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Moon In The Scorpio Beneath The Burial Surface The sky is darkeningm soon the night befall Righteously angels are weeping for my soul All childhood dreams are soon to be lost All innocence to be shattered I am the fallen, from grace Water from a thousand tears floats in streams The feeling from a thousand years flow over me As I once again return to the cemetery gale I hear the dismal call from the hollow grave My face is a river See my eyes as they drown in black My sacred doom and nemesis Beneath the burial surface To the final act of the immortal sin I am lead by burial winds The life I leave to exchange with death As the charlatan breeds with a dragons breath Crossing the path to the world below In a deathlike silence I chamber my soul Ancient black, silent gloom Cathedral bells are calling doom In velvet dreams I am touched by sin As night arrives in its purple shades I drift across the shallow graves The soul is streaming in the wind Dark is the blessing that I am in As darkness falls and the cold silence reigns The nocturnal void shall become my faith Till transcend unto where shadows dance A gentle kiss and like a bird Till fly Into the spheres of demise Desireously in dark romance __________ Moon In The Scorpio A mirror blank ocean above me decoy Superior forces that head or destroy Take me astray into the moonlight above Through twilight eyes as a spectre shadow It is a time of great light And a great darkness Can't you feel the present Of its phenomenon In an atmosphere supreme Forces dwells in domancy The essence of its spirit is evil As a curse upon thy name Midnight is the shepherd of mystrious powers And moving shadows in the corner of the eye Moon's blazing intuition Contains what death require Cleanse the doors of perception See things appear in its true art The cold hands of divinity Will tear thy soul apart Behold the sky above when the moon is in the Scorpio A cold bleak light __________ Through Gleams Of Death The truth is hidden In the cold dark water In the drowning of procedure The flesh gets slaughtered Stripped from mortality Into gleams of death Torn from reality Into terminal death Death is eternal art From whom that coldness reigns in heart Stars of damnation Blaze in my sight I view the constellation Beyond the dazzling light From the dark aspectsof life And through gleams of death Till rise drift in departure Into a new dimension The black voyage Into mega therion The unseen passage Into oblivion Unconscious secrets Concealed by time and space No return of regrets Descent through shallow haze __________ In Mourning Mystique Darkness I seek the silence that you bring Grant me thy sacred gifts Bestow my soul thy offerings I kneel in front of thy altar black Let the ancient forces of nature rule Take my blood as the sacrifice A symbolic faithful bond of truth When you look into a n abyss, the abyss also look into you Tonight I enter into obscure dreams In darkness shelter, I am unseen With the esoteric gifts I possess I bring damnation by enforcing death In the beginning of the storm Till come forth An arrival into a twilight reverb As just a shadow of the former self Sorrow is my name My true essence is pain Hear the mourning of the mendacious From the empty halls and shafts Of false blinding light Prepare the last sacrifice (on the altar) In the temple of decay Please spare me from the final agony of shame I am evil from the moment of conception __________ Beyond The Candles Burning I am a dark star rising on the raveous bleaky sky A black diamond slunning so deep within the night Maliciously I dwell in a bluish shaded beam With a stonecold heart into the core of my being Beyond the candles burning, beyond all minds eye A vast emperic enigma awaits me as I die In a graceful dance obscene, in a ring of fire I obtain my majesty as flames caressing higher Release my spirit, unleash my soul From the darkest dungeon, oblivion call In the phallic halls of ancient forlorn A cold sanctuary in doom is born Past, present and future are all the same While the cosmic wheel is turning But deaden dwells the eternal flame Beyond the candles burning __________ Darkzone Martyrium Dominus Spiritus Sathanas, Dominus Virtus Dominus Spiritus Virtus Sathanas Cruel are the eyes of the tyrant And his heart is abounded to pain In pleasures of agony and torture As he begs to bleed in vain I perish in my own desire I burn within lusting hate Destructively the minds inspire The soul to terminate I ride the ancient overture As life is torn astray I glance the illusive spectrum And all high that fades away Black energies in the twilight space Comes shieving through the shallow haze Into darkness so impure divine A bloodshed emotion to evil wine Darkzone martyrium, endless vast mystrium Give to me the blessing, when I meet my destiny Ruin is all there is to feel, and thecold reality of steel Life slips through your fingers In Abhorrence Dementia In Abhorrence Dementia I admire the spiritual force of evil A pure supreme instinction in survival Never underestimate the powers of hatred When the blackness overwhelming With a hostile image against all living The splendid visions of malignant breeding The dominions on Earth shall return to the beast As the darkside awaits the capture and feast With dark surrounding illusions Possesion in passion, simplicity is intuitive Native forces of violent misery The soil in a man`s heart is stonier In stench of rot and sour ground The obedient fall into cruelty Where all arts of life shall be undone A madness wells up in me As I swallow the pain Where unbounded evil reign In Abhorrence Dementia __________ A Demonoid Virtue Higher, higher burning fire Unite with me in dark desire Inflaming greed awakens to breed in me The night has predatoral eyes Drifting in a plae of disguise Beneath the spelling moon The spirit rises out of darkness The spirit rises... Voices call for my soul The cunning serpents kiss I taste Baptised beside the ancient takes of Fire, fire burning higher Unite with me in dark desires I perish in bliss of cruelty Tormented souls will never... rest in peace In the flames an omen blaze Enforcing throught the cosmic haze To cross the line and dare to glance And enter cold void where death romances In mysteries In the flames an omen blaze Enforcing throught the cosmic haze To cross the line and dare to glance And enter the cold void where death romances In mysteries O raging fire enlighten me with sin __________ A Venomous Kiss Of Profane Grace The dead speaks to me From beyond the grave That is why my conscience is I've buried the dead alive The blood of the child is pure now In death it gives me life The circle is complete Begin another... Dark cold icy death As the scorpion stings the minds obsessed A venomous kiss of profane grace As shades of hatred reigns Silent screams of suffering I stand in flames of torturing Goddess of flesh hunger and desire Grant me wings of hellish fire Know that all my creations spring From blood on the cross in blasphemy I am death the creator of sin And of the pure I am the wind The dance of creeping shadows Enchanting all insania I've become evil in soul and mind In a demonoid fantasia A venomous kiss of profane grace In a world so fundamentally weak I see no beginning only the end __________ When Mind And Flesh Departs I'm captured by the sound of the tempest winds And my demonvoice that dwells within The ground I walk is sour A spectrum shines so genuine While the earthquake starts to devour I behold the shrine in the ruin I pledge allegiance To the night with all its mysteries Reign I forever in darkness The events of light is killing me only On sad wings of destiny A fallen angels sanctuary Love is here like disease Draped in vain the heart yearns to cease The human way of life, an inferior state of mind The third stone from the sun Had become a stillborn illusion I'm under siege of anger and fury There is no values no faith or glory Antagonising mortal flesh Life on Earth I do oppress With infernal bleedings of bitterness I have seen in my darkest dream Throught the astral gate in a vortex fate Death coldening the warrior`s fire Floating energy of passion Captures life-force comprehension On third burial ground of mankind I have seen in my darkest dream Throught the astral gate in a vortex fate Death coldening the warrior`s fire When mind and flesh depart A cryptic message comes from the heart As I see and experience the bleeding art The pain is only to avoid Cause the spirit enters a greater void I have seen in my darkest dream Throught the astral gate in a vortex fate Death coldening the warrior`s fire I cleanse within ascending steams Arising shadow, the dark soul relase All it's power When mind and flesh depart __________ Deathtrip To A Mirage Asylum Life is deceiving while death is revealing The mystic forces in the soul Mind is receiving the certain dark feeling The murderous sources of the ghoul Life is the enemy while death is the sacred key To absent sights that recall Dimensional tyranny enslavement in cruelty In darkness one float or one fall Th the abyss' morbid enigmas Far beyond the earthly grave Soul betakes to drift astray Infinite horizons of pale grey skies A still born heart within there lies The sanctuary that once was lost Is streaming endlessly in holocaust The astral corpse is still pulsating In a mirage asylum awaiting The final destination, the ultimate denomination In limbonic life I've slept Dreamt that cryptic seals me kept Sheltered from all visual sight Cause shadows chased every sign of light Awakened from an ancient slumber Recalled to act of strife My spirit old any my body cold Remains in dark demise Immortality beloved am I to dying And the whispering of secrets to my soul I am born to sing this sorrow Evil has no rest in me The invisible addiction of darkness, emptiness And the ghastly silence... devour Deathtrip to a mirag asylum Cut the string the chain to soil Unleash the powers within death`s coil No darker emotion is there to find Than the fading felling of a dying kind Deathtrip to a mirage asylum In limbonic life I've slept Dreamt that cryptic seals me kept Shelterd from all visual sight Cause shadows chased every sing of light In the light of my personal sacrifice In the shine from the ruins I testify Far more savage the spiritual vulture In the light of my personal sacrifice In the shine from the ruins I sanctify Unto the valley of the shadows of death __________ Under Burdens Of Life's Holocaust A veil of darkness rest upon my shoulder I reign and serve and obedient beholder Cause the shadows are my hearts domain and where I wander I have returned to the land of decase To walk the stony trial across the spectral fields And in wildrness of haunting pains Is where I slumber From the highest mountaim winds uplift me high Into the magic fountain the force within the light I covet every vision when I'm allowed to die Leave this earthly mission and enter fullmoon eye A true believer that death deliver A life deceiver in misanthrophy When life is the cross I have to bear A phantom soul is calling Enclosed within stone prison walls Deep in the heart of despair Sentenced to walk among the living In the face of the enemy As I drown in tormenting oppression Like a lonely candle burning I blaze as the darkness emerging And I yield for the art to bleed When the moon is drained by all its light And the stars they shine like serpent eyes I'm feeling deaths desire for me Baptised in esteem or arrogance Raping all virtue and sweet romance Bewitched by sins and lust Emancipate the deceiving earth Praise the sign in the sky for no new rebirth Under burdens of life's holocaust __________ Behind The Mask Obscure In distance from the light I redeem my gloria In darkness I have sights a high esteemed fantasia In hellfire and damnation my undead soul walk the land Throught the endless mist of time I'm born ro darkened adventures retlaiated in lifes obscure To seek vengance for my pains To serve the hatred in my veins In centuries I have wandered With deaths shadows drifting faithfully In the darkest forests in mans domain I rceived my strenght and sorcery My demon search for a doorway to be free For once again to desecrate the hearts serenity Transcend mortality live throught eternally And feast upon all misery that is gathered here in life In hellfire and damnation my undead soul walk the land Throught the endless mist of time I'm born to darkened adventures retailed in life obscure Seasons they rise and fall I have seen throught them all With harsh evil prophecies I gave birth to inhumanity __________ Misanthropic Spectrum Gloria Sathanas The undivinew deceptor Enemy of all holiness The eminent destructor Brings life into misery and death The magic sights of thy third eye Triumphant wargod rising tall Sparkling rain falls from the sky When thunder's blasying heavens wall Gloria Sathanas From four pains in the horizon A circle's drawn in fire By sword I kneel in union Within my burning empire A mind sincerity And obedience to the sources of its nature A heart in crulety Reaches out for evil in the obscure To be crowned as a legion of darkness I'm weaving a spell of black energy In aspects of might to obliterate Breeding the wrath into plain hate In apocalyptic rage I curse time and age Humans bleed for me Coronation of dark victory Gloria Sathanas Epitome Of Illusions Symphony In Moonlight And Nightmares This night belongs to us My dear princess of death We have a destiny together As we meet in hungry caress A deadly kiss under moonlit sky As I stare into thy dark and hollow eyes You take me down where cold silence dwell Unconscious darkness realms of demise You are born at my grace to serve only me Blood paint on the wall is the ancient dream I recall Predictions in rainstorm as tears darkred cascaded In cryptic depths of imprisoned rage Where I succumbed to temptation In the laughter of cruel gods Demonic wrath and devastation A monstrous enemy demands to be set free Frigid evil games black art and blasphemy prophecies in blood A deadly kiss unto darkened bliss We have a gift of shining By knowing the history Behind obscure mysteries The mysterious Source of true art and experience __________ Eve Of Midnight Join in for a dance with the dead A ceremonial requiem for the gods When the moon is drained by all its light On burial ground we gather in the night Burning candles, incantations Witches sabbath with unholy craft Screams and laughter pierce the art Like a haunting chant through the atmosphere The dance is held to the end When the shades of darkness transcend Beside the ancient lake beneath the spelling moon Across the fields of hallowed tombs Join us, walk among us Mysticus Magus Manifesto Spectaculum Mortuus Exercilor We are they who adore the vast midnight skies Where stars they shines like serpent eyes We'll free thy soul from its chain Arrive with thunderstorms and rain From the darkest abyss graveland unfolds Oh hear the distant echoes call The eve of midnight a host supreme Open thy world unseen Eve of midnight He who holds the book of sights Shall be the ruler of the night __________ Path Of Ice Journey into your darkened secrets Feel the burning flame inside Admit the ecstacy of the extreme Just close the eyes and enjoy the override When we adrift through the sensual streams The enchanted pains are so divine There are thorns everywhere But along the path of ice rose blooms above Blood is the rose of mysterious unions The symbol of potency A taste of erotic sins of lust The entrance of immortality There are such sights to see Adventures and pleasures to feel The dormant seeds of suffering The art of mortal flesh that bleed Indulged in desire, the forbidden soul empire Path of ice The entrance to immortality Cold winds pierce through me As my darkstar unfolds I ascend the throne of fantasies Where the beautiful abyss recalls __________ Sources To Agonies Through the mirror of the soul I'm staring deep within To see what dwell behind the wall The beauty of pale skin The aura that surrounds me Is not of noble kind The blackness of the heart Is all that's left to find A dark river runs silent through my life Like a floating nemesis A dark shadow of what that used to be Drift's now in lifeless misery Live only to witness what I've become Midnight is my shallow home Soon to enter the last deed of mine I'm forced to follow the streaming bloodline When the wine of life is shed And dark cosmic space consume I bring the memories back from the dead Sources to agonies, a devouring monsoon __________ Solace Of The Shadows I require the solace of the shadows So the night can be redeemed As the winds of darkness whispers my name A kiss of death I receive Nocturnal enchanter to thy art I yield Within the candlelight a rapture is sealed I set the stones for invoking ceremonies In the twilight zones arise abstract galaxies The magic eye unveils the blackened skies A new horizon begins to each one that dies The desolation makes me feel So dark, so cold, the silence So dark, so cold, the emptiness Solace of the shadows Night surrounds and embraces me Darkness holds the secrets of man's fears It captures my heart as the purgatory sears I cast now the spell as I cross through raging flames Into darkness cursing names I require the solace of the shadows So the night can be redeemed Nocturnal enchanter to thy art I yield Within the candlelight a rapture is now revealed __________ The Black Hearts Nirvana Hallowed be the darkness that coronates my soul Deep within its shelter I seek my highest goals I shall release what is conquered From which that I now posses All lifeforce is abandoned Into the arms of death Beyond the great dark adventures In streams from the vast mysteries Limbonic spheres enclose me My star is the death of memories I dwell in a mournful symphony As I prepare for the cosmic funeral The body yearns for dormancy My spirit awaits to be set free The black vanity I'm romancing Within the obscurity I've found my rest where cold emotions reign And evil dreams of desultory Through lifetime I've reached for the candle In search for the legends of time Cause how many moments is'nt a century When everything dies behind the eyes Cause how many moments is'nt a century When everything inside just dies __________ Phantasmagorial Dreams It's an age of nightmares and dreams While we are barely children of the age Floating on waves of cold etherial streams A tributary to the symphony of decay On a place beside the neverending line of time I hear deathtones flow, emerge with ancient time Black antique chambers and ghastly mysteries Imprisons our mind and soul through centuries We have existed since the dawn of the world And until the last star fall from heaven We focus on the darkness that shall become When the earth bleeds by the seven Deadly sins beyond forgiveness Beneath the lamb shall hide the serpent We all follow a revelation plan Into the eternal wasteland When the earth is swallowed by vulcannic fire That's when we rise When all the seas are filled with hatred's desire That's when we rise In phantasmagorial dreams In the headstones shadow crawling in my knees Remembering the gallow then all vanished like a dream A wide open grave, dark naked soul The soul is now chained, as in evil I boil Ad Noctum - Dynasty Of Death The Dark Paranormal Calling I cross dimensions unseen to ride on the axis of dreams As I drift on through the dark corridors of post mortem The only light in the darkness Is the flame that burns In my soul I intend to follow the eternal flame of my secrecy Emancipate the mortal world as minds redeem from the mortuary The only life in the darkness Is the force that yearns In my soul The black funeral uniform Gives me powers I'm catching without warning The dark paranormal calling A putrefied shadow that In purgatory dwell Imprisoned by the cold anxious pits of hell A serpent in my soul In midnight's aura as A ghostly fire The child prodigy Of abysmal desire As the deathlike silence pervades The incubus now invades Show yourself unclean spirit Tonight I give thy shadow life Rise with me in darkest blessing Thine demon force I feel possessing A holotropic mind and spectral eyes divine Through the shallow haze As sky turns red __________ As The Bell Of Immolation Calls In a timeless departure From the flesh Drifting the cold ether streams of death By the altar of sacrifice as I call upon the night To take and give me life Beyond the shores of life I glorify the hour of blackness As the bell of immolation calls Stony imperium dark sanctorium The paragon of destruction A sardonic watcher By cryptic graves In phantom kingdom's creation I call the clouds to gather The beginning of the storm Let my whispers end in thunder A black heart will adorn The wings when I'm reborn Engraved on my memory Is whom hatred made me The ravages of time Battles on in my mind There are still Wounds that bleed Deep in the soul of mine I behold the beginnings of sorrow And predict the omens of cruelty In the plague's shadow I follow As tormenting winds sweeps Through the cathedral halls As the bell of immolation calls In embers of infernal greed Feeding the fires unholy Apocalypse was born When hell brainstormed Through me Stony imperium dark sanctorium The paragon of destruction A sardonic watcher By cryptic graves In phantom kingdom's creation I call the clouds to gather The beginning of the storm Let my whispers end in thunder A life among the dead and sorrowful The endless voids where Spirits are mournful From the pale of agonising light I cross the bridge To crystal night As the bell of immolation calls __________ Pits Of The Cold Beyond As the shadow of Dark angels fall From the grace of light I am carried in the arms of death Into the night The universe unveils A glowing entrance to doom Next to the setting sun and The rising moon Wine of life streams In faint nocturnal screams As the rivers run red From the wrath of Armageddon And the wine of life is shed Into the pits of the cold beyond Timor et tremor venerunt super me At the time when the sun emerges from the dark In limbo a star shines and in silver it sparks I search my soul as darkness burn For a shadow it shall return From the pits of the cold beyond Timor et tremor Venerunt super me Et aligo cecidit super me __________ Dynasty Of Death I'm launching into The abysmaluniverse Disembodied I enter The cosmic cataclysm I discover stairways To celestial dreamscapes A dark unknown conjunction within in immoral dimension Locus reconditus occulta tenebrarum As all the worlds collide And the heavenly sky divide I live only to see the Last star descend From above as the Mortal journey end The genesis of the Dynasty of death Through dark tunnels In levitation Black cosmic space In manifestation I escape the earthly pandemonium Into a vast nocturnal sanctum A nemesis for all evil I confess My soul bleeds by all the forces I possess A benediction of unholy Wrath and sorrow My heart is buried in dark Catacombs of horror Sucked into that hole That deep black hole Not for a thousand years Will I manage to crawl Out of this darkness All the vibes are insane In the wilderness of pain Dungeon darkness In violent fire Transfix the soul With hell's desire Where myriad's of lives Are laid in ruins Dormant in the ashes of All terrestrial dreams The dynasty of death In the dark caves of oblivion Bad blood rises from The Mega Therion From vast stalactite halls So undivine Through the misty Corridors of time As one live one shall die Ad noctum __________ The Supreme Sacrifice Thought are tyrants That always return To rape and torment the heart As darkness sweeps The face of Earth I enter the chambers Of bleeding art I receive a black picture Of the future Shockwaves attack from A nihilistic universe Another icon shattered, Drown in gory failure The supreme sacrifice Done in hatred's curse The will to power Fades slowly out It was so my fate To crawl among reptiles Epitaphs was carved Deep into the core Of the living memories My spirit was awaiting The incinerator No anxiety, no pain Just everlasting sleep When you seek the dawn of light From the cold dungeons of night The world is caught in a spell Where dreams have become hell Psycological autopsy, Spirally depression Darkness takes its prey Psycological autopsy, Spirally depression End the life and earthly mission As I found peace in Death's challenge The world remained In a rotten stench Psycological autopsy, Spirally depression Darkness takes its prey Psycological autopsy, Spirally depression End the life and earthly mission I stand within the flame Watch the wisdom be discovered When life and death is the same I am devoured So many nights I have spent In thoughts not heaven sent Blood of hatred Poured down like rain For evil secrets insane In silent gloom I kneeled obsessed Channeling the Enigmatic darkness My soul, the servant Under the illusive wings of death When I receive a black Picture of the future And schockwaves attack from a nihilistic universe My body, the temple, A mausoleum in flesh Under the illusive wings of death __________ In Embers Of Infernal Greed By dawn's early light I see no end to the Dark obsession I am swallowed by night's Infernal dream profession O sea of fire, all hatred's desire Thy abhorrent cremation Sparks in my eyes Forces generates from The bottomless pits of detestation Under the delusion of hatred The becoming of a malignant tormentor In a spell of Symptomatic madness I identify with aggressor This world will become Infernal land A violation of harmony As I kill with a psychic command Destruction let all pain fly free The metamorphosis From man to beast In the darkened Network of the mastermind Evil is blooming in the shades of divine For within every seed There is a promise Of abomination In my heart's enigma, Man is an anathema I am a resistance fighter Not by choice but by destiny Evil is a pure exciter When I dwell in embers Of infernal greed Fire of blasphemy, Evil against all energy I rise from the darkened soil With a craving to ingest Where moonlight ever Shall infest In my heart's enigma Man is an anathema In embers of infernal greed The yawning abyss of madness Again I drift the halls Of wondering The black castle of solitude On the very edge of sanity In mental cryogenic interludes I have slipped into the seventh circle of hell In realms where deadly shadows infest every cell Internal ceremonies In ritual death! External bleedings for the demon of madness Hide from the torture of the dazzling light The demolition voice shall speak tonight While I'm staring down into the darkest pit An ocean black as the night So infinite deep and consuming It swallows all life force with might Again I drift the halls Of wondering As I focus for the Darkness to come In anguish minds uplift The conquering To cross the line of death beyond Internal ceremonies In ritual death External bleedings for The demon of madness An abstract reality and Bottomless insanity To search for the Powers to please The subconscious spirit Of disease Time found no remedy Cause winds of darkness Was stealing me __________ The Yawning Abyss Of Madness A cryptic slaughter by hate Darkness is the only survivor As evil dominion terminate Behind the sealed door To imagination I sense the voices of devastation Dementia praecox A cascade of dark emotions An ominous silence imprisons me With disfigured landscapes The winds that carry This esoteric call Emerges from the dungeons Underneath my soul As I cross the bridge To that darkness My eyes are filled with So much death The Ultimate Death Worship The Ultimate Death Worship O' Darkness my master and mentor. Witness the blood I shed. Victorious dreamlike death I enter. Floating the streams so red. Destruction is the jewel of the black heart. To treat life as nothing holy. Hatred is the diamond in blasphemous art. As death you kiss infernally. Stare into the face of the creation of pain. Electric storming through the brain. Blackout, drift away and you'll see. Night's divine anarchy. In death's eternal spell you'll be. Awake in lucid intervals from insanity. Bury the life deep down in the darkness. Extinction of lifeforce is a worship of death. Suicide is true cultivation of evil. As the phantom of the soul is obsessed. Ultimate Death Worship __________ Suicide Commando In the shadows of the world's ambitions I see life and death, in an enormous collision Light destroys, what dark creates Forever floating, the dark rivers of the heart. Lifeless drifting, in an orbital decay. A vicious circle of extinction The soul reaches the state oblivion In blackness of sorrow, the sin is immortal. The diamond of the heart, is pure nocturnal. In the deep pitch black halls of darkness. The cruel high-council of evil, demands self destruction. All the aspects of love, must be undone. Only then one can feel, the emptiness, As the cold heart reaches beyond. Tyrant in soul and flesh, pain is the unholy mistress. Rites in earthly death, for darkness you confess. Follow the voices of the night, in endless sleep you'll hide from light. Dark was the day you were born, even darker on that eve you were torn. (From life) Die in martyrium, for darkness endless mysterium. Die in silent spasms of screaming. Life is infected by no meaning. __________ Purgatorial Agony Experimental malediction. Destructive minds. Seeking places no living can find. Awaiting darkness, transcending, venture into the night. I hide within places unknown, There was nothing else to do. With sorrow and hatred burning inside. The suffering was endless. Mementos undivine. The bleeding scenarios, The reservoirs of shame. Damned in misanthropic fires, The soul dwelled. The feelings for mankind was gone. And so was the values of life. There was only a final wish, Death before a living hell. __________ Towards The Oblivion Of Dreams Like a nomad, in the subconscious realms Of the beyond. The night is old, Yet I still seek peace. Restless drifting, The dark corridors In the unknown chambers of the mind. Where is the door, to the light of dreams. Total isolation. Land of desolation. Dreamless sleeping. Darkness reaping. Deeper into the night I go. Darker than ever are the pits below. Sculptures in stone. Dark protectors of sacred ground Only the pure may enter, Into the twilight zone. With the underworld Subconscious darkness I am allied Deeper aspects, forces of nature, Mind can now see the unseen. Ancient land hidden from man. An esoteric dream in the desert sand. Shimmering sparks in the darkness. As death overtakes the soul. Loose the body, and earthly conscience. The freedom of the spirit must be total. Firewinds in shapeless forms. Exploding light from new dimensions. I am it, and it is me. A phantom creature. In supremacy. __________ Last Rite For The Silent Darkstar Feel the heartbeat of the earth, As you’re on the threshold to death or birth. Minds are tormenting, head is gone wild. Release yourself from what you can't abide. A star will also die. On the beautiful moonlit sky. As the life is ended, The Goddess mother weeps her child. __________ Interstellar Overdrive Dark cosmic void. A neverending universe. The final frontier. So dark and mysterious. I saw the dying sun, As I waited for the night. Now cold silence reigns, Magic darkness domains. Unfold thy secrecy. A murky night, Without no moon. No stars, just a cold vast endless gloom. I descend into a world of shades. The cryptic realms of doom. As dark winds embraces. The soul prepare the journey. Into a lost universe of haze. Let the ceremony begin. The voyage to dimensions unseen. In an interstellar overdrive. Sacrifice the soul to the night. Sopor mysteria, deep beyond. __________ From The Shades Of Hatred A thousand years time dimension In subconscious incarceration. My hatred to man, has transformed me. Into a habitation, for demons. A devil incarnation. In the forgotten past, ages ago, beast became My alter ego. The god in me, infernal black divinity. After years of agony and pain. Hatred is all that remain Into the dazzling light of the world, I proceed As stagnant shadows comes alive In stench of stone cold death I arrive From the shades of hatred __________ Funeral Of Death R.A.S. Blood is dripping as mind's tripping. In twilight sleep death is reaping. Blood stained, feels cold In solitude as night grows old. Death salvation, life capitulation, Blood stained, feels cold, in the frozen soul. Desire death and you'll sink into silence. A terminal breath into darkened conscience You still exist in the void of the head. As everything else around you is dead. Time of departure From the depths of despair I seek no paradise, though the end draws near. It is an endless overture of my own reconstructions I seek no paradise, just desire the salvation Blood is dripping as mind's tripping. In twilight sleep death is reaping. Blood stained, feels cold In solitude as night grows old. Death salvation, life capitulation, Blood stained, feels cold, in the frozen soul. Life is a mandatory sacrifice, for the eternal dream of paradise Make the time stand still, as silence is the last will.

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