9 ian. 2009


Forever Alone, Immortal The Kingdom Is Mine - I Saw The Beginning Remember? You pushed my body into the mud You turned my head into stone You broke my wings Remember? You turned my limbs into snaketails You've forgotten about my existence Ha! You fool! You've forgotten me! Thousands of sunds have passed As i've been crawling in my own blood Miriads of years i've been waiting For the beautiful day of payback I speak with the toungue of all deceived Come, taste the fist of all you have hurt The time has come, now i stand strained Meet The Advocate of the sinful ones How dare you, deceiver, to call yourself a god? With the tears of millions now i burn your eye I reveal the only truth, i awake the inner might For i am the highest angel The Bringer Of The Light Natus est Dominus... Taste my revenge! The kingdom is mine! __________ Homodeus - Throne Of Fire I have crucified a flower, a red rose. It withers all the year round and blooms only once a year. On day which will be my birth for all worlds that I don't know. Which have been waiting for me bombarding with the light of stars. Lashing down with frost and embracing with tongues of rain. I will die when the rose blooms. The gate is big. It reaches to heaven. And hell. The first step is difficult. Feltering and uncertain. Drunk with the new experience. The gate is big but only a light push is enough and the demons of dreams become my shield and armor. The guardian angel put to shame falls into the hood of night. Black mirrors reflect hundredfold every silent breath of my thoughts. Feltering hope becomes my command. Is the crown for me? Yes, it is! I deserve the throne, the sceptre and the cloakwoven out of blood. Is the crown for me? Yes, it is! I deserve the cloak woven out of blood, because of blood I've made the sacrifice. I am the beginning and the power. Prefather. Cosmose. The gate is big but I move it with a breath of my will. Light kiss of my imagination's lips. Does the night wake up the power? Can the spirit be invoked only by secular rites? Is there only one path? The answer is my name. Name written in all books and fragrances of all flowers. Extracted from the inside of woman body. Moist and hot. My name - Man! Kneel you idiots, prophets! Kneel you gods! With a hand stretched out I reach the fruits of knowledge. Bitter. Hot. Sweet. Titbits of the nightmares. I have crucified the rose. The gate is big, there is only one path. Kneel you gods! I am the Man! In a stretched out and weak palm I hold gifts for you. I hold storms, lightnings, rain and sun. Incorruptible and eternal. I shall reign again. I have always reigned. I am The Man. I Am. This is how my name sounds. I damned fruit and sceptre, sin and throne. Kneel! And the kingdoms fall and helpless elements cry. Mothers swallow their children because there's nothing left after me. Beggars stretch out their dead hands, women are open and waiting. I enter the beggars, i give alms to the hot wombs. I lay down a new Law. Law-Me. the gate is big. Only I can push it. So kneel you gods, kneel you animals! And kneel you, the farger of the world's history! It's your turn! In return I shall wash your feet. And I shall pierce my side and flow down only with purple, only with blood... In return I shall forgive you your sins. In return I shall adorn my emples with thorns. In return I shall die three deaths. Kneel you liar! I am The Man! I am Everything! __________ Sweetest Stench Of The Dead - The Battlefield ...And he put immortal souls into fragile, crippled shells He broke our nexks, he tore our teeth He wanted us - angels - to become his slaves And that was the slap that the giants cannot stand We are the rebel ones The individuals The ones that are not afraid To spit in the tyrant's face Fuck yeah! This means war! These mountains are the corpses of my brothers The ocean is the blood of my mother Earth This is what blind and mad usurper did create... Hate!!! Now i forge my sword Can't wait to face the one and his legions of worms Now I forge my sword This war must last forever, until the falls from his throne Now I forge my sword Dreaming of sweetest stench, stench of the dead god __________ The Third Eye - Illuminatio From the seven hundred seventy and seven whores We were born here, within the realm of the blind With your knees sticked to the soil Rain washed our shoulders We used to eat worms and dirt Confused, crippled, inhuman we are The children of the never-life From poisoned seed of impotant gods The legion of angels with faces of dogs Now i awake my inner might Rooted down in my divine will Now i can see the road to the throne I pull the strings, my kingdom is infinite Blind headless gods cowardly hide Blind armless gods cowardly hide Blind soulless gods cowardly hide The awakening has begun... __________ Apokathastasis - Out Of Chaos Now i drown into The Light Where do these visions come from? Of me naked, drawing cyphers on a sand Leters and sings never known to me It's me again, making sculptures of ice That melts under light touch of my lips (I'm) impotent creator of cold, lifeless shapes Glare of your world on fire reflects in my eyes Now i bath my sword in hot blood of infants Now i kill everything you have ever loved The world explodes when i awake! Married to The Light I copulate with the sun Now my body turns into star Now the star becomes my soul Now my soul swallows the world Now my inner world becomes The God I am The Skeleton Of Universe I am The All-Father I am The Might Light (Lux occulta) __________ Bitter Taste Of Victory Deserted... forsaken... abandoned... Where is the promised land? Where is the eden you told me about? Where emotions that once seized my heart? Where are your warm, helpful hands? Yeah... now i see... you are all dead Dead for me Abandoned by friends i've never really had This is the price we pay for being ourselves Solitude and sorrow for choosing my own way These are my gardens of sweetest pain Now i swallow my bitter tears I kill the pain that poisoned my heart Now i piss on your graves I dance alone My hateful dance of victory Stronger than ever Forever alone... immortal... Dionysos The Birth Of The Race Off the sinister heavens I strip the arc of moon The cosmic sickle starts the deicidial harvest I am the wheel of fortune that grinds your chest The fruit of the storm and the kingdom belongs to me The time has come, your time, my father This is my fate To raise my hand Against the silver temples That is my fate To set up new order The castle of clouds shakes This is my fate To get the sword And paint the mountains red The crescent of moon ploughs his breast Cry, cry all spirits, the old one is dead Drops of his blood whirling around Changing their colours, altering shapes His purple juices transform into angels Hosts of lust, Dionysiac tribe Regicide sword, bull-horned god Brother of all spirits, Lead your troops, lead us to Earth, Feed us with flesh Feed me with flesh Teach me substance Lightnings, thunders... He is not dead He regains his strength Spears of royal curse Bullets of royal wrath Lightnings, thunders chase us ...but we'll be back ...some day __________ Blessed Be The Rain Only the old ones remember the night of the holy rain the Earth flowed with milk flowed with blood-red wine flowed with the nectar of bees Only the old ones remember the night that became a day when in the glare of bursting forms the god had become a man breaking the cosmis chains Only the old ones remember the storm that turned worms into eagles the storm that woke us up That was the day when the heavens crashed we fell on our knees, skies fell on our heads gods have appeared in flesh Invisible drums and pipes announced his triumphant arrival lustful satyrs, raging bulls guide his shiny litter women that hunger for life open wide their tender treasuries heavenly terror, holy grace, the Aeon of Light came into the world And the generations rose thousands by thousands with their wings and horns imperceptible __________ Chalice Of Lunar Blood Come! Come closer... You, o Beauty, dressed in moonlight and the snakeheads of ivy leaves entwin e your white neck... Come! Come here... Spit on me, spit on me for I am the dust under your feet unexpected and unwanted, I am your portrait, water and salt, air to breathe Come closer... let's climb to the sky to heights of ecstasy to hell and back And then I put on your tongue one little drop of my sperm it's bitter tastes like old bread tastes like stone tastes like pain Blinded by the red suns of yur nipples gropingly looking for a source of light I find the spring of sacred wine pour me some Crown my pillar with your living flesh and I will bless you with my semen be my wueen of enraptured love priestess of the black summer night Jewels of my sperm illuminate your misty crown __________ Nocturnal Dithyramb Black goatskin covers my arms I am the hunter, at one with the forest the moon is my eye the air is so thick, so heavy tonight someone is crying... or was it laughter? I enter the fairyland Frozen silence Where am I? Two yellow stars blaze in the dark The lion-woman did not devour me though all my weapons have disappeared "The poisoned fruit will give life to the dead" I was told by the golden Sphinx From that time I am your servant thank you, Liberator, for opening my eyes on wooded peaks of desolate Parnassus I have rected altars of bones Ecstatic dances play with the torchlight wind from the sea hug naked bodies the mystic feast for you is prepared just give the sign to let down the knife Come to us, whose name is Life and Death, and teach us not to fear the silence of the night __________ Ecstasy & Terror Silent barocco of shredded light coils of rays plaited together with chains of flesh such a calm morning... and the earth's crust explodes with the carpet of thousand flowers music of all spheres ...He is back! Aroused women wash their naked bodies in bubbling springs of sweet dark wine the whole world will dance in this joyful time everything blossoms, even the stones sing dithyrambs His golden hair streams in the wind as he dances with the nymphs Be thou our king! Be thou our king! Maenads - his hunting dogs - are now unleashed frenzied women devvour their crying children phalli carved out of stone plough cold dead wombs Hail Zagreus! Hail Bromios! Let the Great Hunt begin... His golden hair streams in the wind as he spills the blood of his enemies Be thou our king! Be thou our king! Delight of Mortals, The One Who Breaks the Chains Gloria!!! God of Many Joys, Giver of Wine Gloria!!! Lord of Souls, Eater of Raw Flesh Gloria!!! The One Who Chages his Forms Gloria!!! The One Who Delights in Sword and Bloodshed Gloria!!! Prince of Daylight and the Underworld Darkness Gloria!!! __________ Upwards To Conquer Heaven "Come, and be revealed a bull, my Raging One! Be a many-headed dragon! Be a lion, spuring flames! Come!" (taken from 'Bakkhai' by Euripides) ...and the time has come to fulfil the oath hold your swords tight aim the sun Spread proudly your wings this is the day to transgress the forbidden spread proudly your wings can't you see them? Armour made of dream wrath is my untiring steed humilation is my arm we shall bloody our fists on these clouds made of steel but we fail, everything fails Lead us, Raging One, upwards! Share your madness with us... Upwards to conquer heaven! Upwards to seize the throne! Maior Arcana When Horned Souls Awake The sun has eclipsed holy angels wept his wounds shall bleed again when horned souls awake Rise, the Cainian tribe rise, disciples of light the altars bathed in blood when horned souls awake We are the claws of eagle drops of fiery rain so tremble you sheep of god when horned souls awake __________ Love Her name was Water Fire was His name you can still walk their traces in the forest of delights two first lovers ever Heaven-She & He-Hell two so different elements caught in equilibrium Yes, yes, touch gently my skin let the blood boil in your heart, in your veins dance with me dance on me let me show you how do I look inside O, mightiest Queen wearing crown of roses give me the blessings with your sacred fruit of love O, mightiest Queen to thee I bow I am the servant of your nakedness Love is the Law Love is for the Strong Warriors - if you can see my Naked Sword Kings - don't we all have the Throne of Dreams Angels - can't you see the shadow of my Wings expended? __________ Burn Oh smoke, sweet smoke around the sky turns black covering eye of sun riding the demon of wrath I bring the fire I am revenge the heart of the storm what a beautiful landscapes around that ruby glares in the spilled wine (Or is it a blood? Their blood?) the night is so bright as the stars have fallen down Oh smoke, more smoke around inferno crawled upon the earth yeah, it must be the hell itself i was the one who has shown them the way from splendor to ashes from might to dust He cannot hide now The war has begun

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