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Upon Promeathean Shores Promeathea - Thy Darkest Mask Of Surreality (Intro) "The darkest clouds are forming, Remove my mask of serenity from my tortured face, We are as one desire, Beneath the infinity of the majestic sky, Arise my darkest entity, From the domain which I dwell, Our time has come, This is our kingdom, We are the essence of warm winters." __________ A Graven Winter Through the Darkening Tranquility, the Entwining of Twin Passion in Deepest Love, of one Vision of the Immortal Graveyard. Centuries of Sleep on a Journey to my Rapture, as I gaze up through Spellbinding Branches the Deepest Snow falls thick Scorching into my Heart. The most Supreme Vision of all, for the Sharpening of Deepest Midnight in the Essence of Perpetual Winter... is my Journey complete? The Breeding of Witchcraft shall Consume the Night, to Unite as One - A Living Immortal Monument... The Slaughter Of Innocence - A Requiem For The Mighty The Slaughter Of Innocence, A Requiem For The Mighty From the darkest kaos from beyond this time I shall free my wings as our souls align Mortal barriers are falling in crippling time In the moonlighting darkness, the garden divine For invoking the dark, and the blood of its Lord It shall punish the weak with its bestial sword The innocent blood sacrificed in the night Within darkness comes rapture in beautiful sight Feel the midnight's pull The answers to darkness and dreams in full For only as eternity unfolds Lie the secrets within a funeral toll Slain by the hand too close to see Prism in their eyes for eternity Blessedly fading for all to see Painting a picture of hypocrisy Fraying at the edges of sanity Beneath its surface a part of me Unleash the tyrant from within For no face can see beneath this opaque mask of deadened time Image that emerges through the wrath and pain combined Silken dreams of Avalon where shadows dwell for all time As a demon I roar Within the fabric of thoughts My purpose an anchor And exhale my spirit into the night air Stained as I fall beneath my shroud And my flesh anointing tribute to the proud In a breath from an everless nightfalll enshadowed thee Fore I am forever as eternity chants its chivalty As a silhouette in the night Not of this world of within sunlight Fore only as eternity unfolds Lie the secret within a funeral toll __________ Within The Ruins Of Eden Fire of light, the ancients of dark night Transcending through the war of passions delight Feeding on the screams, a prelude to eternity's sigh Shading like the trees, the gods are on their knees How thouest darkness fills my dreams I cannot forget the touch of winters breath With infinity trapped in a sickening vale Safe in their dark catatombs darkness unveiled But a silhouette simply just like a shadow Is shading the monument longing to overthrow Ruins of Eden, savage of the demon And shall spread his wings of eternity Ripping forth through heaven and unto my dark angel The fortress of this flesh is lonely and possessed To a place where time and space are death On a stagnant pool against the shores of Valhalla In the presence of the shadows of Knell They shall suffer in the fires of hell Dark stagik forces and channelling fire Fore here I am to walk in the garden of desires Diabolus is rising forth to awaken the undead Beyond the graves of shadows raging forth where angels fear to tread Merely in an eye, of unholy sacrifice Imprisoned for eternity Lighting up the sky, the infant born to die In darkening serenity I am the dark living part of eternity veiled in the darkness Breathing the chants hereafter For deep in the woods I shall dwell in the stream of my languid creator Dancing with fire in the moonlight Dancing with fire in the moonlight SATANAS Dark Requiems... And Unsilent Massacre The Pagan Swords Of Legend Slaying souls, danse macabre From within and still unscarred I stand alone and solemn as thy distant lights frey to death And all around fore none as demon shall be found Out beneath the azrael Tolling raven of the knell And to my dark angel Whose form too vast to comprehend As demons rise and re-ascend Here is were evenings serenades Amidst the dawn as gracious slaves For my words are without sound Far beyond and well renown Centuries of dusk in time Bleeding shadows of thy shrine Within, thy darkness frey born of kaos in decay Reaping shadows unto thee A gracious death for all to see As infinite avails The human race that never fails Played upon thy calming heart Eyes of terror bleeding hard That I doth control thee Leading southward to the key Hanging from the brances frail Queen of darkness to unveil Where whispers charm thy emptiness And pierce thy tenous membrane That striketh through my anguished heart And tainted skys, where once demons remained As the silent darkness breeding Winters hate in silouettic sky Stained with blood of an ancient slumber With such a passionate melancholy Of ages past and times to come Shall speak in sound and slay in tongues And spirits chanting satans hail As darkness falls unto thy veil Between in death thy black spirit From thy pain we shall commit Sleeping shadows demons fray From beyond in massacre's pain Fore thou art draped in sin Amidst the shadows I have been And seek the silent sentinel On battlefields where they fell Desire rekindles thee Nearer than infinite The dying scent of fragrant death Fore spell of winter I possess That I might dream thy pain Invoke to tee like dragons slain A lullaby like song of grave Caressing shadows, demons slave Thou alone soth se me in this sorrow Fore thou art beautiful, fore thou art bright Flashing thy splendour amidst the midnight Thou canst not flee, mine shalt thou be Of all enchantment Thou shalt a goddess be __________ Centuries Of Wolven Hunger Give me the art of cheating and deceiving of thy dreams May each and all become the death of ancient winter screams Thus on her knees shall bequeath The cold, cold moon writhes under What thou desirest thou shalt obtain As the war begins, Jehovah be slain Darkness seeps upon abyss Shall victimise the serpents kiss Feast and drain thy goblet deep A silence torn unto defeat I wait for thee of killing spree The soul and pain both unredeemed As silence burns in witching hour As thou wilt seek to hear them scream Since thou hath made thy offering The truth be known of evening spring Who the chase by night preferest thee Misfortuned deemed uncertainty Thou who wakest in starry slumber Of the stars and of the moon The wolven screams of thy desire Of the horn thyself the huntress Huntress of the night forseen Of cloaking blackness too obscene Although our sight - ARADIA The dance in flames for thy slumber __________ Forever In Ebony Drowning The bestial sunset black at dawn As I embrace thee The dark god and I will keep thee safe Scream to us in terror Fore darkness is the essence of revenge and all mortality I am the ending before life begins again Ritualised as darkness falls to call the unbeleivers Satan majesty of night shall punish its deceivers Thou art immortal reign of terror and seductive pain From the darkness The moon dwelleth I And all kaos rise Incantation breathe Consecration be The seasons are as one derived I pour my soul as nocturnal wine Who wouldst break thy hallowing point, as darkness neverending of mist between, we shall be seen, and thus evil descending The seasons are as one derived Of kaos and eternal shrines From ashes of their ruined eden Cloaked and veiled we follow demon Thou art aged in tribulation Silent, dark, forbidding one Of every aeon of lore within Bleak with the shadows and captured in sin As one or the other is ending this way To bring shame on the fools who have nothing to say Deep in the shadows I learned how to curse Fore the ending is nearer than that of the earth The lenght of their suffering prolonged in time As dreaming of winter becomes a new shrine Forgotten, forlorn in ebony I drown As king of the night and darkness I'm crowned In chapters of kaos and magik within Shall repent all my sorrow and indulge in sin The seaons are as one derived As kaos falls and eternal shrines Who wouldst break thy hallowing point as darkness neverending Of mist between, we shall be seen, and thus evil descending, thou art immortal reign of terror and seductive pain __________ Upon The Kingdom Throne Interlaced within your rapture Wrapped in twighlight from hereafter So that you might know the flavour of that desire Destiny through dreams of sorrow All life ends weak and hollow And cannot know your tears of light shall remain "The skys alone told tales of fire Conspiracy of pain and desire Raping heavens to the thunders roar" Oh, dost thou Dost thou taste the languid sweetness of my love For revenge of fire on heaven Of what has been left within And the chaptered pain of horror Deeply sighs and spreads her wings You shall hear me with your ears That are deaf to spoken tongues Enchanting all forsaken Voices poisoning their lungs And to be spoken forever In webs of enshadowed destiny They do not penetrate the conscious mind Reflecting sanity Drawing all life and light into them Leaveth thou in their turmoil draining again The sound of emotion, thy thunderous heart And tethered forever in your thoughts from afar Beneath the veil of tears they wear They see not clear enough to care Darkness seething avalon, fore skys reap death and heavens tear And speak in tongue of secrets told Of spirits kindred, bought and sold A kingdom beneath a veil of dark shalt remain Your velvet skin in breath of sorrow A token of thy graveless honour Fore thou art the touch of death like winters sigh And to remain in this forever Draped in darkness here together So many dreams but never sleeping Anguished pain, eternal weeping __________ Dark Requiems And Unsilent Massacre Thy souls in flames of anger, and cruelty cradle thee In times of war and dragons lore, unleashing unto me Deepest red born winter, for none so dark as thou With kaos as its figurines, and monuments of stone Invoke to thee, dark majesty silence told in darkness breathe Shall soak with blood in secrets told through forests dusk of putrid dreams Stained with blood our seal shall be alive Suffering, indulged in sin as flesh and fire are one within Raping heavens to the thunders roar Bring forth the circle and the skys we shall command And deathly haunting avalon forever in this land With hate embracing vengeance of power on thy seal Shall blessedly affect their death, enchanting all surreal Blackening kaos ripping through my soul "Beneath souls of infinite light, as darkness falls upon all As invocations of terror and destruction Condemn and deny those of feeble weakness" Upon the altar Darkness destroy thou We are of winter Release seals of death All about this ruined tomb, fragment silence of forever Dreaming ancient winters in the moonlight SIlence of forever drowning And fall, embrace me to the sun And failed to wake, to be then forsaken As gardens die and heavens shake We are the silence of forever burning bright Darkness, crawls in all eternity As fear be their martyr Draped in darkest ebony Upon the altar darkness reaches through my soul Enchanting in the garden be thy kingdom on the throne Dark satanic majesty, give unto me the seal of the damned So that I may conjure thee, as infinity burns The reflections of deepest emotion burning within Death and all avalon awaiting, as blackness surrounding, Immortality prevail in emotion... in emotion... Anoo nomine satanas nightfall... In the name of the dark one Ad majorem satanas gloreiam __________ Thy Sorrow Bequeathed And wash away this sweet despair I give all that I am to you For reasons they cannot quite discern Somewhere deep within the night Darkness chimes in justice Reasons for armistace Unaware, between thy values of grace Freedom yet inferno Spiting all incarnal Ever so silent the graveridden kiss Breaking in mercy, shall fall to thy knees As kaos damnation, spreading its wings Through winds of salvation our sorrow doth share And armed with the seals of blackness we wear Woven silken darkness from thy dreams Lo' the ancient queen Thy paleness still bequeathed And shadowing thy nest of dawn Beneath the throne we shall redeemed We shall redeem our nature In shadows that I cast is yours Of spinning visions of other shores Fore art reflecting deeming night And shall reside in candlelight Alive, come forth, thou art in yearning Irrevocably their worth And certain guardians of the gates I am the living part of death And so beyond understanding of thee Unleashing darkness gripped in light with fury Wrapped in purpose yet with everything to see Darkness bestowed unto thee And shall declare thy living breath For none so certain to cheat death __________ The Scarlet Forsaken As the scarlet and amber, peers in through forsaken Thy gravelessness whisper remains Where time can never dwell in this solitary hell Even though we are free of its chains For I am not as once I was I yearn to search and watch return Meeting shadows, seasons tare As once they roamed without a care The blood and wine, for art divine All mist in seething, never sleeping As I wait in thy rapture, the sound of our laughter Sword in my hand I shall arise For darkness in waiting, prevail and forsaking Enshadowing evil divine From an evergreen land where the lore shall command The patrons of right shall remain And dwelleth forever int he lands of the nether MEWN LLADDU I'R SAESON GAN DDWYLO CYMRU Be found in trains of nightmare thy darkness remains A precarious entity subjected to change A yearning expressed sprung through tales of death As infinity unites, with kaos we remain For centuries of dark shall crack open the moonlight sky This mournful sound as darkness falls upon thy face I cannot see beyond the haze that distorts thy shadow 'Neath of terrible slaves And wouldst thou trade thy dying soul For the life that burns That a thousand lifetimes be hidden in frost Held captive forever for the war they've lost Draped in sinister pain, only terror remains And the scarlet forsaken be hidden in shame __________ Ancient Graveless Dawn To a place of ancient splendour I returned to moments night To catch the lightning in your eye And tame it with a lullaby Darkness falls upon thy face All figments of the human race It is as if I've always known For none but them the overthrown Deep in the shadows the prism is thine And death lying waiting within horned god sign The graves lying silently seeping their worth As creatures, as warriors once roaming the earth Destiny of ancient sorrows Falls through shattered dreams That pierces like a lightning bolt Re-kindling thy darkest scream Ancient, of dawn For none so art like him, as I am darkness spawned Releasing shadows as we fall, I am your empath Slowly growing pale, capturing the dusk in sin Darkness, breathes superior, swallowing the moonlight sky As fate within thy destiny that came to life in one black night Faith in all the keepers of our legend Death intertwined and embracing all time All figments eluded that practically shine Have faith in your warriors, weak as their worth And slain in amusing satanical curse "And upon my word we shall unite Heeding eternal blackness For none so like him as us As deepest storms roll And falling rain on to thy face Remember me as king upon the throne of pain" And midnight of hunger ripping forth with hate As vengeance chimes thy fate Upon an altar, a song played upon the wind As covens, indulged in sin

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