9 ian. 2009


Bloody Commands To Destroy Their Future Bloody Commands To Destroy Their Future Father, King of darkness Holy berg on bloody ocean Lord of hidden cemeteries of children Coldest soul of my gray oldest forest Crying power of thy tearful ravens King of the dreadful darkness Commander of dark ages and sacrifice Golden sword of madness My holy sins of suicide The black god of the underworld Victorious blast of sacrifice Hey! I speak to you father... I speak to you Jabbar... Teach me to destroy their landscapes Call my name upon the wrathful winds Summon the ashes from the gates of darkness Leave me in the bloody ocean And help me when the light has come Embrace me in the darkest abyssic imperials Jabbar! The reason of my sacrifice and suicide Give me thy power of the sin Give me the veil to never see the light Give me your last sword to destroy children Give me your last sword to destroy... Give me your last sword... Give me... Here is endless darkness Come here I want to embrace your robe Show me another holy imperial... To destroy again, To destroy forever Jabbar! Let me to take your hands To fly on the endless gray skies Let me in the ravens mass Give me thy throne of doom Feel my body, Drink my blood Take my heart, Take my soul Merg my soul with your last angel Because I am the last, who serve you Teach me to drink her blood Let me to sacrifice for you Like Elizabeth Bathory Replace me with your sword I destroy forever, for you Because no one know my grave In the cemetery that you make... Do you remember that night ? The wind's whisper, in the the forest beyond Dancing of the shadows and happiness To make another cemetery And you tell it Jabbar... I serve you , forever... Trust me, trust yourself! I am Jabbar

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