13 ian. 2009


Heathen Cold autumn rain beats down on my bloodstained face. In the clouded, misty morning sky I see ravens circle my blade now sheated tasted blood just hours before. On the killing fields of honour pride is measured in war On the frozen fields of horror we'll avenge their deeds with our steel! With sorrowfilled heart I walk ahead on my nightly patrol. Sounds of battle still echoing in my mind Reminding me of the night at the coast when we saw the horde of ships closing in on us in the horizon Unprepared we were when they came to shore. Waving their swords, screaming the name of an unknown god. Burned our villages, desecrated our shrines, replaced our old gods with icons of their false faith From behind they sneaked on us like the cowards they are. Forced us to retreat in shame, filled our hearts with pain and rage. You can kill our kin but you can never crush our spirit. The heathenpride in northmen's minds will always remain! Like fire schorced earth we are reborn! With autumns coldest winds we arrive! Proud in our hearts, unchained in our might we are pure heathen wrath unbound! As I awake from my remembrance, one single tear rolls down to my scarred cheeck. I return to our mountain camp the hideaway of the few survivors of their "holy" massacre. We pray for might, our shamans survey the runes we call forth the elements to fight along side us on this pagan cause. We swear an oath to old gods: We will not rest until we find revenge! Until every single soul of those fucking worms sails the black waters of Tuonela Yet even Tuoni would reject that scum, their pitiful souls shall forever be cursed to haunt these woods at night horizon will burn with thousand fires. Swords shall clatter, warcrys echo, steel shall sings it's merciless song in the gloomy autumn night! Meadows shall be covered with blood, foul stench of rotting flesh! Vultures and rats will feast on the corpses of the deceased. Rivers of blood of the fallen warriors, severed limbs lying all around The Gods of War will be satisfied. In the gloomy autumn night! And when the night falls again we proud men of north gather around the bonfires. And in the light of the paganfires we sharpen our swords, saddle our horses and whisper one final prayer to the Gods of War! May the winds hear our cries! May the stars call our names! And when the moon is on the wave we'll ride to victory or ascend to another plane We call forth the archaic forces! Summon the elements! We sing our prayers to four winds! Raise our chalices towards the sky! When the fullmoon rises to sky we ride towards our desecrated village Filled with rage and Ukkos might shouting oaths of battle, singing songs of war. In the name of Ukko we will send them to Tuonis doors! Berzerk we attack steel singing in the light of the moon. Outnumbered we are but filled with heathenpride. One by one, we cut down their troops, swords swinging in the light of the moon. We remove their icons, we crucify their priests to their own crosses, we'll burn their holy scriptures and sink their dismember corpses to the marshes of the proud northern woods. We have returned the pride of this land. For now and forever! Unchained Heathen Wrath! Huldrafolk Ashes Of Man And Oak And Pine Life fades away like the days Autumnal rains sweep the plains Once at one's journey's end So short seem our days The eternal arrow of life Points to one direction only No matter how you try The wheel keeps on turning Flames of life, flames of death Ashes of man and oak and pine Mingle and soar beyond the day Far beyond, north away Into the glacial waters Of the ice cold nothern lakes The flame of life has sunken Deep down below the waves The skyline aflame burning red And the flames caress the stars Like fallen from the skies They mirror from water's placid surface Follow the sun, follow the moon Ashes of man and oak and pine Mingle and soar into the night Far beyond, north away While you live let your spirit soar And your fire burn forevermore As those who crawl Might as well be gone __________ Aijeke Aijeke Davge, Aijeke Vetshera Enter the Tjorvigard, Holy circle of bones Aijeke Davge, Aijeke Vetshera Pierce the reindeer's heart, spill the offerings life blood Maijde Aijekik letti, maid verro? Aijeke Davge, Aijeke Vetshera Blood stains the wooden image as I call forth the gods Aijeke Davge, Aijeke Vetshera Aijeke, Seide, will you accept this sacrifise? Maijde sjealkak tun stuorra Seide? __________ Pale Forest Hear the tune from the woodlands Ghastly, forlorn Hear the song of the forest Pale, eternal! I carve the runes for the spirits to speak For the ghosts to dance among these trees I chant the spells for the dead to live For the souls to soar among the stars Feel the eyes, staring at you When you are all alone Feel the cold, invicible hands Touching all over you When the fullmoon reaches it's zenith Above this pale and cold forest I enter the circle of bones I recite the rites, embrace the night I call forth the ancient spirits Whom once roared in these woods Once alive, alive once more __________ Huldrafolk From the depths of the gray Marching and singing they came A noble ancient folk Relic from the days of olde These hearts burns with hate These eyes cry from shame From anger, from pain Caused by your sickening ways Long forgotten by mortals Yet forever they have lurked Behind the dread portals Beyond the dimensional gates Destroy! Ravage! We'll put an end to your show Kill! Burn! Christians, jews, all must go! On a dark autumn night, Maybe a night just like this? When the moon is hidden by frozen shroud While humans are sleeping safe and sound They march towards your village Ready for burning and for pillage One by one, the churces aflame They'll cleanse the land, burn your world __________ Misanthrope's Masterplan Hysterical, irrational. Vortex of utter meaningless Black Hole Delirium. Cast into the starshaped void The misanthrope's masterplan, call forth the forces of chaos Witness the fall of the elements, invert the creation Shimmering fluorescent black light, the ultimate reflection Endless dreams of drifting in whir winds of deepest black From the depths of Tuonela the riders arrive Singing the age old song of death That even the most coldhearted dread Darkest manifestations of ungodly beauty, blasphemous, yet divine The sun sets forever, the misanthrope's masterplan __________ The Harvest Day Crush the faith of weakling followers, burn down their filthy shrines Desecrate and mock their petty values, avenge the deeds of history Never forget. Never forgive. I shall haunt you as long as you live Never give up. Never give in. Stand your ground, strike down the enemy 700 years is not long enough, forever itself would not be long enough Recognize the signs in the world? Smell the rage in the air? You shall reap as you have sown. And you have reaped nothing but misery. Vargtimmen Pt.I The Lonely Sea The sun sets below the foam of the ocean And the shore is fast asleep I stood on the mountain and sang When my verses hit the water they were already dead I know where the sun sleeps at night Down in the lonely sea I know where the sun hides at night Up a tall spruce-tree The song vanished behind the pine-trees And the dusk cried it away Below the depths of the ever storming sea My song of something that will never return I know where the sun sleeps at night Down in the lonely sea I know where the sun hides at night Up a tall spruce-tree Struck by your words like stones The grief comes like winters cold, cutting breath I want to turn the sun and the moon from their paths And press the countless stars in my fist I shall curse this world Turn back the sun Turn back the moon I shall curse this world Turn back the day Turn back the night And when I have trampled it all underfoot Smiling I'll turn my back on life I know where I'll sleep tonight Down in the lonely sea And when the dawn has blown upon its fire I'll rest deep below the depressing sea __________ Autumn Summer bleeds its last shades of green To the darkened pool of dead emotions Pond of decayed dreams and withered love Why should I carry on, when all hope is gone? Come the autumn, come the rain Wash away all the bitterness and hate Fall - Come the autumn Fall - Come the rain Carve it to the firs, carve it to the oaks Scream it to the stars, shout it at the world Dwelling in self-pity, in self-caused pain All bridges burnt, the only way is down Come the autumn, come the rain Come the nightfall, welcome death Fall - Come the autumn Fall - Come the rain Fall - Come the end __________ Vargtimmen Enter my innmost night As Pestilence I'll arrive A plague upon your christian beliefs Malignant disease with no redeem A wolf, feasting on the sheeps Black as pitch, cold as ice Traveller of darker paths Vargtimmen Even darkness dims Welcome despair and pain Overwhelming grimness This is my hour! The moon lays hidden Behind the northern gale I am the unseen eyes of thunder The cold, freezing touch of winter's veil An icy breath of melancholy Upon your heart, upon your soul __________ Sad Song Of The Woods Longing, yearning - wisful, dready Plaintive, mourning - woeful, weary Cruel be the wind that carries this tune, Song Clad in mourning veil. Deaf be the ears that it falls upon, Sorrow so overwhelming. Forever and forever more She'll haunt these moors at night Eternally and even beyond She'll dance in the early morning mists In autumn, in summer, in spring In winters chilling wind Over moors and beyond lakes It echoes ever mourning In autumn, in summer, in spring In winters chilling wind Over moors and beyond lakes The Sad song of the Woods Longing, yearning - wisful, dready Plaintive, mourning - woeful, weary Cold be the mind and cold be the soul, Cold as glacial waters in late autumn. Cold be heart that carries such wounds, She grieves, unsilent. Forever and forever more She'll haunt these moors at night Eternally and beyond She'll dance in the early morning mists In autumn, in summer, in spring In winters chilling wind Over moors and beyond lakes It echoes ever mourning In autumn, in summer, in spring In winters chilling wind Between the seasons it echoes The Sad song of the Woods Vargtimmen Pt.II The Wicker Man The rain pours down with pain, dampening the straws of hay Flowing down my face, mingeling with tears Tears of despair and rage, years of emptiness and hate Soon swept away by the flames, mouldering ashes All that remain, is a pile of charred bones Raising dust for the wind to carry far away The rain pours down with pain, yet they sing and dance Floating in a trance like state, bewitched by the chanting Masked faces far below me, laughing mockingly The first torch is lit, soon followed by others This is it now, it will all end, on this solstice's night Flame, come take me, swallow me Oh great nothing, devour me Light it up, burn it down May the gods, accept our sacrifice Flesh to touch, flesh to burn Do not keep the wicker man waiting As flood I'll return, I am your sacrifice Your corps will rot into the fields, you'll famish and starve As plague I'll return, going to destroy your world With fever you'll burn, and I'll save non __________ The Pale And The Dead In the woods not far from here, stands an age old dead tree On a meadow once green, nothing grows now They used to hang people from this oak, or so they legend claims Beneath the shadows of these brances, witches and heretics have burned The ground is dead and stained black with blood, the sorrow of centuries it bears No man, bird or beast dears to wander here Even during daylight hours darkness always seems to be near The soil is poisonous and swarming with snakes Oh, I tell you, it's a cursed place Here meet the pale and the dead, here the most coldhearted will dread The pale and the dead, ghosts from times long gone Relics of past dread, they walk beyond the sun When the night falls, the mist rises from the depths of the dead, cursed soil Damned, forgotten souls, centuries of old, wake from their cursed sleep Of empty eternity The pale and the dead wretched souls that prey on living flesh The pale and the dead, souls unset, forever doomed to haunt The pale and the dead, beyond dawn and daylight the stalk __________ Ominous Insomnia Still Holding on to a memory (of a dream) Clung to a ghost of the past, I am Entangled in a maze (of the self) With no way out ...Alive Tired of the empty promises of a new brighter dawn Tired of all your fucking lies, that you keep preaching on Tired of all the hypocrisy, all the scorn, and double morality Only refuge is in a dream, but the dream always dies An image of a desolate meadow (it's a dream) All black, dead and barren, paints itself unto my cornea (it's for real) I know, I've seen it before ...In a dream, maybe? The drugs don't work anymore, immune to all the pills Too afraid to sleep, too tired to live Can't sleep, the visions haunt me Should I close my eyes, would I dare?, dream, my last sanctuary Now twisted into a morbid nightmare ...Without an end The fever's getting higher, burning inside me like fire The shadows are getting deeper, oh dawn, why won't you come? Tired of being alive, of thinking, of breathing So why not just end it? Right here, right now The sickness burns in my veins, working like a daze Yet I am too scared to end my days __________ Cold, Son Of The Wind How chill is morning, how cold its melody. On a season of withering, when time stands still I listened and the wind spoke to me, I heard the woods sing to me. Reciting poems and myths, from earliest of ages Shadow of a crooked rowan tree, looks more like a bear in sleep Season fades along with its leaves, until one plough day earth covers earth Cold, son of the wind, freeze the winter willows Chill the birch chunks, Cold, son of the wind I listened and the rain whispered to me, I heard the streams murmur my name. Shared their timeless wisdom, a cruel tale of nature unveiled Until one plough day earth covers earth __________ Ghost Of Winter The pathways in hiding I trudge, a mere wanderer am I Philosopher, soul of songs, naked, ragged and torn Treasures of kings bear no meaning for me, your morals and laws are not for me Through the air, on wings unseen, arrive my treasures, unmeasured Like a ghost I glide from shadow to shadow At the edges of your known world, in your dreams I hide On wings of winds, like a ghost of winter I breath my cold of thousand yesterdays Someday the whole world will know: Misanthropy is not phase And where I go, you can't follow

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