13 ian. 2009


Mors Omnia Vincit My Flaming Hate We walk the unseen path Embraced within the gloomy shades of night Oh my mourning beauty Sweet little dove of white Let them play this darksome overture Our wedding dance shall now begin For I will seduce you with temptation To follow me into my realm of sin Let me caress your snowlike robe For as a nightingale you will return But if you deny my love In crimson flames your wings shall burn But you loved to play with the fire And now you have to take the woe As the flames rise higher and higher From the eternal shades below In the glance of the fire Retribution now is mine For your pain gives me pleasure And your torments are my wine DIE!!! __________ A Midnight Masquerade Behold, the shadows of the trees So alone, so beautiful Behold, the rising of the moon See his glance shining within my eyes I'm buried within the skies Beyond the golden sulphur flame So the winds will carry my name Blackness is descending Into a silent winter's shade The wolves are gathering... ...A midnight masquerade Behold, the feeble sun I bewitch her fading light For I am the prince of shadows And my kingdom is the night I am Lucifer... Oh darkness, be my bride For as king and queen we shall reign the night Through eternity our names will be carried Away, oh winds... Away... __________ As The Night Falls Oh, awake me from my sleep With your pale shining light Thou, my dark mistress In this willow-weeping winternight For the time of night has come Thee mighty arise of darkness Let your flaming passion burn in me I summon you, moonlit countess Awake, in eternity So let me pass under your light For one more moment now Let your might be mirrorized In this blackened eyes of mine As the night falls God's realm in flames And nothing will be left but darkness And beauty within the shades of night For upon jehova's ashes A new dawn will rise Under blowing northern winds Under clouded moonlit skies __________ Goddess Of The Twilight I saw the vast eternal forests So mighty, so dark and wise I saw the dawn disappearing ...Through the raven's eyes I saw her shadow in the darkness And heard the lonesome cries As her enchanting glance Fell into my eyes So long I've hungered For the fullmoon to arise So long I've waited For her to put down her disguise My princess of beauty My luciferian bride As her wings embraced me I saw the eternal night She spread her wings And beyond her the wolves Sang their melodies As she embraced the nightfall Embrace me - oh nightfall Embrace me - my goddess Embrace me - sweet sorrow Oh goddess of the twilight __________ The Moonlight In My Hands My kingdom lies so far Beyond the snow covered mountains And the path leads To the eternal black horizons I hold the moonlight in my hands I lead the children of the night To where dark angels gather To where autumn breaks the light Like a cold veil Darkness surrounds my heart As the ravens' cry Break through midwinter's silence __________ Father Of All Raging Storms Nightwinds are calling In the trees I hear them scream Like a silent whisper From the depths of a darkened dream Take me away... To the realms of silence Father of all raging storms Northwind Oh wind from north bring freezing rain Bolts and thunder and icy pain For thy wings shall carry our names high On frigid breezes across the sky Carry me... To the mourning halls To carve my name Within the walls Beyond the mountains You shall set me free And from the shadows I'm calling thee... ...Father Disciples Of The Ashen Sun Disciples Of The Ashen Sun Bleak, forlorn, our sulphur-blazing refuge, no haven of wisdom was gained, no light shone upon our search for celestial knowledge upon the quest for a celestial throne. Suffering we are, tristful and torn, unspoken, the grand guilt of heaven and the guilt that remains, a scar on the ones who tasted the fruit ere to the mortal hand. But as long as the earthly tides will turn, as long as lunar light is spread on earth and the solar one is given birth our strength remains, our anger dwells. For havoc we found, and humiliation once, let no more night pass on this burned ground, rebellion, unleashed and unbound, shall be what we are hungering for. And He shalt find his nemesis beneath Lethes blackened stream. __________ Night Her Course Began ...So spoke the spirit, the guiding one "Night" he said "her course began. Watch the stars on their mighty way, Feel her cold on thy trembling cheeks, the neversun and evergrey... So silent sunlight drowned the sea, So peaceful rose the mighty star, Laid is slumber over his creation, Arise, my shadows, near and far!" "Light" he said "let its course begin. Gathered art thou to follow my path, Enrich my words with flaming swords, Enflame thy souls with brightest wrath". A silence fell, the echo faded, From the rocks that rose up high. Few eyes were closed, few whispered words Then the loudest uproar filled the sky. So silent sunlight drank the oceans, So silent fell the mighty star Night her course began And with her rose a final war. __________ The Purgatory Winter See! Their blind eyes staring Into a deathlike emptiness so endless, so silent. Tempter eternal, May thy light become my strength To harvest the fruits Among the blinded. Unleash the storm Enslaver of all feeble souls Hunter of the misty plains Redeemer. Enthrone thy light Upon the ashes of a withered soil They shall see... Our immortality! Cleanse the world With the fires of a raging storm For all times shatter This masquerade obscene. Thy mourning grace Thy pale grandeur Grant us the wisdom of thousand ages. Awaken oh winter, On storms of freezing chill To carry our realm On wings of retaliation. Bringer of light, Thy flaming weapon we shall be To lead this stench of pestilence To luciferian damnation. Behold... Our final sacrifice A bright unearthly pyre. Burning... Their kingdoms of demise Purity by fire! __________ Catharsis - The Gathering Of Spirits Beyond the burning firmament Where skies unite and eternities fade Arising, the ardour of Helios Enlightens the chaos ere unseen And at the roaring sea I stand Upon the cold and bleak cliffs of time I watch the scenery unvisible for mortal eyes Behold, the beauty within these ruins! I yearn for the enthralling stars, But my wings still are broken My soul is poisoned by this deadly soil And my flesh is consumed by slow decay But with heart ablazed and will unbroken I conquered the searing rocks (once again) And... upon the silent waters The awakening storm is unleashed Light! Cherub, thy flaming sword will be Our strongest weapon raised upon thee In ragious rebellion we'll seek For the conquest of Eden, thou will hear us speak Catharsis - the gathering of spirits Towards the light... The Sun Is Ours! __________ Scarlet Gleaming Darkness The unseen paths surround me once again Driven by obscurest visions, the falling rain, That guides me through my ways at night Uncovers my soul, the pale flickering light. Darkness - I fall into your arms, Arise, sweet night, to never leave. Silence - still blazing in my soul, Thy solitude is my relief. Rising - the fallen one, To the firmament of light's demise Burning - the tears are dried, Within scarlet gleaming eyes. A wanderer I am, in deserts arcane An unsung poem, a melody unheard A roaming soul, a flowing stream In a vault of memories trembling, scared. So let my spirits awake, feed my hunger inside, Unleash deepest forces, my unsung anthems of night, Bring forth the strength, I once fell but i'm rising from pain, The darkness that gleams in my eyes Will be burning again. ...I see the coming dawn, it's mine, I see the velvet flickering shine That slowly creeps at the end of the view And swallows the stars that nightly grew. From scarlet darkness to arise Again the will that still defies.

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