13 ian. 2009


Satanic Blood Devil Pig Shine tusk Blood horns Pentagram brand Red screen Satanic devil pig Black origin Goat horns Tusk devil Pentagram stamp Satanic devil pig __________ Veinen Veinen Black coming... Veinen Black coming of... Red is blood Children of red Die frequent Always regenerating Love is red death Desiccate dead Soldier walks dead Mother bleed Infant stabs needle Coffin smoke Funeral smell Prayer... Circles coughing redness Blood fire Veinen Black coming... Veinen Black coming of Veinen Veinen... __________ Watain Although it may seem bloody He shall die with only one drop of human blood For you will feel his black death with him Brothers of blood The invisible images of vast horror is within thoughts Shall hang mutilated, stale animals With the veins of Jesus Christ For it shall sway back and forth Dripping most unkempt stink Pig blood Drop by drop falling Creating a Satanic blood-face for me I welcome the blood from these pigs of Hell May it bleed upon my blood-face eternal Lucifer killed his unborn child So he may be a victim of circumstance Undone evil The wicked child lays in shallow, crowded graves This unholy place is where the black sacrifices are performed Here is where He kills... Watain __________ Lamb Upon chapel cross Stab the lamb Spinning in reverse Kaleidoscope... artistic blood Lamb Shall die in vain Lamb Crucified Lamb Drink the blood Lamb Sacrifice to thee Lamb Worship blood Lamb Crucified Lamb Ink the sign Lamb Worship to thee __________ Veadtuck In the saber-toothed mass Where the goat cult runs long and black Behind the black rise Let us ride the winds of blood __________ Satanic Blood Pray Satan, pray Satan, pray Satan... Satan fertile Woman's egg Need to cut Her own skin Son of Satan Within womb Need to cut Her own skin With a razor Spells a word Within the chest A single word Carved in deep Through the skin Bleeds the word Satanic Blood Pray... Satanic Blood Satan... Satanic Blood __________ Christ Fire Burn black cross Sea's fire Red beast ship Sailing slow, smooth pain Black sails Pentagram emblem in the mountains Black rising mountains Darkest ship... Christ Fire Spine of life Closest true embrace Forever burning fire Forever darkest depths Distant patching fire Thin smoke lines Weaving like snakes Reaching, always dying Christ Fire Thorn headband lashes scared skin Nails puncture hands Dripping like webs Orange spirits rise Red souls breathing Fire gods Christ Fire __________ Von Kneel before me Show no face For the flames in my eyes The giant flames burn dark and deep Red the bleeding, the blood streams Blood Von Kneel before me Show no face For thy cross awaits thy healing Punishment... yes Thou soul shall staple For I kill those to be punished Blood Von Kneel before me Show no face For thou blood tears show thy suffering Blood Von Von...

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