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Arma Christi Blood Hunt The coffins are closed When the daylight shines On the freezing stones Of this castle The coffins lie deep Into the Crypts Of it's darkest halls Past dungeons and narrow walls This is the home Of the majestic counts Many milleniums They have lived with immortality Streaming in their veins Feeding on human blood As a source To their delightful existence and beauty Feared as the plague Their wings across the land And sets of into the night Searching for a victim Rich of precious blood Blood Hunt ...the coffins are opened... __________ The Night Armageddon Comes When the sun is half covered by the moon The time is ticking fast towards destruction Fires of the deep will burn all holy And the moon will eclipse the sun forever The christians will suffer the apocalypse Humanity will be an extinged race The abyss will rise from the soil And hell on earth will become reality When Armageddon has reached it's full point The sun suffers a total eclipse The christians will suffer the apocalypse Humanity will be an extinged race And the planet will be invalved by a new life A life risen from the abyss A life strong of hate, strong of hate The days fade into darkness and exist no longer The colours that used to be withered into a sea of chaos Everything is dead When the night armageddon comes __________ Embraced By Cold In this rotting forest In this eternal darkness Where we see, hear and feel See the naked bodies Hear the moaning voice Feel the cold breath Three senses that will forever last Orgies to satisfy our souls Precious skin so ghastly, so smooth No heating blood, forever cold Them I penetrate like knives of the night Screams of derisious, orgasm of the satisfied Sexual lust and pleasure, it's no release No rest embraced by cold __________ The Eternal Eclipse The eternal eclipse has come Nightfall will never again suffer the morning sunrise The night is pure and will forever stay dark As it can never be menaced by the day Those who have kneeled before the cross Will pray for the last time Crying for their god, begging helplessly The churches and the christians bleed Now that Satan has swallowed their god and sun The final battle between good and evil is won And the pain the pain of watching the daylight is gone Black is the path to the cemetery Where we feast on the christs in infernal blasphemy __________ Conjuring The Hordes Of Blasphemy Deep into a drenched forest drenched by the rain and mist I lay cold in my lenting, praying to the darkest one Possess me as I sleep unholy master Possess me so my dreams can come true Make me forever a worthy servant A servant of your unholy might Conujure the hordes of your proud realm To penetrate my body Conjure the horde of blasphemy Gather them in a circle of black And make them to eternally dwell within me Make me stronger, make me prouder And make me forever immortal! Conjure the horde of blasphemy __________ Maatte Blodet Flomme Regnet fosset ned Fra sorte og endeloese skyer En jaevelsk himmel Voktet denne natt Satan la dommedag komme Jeg har værte deg tro Levd i synd har jeg gjort Og bespottet gud og hans disipler Maate blodet flomme Og pine guds usmakelige kjøtt La det bli en flod Av ondt og råttent blod Til fjellene vil de flykte Der blodet ikke kann dem nå Men der skal vi stå sterke Klare til å slå Og igjen vil blodet flomme Det skal ikke stoope Før all kjærlighet er død Hat... Blod... Regnet fosset ned Fra sorte og endeloese skyer En jaevelsk himmel Voktet denne natt __________ Evocation Of The Satanic Ascendancy Almighty satan, swallow my soul So that I may become one With thee Embrace my nocturnal heart Enlight my visions with thy horch Of wisdom Unholy ruler of this mortal world Grant me the power to slay the angels Of piety For I am thy soldier, thy deciple of sin Lead my way against the sheeps Behold the rise of the satanic ascendancy Jehova, we'll slay you and your kin at Armageddon We await this day for we are the demonic storm That shall extinguish your treacherous sin Victory is ours Our satanic milleinium shall rise from the ashes of the holy And proud shall we walk a perpetual, dechristianized ground Manifest, king of jews, so that I may drown in the lake of fire I'll burn your crucifix as I kiss the true cross of blasphemy Fallen angel, Satan, arise like the infernal king Thou are ascend thy throne upon the crest of christian corpses Unlock the seven gates, bathe the world in thy unearthly light We await thy command, lead us into the final war The impotent god shall perish with the pearly gates Behold the rise of the satanic ascendancy! __________ Dethronation Of God I'm the thorn in the eye of christ I'm the carrier of light I'm the rumours that have been told Believe in me, or my victim you will be Embraced by my own shadow That reflects the consciousness in my soul Crafts hidden from the weak Hear our message! Hordes of blasphemy - burn the temple of god Condemn the holy spirit and spit it's weak followers on a peak Come on, let's shed some blood! A celestial life we were promised by birth Instead we were fooled by the gays of god Fooled, ha! Their false piety will never stand proud How pity, hahaha! Come on! Let's shed some blood Our battle will be victorious And heaven will fall Massive Terrestrial Strike The Sodomizer Torture, slavery, molesting, endless pain You'll feel them all scum, as you bow down before me Feel my whip as it shreds the skin of your back Making your blood stream, out of your wide open wounds I'm your ruler, you're a fly to my face A plague for me, I've got to get rid of you I'm no beast, i'm worse than a beast Therefore I'll sodomize you like I've sodomized the fluffy sheeps of god Sodomizer! The fucking sodomizer! Son of Satan __________ The Saturnine Denomination For distant centuries ago When long forgotten kingdoms and reigns still existed Our clandestine denomination probed the face of the earth And discovered the entrance Our knights entered the passage Entered another dimension Stronger and violently powerful With awe, they looked upon the mighty fortifications of the pandemonium His fortress he granted them Wisdom... Immortality... and prophecy Now the mortal descendants of this proud ancient people Seek annihilation of those weak in mind Of those who defile the soil with their existence Those who give their souls to Jesus Christ Steathly entrada success Wipe the jewish mess Fucking zionist disciples Semite rabid rabbi I exceed excessive pain for you In one swift stroke the new order of knights Will seize those who are true anathema Their shrieks of agony and beseechment for their lives Will be long remembered as the day of triumph among us, when the new order has banished them all To cold void vacuum And they are truly betrayed by their pity god Then a new prosperous era will begin, and a powerful empire will be built The prophecy of a forthcoming millenium __________ Supreme Evil Riding on the waves of a hundred souls pain he does He rape the pure thoughts of those fucking christians And he penetrates the pure cunts Of those delicious little nuns He feast upon their fear of darkness And he arouses himself in their woe __________ Image Of The Horned King Slumbering through the burning desert, total lack of liquid Oh gods of this place, please bring me thy vine I could almost drink the blood of Jesus I would dry his veins until he fell down in a pile of skin I fell down out of exhaustion, my face met the ground my mouth was filled with sand And my skin was boiling from the sun The vultures stared circling above me, I was almost ready to give my body to the birds of doom Lay myself to rot in the burning sand fields, I was dying.... ...but then, a mighty dark shape rised before me and gave me shelter from the sun It was a god - the god of them all, and indeed he had brought a bottle of vine... the blood of himself He spoke a distant language and granted me the bottle I received it with my shivering pale hands... I drank the vine, and as I steadily came to myself The god slowly vanished with the dust, except that of him which he had left in the bottle. __________ Tellus Dod / Armageddons Svoepe En himmel fylt av de sterkestes sjeler Som fra tellus dro Hvileløst maa de sveve I evigheten I denne dimension Finnes ikke lenger nø sted å hvile på Bare kulde - tomhet - stillet Evig dømt til å svee i mørke Da armageddon la sin hånd over jorden Da armageddon foldet ut sin hånd __________ Apocalyptic Destruction What if, Milleniums ago a dying sphere bursted into a galactic explosion, and left a hole in space Every single piece of the sphere made a rain of meteors and took it's own course One of them towards earth Sands of time and vast dimensions away from earth The meteors sourced through space at infernal speed While the ages on our planet swept along like the oceans In our second millenium a "prophet" discovered a galactic meteor It had entered our galaxy, and would soon hit the earth The humans was facing destruction, the whole world was in chaos No man of astrologic knowledge has (ever before) discovered this gigantic nova Who would bring us the apocalypse, all time was lost, nothing could be done Who would ever believe a piece of stone from space would Be our last grasp of view before our lids would be shut forever Every single humanbeing faced the sky (in disbelief and shock) When the meteor entered the atmosphere Then destroyed the earth and killed all with a massive terrestrial strike __________ Flames Of Black Candles This darkness, so slumb (and) this atmosphere, my hands were numbed The only movement was the flames of black candles Who cleansed the air in this chamber of death My head was slunt as I gazed into the flaming candles Visions filled my mind Visions of a rising desecrated power In this chamber of death, black roses grew Up from the ashes of souls who lost for my lust and desire There they will stand as a monument for victory Over our christian annhilation Atomkinder Atomkinder What are they these monsterous beings Standing in the smog before me Never before has something so alien Walked this earth I wonder is this dream I wonder can this be reality What strange behaviour They just stand there In their deformed grace Gazing towards the sky Hundreds and hundreds Standing in some kind of trance It's the atomkinder dance Some of them are grown together Like siamese twins With brownish liquid dripping From boils in their skin Primitive in structure primitive in mind One thing to live for Destroy mankind Stripped for feelings Stripped for fear Must have revenge Warfare It's the children born of the atombomb The children of mankind __________ Nocturnal Revelation Not a star did shine that night Only the fullmoon erupted the jetblack sky As we stood and watched from the top of the hill It's light guided us through the valley of death And the mirror in the lake As wolfs at night we howled at the fullmoon Our bodies stretched to touch it's glance Out of reach from our mortal grasp we cry our pain And pray for release of our earthly confinement And haunted voices chilled our skin As eagles we flew over the vast plains The nocturnal landscape laid spread beneath us Our eyes flashed through the eerie of the dark The frost laid like layers around our souls And forever we shall rule the world There has always been a night such as this I wield my blade with pride Our souls at one with the dark My will is the law And before none we kneel I know now who I am It's clear written in the stars I know now and I have always been A whore to demonic works __________ Through The Grace Of Hell The dance of the swaying trees In the holocaust winds The morning song of the swans Their wings covered with oil The flowers that used to grow Has withered into toxic mud The rain that pounds to the ground Are angels tears for our world who died The snow falls silent from the clouds The nuclear winter has arrived Humanity lies sunbathing in cancer rays Just like children lying rotten in the street Through the grace of Hell A voyage through a desert landscape Through the grace of Hell The shreds of mankind Through the grace of Hell A planet of death Through the grace of Hell Pure satanic holocaust Welcome to the dead zoo The museum of time Behold the rise of the sulphur desert __________ Nyx You were not jesus neither god You were the crucifer not the crucified Oh you showed me the right pain When I was in despair Ghastly night of hate and horror Fortify me and feed my desperation Oh Nyx mother of death Sister of darkness Spread your black wings And drown Heimera Oh Luna you're the black night's eye Who fills us with hunger Feel my power Feel my craft I'm no longer me I'm blasphemy Come on haunt me you endless night So we can become one forever __________ Ripping Corpse (Kreator Cover) He came from the east with weapons full of blood from newborn children Now he's here in your town to kill you, die at once Until today you've lived your live without any sorrow At home you've got your child and wife, but what will come tomorrow Await the death by the blade Run before it's too late Await the axe in your back As the Ripping Corpse attack You begin to sweat, you begin to cry As you watch this scene At first you see your children die You wish it was a dream He eats the heart of your wife And rips her cunt inside You know now it's your turn The others have already died Now he's close to you His eyes are cold and cruel Fear is in your heart His might will rip you apart Eternal horror, eternal horror Eternal wickedness, eternal death Life taking bloodrain neverending death-pain No one will care when you die __________ Antichrist (Sepultura Cover) Born from Hell The supreme force of evil To destroy the altar And slaughter the christian's born Churches will be destroyed Crosses will be brocken He's laughing in blasphemy Like a domination of death Antichrist The war is started Heavens on fire From the deep of Hell Leaving words of hate Antichrist The terror is declared The final fight started The Antichrist and Lucifer Fighting with angels and God Antichrist

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