7 ian. 2009


Stab Wounds Iconoclasm Omega Can't stand the thought to exist within a lie Katharsis unleashed, hear my call This is the point of no return Can't wait for the day Armageddon rapes humanity Nemesis unleashed, nations will pray in vain I have seen the face of death This is the end supreme I abdicate god And his creation I abdicate "life" And mankind's false illusions Pitch black deserts await my pain, so odious mundane A perversion called "life" lead my astray let me awake from this never ending faint Bury me insanity! All this can't be real Bury me despondency! There are just too many wounds to heal Within the storm of a thousand fears You will see the face of disdain Within the hour of a thousand tears You will hear my name again Dead Race Walking! __________ Self Mutilation "Welcome to my world, I know, You won't see, what I see, feel what I feel" Guided by sin, obsessed by anguish Again and again Doomed to suffer, a slave of disdain "Bleef for me, and I'll lead you To a higher ectasy Bleed for me, and I'll lead you To a deep kind of agony" Only pain... As the blade feeds my weary flesh again Only hate... As the blade seals my contaminated fate Tempted by emotions So far away from what you call "life" Unchained wolves Swallow my soul Despair is the source of all life Self-Destruction the only way I choose death to live! And when Utopia crumbles Morbid souls move on ...my journey has just begun... __________ Stab Wounds All the pain I felt in "life" Shall now be yours until your soul is torn apart All the despair I had to bear Shall now melt within your mendacious heart With my final breath I curse your feeble flesh To "life" eternal in a joyless labyrinth Thousands of years of pain for you, every single heartbeat a stab wound within your soul I am the witness of your fall, I am the stab wound within your soul I am the storm within the cold I am the stab wound within your soul I am distress, when you crawl I am the stab wound within your soul No benediction, no release No remorse... this scars shall never heal! ...and wherever you may be, wherever you may go, my hatred will follow __________ When 1000 Crypts Awake Cold, my heart Raped by the descendants of light Embittered my soul Drowned in a flood of desperate views It feels like I have walked this earth For a thounsand years, my breath so heavy, my tears in vain Hypnos embraces mes The dead caress my sleep once more I gaze at one single shining star, That shows me the way To a distant crypt, to my grave I am yearning for When thousand crypts awake, You can hear them calling for me When thounsand souls are lost The winds whisper a tragedy Of one single soul, That reached infinity __________ Despise The "Living" Nightmare, oh precious nightmare, Be my guest, my only friend In times of despair Whilst "life" passes by, Life that never were Time heals wounds, But I cannot forget Time heals wounds, But I cannot forgive The gallows call for you, The gallows call for me, Can't you see the end is near? Nightmare, oh glorious nightmare Tell me within my dreams undreamt If this is the life they all speak of? "Unicus impulsus Animi mei est Mortem obire Mihi mortem conscisco At tamen tum Demum vivetum" Infamous hope, Monolith of a dying race I caluminate humanity With delight Pestilence, come forth to judge Come forth and erase this final remembrance __________ A Midnight Poem Hours get lost, every shadow A fragment of the past A scenario of the dead In grievance for the hours we shared Curse me, take my breath away Life disgusts me Touch me, take my "life" away Life disgusts me Years got lost, every single moment A fragment of demise For the bleak seasons never change Within this desolating overture Curse me, take my breath away Life disgusts me Touch me, take my "life" away Life disgusts me Life got lost, all hope forsaken Again the shadows lead my way To a distant place... to another day Why? __________ Rest In Oblivion Still, I gaze upon to the death-drowned skies, Where all my buried visions lie, Still, the pulse of "life" tears me apart, Like a burning dagger within my heart Smothering, suffering, My face in the mirror Just another carved monument of transience Like a grey illusion in a midnigth's dream Longing for the final coronation The day of this sickness' cremation A weary soul, pierced by the wounds of "life" Depressing emptiness, Loss of perception Misery, come and bless my soul once more Forgotten, the time, when I was free Forsaken, the place, where I wish to be Just one picture marked in my mind, Death take my hand, Take me to the ruins of my destination! Rest in oblivion my persihed soul, In places so drab, in timeless spheres, Never to be called again Life is all in vain, for only ashes will remain __________ Like A Somnambulist In Daylight's Fire Don't ask, why darkness never ends I believe some things were never meant to be I am Death's devoted instrument Abysmal dirges guide my way to the graveyard ground Disharmonic choirs from out of the morgue scream I am Death's devoted instrument Alcohol within my veins, mesmerized my senses Addicted to the other side I feel the subconscious need To leave this human entity My soul was sentenced far too long, To perish in a lifeless shell, To search for answers in this living hell It doesn't take a lifetime to feel alone It just takes a look at you...yet it's too late... ...it's time to end it here... Suicide, the only solution My senses drift away Through a bleak vortex of supplanted memories Fragments of "life" passing by Through sorrow, tears and silent cries Death, is it you my faithful friend? (Could it be, that I've already seen the end?) We are just fading moments Of a specious fate May I be one with decadence I've pulled the trigger far too late!

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