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...Again Shall Be Hecate (Queen Of Hades) Hellish, earthly and heavenly goddess of the crossroads; guiding light queen of the night, enemy of the sun Friend and companion of darkness you who rejoice to see blood flow ou who wander amidst in the hour of darkness Thirsty for blood and terror of mortals gorgo mormo moon of a thousand shifting forms __________ The Ecstacy Of An Astral Journey Burning midnight skies the blaze of the stars is calling again wispering mystic chorus a promise of immortality Take my soul to where the falcons fly to the gates of triumph the skies are bleeding like an open wound we are born again Burning midnight skies the queen of the night have raised again she is the goddess of where our journey ends Take my soul to where the falcons fly I ride on a taill of moonfog throughout the burning midnight skies Thy queen - the goddess the enemy of christ I greet you on your throne of star dust teach me the art of erotic sin grant me the source of bestial lust Take my soul to where the falcons fly to the gates of triumph forever free burning midnight skies! __________ An Oath Sworn In Bjorgvin When the grimson red skies baths the horizon in a poisonous kiss I kiss my hammer I kiss my sword my eyes glear of infernal joy In my dreams I saw them they made me swear the oath at the seventh of the seven mountains the twenty first of december The skies bath the horizon in fire I hold my sword before me and I kneel before the blood on the stone greet me! This moment was chosen at the birth of the gods a true son of aasgard I am my sign is the color of the night and the blood that ran on my fathers graves! The oath is sworn the blood is given now I await you to pass me your forces __________ ...Again Shall Be Darkness entombs us, as we watch the mountains before waiting for the silent wind to bring us the sign of the ancient horn The bells shall chime as the towers burn in flames of eternal hate burn in the name of the elder faith Black ravens of war raise your unholy banner again the smell of blood shall drift under the silver moon Chant your song on northern glory blow your horns for northern pride sing those songs so long forgotten hail those ravens that once died __________ The Spirit Of An Ancient Past The mist of blue frost falls the proud valleys of the north an iceage of terror as silent as snow hides the hills In this frozen land I ride as the northern light guides my way a blackwind I am a shadow of war and lust This path, whom for me is the chosen forbidden for mortals to see The night is filled with diabolical summoning winds the moon is burning Like an eye glearing of demonic hate watch me as I choose my trail this journey is forever The spirit of gods and goddess I am forgotten at the birth of new times a reflection of an ancient past waiting in a lost realm of ice for the rising of a forever pagan age __________ Unholy Congregation Into the darkest forrest they go dressed in black dressed in coats women of evil lust Unholy congregation At the darkest hour their torches they light witches hour infernal silence they wait before the altar chanting invocation In a blaze of fire he stands some horrid shape of a goat each of them pay his hommage Osculum obscenum White skin freezing in the moonshine dance in a circle, wait for turn wine like black clotted blood Drink! __________ Glorious Again The Northland Shall Become Brave sons of the pagan age raises by the summoning of a wind from the past silently watching the valleys below as the northern light crosses the sky by the light of a thousand fires over the hills of a thousand graves unholy invocating words have been chanted The rebirth of the ravens has come war is the reflection in their eyes glorious again the northland shall become and the strength of the pagan ones shall arise Brave sons of the pagan age raises northern steel cuts the flesh of the false storms of ancient hate is howling across time as the lightning rapes the sky and the blaze of the hammer strikes force the week to kneel for the stong the rebirth of the ravens has come __________ Be-Witched Hear the haunting theronade like a chant through a timeless abyss or the cries from the wolves from the long lost woods Moon-less nights caress her in shades of a nocturnal beauty she dances on cemetary ground be-witched by the wistful tunes of thy dark Enslaving eyes of a whistful darkness calls me as a silent prayer she is the one of nocturnal beauty force me to become her slave Take - me on your journey She was a woman in black lace dancing like a raven around the mountain side and the music of her wistful songs or laughter, or cries And out of the skies above me a creature - a face turned down unto me closer and closer - then so near and when she again raised she caressed me and lead us into a lustful dance in circles bigger and bigger higher up - into the moonless skies and I joined her on her journey to hades The Dawn Of The Dying Sun The Dawn Of The Dying Sun A massive lust-like rage I feel yet calm, rejoiced, I am the so lifegiving daylight went then night, so pure, became with the shining, ancient, moon so cold and twilight grey Thou shalt see no tomorrow come Beware the future misery read the shadows as they pass a freezing wind a promise bring the dawn of the dying sun Chaos dwelling secretly ten centuaries of night... eternal! earth turns to a frozen stone all things shall end yet thorns shall grow throughout the dust of death Bringer of chaos be greeted! harvest your souls from your chariot of ice Beware the future misery it is written in the night an eclipsing wind, a promise brings the dawn of the dying sun A massive lust-like rage I feel yet calm, rejoiced, I am the so life-giving daylight went then night, so pure, became with the shining, ancient, moon so cold and twilight grey it is the dawn ofthe dying sun! __________ The Awakening Of Kings This is the dusk of the week! northern storms are silent, yet it blows in the north northern kings are sleeping, yet kings rule Ten centuries of torment of a northern soul but soon the hammer shall strike this is the dusk of the week the dawn of an age of... strength! Oh hail the mighty kingdom that from the ruins shall arise oh hail the mighty kingdom beneath the midnight skies northern storms are no longer silent northern kings do no longer sleep oh hail the mighty kingdom __________ Apocalyptic Prophecies It shall come one night a darkness for centuries to last when water turns to blood andwineto poison Shadows of dimensions far up high dwells strongly in a soul destend to a gloom of a thousand nights there are no limits for the blood and tears that rains from the sky Swords shall sing and axes chime in a neverending dance of death and impaled heads of angels, are held up high on heathen spears When angels weep their blood-red tears it is the sign of hades each song, each chant, each blasphemy it is the sign of hades Swords shall chime and blood shall flow in a neverending death dance and crows shall feast upon dead men's eyes Water turns to blood and wine to poison There are no limits for the torment that rains from the sky the time has come for death and there is no return When the reaper comes to hunt your soul when the angels heads are held up high when brothers fall for brothers sword when blackwinds rage, and fire rapes the sky it is the sign of hades! __________ Alone Walkyng Alone walkyng, in thought planing, and sore sighing, all desolate. Me remembryng, of my livyng, my dethe wishyng, bothe erly and late. Infortunate, is so my fate, that vote ye what? Out of measure. My life I hate, thus desperate in soche pore eslate doe I endure. Of othir cure am I not sure thus to endure is hard certain. Such is my ure I you ensure: What creature maie have more pain? My truthe so plain is take in vain, and grete disdain in remembraunce; Yet I full faine would me complaine meto abstaine from this penaunce: But in substaunce none allegeaunce of my grevaunce can I not finde: Right so my chaunce with displesaunce doeth me avaunce and thus an ende. (Written by Richard Chaucer, 1572) __________ Crusade Of The Underworld Hordes Gathered are they, the wolves from the north and the tribes of the underworld hordes heathen men from pagan wastelands joined with them have they The stench of blood. Holy blood! Have penetrated their woods and fields too long ravens flew as messengers from hill to hill They brought harsh blasphemous chant as ancient as time it self whispered by the wind which cries for the waning moon The beholders of the cross, shall be mesmerized by fear their fate denies the fact of such creations Man, beast - the hordes of the underworld bound by chains foged by pagan blood tonight they shall feast tonight the ravens and wolves shall feast upon blood, of those of the light who beholds the cross beneath the remains of a civilisation Centuries of sorrow! Centuries of pain! __________ The Tale Of A Nocturnal Empress The wolves howled at the moon that chilly autumn night and cold winds whispered through the scattered leaves when the first light from a late, yet crimson dawn, shined through the morning mist... she was dead... and so reborn. Caught in a web of silver beams thrown from an ocean of stars a sea that from now, always shall haunt her existence She exists only in darkness she feeds from the vain of an innocent child yet she is strong unbound by the chains of mortality Sometimes under the ocean of stars she gazes at the black horizon wistful thoughts of death she wish for sleep she has no quest just an eternal lust for blood always walk alone - eternally! She is the eye of the raven she is the ear of the wolf she is mockery it self of the holy trinity she is the pleasure concived from your pain the empress of nocturnals thou shalt fear and thou shalt serve and thou shalt... die in her embracing kiss of death __________ Pagan Prayer Over the cold endless mountain streem into the dark frozen forest under the snow coverd trees through the wintery whispering winds great gods of Esgerd guide us through the night let your ravens fly Lead us through valleys great gods of valhalla guide us through woods great gods of valhalla let your valkyres fly and let us enter let us enter thy hall Over the cold endless mountain streem into the dark frozen forest under the snowcoverd trees through the wintery whispering winds great gods of Esgerd guide us through the night let your ravens fly Millenium Nocturne Dream Traveller Rise! High above the crystal sea the lake of fools Fly! Fly on the wings of your soul invoke the daemon that dwells at the core of your soul the beast of your spirit gaze through the eye of the beast you have become through the twisted gates of the infinite Feel! Feel the force you posses touch the stars sail the silver starshine in the warship of your mind the spirit world, the astral crown your power has no bound "Rosepetals. Thrown before my feet by the angels Lillies... thrown before my feet by the black ones, fallen from grace" Dance! Dance in the dreams of the dying Pray! Pray in the dreams of the dead you are one with the mist of the universe one with the essence of all ride the dragon - ride the dragon through the tangled web of the mysteries of the human mind __________ Carnival Blaspheme Come gather now to this humble feast I host this hallow night come join the masquerade attend the pleasure and delight come drink the sweetest wine I serve directly from its source entangle in pure decadence engage this carnal waltz (I do insist) tempting fruit of lust desire piles before my purple throne come taste the flesh and scented fumes present your flesh and bid your juice (I trust theirs plenty) daughters, bitches-virgin whores and sons of saints and daemons rejoice in carnal lust - infernal and divine This funeral of morals on this very holy night ecstacy and blasphemy profound and true delight lotus drugged erotica; ooh cum for me my brides take it higher, burn like fire pain voluptuary desire ecstacy extreme attend the orgy carnival blaspheme __________ Nemesis Lashed to your knees by a serpents tongue forced to eat the lies Jehovah. Messiah. The bloodstained sword shall crush your heart the wild blood of a beast runs through the vains. Even of a newborn child the blood is ancient and so is the spirit withinenlighted times. The values of the brave and the values of the valuable are spoken with contempt but when the heads are bowed to kiss the feet of Christ decay and blindness remain as the only truth. Of those who are slaves lost paths of a realm so long denied lost ways of warriors pride drown in the well of madness you creature which sin is resection of thy nature for you are a predator! And the dispute of such a fact is mockery of your existence oohh nemesis be thy name you sweet revenge __________ To Reach Divine Fullfillment Free my spirit from the flesh free my soul from the mediocre state of mortality I shall dance with the ravens that circle the sky between dream and death through eternity My soul shall journey through the void of twilight realms by night with the crow I shall fly bringing words to the elders of those who will live and who will die I will dance and feast among satyrs and shadows of lust and desire I will rise up high to the midst of the stars and blaze through dimensions in the chariot of Mars I will dine among djinns in Lucifer's hall and come as bid when the demon queen calls Aahhh what pleasure unchain me from this cage of time and of space release my soul from the mediocre state nectar and poison, mist and bright rays I know this is my ultimate fate Free my soul, I long to reach divine fullfillment Free my soul, I long to reach divine fullfillment __________ Gardens Of Chaos Seven signs upon the welkin high a prophecy of man to die the irony of the curse was the fact of the prayer it was invoked in ignorant despair A boundless terror blazing rage in the shape of a sexless angel with the soul of a cosmic tyrant in control of the infinitive forces to create and destroy Whirlwinds and chaos sweeps the earth it cracks the soil and drains the oceans (The angel) "I deny your human kind and your nature are insignificant to me you are blind and now you shall burn in a global Phyre!" (The prophecy) "The final of an era burning rivers running red beneath black towes erected high piercing the starlit shimmering sky before a world destruction a cosmic terror rage" In the shape of a sexless angel! winds of mayhem, violent clouds an undrainable source of madness which shreds the soul, betrays the eyes but what's written shall be done in the garden of chaos we all shall burn! __________ A Ballad Of Death And Obsession She stands at the top of the castlewall she gazes at the seashore below half a glass since the crimson of dusk but her sombre soul takes no notice of such In her heart she longs for the angel of death she is stalked by the dream of his touch necromantic witch, such an innocent heart yet het past is but a trail of blood and desire murderess in the most intimate touch Stiletto death, so that het prince can watch as she craves for the grasp of his touch in love with the spirit of death she is destined to dance at the tombs of the dead in love with the spirit of death she embraces the darkness and beauty of funerals Death above her, whispering low a cold and strange tongue she doesn't know Love confessions? So soft in her ear Become my bride my sweetest. Do not fear obsessed by the spirit of death she will never betray her love for the prince of the dead wild winds, so strong they blow off the castlewall she longs to go body scattered, spirit free in the arms of whom she longs to be lonesouls fly... even stars must die yet their shimmer their shimmer will last for lifetimes __________ Nighttime Endurance Ohh mistress of emotions night in twilight rays of grey in your embrace alone I find endurance the fragile hours set between the sundown and the dawn the beauty of the dawn so sinister yet calm stagnant I stand as I give in to you reverence Fading light in a crimson glow soon the moon its rays will throw through the torn up blackened sky it's a sinery so vast before me lie birth of night before my eyes I shiver as the sunlight dies a tarn, black mirror shine reflects the innerself of mine listen to the night sounds howling hunters wind through trees The beauty of this song is almost painful a requiem... a moonchant like a mournful threnody... an anthem to the night soon to reach its height as I join to cry out all my sorrows embraced by night alone I find endurance the silence of the witchinghour like nectar to my soul alas, this beauty can not last forever or praytell it will do when I die __________ Warcry Heathen warcry I summon the strength of the gods Warcry! My soul is free to become possessed and new reward shall be given as we ride under the... black moon cold moon full moon I grant you my sacrifice as my enemies fall as a harvest by the sound of my.. Warcry! Thundering hooves breaks the ground Warcry! Firstblood is drawn a scent in the wind to be aroused by death is no sin the savage rage in our eyes as our enemies die scattered destruction, the chant of the horde the Goddess of death gides my sword midwinter moon, pale light shine this baptism of blood is all but mine The Pulse Of Decay Submission Equals Suicide When the hunger Slit your mind apart And you hind yourself Strangled by the crown of thorns You crave.your soul is bleeding You throttle in a lake Of lunacy and decay You grasp for your fear Cadged by mediocrasy The morals of the "high lords" is for the damned Is for the Damned! Go for the chaos Go for the kill Bow for the bloodlust "Do what thou wilt" Love your addiction To this drug, that I call life Play the games of desire Thrust and twist the knife So push it harder Drive it faster Realise that you're the master Beneath the cross you fools can hide Submission equals suicide Submission equals suicide Submission equals suicide Submission equals suicide. Go for the chaos Go for the kill Bow for the bloodlust "Do what thou wilt" Go for the chaos Go for the kill Bow for the bloodlust "Do what thou wilt" Submission equals suicide Submission equals suicide Submission equals suicide Submission equals suicide __________ The Pulse Of Decay So cold an embrace From the dead, Yet so familiar arms That used to belong That used to belong to a queen So cold a kiss. So cold a kiss from the lips. Once the lips of a Goddess A feather-like touch. And a tear of a prince. Crimson and black. A promise. And a venomous Curse! A tear that shall turn to ice A heart that shall turn to stone Blood that no longer runs And all signs of joie shall burn And whirlwinds of hatred Shall lift the ashes of joy It shall be spread to the east Spread to the west Spread to the north And spread to the south Of this dead heart pulse The pulse of decay Aaahhh! From rulership and dignity To serpent poison dread The pulse of decay And the wrath of the transformation All the grace and beauty of the past. was raped And left for dead The pulse of decay The pulse of a fallen dynasty The pulse. The pulse The pulse. Of Decay! __________ The Antichrist Inside I am the writer of the plays, played at the theatre of pain I am the joker in the most evil of all games I host the circus of the plague So! Cut me with glass And poison my scars Doubtless profane So gracious insane I am the infinite that haunts the black spots of your soul You know. You love to hate me And the saviour's quest has always been to have me enslaved So show me your fantasies All the highs you wish. All the highs you wish would last forever. Forever! I twist your nature Your eyes wide open, thou resistance is in vain Embrace the pleasure! You may believe in God. But I am your carnal, and your mental, and your soul sort cause of Pain! Cut me with glass Poison my scars Doubtless profane So gracious insane Yeeh Cut me with glass Yes I know you will Poison my scars This beauty is Doubtless profane It's black and it's. Gracious insane The horror inside Cause I am always Forever the infinite. Curse and damnation Delightful and Blessed! __________ Vendetta Assassination Do you sense the daemon that watches you While you sleep in your bed Do you feel the claw of my mental embrace Ohh suffer my daemonwrath The intense touch A touch of evil Come dance with me In this complex maze That we've made in mutual passion Blinded by hate and blinded by fear But I do hold the Ace. I shall rip you apart! I shall rip you apart Vendetta assassination Your torture My cure Ohh I close my eyes And I picture your face Grinded in a barrel of broken glass I close my eyes And yo are crucified And your stigmatic wounds Are "gently" inflicted by me. And you bleed! Torture Assassination The end of an era Let us "dance". Let us finish the game Vendetta assassination Slow but sure. Slow but sure. Slow but sure! __________ Apocalypse Private Apocalypse No more tears Apocalypse Are you afraid Devils dance their psychotic waltz By the sound of your pumping heart Your daemons rape your angels Your apocalypse can start Like poison through your veins You are starving You're heaving for your breath Satisfy your need Oohh face the hollow eyes of death Private apocalypse Tranquillised and numb Thorns are growing Through your soul A deathlike silence Just before the storm All things angelic Left for hate Apocalypse. Your undeniable fate Devils dance their psychotic waltz Your heart is pumping faster Private apocalypse Face the seven sins The devils always win Private apocalypse No more tears to cry Apocalypse. Are you afraid to die __________ Razor Only the crows Fly at night Viewing the desolation Only the crows Cry at night. And the victims of my desecration My time is at night When I hear the crows cry And you are so afraid my sweet Cause you know you shall die I caress your skin Ohh - it's my high A thin-lined pattern Red on white My art. my passion and the crows at night You twist and tangle From my cold steel touch. From a Razor! Only the crows. Fly at night

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