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His Majesty At The Swamp His Majesty At The Swamp And then, came an angel Who had a bright key And he opened the coffins And set them all free Then, down a green plain Leaping, laughing they run And wash in a river (and shine) And Shine in the sun __________ Son Of The Moon (Act II) The memories shift fast Into the labyrinth of your mind As you have forgotten the past Oh! Son of the sky and the moon Look upon the beauty of the red sky Through the cyclones of hate When the ruins long for the lost grandeurs (Lost grandeurs) The mourning, the fear, the passion All those who made you strong When the fire and steel created the world You lived and reigned upon (once) You trampled on it Oh! Son of the sky and the moon The memories swift fast Into the labyrinth of your mind As you have forgotten the past Oh! Son of the sky and the moon You who spilled the blood of innocents Upon your feet, along with tears and woe Your fixed glance is fading away Into the horizon, as a sunbeam in the rain You remember and your heart tightens from pain For the forgotten times of glory The hatred (your symbol), the fear your motive Oh! Son of the sky and the moon Destruction, she who gave birth to you And replaced, your heart with frozen stone Do not await deliverance from the priests of the temple of Amon Who once you engulfed in flames Only malice and curses, that fear the night as thunder "Glory to thee who resurrects you After centuries to sow The ancient wickedness once more Oh! Lord of the moon and the unspeakable darkness! I leave to thee whatever hath been Left from my divine soul As a grain of sand in the vastness Deliver me - Oh! Mighty father And then - I shall be king! Beyond the veil of death..." __________ Unholy Funeral Merciless slaughter On the altar of darkness The demons are rattling their swords The battle started In the bowels of the earth (In the bowels of the Tartarus) Blasphemous warcries, leper sound Miasma of a damned soul The graves are opened The time stopped The psalms sound The abyssis reign of blasphemy The pleasure of sin, last invocation to thy The bloody revenge boiled Pain, hate for them Who will not see the light again The darkness is ruling No mercy to the sacrilege dogs Fire and leper-curse to them Black mass, unholy invocation Last confession, ultimate pain __________ Lustful Father Hear his howling cries Cover all silence of the night Footprints in the weeping ground It's the beginning of winter The season of the wolf The century of promise Amon reveals the messiah son This winter will last forever Lustful father Mist in the night Tholio servant Engrave the magic spells The hunter now is the hunted The forest wears its black All nocturnal nature Obey this unutterus born The visions of our monarchy Reborn in your eyes We swear faith to you Proudly (we'll) fight at your side Lustful father Embody like a wolf Lustful father Into man's skin The hunter now is the hunted The forest wears its black All nocturnal nature Obey this unutterus born __________ The Nightly Kingdoms Such different pictures The loneliness kills Waiting for bells to ring The strikes to be heard So much coldness circling me The murmur of the trees I'm waiting to see you My eternal destiny! The nightly kingdoms The forgotten ones Dark-dressed warriors Searching for the key At forgotten castles At unholy graves In my mystic tomb Where I rest my soul Ancient event awakes An agreement signed in blood Buried testaments revealed Oh! I see it - in your eyes! My name is Elrik King of kings Look at my works, ye mighty, and despair Oh! Dark - wizards Oh! Mighty - lords You rule now - our planet As once signed... __________ Flowers Of My Youth Oh! My crushing soul Through my ebony tears Falling on the fading Flowers of my youth Voices from the dark ruins Of cirith ungol Kutulu beckons me From my darkest dreams I'm looking at the last Sunset which descends Over the purple horizon The purple horizon of my dreams But as a vision Your beauty is fading Into the depths Of my obscured soul And now, the door is locked Before me, and I still hear The whispers of Kutulu Shadows from the past __________ The River Of Souls Unholy dream Beyond the crucified gods Unholy awakening Beyond the forgotten memories The idol of a false paradise In the mirror of time Souls are struggling - silence! Inflamed from pain And you are wandering In an eternal quest In the forest of souls Searching salvation In their shadow realm Apocryphal invocation And infernal psalms Whispers at the wind of doom Beyond the forgotten realms Looking in your inner self You realize, the truth Your gods will defy Your existence In your weakness You'll worship them You shall remember They shall forget Forever be cursed Till your soul meets unholiness __________ The Tressrising Of Nyarlathotep (Act II) Finally from the depths of Egypt Nocturnal arrival of the strange one Thou who was worshipped by the nomads Thou who was followed by beasts Abyssic born emerging from the sea Forgotten lands and cold towers Covered all over with seaweeds The earth scratched in two weird plains Circle within circle Eye within eye And when the sacred hour comes From words they passed to obscure deeds The final step before the apocalypse Archegonic theory is fallen by reborn Thy who believed once Follow the light now Marking the time to mystical tressbirth That which saved him Made him stronger And he destroyed Everything he had The melouzin's child is cast on earth Nothing but shadows waves remains... Walpurgisnacht Tleilaxu (The Unborn Child) Nature had taken the face of fear Terror is painted around Whispers and screams of pain Are hovering in the night. The high priests are prepearing This surifice must be done Full-moon is approaching Red virgin-blood will be spiled. Tou are prepearing for the great moment The unborn child is coming With the hordes of evil With absolute hate and obscure eyes. You're faithful servant He's the chosen one The silence cry drives you mad The whispers are drilling your mind. The mystic gathering from the faithful priest Waiting for the secret day It ain't going to be late Ruins and destruction turn around Your tears are rolling the black cloak The great celebration is beginning (The unborn child is coming) Look the sights of time... __________ Cassiopeia's Ode God of darkness Lord of death Ruler of shadows Hear us Nuada you have come To a world without pain And without pleasure Return now and pain not Pleasure awaits you Once entire, you're less From the loss of an arm And a powerful kingdom Empty your heart from the want Of this ultimate hero The desire for his soul Turn his face away from death Space him for life In thunder, flood of fire we await you, spirit od diancecht Emperor of forgotten souls. In the shadows of my wings I shelter the children of nemed Their beauty I praise Their grace I celebrate Their valour I encourage Their pride I share We put our souls between The lord of death and child of the sun Glory to you ll'dana Hero bring pride to our land So we, children of named May forever run free Gaze down on Eireann The green land you bought With your blood and your boldness Now glory of myth, glory of legend. Peace be in your heaven And peace on our earth You; re legend, eternal You're memory turned myth. __________ The Dark Hills Lyrics by E.A. Robinson (1869-1935) Dark hills at evening in the west Where sunset hovers like a sound Of golden horns that song to rest Old bones of warriors underground. Far now from all the bannered ways Where flash the legions of the moon You fade - as it the last of days Where fading, and all wars were done. __________ Mestigoth Deadly pain hovering in the night Shadows are scared around you Embossed thought and remorses To the wall of memories. Like a spirit, like a shine Beyond the eternal glaxies (At the unknown dimensions) Where the silence re-echo (like a scream!) Of ultimate fear which posses you. With awe you looking at yourself On the waxen mirror that changes endlessly Loosing your faith and you're crying For the ultimate gift, they'll promised you. Look the bloodness skies Look the blashemous kingdom Look the shne of victory in their burning eyes Feel their dark delight After many-maby centuries and aeons You will be the one who will write The Macabre tales on the book of stone You will narrate to tne next generation You will speak for their victory You will scream for the winter Oh! King of the kings, Emperor of chaos, dark Lord, Master... I worship you! __________ Birthrise Of The Graven Image Solstice winds at twilight Moaning prophetic fear A rising tide bears terror Birthrise of the graven image Fetid the night air The stillbirth was not... In the graveyard faith Hell-born cloven hoof made flesh I have seen the signs... Famine, fire and plague. Unhorned as of yet But still (it) commands The final conquest of peace And lightning prays... Mortals terror has now spread Crest riding the winds of war Hopelessnenss rapes in its wake Birthrise of the graven image I have seen the sighs... Famine, fire and plague. Unbroken ground in the boneyard Lightning purifies in strike Fire consecrates the rest Birthrise of the graven image Black clouds bury the dead sun (as the) moon takes its rightful place Dawn and morning are nevermore Earth Bows to its new master I have seen the signs... These new horns need to crown Birthrise! __________ Under The Sight Of Horus Look in the sky the wingrd angels Beyond the invisible horizon The kingdom of isolted angels Where stoneshaped shadows mourn (what they're lost!) The mystic vision of Osiris The mighty god of Sevia Till, the promising truth of horus (As) predicted by priest mefantha You laugh for darkness domination You laugh for living plagues The owner of curse once covered the city Transform the demon inside you. Under the sight of horus The chosen one The lord of sacred pain The king of desolation Hail erebus, lord of death. Beyond the southern seas Where mortal search your path A gate to underworld The vision of thousand priests Under the sight of horus The stone valley of death There, you will find the truth From the sacred book of invocation (And then) you will open the gates for them. __________ Somewhere Beyond Seas Looking at the eternal horizons Where the shine disapears Where the sea unites with the sky Where the eye travels into the blue. Forgotten memories from the past Turn around in your head You remember and travelling To the endless seas of black earth Remember battles and echoes Cries, pain and blood Beyond the galaxial cities of north Beyond the Abysmal hate of warriors Somewhere beyond the dark seas Memories-locked doors of your darkest mind Terror-eternal curse and silence Genesis Of Apocryphal Desire Necranastasis Ygnai Fthig Nga Sothoth - Ym'Bd'Nig Ch'Eye Do Xna Ngrktl 'Ftythech Gia Nghaa - Jug Mglo Mnyg Nafth Swirling around the forbidden dimensions Entering strange eons of disgust Entombed in the stone ruins of great R'Lye The Ancient Ones prepare for the last awakening Psychodeath rites - Necromantical psalms Though timeless agony - Death shall retreat The liberated wrath - An orgy of perverted lust Holocaust of morbid sodomy - The initiates await Within his castle in R'Lye - The dead Cthulu awaits While dreaming Astral shape reentering the lifeless body The black winged creature in chaotic noise Emerges from the depths of the emetic abyss Spreading forth the putrid stench of Necranastasis __________ Dawn Of Sordid Decay Silent black plague Chaotic leprocious death Beginning of the anal war Shub Niggurath ascends to Earth Dawn of sordid decay A future of viter submission All planets a frozen desert In legions of demonic wrath The decomposed warriors walk again The dark spheres collide The key to the gate is found In the shape of a vicious rodent Satanas reincarnates in phlegm Dawn of sordid decay __________ La Reine Noir Shattering the serpent egg Black shape reincarnates Baptized in underworlds places Domination of mystical worship A weird shrine with malevolent colors Manfully conquers the time Disequilibrium of universal balance La Reine Noir is cast to Earth - La Reine Noir Withering in weakly sunlight Petrified instincts awaken once again - La Reine Noir Number the corpses in the plundered tombs Incurable plagues in her immaterial face A dance in funeral triumph The daughter rides the chariot of fire Controls the spirits of all enemies Diffusing into the deserts of night Withering in weakly sunlight Number the corpses in the plundered tombs Incurable plagues in her immaterial face __________ Genesis Of Apocryphal Desire Though the endless storm - Reborn the cosmic evil Dwell in inhuman rituals - The poison of wrath and hate Conduct your subconscious - To the sphere of galaxial mist Devoted disciple of Charon as you enter the loner domain Lost in the maze - The visible disorder Object of diabolical art - Mysterious exquisite substance Cryptogramy (reveal) disgusting dreams Breed in twisted (cranial) magnetism The pestilent chaos of Sathanas Genesis of Apocryphal Desire - Genesis Lost in the maze - The visible disorder __________ The Tressrising Of Nyarlathotep Finally from the depths of Egypt Nocturnal arrival of the strange one Thy who was worshipped by the nomads Thy who was followed by beasts Abyssic born emerging from the sea Forgotten lands and cold towers - Covered all over with seaweeds The Earth scratched in two weird plains Circle within circle, eye within eye And when the sacred hour comes From words they passed to obscure deeds The final step before the apocalypse Archegonig theory is fallen by reborn Thy who believed once - Follow the light now Marking the time to mystical tressbirth That which saved him made him stronger And he destroyed everything he had The Melouzin's child is cast on earth Nothing but shadows waves remain __________ Seven Endless Horizons The dependence of an unholy civilization The society of ultimate death - The coming from the past The one who will sigh the future Forgotten nameless graves - Inside the leper jungles Desolation of exiled angels There where the light is dying - An the darkness is ruling forever Sacrifice for them in the altars of Varathron The Graal which will give - Life to the Dark Lords The mystificated mass - Which will sign the world There where the light is dying - An the darkness is ruling forever Sacrifice for them in the altars of Varathron Seven sighs, seven scriptures - Seven gates whom will open To break out the terrible nightmare In the whirlwind of a painless end Seven beasts, seven wizards - Seven endless horizons Sacrifice myself to the demons - Black window opens in the sky __________ Deep Beneath An Ancient Dominion The golden cities once - Desperately loved to rose From fathomless grey mass - Blue lakes and abyssic mountains Fear, for something that will gonna be Fear, for something that will never (gonna happen) Mercy and mighty echoes lamentation and tearing From a voiceless face (without ending) The shining towers of Hy-Brasyl - Earthy and heavenly paradise Where men walked with gods - And with beasts of the forest Time when springtime and harvest Were as one; flowers and fruits - Hung heavily on every bough Like a dream beyond the dimensions The wind was blowing like a lover's touch Caressing the highest towers The mist like a sinful soul - Was searching its salvation The time when hands moved Only in grace and giving, the eyes smiled The lips spoke with love without shame Spirits travelling on a labyrinth Without fear but passion - Bravery without bloodshed Pictures from the past - Unspoken dreams of today Mysterious visions for the future It's time you will learn from yourself The Lament Of Gods Fire Spell / Forbidden Lust Once You Want To Learn, From The Seas of Ideas. Once You Wanted To See, Through The Walls of Values. Once You Wanted To Run, Inside The Labyrinth of Ideals. Once You Wanted To Be Saved, Under The Flesh of The Dark god! Perhaps You've Been Disappointed, By The Number of Your Sentiments. Peraps You've Walked Out on, The Mob of Your Desires. Perhaps You've Got Naked In Front, of The Mirrors of Your Adoration! Now Isolated, Unexpectedly Lone An Silent Searching, Escaping, Running After The Impossible You Wrath At Your Own Decisions And Bare Your Flesh Under The Sight of The Dark god! The Following Day Will Apparently Come, The One You've Been Told of Like An Old Myth or Legend. You Will Learn The Pleasure And Pain At Their Ultimate Condition Where Meeting Is Inevitable Where You Repent Cause You Did So Where You Perceive The Flesh Through The Infinite Eyes of The Dark god! You Will Remember Journeys In Unexplored Regions, You Will Remember Forbidden Pleasures In Not - Permitting Times. You Will Remember Remote Souls In Rites. (You're Afraid of If You Think of) You Will Remember The Terror In Your Eyes Forever, Forever, Forever! Life You Deserve To Live For Every Soul They Let you Sacrifice! __________ Warrior's Nightmare I'm Aurelius The Personal Advisor Tleilaxu, The Warrior King of Allysia. Tleilaxu Is A Man of Unquenchible Desires He Lives For Adrenaline And Blood of War, He Is Cunning As Well As Skilled In The Martial Arts Has Led Many Armies. Against The Barbarians That Have Misfortune of Residing In Neighbouring Lands! Soon His Empire Spreads Accross The Continent Until He Grows (Weary) And Restless From The Ease of Victory. Someday, The Spirit Comes In His Dream And Ask Him: (Like A Fearful Whisper) You Forced Nations To War, Killed Men, Not For Land or Resources But For Your Own Selfish Ego You Want To Control Men To Prove Your Superiority How By Slaughtering Husbands, Fathers, Sons And Lovers... Fearful Whispers, Eternal Whispers, Creatures That Appear In Your Slumber, Do Not Exist In Our World They Are Part of The Dream Realm. They Are Called Eternals And They Are More Powerful Than Ordinary Mortals! Tampering With These Beings Can Be Very Dangerous, They Can Magnify Our Subconscious Fears And Desires, A Thousandfold With Recurring Nightmares Driving Us Insane... Sirens Sound Like An Incubus, Such Creatures Bring Erotic Dreams To People, In The Far Reaches of Imagination Shrouded From Mortal Eyes, Lies... ...The Dream, Realm.. The Royal Chambers of Aletha, Sister of The Nightmare King, goddess of Erotica! It's Time To Meet Her In your Hell - Dreams! __________ The World Through Ancient Eyes Under These Brooding Skies Our Shadows Are Cast Through This Deepest Winter We Reminisce About Our Past As Free Men We Rode Over Hills, Under The Flaming Sun When We Had The Breeze On Our Hair And The Courage In Our Hearts. Doomed We Are To Walk With Our Heads Low Stripped We've Been of Any Sense of Honour Damned For Aeons - The Curse Still Lives on Through Our Veins Our Ancient Blood Shall Rise Again! I Feel It Coming, It's Coming Now It Calls To Me, Centuries Ago It Brings Forth A New Life. Yo My Numb Limbs, A New Meaning To Our Empty Lives An Ancient Mystery Revives Through My Lifeblood It Courses It Burns Me Inside And Breaks All Barriers, All Frontiers. A New I Am Made And I View The World Through Ancient Eyes. Do You Feel It Coming Can You Hear The Call Let The Ancient Voices Within Flood You Feel The Presence of A Past Long Gone See Our Future Through These Eyes of Old Rebuild This World Now Turn And View The World Through Ancient Eyes! __________ Beyond The Grave I Can See Peace In Your Eyes, I Can See Will In Your Eyes, For A Last Act of Life I Can See Sacrifice In Your Look (Of A Soul Once I Lived Pierced Times). Recollections, Frea, Wait, Values, Ideals And Thoughts For Another Life, A Life Beyond The Grave. I Look At Your Cold Stare As If You Forgot To Tell Me As If The Sign And The Beginning For The New Life Will Be This. I Perceive Light, Perhaps Voices Too, I Perceive Bodies, Perhaps Souls Too, I Perceive Pain, Perhaps Pleasure Too, I Perceive Darkness, Perhaps Hatred Too, I Perceive Truth, Perhaps An Illusion I Want To See, I Must See! Like A Gallery From Which You Escape Forever Like A Tunnel You reach The End Like A Journey You Don't Know What You Will Meet In The End But You'll Always Wish, Hope For Peace! Come Then In Our Gathering Tonight Oh, You! Hurt Soul, Come With Us, In The Well of Souls, Come With Us, At The Port of Our Bodies Come With Us, At A Celebration A Strange Celebration of Unexpected Pain! Come To Our Recollections of An Everlasting Life of A Continuing Illusion By Which, We Eternally Pine And Melt Until We Find You In A Great Feast In The Secret Enjoyment Beyond The Grave! Come, Then, With Us! __________ Nuns Have No Fun Upon A Cross A Nun Will Be Hanged She Will be Raped By An Evil Man Knock Spikes Through Her Hands Things Will Come She Won't Understand. You're A Nun You Haven't Had No Fun Living Your Life As A Virgin Queen I'm Gonna Change It And I'll Get It Done Tomorrow You Won't Be A Virgin Queen. C.U.N.T. That's What you Are, You're C.U.N.T., Yeah! I Get It Up, I Get It Up The Dark I Make Her Feel I'm Not A Holy Man Faster Breathing, She's Like A Shark She Wants More, I'm Gonna Give Her My Cross! Nuns Have No Fun They Just Have Their Fathers And Sons But I'll Give Them Hell I Never Fail. I Get It Up, I Get It Up The Dark I Make Her Feel I'm Not A Holy Man Faster Breathing, She's Like A Shark She Wants More, I'm Gonna Give Her My Cross! C.U.N.T. That's What you Are, You're C.U.N.T., Yeah!

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