13 ian. 2009


Dragonchild The Birth Of Urzath Stormy clouds are gathering above Infernal lightning strikes our lands Blackend dragons are standing in front The majestic gates of Nergulath At the 13th eclips, Urzath was born The wizard of black and eternal flame The mighty dragon, called Gulath Rises from dark infinity Tartaros' gardian of the flame Will lead our lord to his destiny Tartaros' guardian of the flame Will lead our lord to his destiny Dragon Gulath taught him well He taught Him pain, He showed Him Hell Emperor Urzath lead our beasts To destroy the kingdom (of the ) East With dragon Gulath; at his side He now is ready; for his fight Now He'll conquer; all domains And their lords; will be enslaved Glorious Victory! Now the war of Urzath begins A legend of pain and dreadfull sins Fire of dragons will invade the lands 'till it's all in Urzath's hands Fire of dragons will invade the lands 'till it's all in Urzath's hands. __________ Sword Of Destiny To invade the kingdoms of the earth He must set four powers to rebirth Therefor He travels to the kingdom East Supported by the most dreadfull beast He calls His dragons for the battle As they lower from the skies, He laughs "Go my dragons and inflame it all" "Hang their king to the highest towerwall" Tortured - By dragonfire Killed - By dragonfire Brought to death by the sword of destiny Back to life by the hand of Urzath Tortured - By dragonfire Killed - By dragonfire "Feeble king bow to Me" "Your kingdom is mine to be" The king of East is on his knees Submitting to our majesty Yaaaaaahhh!! With sword - in hand He - goes back - back to Nergulath Back to Nergulath Back to Nergulath The first of four He has in his might But that is just one fourth of the delight Two moons he has to retrieve the rest Our master stands before his biggest quest __________ Seal Of Immortality Towards the 4th dimension He goes Where the Ancient Gods arose For He's still cursed with a dying body A great disease to rule the Earth Past the vortex no more sorcery Past the vortex no more Dragons On the plains of the Ancient Gods He must live to their Ancient Rules Warriors - of the Gods - He must slay to increase His power Illusions in His mind He must face to increase His power Warriors of the Gods now in pain to His feet they lower Urzath Greatest king sorcerer Oh so great your power Urzath - has reached The temple of the Ancient Gods The Seal is before his eyes The Seal is now in His might __________ Dagger Of Faith A group of soldiers Ready to deceive They are comming To our sorcerers' fields They are standing Before his castle gates They are screaming We will end your reign "For we are your Dagger of Faith your castlewalls destroyed, your towers to the ground We are here, your time has come Prepare yourself for the end of your kingdom" Our Sorcerer speaking From His balcony His mind seems troubled, Filled with hate "I am your only god Before my feet you shall bow My Dragons will crush your bones Foolish men! Die before my court!" On the horizon Red Dragons appear The will support the destruction of Urzath One of the greatest armies is standing In front of the gates of Nergulath Prepare for War! Decievers all killed Red Dragonwings are laying on the ground Their leaders Impaled Their heads on a pile before the gate He stood up to His Dagger of faith Now He alone possesses it's power Only one is now to be fulfilled But His time is getting short! __________ Key To The Earth On the second moon, The fourth will rise Key to the Earth It will bring forth, Fire and demise Wings of Death The portal stones, Heavily guarded "Sword of Destiny Kill the agressors, who block the gate" Witness their Death! Earth will crumble Earthlings will shiver All in His power Eternally The moon is rising It's gloom is lighting the towers The Dagger in hand, the sword in the stone The Seal on his chest, the moment is near Thunder Roaring Dragons Roaring Earth will crumble Earthlings will shiver All in His power Eternally Population of Earth Are unaware The sorcerer returns His wrath ever so great His revenge will taste sweet Wings of Death.... March!!

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