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The Call Of The Wood Alone In The Dark Eternal suffering. Everlasting oblivion of tears falling into the dust. I want to die. But the three mothers don't grip my hand they want the cycle to be completed. I'm walking through this autumnal mist where everything dies and where everything's anguish and loneliness. I mortify my heart with love's pain and fall into the hollow deep abyss. I'm alone in the dark my being transfixed by a circle of shining souls but their laments can nothing against frost hate and the macabre veil winding my soul in an obscure seal. I would shed blood but something's hindering that to me which dark force gives my spirit strength thou condemned to wander in this mist thick as pain I'm alone in Mater Tenebra. Amen. I enjoy this event. I son of darkness drink my tears from the calix of the god who never forsakes who turns defeat into victory. I raise my hands up towards the northern icy wind and to the nothing I yell. That vision is mild and pure wrapped into the torments wind I stretch out my hand but everything disappears so I close the circle of fire once more and I find myself again alone in the dark. I celebrate the ancient names of this pagan winter looking for lymph and power for his soul now I've lost into emptiness. Lost in Mater Tenebra. Satan's masses mutate the weak. __________ Esteban's Promise I (myself) Esteban son of the dark side, illuminated monarch of the abyss (which is) forgotten by the divine light I'm alive. Ancient now inexistent laws, which have been destroyed by you man, prevented me from waking up. I will come riding a black dragon in delirium winds and anguish wings purify the air 'cause I'm coming and sacrifice to the big tree with fire and blood. I Esteban promise... Power and glory in the anarchy of evil to you poor mortals unite in my magic circle in a way without return swear in me voices in the wind voices from a moan which fades in a delirium like the weak dust settles on the ruins of the past. Oh lost souls in the whirl of the infinite Esteban is alive... and so is the legend... __________ The Call Of The Wood Beyond the valley of the silence along the paths of ancient knowledge led from the dense odours of the wind. You will find yourself in the holy wood consecrated to the primordial gods. Baptized with the dew around the oak of this Wiccian's mass celebrated from the warbling of the crows, og great mother moon. Ishtar, Astarte, Inanna, let me feed at your breast let me celebrate the fertile union of the horned god with the pure white goddess. Follow the call of the wood. Follow the voice of the god. Celebrate in the Nemeton with red candles and autumnal flowers on the stone altar. Dress yourself with the sky in the magic circle and purify yourself with the sacred incense of Cernunnos. Bless me mother, 'cause I am your son. Blessed be my eyes, therefore I can find your way. Blessed be my nose, therefore I can breath your essence. Blessed be my mouth, therefore I can talk about you. Blessed be my chest, therefore I can be faithful to you. Blessed be my ancestry, therefore I can give life to men and women. as you gave life to the universe. Blessed be my feet, therefore I can follow your way. Let the last smoke disappear carried from the wind. Rise your eyes full of astral energy and look at the crow that will lead your return to silence. Let the night fall down on you as the death curtain falls down on life. You'll be reborn... ...(to be continued...) __________ Al Azif What can wait forever isn't dead and in the long run, even death dies. The Ancient were, the Ancient are, the Ancient will be. They walked in this world, after knowing the kingdom of stars, and the stars will pre-announce their coming. But before then the day of men will passed. They'll descend through the door, they'll break the seals and their claws will free themselves from the ancient vice, they'll find the way in the labyrinth of time 'cause for Yog-Sothoth time is only one thing. So they'll go back and reign where they reigned once and their oaths will contaminate the earth. Oh, poor wretch you flatter yourself that you exploit their immense strength and their dirty power. Count the seasons observe the sun and the stars and when you have risen the stones and implored their power that will be the door through which you can call them out of time and space. So you will hear their terrible voices you will see ever-burning malign flames but you won't know the striking hand and the destroying soul 'cause they come without a face and men don't know their forms. But be cautious in acting so that the tentacles of darkness can't pentrate your soul as the man who was too darling lost his vital force and chaos appeared to his mind. __________ Sepulcro I'm alone the night wind's blowing on my face and the branches of the trees are crying in the big empty if this night. Step by step along the shadow path the black cloak of darkness opens the door in the place of eternal silence. What strange emotions are striking my body an obscure quiet is leading my mind my hands are touching the wet trees and the undergrowth is making my way blind among the mossy stones in the realm of the dead. The old ivy-mantled gate is creaking while I am opening the door of the whisper crypt. What a morbid force my soul has a hidden god is leading my steps. I am going down is this wet stairs in the stiffing dark only the noise of a drop of water is stressing the passing time I'm alone in this sepulcro. I humble being pieteously observe the men's fragilty. Putrid bones put upon marble sacella are waiting for nothing while the cobwebs are covering the ancient effigies everything's resting in a monumental silence here everything is forgotten here. I alone in this sepulcro will bring these relics back to life with my profane action. This is a sacred profanation that will give life to death the eternal life of memory. Alone in this sepulcro. Sacro Culto The Oak In the whirls of time, turning their eyes toward the shadowy monumental symbols of the past, following the lines up to the places, where power and mystery reign some people raised many stones to the sun in their imposing silence. A warm wind is blowing in my face melting the ice of death. Burnt alive victims around the cromlech in honour of my immortality. Crucified on The Oak. My blood is trickling down it no light in this church made of trees some men in white are chanting their song to the altar of Cernunnos. Crucified on The Oak. Oh you, God of Moon, sanctify this magis ritual. In my heart there’s the power of glory, in my eyes the shine of the sword. Oh you, God of Death, rescue me from this fear, I will be your messenger, rescue me from this light. Oh Mother Darkness, receive the son of cruelty and wisdom. Crucified on The Oak, in honour of Esus. The earth is imbued with the blood of my God’s enemies and from flames a battle-cry is madly risen. Far away the death-song is going on with the crossing of the swords. The fog is hiding our temples made of stones and the Gods are silently waiting for the event. The bloody encounter between our Pagan Devotion and the only god. Ruins around The Oak. Corpses in oblivion. Sealed up by the light of reason. Oh, cursed mortals, which is the right way? __________ Fronds Of The Ancient Walnut Feel the breeze on my face the icy breath of the Goddess. I raise my hand and touch the illusion. My mind is powerful and my Ego is high as the mountain in front of me. Clouds run fast and silence comes from the Fronds of the Ancient Walnut: no scents, no odors, no sounds, no laments; the cold vanishes... I get all the colors all around me and I see the enchanting dance of the branches: it is the Walnut calling the witches, it is our dream voyaging through the aethyr. What was not becomes reality. I am the deer running to the Sabbath! I am the crow which observes the silence! I am the craftsman of myself... therefore I praise the Horned and the Great Mother! And where the wind blows, at the mercy of the oneiric, it is the touch of the world’s spirits which enhances my magic. Mind’s spreading, faint voices chant at the moon, the silvering light of Levanah penetrates the unconscious and revives the Ancient Knowledge. I take flight, the dance is over. Now we are the deer returning from the Sabbath! Now we are the crow which contemplated the silence! Now we are the craftsmen of ourselves... therefore we praise the Horned and the Great Mother! __________ The Naked And The Dance The fresh humidity of the green moss wets my skin, my body laying down, as it suits to who adores a god, over the sacred stones of the Cromlech. Our bodies clinging each other, what is of the One becomes of the Many. The incense smoke dances with the candles flames attracting the celebrants astral energies. The choral worshipping of the Black Goddess raises from our minds, what is of the Many becomes of the One. The sacred wine shall fill the cup which turned was in the goatish horn, the fertile lips shall kiss the rod which life and shape took from the walnut. An the Nine shall come at the beginning of the dance, the naked feet shall caress Sheela Na Gog, the naked bodies moistened by wood’s breath, the naked minds dancing in the air, and the shrewd spirits, by sacred fire inebriated, shall turn to whirl, and once more the Great Spiral shall be Tregenda one and seven to celebrate the thirteen fullnesses of Levanah, who of ancient memory made arcane magic mortal. Simple melodies by Her Who guides vibrated, enchantements of witches for millenniums hand down, bodies like veils fluttering to paint the Great Dance offered to the sky as a tribute of the soul drag into oblivion. May I rejoin the stars, free my astral, embrace Knowledge and in the All regenerate myself now beast now man, till to reborn from the effluviums of my ethereal spirit God I Myself, God among Gods, deserving of my devotion and of my passion! Sacrifical victim for those who welcome me heir and part of the All. __________ Cimmeries Gorgot Assai Belem. May the Great Portal open to me, my voice thunder in thy name and for the power of the Lords of the Great Frost. The whirling air of the North guide my spirit in the quest for glorious past. And it was in the mist of time that the death fires floodlighted darkness the wind brought the smell of blood, the air of extermination and the exterminators outcry. The blades of sacrifice deepened in the flesh and the nerves and the black seers raised hearts still pulsating to unnamable Gods for their obscure prophecies. Prepare now your soul for the embrace of the sacred death, may water suffocate your breath and flame consume your flesh, all this so that Teutates, Esus and Taranis protect my people. Heavy and slow were the treads of the black warriors in the Aeron’s march, dust rising like whirls while the horrible Crow turned His eyes to the battle remains. Morighon was reigning among the stones of the timeless, where the stars engraved their symbols and under the brightness of the moon the initiates were enlighted on the Great Secrets. I want to reopen my eyes to look beyond the horizon of fear, My God is in me, in the strenght of my arm, in the light of my sword. Crom. I raise my arms to Andraste, so that only massacre be in my eyes. Crom. To the threshold of the abyss I kneel, so that the Three Furies invade my soul. Crom. With wine I honour the Gods, so that inebriation draws me near them. Crom. My face I paint of moon like all the sons of the dying sun lands, I belong to Her. Crom is in me. Remote are now those archaic deeds in the mist of time, and the Cimmeries testimonials sleep in the obscure silence of the tumulus like ancient relics, mighty sigils to fragile ashes. But the choirs will thunder again Gorgot Necrod Belem. May the Great Portal close to you. __________ My Devotion Under the moonlight, bitter falls a tear over the face of memories. Oh, shining blade! Cut my flesh, so that be the Sacred Fire nourished by my vital fluid. And you ! Spirits of the Air, leave smoke as a sign of my rite. Stone after stone, I create my Lucus and so I divide the world of human dimension from the one of Gods. How wonderful falling into this darkness. Blow up the last torches and shut up your eternal chant. Lucifer! Helel Ben Shahar. Shining Master of light, Prince of dawn, wipe the shadows out of my spirit, banish weakness from my body, give me the strangth of Power, let my throat be ripped up by crying My Devotion. In my devotion the sign of Voor. In my devotion the sword of Hathoor. May the four elements become my allies, may the faith of darkness be my weapon and the spirit my temple. Son of time’s forces, deter my mind from the wicked ignorance of the Lambs of god. In my devotion the sign of Voor. In my devotion the sacred Tor. The circle of power be a sacred place, shield and protection from the followers of the nazarene. Light in the light and light in the darkness. I seize my nature, the five edged star adorns my breast and my hands clutch the club. We are wolves in the sacred wood of life. In my devotion the sign of Voor. In my devotion Bathym Belem Gomor. Take me, oh ferryman, through the vision of my death, the heat of the Great Black Veil. My hearse brought in slow procession by the No Named, my reunion with Mother Earth, the keeper of the dreams last turning his clepsydra, the breaking up of the black mirror and The Guardians of the threshold will open the last Portal. Let the candles burn out, darkness consumes light, time divours life. My Eternal Devotion to Darkness. __________ Under The Sign Of The Red Dragon I raise my eyes at dead of night I hear the silence moulding my body I hear the damp and living ground throbbing I belong to it. I’m the guardian of this land, I’m Dracula, Prince of Walacchia. My name is synonymous with fear and terror which I sowed and grew and which I fed on. I led an army of dead soldiers that I myself had raised from their graves. I spread death and destruction. Stifling smell of blood and excrements, desperate cries, sobs. Thousands of corpses rotted in the sun. Thousands of poles rose as I passed. My head beheaded and laid down. The law : my law. I was Vlad, the Impaler, nobody could obstruct my path. And the powerful Turks come in crowds. And the new forest came up, forest of fright and blood. And the sultan of gold and silk came with his numerous army, thousand of persons were horribly impaled and crowds came, crowds of enemies. And at the end I was surrounded. Chill, blood, horror of an irrepressible slaughter. By then I was a prince without land. And from the ground a whisper, the whisper of the dead, rose : Dracula, please, come back! The Black Opera: Symphoniae Mysteriorum In Laudem Tenebrarum Act I: The First Seal Dark and forgotten the times of these writings Timeless stones shape the walls of this site Arcane and powerful symbols traced on them May the moon lead my steps In the sacred search of supreme knowledge Waiting for his coming And it was gloom Somewhere in time In unknown lands ruled by an ancient magic In titanic forests 6 towers of power were built They guarded 6 sacred heirlooms, Protected by 6 seals They show the effigy of the god Who sits on the big black throne I mesmerize my soul To fly along the dusty paths of Acheron Looking for the magic circle of the black ring Toth Amon, prince of enchanters Tell me your secret Or I will tear it from death to death Running on a human blood river He feeds on blood The blood calls him His strength glows if the hands invoking him are stained with blood Where he shines, the blood is shed There the light's kingdoms wobble There nature forces are shaken Thoth-Amon, give me the sword of sacrifice And the sacred cup I am gonna fill with lifeblood Give me the lance of almightiness And the potsherds of the black stone I'm gonna place on the altar of Dagon Entrust the sixth heirloom to me And so be it! And then a whirlwind struck my breast, freezing my soul The candle flames vanished announcing his coming 5 the tips and 5 the elements It is the blood in which I annihilate The sixth is the knowledge the supreme god, the bringer of light Engraved in the sixth heirloom The sacred book ordained to the devotee __________ Act II: Beyond The Black Diamond Gate Dancing flames reflect a purple light Dyeing the room with a mysterious stillness Wrapped in the ineoriating haze of the fumed incense We were sitting at the table pleasantly stunned by the sweet pungent smell of storax Martyrized with ircos, oleum libani, commiphora The white goddess was ruling the night And the old bell heralded the arrival of Kephra Our fingers were riding theethereal dimension which embraces everything "I'm the guardian of the east gates, master of the whirling air I am him who opens the threshold The portal is opened to you, holders of the ninth key" I think their sound and technique In the intensity of powers The ninth evoked energy was waiting for us Beyond the black diamond gates it sounds great, and for me it's "My name is Astharoth-Astarte" it hurled "I am him-her who walks in the dark Who will lead you to ecstasy I will give you the power of revenge 'Cause you are my sons May the power of evil be with you So that your souls can prepare for the call In a place, sacred to you, celebrate with dances, chants and fires You will couple in rapture And I will enjoy your lust I am the ninth key, the ninth flame of hell Young, chaste with innocent fleshes You will fetch her to me" Magic resins have worn out Scents have faded Tum, patient, is waiting But He-She is still walking with us __________ Act III: Carnal Delight In The Vortex Of Evil The way leading to him is unknown and steep And the bodies rests of those who didn't deserve him make it slippery But it is at the borders of my soul, so I know the secrets to walk along it staying unhurt The threshold of his abode is barred by a tangle of infected thorns But my soul keeps its key His throne is shielded by 12 servants' stare But he has called me, I felt him calling me And he has given me the power to bewitch them His rooms are icy But he warms my naked body with his breath The throb and the blood flow suspend In the presence of him His eyes, diabolical larvas his pupils, scan me His glance captures me and penetrates my breast Goblet of delicious vermilion wine I give myself up to his grim embrace Throb of death He is the storm He is the breeze He is the aurora He is the twilight He is the everlasting mind in the timeless abyss He injures and sates my lips He lessens my hunger He appeases my thirst He is fire burning my flesh He is icy snow settling in my womb Rod of viscid serpents Death and blood excite him And my blood is the balm for his ecstasy and his voracious delight Putrid carrion with burnt seales Obscure seducer with smooth scented skin of infant Now I know you But he has always known me __________ Act IV: Congressus Cum Daemone The sacred fire burns in the stone circle In the centre of the all I'm waiting for the guardian Powerful thunders rumble in the air And lightnings herald the storm Darkness turns into light and light grows into darkness While the salamanders are continuing to dance in the heart of fire The moon stops growing She stretches the fronds shades as spectral witnesses And Eurus, the east wind, gives them life 6 are the towers, 4 are the revealed seals And now I am waiting for the next one Thunder is rumbling again Like the dragon's awakening from the deep abyss I honour the dark simulacrum of the depth's gates That is silently waiting for the event's completion I desert the realm of chaos and I liberate over the infernal rivers I follow the way of the red snake Ancestral flight ...into the depth I will celebrate the umpteenth passage ritual A new baptism in a space without time Tisipnon, fury of the occult power, is waiting for me To deliver me the black book of the supreme knowledge I cross the hidden paths of Shaytan to violate the ayernus gates That raise from the deep abyss up to the horrid vault 3 are the bronze doors and 3 of iron and 3 of diamonds That makes all red-hot but nothing destroys At the sides of the awful passage 2 guardians are waiting for me (First guardian:) "Be aware of your virtue, oh animal, And the abyss with its spectres will be overcome Rejoyce as a new spirit And the barking of the Infernal beasts Will become silvery chant Beyond these portals you can join the perfect light of the space without time" "I am Angelikos Phosphoros, Lucifer, Morning Star" (Second guardian:) "Welcome spiritual warrior who, conscious and daring, utters the secret name Before the black diamond gates Welcome ensign of light This pathway knows the steps, dreads and triumphs of your search Welcome insane hero, the only one who has descended the stairs of damnation You, blazing sun, dare-devil who faces the hades to win yourself" "I greet and thank you, obscure guardians, who allow my passage without rending my flesh. I, brave rambling being, go and reveal the fifth seal" __________ Act V: The Magic Temple Io metto il mio sangue nelle mani di Shaytan La forza che sta nell'essenza degli dei Che crearono il ciclo e la terra Benediccte onnipotenti questo luogo Affinche sia puro e possa contenervi Innalzatevi o potenti fumi e purfieste questo mio tempio Scorra lento il sangue per nuirire il cuore del cerchio E ora giura! __________ Act VI: The Sixth Seal Fall low into silence and fill up your mental calix with black substance of nothing Burn 3 blood candles and breath the dense fumes of Gorgio Enter the sacred circle and hail the altar of the dying sun 8 silver tinklings to hear the secret name Rise from silence, open your eyes and vibrate Gorgot, Assai belem I invoke you timelessness Who visits earth and skies You, who lives night and day Who knows darkness and light Asar Lin-Nefer No one ever saw you, in any time You are jabas, you are japos You are the right, and the unfair You are the female and the male You are seeds and fruits I am the ancient to whom you entrusted the mysteries Listen to me cause I'm the angel of Shaytan and this is your real name East Air Listen to me and subdue all demons to me So that all spirits of external spaces and seperate dimensions All spells and gods scourges obey me, on and under earth In the great water, in the whirlwind, in the burning fire! South Fire I invoke you, terrible and invisible god who resides in the empty of the spirit West Water Listen to me. Ru-Abra-Iao-Mariodam Babalon-Baoth Assal-Ou Ai Aphaniao I thothe Abrasar Acooi Ischure Powerful and timeless North Earth I invoke you, Ma Barraio Ioel Kotha Athor-E-Bal-O Abraoth East Spirit Listen to me He's the gods' master He's the god of universe Winds fear him It's him who uttered the word He's the master of everything, king, ruler, succourer! North Spirit Listen to me I'm the timeless spirit, strong immortal fire I am the truth, I am him who shines and thunders! I am him whose mouth blazes eternally! I am him who begets and shows the light Heart and serpent are my names Iao Sabao, those are the words Now burn up 3 blood candles and wait for the empty time Gorgot Necrod Belem I dismiss you, threshold guardian, unfathomable Gorgoi! And go back to your dimensions secording to your law I will not suffer any pain! __________ Bela Lugosi's Dead White on white translucent black capes back on the rack. Bela Lugosi's dead. The bats have left the bell tower, the victims have been bled, red velvet lines the black box. Bela Lugosi's dead. Undead Undead Undead. The virginal brides file past his tomb, strewn with time's dead flowers, bereft in deathly bloom, alone in a darkened room the count. Bela Lugosi's dead. Undead Undead Undead. Oh Bela, Bela's undead. Maleventum Maleventum It's the night of shabat The plenilune feast Rise from your mortal sleep and let your astral body glide away With the sacred ointment Plunge into the new dream Follow the way of the secret life Silently graze archaic dimensions On water and over wind The god of woods call his sons, Enraptured by his power, Follow the divine melody The magic key. Penetrate the forest's heart and be led to the sabbath, Till the flight's end. Vivid flares flashing in darkness are reflected In the owl's fixed eyes. Walk along the hidden paths Nine kinds of wood nourish fire and fire marks your destination It reveals the glade And the walnut you knew through the deer's eyes Maleventum A long black robe appears among the trees His gaze lighted upon the moon His barbarian hymn hails to the moon Nine words of nine letters thunder in silence And the night's star reveals its secret nature. (Hi)s shout opens the black diamond doors the circle holds on tight to him the old chant sing out... Palas Aron Ozimonas Baske Bano Tudan Donas Geheamel Cla Orlay Berec he pantaras tay. __________ Princess Of The Ancient I'm the encounter dance I'm the chain dance I'm the blending of darkness and light I lead the snake's circle in the thirteen moon's night I give my blood to mother earth Burn fire, burn bright Burn fire, burn bright Fire bright Fire bright Come to me, pure vision Lead my steps in this night with the power of your light Come to me, pure vision Lead my steps in this night with the power of your light Oh, master of winds and magic dances, take my most solemn prayer with you in the star's circle Listen to the invocation words Listen and reveal yourself, Isis Celestial arc, earth, Life's and death's donor, Perhephone, astarte, astoreth, inanna We are born from you. Lead us in the earth deep in ourself Let us drink the hidden spring's water and we will see what we will not reveal. I'm the end of the shady path, Me, Diana of crossroads, Hecate, Selene of the moon Sink Into the eternal and primordial sleep Sink Into the inner earth's secret heart. Forget and keep silent, Drink persephone's water, At the secret source, beside the sacred tree Now I'm the secret queen Of air and earth, of fire and water, Of human souls and destiny's dream The chant is dying out In a vibrating echo, Dusk melting into the silvery night of plenilune Hoor Apep The depth's dragon will rise, now Hoor Apep The depth's dragon will rise, now Now __________ Unearthed Arcana Consecrate the altar with your symbols This is the night when the breeze will rekindles the sacred fire and when the sacred stones will sing your new name It's the night of the breeze rekindling the sacred fire, (it's the night) of the sacred stones singing your new name. Draw the circle with the athame and undress your candid body To let the eye of the Gods see your essence. Guardians of the north, sacred spirits of the earth In the dark of your warm womb accept my death I offer you my greetings (and) I welcome you Guardians of the East, sacred spirits of the Air As the sun rises from the east after the night, Guide my soul to a new birth. (Lead my soul to a new dawn) Guardians of the South, sacred spirits of the Fire. Protect me and lighten my journey on the new path Watch over me and make my journey on the new path bright and clear I offer you my greetings and I welcome you Guardians of the West, sacred spirit of the water Purify me and make me clear as new spring I offer you my greetings (and) I welcome you Death is waiting and widening its voracious mouth. I am entering the dark before the creation I am entering the womb of the Goddess May my body born again May my soul stay in peace May my heart be ready Sink yourself in the warm Earth Sink your mind in the ancient litany Dark mother take me in Let me be born again We all come from the same womb This is the song of the goddess, the key to the great union. Anoint your breast and your womb Widen the door of the new fate And introduce yourself with your new name Ensemble of flesh enlived by new power Take the cup and the athame raising your arms to the sempitern eye As the cup is female so the knife is male Now joined They bring blessing Consecrate your sacrifice and enjoy the gifts of the great mother Close your circle and step over, in the truth that all (the) circles hold Go now you, new creature Now the master of the Only art That all the arts contains And where all the arts come from. Live with honour And with honour die. You the master of the only arcane craft That all the arts gathers... __________ In The Dark I Found The Reflection Of The Hidden Mirrors The breeze, with its tossing about, speaks of the movements on the water Surface and sends out the shivers. From those waves I will read the future fate. Oh silphs, inhabitants of the Air, Be the mediators between me and the immaterial beings By Paralda dominated So that I may decipher to roar of the wind Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas The ethereal foundation, void of every substance. Ouroboros you are the void that everything is, You are the primordial substance that is Chaos Now no more shapeless and empty as the central fire Vibrates and floods it with light The real secret is still unspeakable Only through the mediation of symbols it can be pronounced, Its thought has been awaken by the changed vision of all things. Oh silence, teach the disciple of the ancient wise men, So that every shape may become expressive and every sign may suggest deep vision The snake, son of Apsu generates the Chaos, Its motto is one for everything __________ Muscaria Circle within circle Towards the warm heart of the earth Circle within circle Falling Falling inside my wideness I opened wide the doors of the underworld Fragment making up a part of the eternity In the eternal forest shelter I found Guest of its big trees Fed on its abundance Through unknown land I travelled In the fatherland, over there Where the giants dwell I followed gods' footsteps Towards an high mountain Set in its stone a great throne I saw And on it a small and wrinkled man Looking at me frowning under its big red hat I am the great deer Who runs between dimensions I am the mother Who gave birth to all religions I am the stairway linking the opposites I am the door leading to the sidh Great is my spirit Matchless my power Fear of me, (mortal) men If afraid of me you are Then your trembling soul I will eat up Great will be your medicine If my words you are able to listen Great will be your strength If from the deer's flesh you feed Great will be your wisdom If you know how to ride on me. So then at the house of the gods I will lead you Going up the great river Going up the great river Towards the starry sky And of a different destiny I will clad you You will meet all the spirits and with them you will compete your strength To be a real men your humanity you must shed And when the right time comes I will kill you So that you might be born again to life The only master of your destiny becoming. Circle within circle The tired reality is closing Like a flower at dusk Waiting for the cold dew Circle within circle Following the path of the dawn Through the night crowded with its dreams In a sacred glade I woke up Three moons in the sky I saw On my knees at the foot of the king's rock I greeted them Circle within circle Then into a wolf I turned myself And in the night I ran away. Circle within circle. __________ Forgotten Gods Through the eyes of the raven I saw the rain falling on the world The entire nature bending Under the vehemence of the furious wind That was the time, The favour of the Stone, I asked And they, water in ice, Turned in response Widening their warm mouths Down they pushed me Into the great Bear's den Rich and prosperous land, Of noble blood, of ancient and fighting race made. Through a veil of dreams never born Drawing the sword Their King I challenged Smiling over there I was taken Where the mystery of the Springs lies I drank and (under the spell) dreaming I fell It was the wind Primary engine To give me the knowledge of the eternal movement Then the earth A body gave me and the space was limited The water Blood became and my dry flesh refreshed And above all the fire Of inspiration the main source Along the black spiral Where the eternal tree walk on Up to the roots of the true power, I danced At the base of the spine The pillar that sustains the worlds, The great stone have tuned up a new song Unlucky you who don't recognize who gave you life Small your flame and Recid your light shall be If from your land power don't draw As a new new baby suckling a right nipple to suck you should to find when the thirst for knowledge your throat will dry Then you'll become the voice and the action Of the earth that made you And shaping it in return Under our verb it will be We the forgotten gods, Stronger than ever we will be back When the track is beaten And the great stones once again will be honoured. __________ In The Raven's Eyes So the vision began And a mighty wind shook the roots of the nine worlds. The great wolf of the night roused And a deep slash cracked open the primordial ice. I saw him coming from the north The father of all gods Two crows next to him Two wolves at his sides In the grey cape wrapped I saw him coming, With the name of all things in his hand. He widened the big eye, this he said: War! I know, for nine whole nights you hung down from the tree By the mercy of the wind shaken By the spear injured To Odin sacrificed, Myself to myself On that tree, of unknown roots, grown Nor bread nor drinking horn was given Towards the ground my look I cast The runes I picked up Shouting I took them And from up there I fell. The eye shut itself And from his hand I fell The human error I understood. Almost no soul to sustain me As if an infernal wind wanted To tear it away from me. Through the pain I saw and through it I understood As too great was the Chaos (at the beginning) Now too great was the order. The great millstone of the sky A new circle was about to be prepared. It was time for war Next to our fathers we would have fought once again

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