13 ian. 2009


Xasthur - Doomed By Howling Winds The wind cast a ruin upon my soul. The night is dying, yet we cursed the dawn, each mourning, upon a festering grave. The moonlight has no shine through the doom. The burning corpse of god shall keep us warm in the doom of howling winds For we are a race from beyond the wanderers of night. Nocturnal Poisoning In The Hate Of Battle Heiled in battle again Into the night eternally searching and Fighting to be eternally free And to live in darkness Decaying upon their crosses Light without will (or reason) Seeing only with (holy) blood in our eyes To deny them their empires Take the light from their lives Blinded by their own crying winds Hatred bled onto the soul With a fury to kill Killed brethren Without respect for lives unholy A hatred possessing my soul With a fury to kill So the battle dies in this bleak winter Each death piled in a dark circle And again we’ll return __________ Soul Abduction Ceremony The moon tonight feels my revenge To summon forth my time (of sin) and hate Impaled are their wings Raped is the soul From the bleeding holy womb At one with night, for I’m with death Eyes now bleed In the color and sight of terror The moon tonight screams with revenge I’ve entered your dreams out of fear __________ A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors Paint in blood A sigil of death On fading reflections Beneath this night Master of their infernal fears, I take these burning gates... to reign Pass this torch of evil (so I may become) Through the candlelit Bloodstained mirrors... To succumb to the netherworld of Satan. Stare through the eyes of my mirror master, And the mirror stares back into me

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