9 ian. 2009


His Majesty Return The Scream Twinted Night In Pain Delight Of My Return When the sun will stand in one line with the moon Dark sons of the storm will rise The day will become the night In every saint place the earth will get apart and the water will flow down deadly redness Worms will crawl to the light and the light will pass away The scream twinted night in pain delight of my return I will sit on the devil throne between rotten wings of angels Dark sons of the storm will rise The day become the night in a possessed chaos Unholy fire - destroying by pure hate The light is dying - behind of dark wings I'm the road impenetrable dreams I'm your dream the dark creator I was chosen by your black thoughts and mouth My heart burning a flame of dead souls To revive, to see, to go into the immortal age of chaos __________ The Ages Devided You From Last Day A long time ago... when your blood sed corpse where revelated just before the midnight covered by a rag clothes you escaped to the rand of wood On the losted lands between thorned trees where you Picked a corns by the uncertaint moonlight to hate them like a beast The ages devided you from last day Shaning eyes strange brighted on the upcomon light and I saw you between a flock you are the light, now your turn it I only want you o yes...I was yours since the day of my born through my malicius, through my infernal speel I will burn your heart in the blackness of coals Now your turn you will be in my serve kissing my feets You where mine since the day you born and through your covered malicious through your devil spell I possessed you, filled you my flame You were called witch, you will sitting on the throne with me You'll get destroyer power, so tell me when you want Nothing my lord, nothing - only do an evil! Satanicum Liturgy Misticum Necrodemon Satanic, terror under funeral moon Here comes from circle shadows Emperor coming back arising star Bringing the storm of hate Necrodemon - the contempt fire, here comes the dark legions of evil! Unholy forces - possessed hords Blast of infernal holocaust My eyes were oppened by the harted cold My blasphemy soul is awaking Here revealing a unholy prophecy, and closing a circle of time and in the ring will apreur a final sign, the false messiah will be sentenced by the truth Necrodemon - the contempt fire, here comes the dark legions of evil! The demons commit adultery on the christians altar! __________ Obsessia Diaboli The night dropped her cover again I hear the same voices in my head and morbid feed my desire possessed fury and evil I wear a ritual garment it's time for a purify murder ceremonial I feel that lust in the bottom of my soul desire the cult of death satisfy every night I take a cold steel in my head Making a hartred sword from hate and only the non washed blood fraces showing a number of next act! I'm going hunt - like a wolf instinct In the reverse tringle it will be you I soaking my fingers in you body When your body alredy rot - I clean it draws symbols But your soul I will keep in the ring of eternity!

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