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Blut & Krieg In A Bloody Night Of Fullmoon The fullmoon shines over the cemetery The wind roams slightly through the trees A smell of rottenness lies in the air Knocked over crucifixes, ransacked graves Besmeared with blood In a bloody night of fullmoon I was born In sin I want to live Under the freezing moon Dead bodies under the fullmoon On their chests... Carved pentagrams The Antichrist was born His destiny is the fight against jesus christ And his fucking god In a bloody night of fullmoon I was born In sin I want to live Under the freezing moon __________ Shadows Darkness everywhere, silence everywhere Trees stand like giants in front of me A weak wind blows through my hair Like a ghost wich is going through your body The shrubs sing the song of fear The grass sways it with the wind Shadows The huge trees with magnificent crowns Don't let the moon shine down to me Every step goes into uncertainty Every look catchs it Shadows Hasty it flits through the night Glowing eyes stare at me The shrubs sing on the song of fear My journey through the nightly woods goes on Everything turns around me Everywhere are shadows The branches snap on going Everywhere are glowing eyes Everywhere are shadows Are it the children of the night They accompany me Flits past in the trees As shadows __________ ...And Snow Covered The Lifeless Bodies The moon goes its way in the northern sky Anxious it circles over the horizon Frost-pregnant winds push it In front of themselves The night has thrown it's veil over the land Birds are filling fast te dark sky Their huge dark wings wide stretched Gliding silently through the night The snow falls slightly and peacefully Evaporates when it's touching my skin I see a light whizzing fast the sky A shooting star My black heart beats faster Out of pleasure, out of fear I don't know The weapons died away Flames beat high into the sky Fog comes down The field saturated with blood With the blood of our enemies Hail - To you, it was a good battle Hail to our enemies Bloodsmeared blades Smashed armours everywhere The death was riding with us Side by side we have fought The Power of darkness were with us ...And snow covered the lifeless bodies __________ Blut & Krieg Die Sonne verdunkelt sich Der leblose Mond schiebt sich vor sie Langsam verdunkelt sich der Horizont Eine unheimliche Stimmung kommt auf Grausames Kriegsgeheul Von den gegenüber liegenden Hügeln Schallt es herüber Sie rüsten sich für den Angriff Das Kreuz, es leuchtet herüber Das Zeichen Gottes, das Ende ist nah Sie kämpfen für eine längst tote Macht Blut & Krieg Endlich sie kommen Gepanzerte Pferde, gepanzerte Körper Sie stürmen den Hügel herunter Auf unser Lager zu, doch wir sind gerüstet Unser Banner, das Pentagramm Weht straff im kalten Wind Umgeben von all unseren Brüdern Reiten wir ihnen entgegen Wir werden unser Leben geben Für eine stärkere Macht Schwerter kreuzen sich Sie bohren sich in das Fleisch der Gegner Abgetrennte Gliedmaßen überall Das Blut spritzt uns ins Gesicht Doch das Schlachten nimmt kein Ende An den Stielen der Äxte Klebt das Blut unserer Feinde Das Christenbanner ist zerschlagen Der letzte Christ zertrümmert Unsere Horde war siegreich Blut & Krieg __________ Kingdom Of Forgotten Dreams Knights full of fear, knights full of hate Endless long it appear me Dream tyrannile my sleep Dreams about death Dreams about power For everybody it is open The gate to the kingdom of forgotten dreams Everybody can enter it At night, when your body falls in sleep Is it the best time Slowly the things begin to turn around you What once was is again to get over What still comes... You can see it Demos take possession of you Inyour dreams They try to take you on the other side Dreams which are long forgotten Live again in you Scatter your thoughts, torment you The demon of dreams torments you The gate wide opened He stretched out his claws After new victims it grip When they dream He'll find them in their dreams And don't let them again awake And endless they'll sleep Endless they dream Imprisoned In the kingdom of forgotten dreams Imprisoned in the hell of eternity __________ Under The Cold Fullmoon Through the night, through the darkness Through the forests, through the fields Through the mountains, through the rivers Through the coldness of the northwind Under the cold fullmoon Fullmoon, cold and merciless Take my soul Through the airs on black wings Through the stars I glide Under the forests, the mountains I pass all and glide away Under the cold fullmoon Fullmoon, cold and merciless Take my soul Pass palaces, pass castles I glide on my black wings Through the night, through the darkness Through the coldness of the northwind Under the cold fullmoon __________ The Infernal Master Returns When the day is an eternal night And the fullmoonshine the only light When firestorms attacks the earth It's a sign for evil's rebirth And when the sky turns it bloodred And flames the houses of christ burn Then the time has come And our infernal master returns Split with INFERNO Moonblood - Kingdom Under Funeral Skies Conquer the storm On Zephyrous Wings Ride into the sunset Follow the shadow grey and dark Stride through the veil Of black fenrir's howl Marks your path When the light is dying slow You'll enter a realm Beyond mortality To the stormlord you'll blow You'll know when you reached Your journey's end When you cross the Threshold of malediction Don't be afraid To give up to your fears You don't need A saviour's benediction Gravestones rule that grim land's sight And mist is dwelling here eternal Rain is whipping under funeral skies The athmosphere nearly infernal Born out of dead man's ashes Are the creatures who rule With swinging axe In the mists of wrath and anger They're breaking the weak heretics neck Air is filled with dark necromancy And the water is only a witches brew Sorcerers decide of your entry You must be cruel, like the chosen few Walk the path until the glad Where the ivory towers thrones The witchcraft of a thousand wizards Is buried here with their rotten bones Open the gate to that cursed tower Where the evil of this universe sleep Set free the hatred, the anger and wrath Until it again in all human hearts creep Split with DEATHSPELL OMEGA Moonblood: Forgotten Spells In Forests Nocturnal Eyes of infernal beauty stare Deep from ancient forests nocturnal Behind the shadows of your fear they lurk Dwelling under a spell eternal Bony claws stretches it out of the mist Begging for their salvation Imprisoned to dwell under a forgotten spell In the realm of evil's adoration Necromancers united aeons ago Their magic powers to enchant the place This forest was possessed by the night's spell For all times and for every race And every mortal who stepped at this soil Was catched by forces infernal To end his life in eternity In forgotten spells in forests nocturnal I feel the looks from their hidden places The crueltiest pain I felt ever I know that the night's spell imprisoned me And I will rest here forever __________ A Silent Dream Of Impurity His eyes look so soft and clear And white are his clothes A creature, chosen to dwell above the clouds Imprisoned in a garden of holyness A sleeping angel Malicious thoughts aren't welcome here And a white spell of peace reigns over it But a might insidious and dark Is willing to desecrate the holy ban With a black magic it's creating a dark shadow And this shadow, full of evil, is trembling beyond the holy garden Slowly it's entering the aura of the sleeping holy one And he awakes, coz of a morbid feeling He did never felt such a power Did never felt such a lust A wall of darkness is surrounding him And the softness in his eyes is lost He's entering the traitorous shadow again And still more malice replaces his faith The truth did kiss his blinded mind Now he knows that there is a might, stronger than Heaven And his eyes are turning black __________ Bells Of Apocalypse A frost-pregnant night is broken on And twelve times beat the bell The hour of the antichrist is coming And the moon sets free its spell Cold and frosty winds are blowing And out of the earth beating infernal flames Burning all scum of humanity Burning all the christian shame And like a warhorde we're running through the flames Killing all, merciless and fast Death and destruction is the new law We're on the way to the forgotten past And under the veil of destruction We hail the apocalypse And with a powerful beating they're singing The bells of apocalypse And the coldness in our hearts is unbearable And the bells of destruction ring Under the spel of hate we're marching Under the bells of apocalypse __________ I Hail The Night I see the dark clouds Which are ruling this night of doom Roaming slowly through the dark And I see the birds of night Their cries are painful Their wings are beautiful black and large And I see the moon with its cold eyes And I see the stars in their pride And I send my hails out into the darkness Send my hails to the night And a lustful feeling satisfies my soul Dark thoughts roaming through my mind Thoughts of destruction, thoughts of perversion Can never the answer find The light is my enemy In lustful ecstasy I hail the other side I hail the night And my ways goes through the forest of lost souls Through the forest of nocturnal hate And I lost my soul in these diabolical areas And the path is darkened by a shade I never want to reach the Heaven Never want to serve the side of light My life was dedicated to the power of the moon And my thoughts are filled with the unholy might I've reached my goal, found my place Here I wanna die Among these trees should be my grave Here I wanny lie __________ Deathspell Omega: Follow The Dark Path All my life is dedicated to the master of evil. For him I shall send to Hell the bastard human race. Since the day I was spawned on these lands, I keep on bringing pain and death everywhere. I'm at war while my eneies live for peace. My kind destroys all the weak earthly creations. Intense blasphemies, total impure sins, sick atrocities, Satan's the cause for which I live. Few are the strong ones that follow the dark path. Mature as a whole shall be exterminated. I'll never sleep even when the horned king call me back, every day and every night I strike like a disease. All my way of slaying give me pleasure. I rape, I cut, I make them all burn. With an insane perversion chaos I spread. The satanic legions come from beyond death, The world from the outside must perish in flames And the souls we take shall feed our supreme wreth. You can hear me tolling the knell of your fate, But the last sound you'll hear is your final breath. I'll reduce your body and soul to ashes. It will take some time but victory is certain. __________ Morbid Rituals Tonight there's a new procession. Worshippers of the beast walk silently towards another church to take another life. Our aim is to desecrate this weak creation that is mankind. One by one, we kill these creatures full of disgusting goodness, to increase the evil within ourselves. Last time we slayed an old priest, and now we have a new borned child. He will be baptized again but with his own blood... We light some candles and prepare the altar... The ritual has begun. We shout demonic spells, the little larva cries, as we brandish a knife. Blood runs from the altar and falls on the ground. The warm entrails are hung on their cross. In cursed chalices we drink to the reign of Satan. Pentagrams are drawn on the wall of the house of God. The bestial sacrifice is over. We are the masters of terror, the shadows that will destroy your peaceful world. Under the pale moonlight, tomorrow we'll strike again. Our cruelty has no boundaries. Just wait for your turn. __________ Yells From The Abyss Death is not an eternal and peaceful rest, a kind of beautiful paradise. Indeed you'll meet your almighty maker, but he's not the one you think he is. There is no sweet kingdom of heaven, full of flowers and green landscapes. No god will welcome you with open arms, like a father who forgives all your sins. In fast Death is a sempiternal nightmare, where unknown tortures tear your soul to pieces. You left your body but you still feel the pain, imprisoned by infernal demons forever. In the deepest abyss, every human soul is the slave and the toy of Satan. His armies play with you till they are fed up, and throw your spiritual essence in the lake of fire. Hell is the superior dimension that slowly annihilate the weak nature... The torment never stops and you pray for a final death. You await an endless void that will never come. No resurrection will save you from this extreme agony. There is no escape from this world of suffering, and in your previous world no one can hear you scream. Scream and taste our hate! Total invasion will soon begin on earth, Hell will rise from the abyss to eradicate each atom of life. Split with KATHARSIS Moonblood - Supreme Black Forces Of Steel Roaming through the arons back Through thousands of years forgotten Steel hand ruled with cruelly hands Let back only bones to rot Forget in flames by a mortals hand The magic power revealed Mortals recognized the supreme black force Created war for oppression and to kill They fell the might of the new element Strong arm for the law New weapons were created by warriors brains For the enemies to gore A new strange lust conquered their minds Lust for might and lust to kill The spirit of war awoke the greed For the blood to spill Gods were created by weakminded mortals As excuse to dray the atrorilys Only a horde of blood-rurdling fighters Believed in the supreme black forces of steel Bloody axes and red coloured blades Because of bloodlust they are guilty But they always refused their beliefs oppression Fighting on for their glory Dusk Woerot Dusk Woerot Chapter I On the socrilegious and tortuous Dungeon of rustiness From these forgotten fields The withering and ailing essence Called woerot Vawls a shrink of pain With a shuder of disgust "Alas, i have crawled my hate suffering under the hellish shadows of thorny paths where my gloomy tears of blood fall being veckoned towards the abysm" The vilapivation and mourning of woerot Shall engender upon your souls A black yell of torment We must listen to him writhe And bewail of sorrowwrage "My dismal chant to disavov the lightness is groaming a perpetual requiem while my illumed falldown in this world turns infuriating and unverable without my ancient dwelling, my coffin" And forever woerot cries: "If my distress and ruthlessness are a real sore and eternal blasphemy done poem hail Death! Ave Dusk Woerot!!!" __________ Dusk Woerot Chapter II And the darklord found a place Ont he fields where none have returned Where all the twisted gods lie... There, where it's obeisance feel in the oblivion Like our tears of painwrath striken on this path There, burning bleed my unholy wardeath Screaming ancient incantations... And when the ovloguy defiles Thy ovnoxious souls It's evil omen will be Dungeon and sore Perhaps very soon The gloominess shall draggle itself death Throughout those endless weepings Into the shades To wield the deepest scepter Prone upon woerot... Thy dark doom, black evil and death For woerot only Hail Death! Ave Dusk Woerot!! As I snear my darkblood Upon the wirdsword Throughout the gates Into the immortality tortured moon Thus the faithnized victims Of the lair of suffering Those who have imprisoned Their infernal torment By their own demise They will must inflict this doomed shrine Entangled in my sores And when all my screams Turn unheard to the death Maybe your blasphmey falls slowly On woerot's scepter Buried inside the most dismal coffin Where the existence crawls it's throe Under thorns, to lament this condemn Warriors of pain and darkness Hail Death Ave Dusk Woerot!!! __________ Dusk Woerot Chapter III Torture the flesh with spines Upon the rack Then vehemently vanguish the existence Under a dark coffin And from the miasmatical impurity The curst-burnt offering Shall suppurate a flithy stench of pain Thou art woerot, what dwells within Wrath forever, defaced and flaming Ghastly foetus entangled on me Doomed and evilers on the Insanity's domain Hail Death Ave Dusk Woerot!! Grovel into the entrails Of the regrettable havor Woerot the unholy woe has been prone Under the coldest, vilapidated coffin To celebrate the gloomiest funeral wooing Ancient ceremony darkened By the stinl of exhumation And beyond the epitaph an obsequies Turn chant and rite Below death and vereavement of flesh Where the emaciated souls Eternally dwell in dreariness Because that woe shall always Be mourning and shade When thy falling comes: Ave Dusk Woerot! And when those devious paths May ensanguine thy flagitious existence Thou shall exhume the egegious funeral As the ingrowing pain would be Inflicted upon us Where the inquity has crowled It's almost ghoul And where we suffer, perpetually Ourselves scars... Thus the mournful soul tears the furtive sob When lightness locerates it's kibosh And your rabies and your chaos want torture The tragedian warpoem The shadow fields of vitterly unheard Hail Death Ave Dusk Woerot! __________ Born To Live In The Shadows Of Damnation A veil of everlasting darkness Is ruling this unholy night The moon stand in full clothes on the Dark colored Sky And the stars are shining bright Flames on horizon light up the blackness Flames of the christcrushing war I see the tears in the eyes of the moon I see the coldeyed stars I see ths silhouettes of forgotten ages Passing slowly beside me on I see the pain of the innocent Which was done by fanatic jesus sons I feel the power inside of me Power from a higher side I see the frozen blood on the soil I feel the forgotten pride And loneliness is my destiny And to rule the dark colored sky

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