateful tunes The skulldrum gives the ritual rhythm The empress in a crimson trance begins the steps of the wardance With each veil transformed into soil black angels ride forth from Hades (to drown the world in blood and tears) as the spell of the nineth veil completes the warlust circle __________ Societas Satanas Wolfen heart Ruthless sight Iron will Blood, honour, loyalty! Of noble breed Odin's blessed Satan's sons The chosen ones Magic runes light our path Ancient ways inspire our wrath What is last will be regained Our souls burn like dragon's breath Societas Satanas I remember the days when in our sacred shrive we exchanged vows of loyalty and oath of blood The castle walls were trembling from our shouts and the gods of the old ways were watching us with pride We will not betray our vows When time will come we'll rise again! We saw the signs We heard the call we saw the ravens caw for war The rites of Galar clear our minds The Volva's spells strengthen our hearts The glory days will come again We stand as one We die as one Like black wolves we'll sweep the lands and the black sun will shine again Societas Satanas Blood and honour Societas Satanas War and triumph __________ He, Whom The Gods Hath Feared Thee I invoke, the bornless one Thee that didst crate the earth and the heavens Thee that didst create the night and the day Thee that didst create the darkness and the light Thou art lord, whom no man hath seen at any time Thou hast distinguished between the just and the unjust Thou didst make he female and the male Thou didst produce the seeds and the fruit Thou didst from men to love one another and to hate one another... Thou art the manifestor unto the light... __________ In Blood We Trust Cold winds and burning tears Blood signs the epitaph Rejoicing in unholiness when life ends in great pain Bleeding in the fields of war tasting cold acrid blood Cruel path of warriors of all delights and sorrows Blood is the life In blood we trust In blood we trust Crawling embraced with pain Entrance to eternal oath Black is the light that brightens the last reflection of my existance

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