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Svartalvheim Trumps Of An Archangel Reveal to me, let me see, the precious face of yours. In darkness, where I'm alone, come forth with your wars. You, forever my lord. You, forever my lord, I always deny jesus, son of god. Creation, never done by god, salvations, I find in the goat, Lucifer, brand me with your mark, Lord of darkness, come out from the dark! Red morningstar, watch me attack, I shall reveal, weak son of god, forever the human lies spreading all wrong, (crushed by) all his evil arts, evil arts of war! Creation, never done by god, salvations, I find in the goat, Lucifer, brand me with your mark, Lord of darkness, come out from the dark! __________ The Call Of The Absu Deep You lie still, forever dreaming. Belior, thy serpent calls to thee. Hear me, mighty Cthulu, living on a dream. Cthulu, Lord of dreams. Tiamat, Lord of Seas. Ariel, City of sleep. Cthulu, Lord of the Absu deep. In his arms made of yearn, dead Cthulu waits but dreaming, the enemy rose, Hades, be the kingdom, to cover the earth. Cthulu, Lord of dreams. Tiamat, Lord of Seas. Ariel, City of sleep. Cthulu, Lord of the Absu deep. Hades shall come, back to the earth. In sleep, death's son, unifies. Belfritz, here she unfolds, the secrets of the dead! Cthulu, Lord of dreams, Tiamat, Lord of Seas, Ariel, City of sleep. Cthulu, Lord of the Absu deep. __________ Eerily Howling Winds Eerily howling winds, hear the wolves cry. Cries of hunger, cries of hate. The ruler in the forest, below the red moon, hiding in shadows, under the golden forest crown. Eerily, howling winds Eerily, howling winds Eerily, howling winds Eerily, howling winds In the deep dark woods of Norway, they were nowhere to be found. The Ancient wolf spirit gathered and howled. We are the true pagans, we shall always be, from our day forward, to eternity. Forward in the forest, the old man laughed and grinned, spitting forth agony. The red full moon. This is my ode to thee, Ancient ruler of my land. Eerily howling winds, hear the wolves cry. Cries of hunger, cries of hate. In the old Norwegian moon, I will see their red eyes, and I shall greet them, listen to their beauty songs. Eerily, howling winds Eerily, howling winds Eerily, howling winds Eerily, howling winds The Cainian Chronicle Part I: The Curse Black clouds fill the day sky In the primitive lands of Nod As the two sons of Adam offer up Their gifts (of pride) to the one reigning high A dark fate born by sacrificial fire (Caine:) 'Oh, great father of my father Whom thou banished from thy garden Look down upon thy faithful servant And accept my beloved brother.' With tears of love the firstborn thrust His sharpest scythe deep into Abel's heart Rendering him lifeless but eternally Prized in the mind of god as his body withered In the scorching blaze (Caine:) 'Oh, my dear brother Forgive me for what I have done But to the one almighty A greater prize I have none.' (Adam:) 'Caine, thou has broken my seal of absolute love The crime thou'st committed meets not The approval of him above Forever shall you wonder in the lands beyond alone And from this day forth I cannot call thee my own.' (Caine:) 'Oh, father my great father Why hast thou cursed me so? Have I not done what thou asked for? To the shadowed woods I cannot go.' (Adam:) 'I can no longer endure thy sinful words This greatly unmerciful deed hast done his wrong I pray that thou find ways to repent And as I was cast out so you shall be gone!' Be gone! Exiled, the firstborn rushes off to the obscure yet Welcoming arms of Cimmerian darkness For there he shall find great wisdom And awaiting beneath the crescent moon lurks The mother of magick... __________ Part II: Lilith's Embrace (Caine:) 'Alone in the darkness I can hear The sweetest voice Whispering words of surcease And I rejoiced! Who would dare speak to one so Condemned as I? Do you know of my most wicked crime?' (Lilith:) 'I'm known as Lilith, your father's first bride Like you I'm cursed to dwell in the shadows of night.' (Caine:) 'How can one survive here in the dark groves forlorn? Without a sole compainion of a friend of some form?' (Lilith:) 'But there are many compainions in my infinite kingdom. Through magick and sorcery I've found my freedom.' (Caine:) 'I was cold and she clothed me, I starved And she fed me, I was mournful yet she loved me. I shed bloody tears and she made them dissapear She kissed away my tears Her powers I could see would forever set me free I begged her to awake me Her blood, sweet as wine, as I drank she would sigh Then I closed my eyes Into the dark I fell and fell A deepest abyss Surrounded by obscurity A price for her gift Out from the frigid blackness Came a radiant glimmering light Revealing the flaming archangel Known as Michael' (Michael:) 'Cursed son of Adam Indeed his mercy is great Bow thy head and repent thine sins now Before it's too late.' (Caine:) 'Not by his grace but my own, I choose to live with pride Your 'merciful' god disgusts me His kingdom infested with lies.' (Michael:) 'You sad irrelevant fool Have thy no shame? You shall forever fear the light Of the living flame.' (Caine:) 'On the mornign by silver wing Raphael came to me and said Abel did forgive me Not by his (forgiveness) but mine own For darkness is my home I walk alone My skin would burn by the sun's rays I learned And the dawn had returned to earth below I did run seeking shelter from the sun The endless night of Caine had begun When I awoke, Uriel appeared The reaper with black wings But thrice denied his grace Hence, my blood-curse begins...' __________ Part III: Disciplines Of Cain / Part IV: Zilla And The Crone Disciplines Of Cain My wrathful cries of anguish Filled that dismal night I tore at my flesh and drank my crimson tears When I glanced up Appearing in a myriad of stars The illustrious archangel Gabriel shimmered Like the moon in my eyes Bringing mercy even to the damned But why? Why? He spoke of a path The path of Golconda From which my children could once again Inhabit the light Without another word, he disappeared And I conceived I had awakened at last Then the bright-eyed demoness Taught me how to hide from the eyes Of those who dare to hunt us How to command obedience And demand respect Soon I found myself attaining (yet) greater powers I could alter forms, control all beasts and perceive Beyond sight Eventually I had to abandon Lilith And flee from the barren lands of Nod Set out to procreate my progeny Caine's children shall inherit the night Zilla And The Crone Of all my children, none so beloved My sweet Zillah, none so desired Her tender skin, her blood so saccharine I was mesmerized by her enchanting eyes But she would turn from me, she had no love to me Nothing I'd provide could keep her satisfied So I took to roam the wilderness alone Amid the whispering trees, a wrinkled crone I did see (Crone:) 'My spell can make thee win her heart Drink of my blood then we'll start' (Caine:) 'Her (foul) blood I drank for many nights And Zillah indeed became my wife' (Crone:) 'The elixir hast bound thee My serving thrall thou always be' (Caine:) 'But after a year (and a day) her grasp (on me) had gone With a stake through the heart, I left her to the dawn' __________ At The Infernal Portal (Canto III) Per me si va ne la citta dolente Per me si va ne l'etterno dolore Per me si va tra la perduta gente Guistizia mosse il mio alto fattore Fecemi la divina podestate La somma sapienza e'l primo amore Dinanzi a me non fuor cose create Se non etterne, e io etterno duro Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch'intrate Through me you enter the woeful city Through me you enter eternal grief Through me you enter among the lost Justice moved my high maker The divine power made me The supreme wisdom, and the primal love Before me nothing was created If not eternal, and eternal I endure Abandon every hope, you who enter __________ Prophecy Of Gehenna On the first day of Gehenna The shrieking winds shall be silent And when a black sun hangs from a somber sky Caine's sleeping children shall once again arise When antediluvians awake from eons of slumber The strongest of us shall fall prey to their hunger Countless storms shall quake the earth As the world turns icy cold On the second day of Gehenna Our father shall return And unite his wretched kindred To the ebon throne of city Enoch The vile culprits of diablerie Shall meet their deserved fate To drink the scarlet tainted from the first-born Eating away their breathless bodies And there shall be battle The next millennium antediluvians rule But shall be borne a woman bearing lunar mark The only key to our salvation... __________ Song Of Kaiaphas I slept in the fires of Hades But did not burn I breathed in sulphorous vapors To reach the astral plane I tamed the three-headed Cerberus Then devoured his flesh I stared deep at the face of the Gorgon And made her turn to stone I made love to Prosperine To taste its bitter venom I shot an arrow into the eye of the Cyclops The earth shook as he fell I called the mighty Kraken And watched him rise to do my bidding I soared on the wings of the great dragon To feel the infernal wind I hunted the enchanted unicorn To obtain its horn of power I entered the labyrinth of Daedalus And slayed the ferocious Minotaur I came as the great star To ignite the blaze of the Phoenix I'll come to you in the shape of Incubus And plant my deadly seed __________ The Pagan Cycle Eurus, we call upon the east wind Notus, we call upon the south wind Zephyrus, we call upon the west wind Boreas, we call the north wind Spirit mother hear thy pagan son On winter solstice night Waxing mon reveals a new dawn (The) dark king transforms to infant light The cycle of ancient times has begun Io Evohe we are reborn Candlemass brings the (growing) child sun The triple goddess comes shining down As witches sing with inspiration Spiral dancing round and round The spring equinox rises high (The) dark maiden returns to us The woods abound with faery goblins Pan performs his songs of lust Rejoice in the beltane sabbat When lilac performes this magickal night Naked we leap the sacred fire And feast upon fruits and violet wine On the day of summer solstice The sun king will embrace the litha queen And perish in the wake of Lughnasad So may a splendid harvest be reaped On Mabon we follow the lord of shadows The empty season is upon us Lady autumn blows leaves of sadness Chanting as our offerings turn to dust Ancestor wraiths ride on Samhain night To proclaim the mystery of passing Wearing a death cloak smiles the waning king Let us see what the future will bring Death is rebirth The end brings new beginning Ever turning The wheel of the Pagan cycle Anadia... Klephera... Nuit... Mercury... Hestia... Horus... Brigit... Vulcan... Aphrodite... Ea... Isis... Akasha... Io Evohe! __________ Homage To Pan Goat horned god Wandering free in the woodlands and mystical forests To thee I owe my manhood For thine sexuality is untamed ans pure Satyr-king for centuries worshipped A legacy born in the bosom of man Lust beyond love, love beyond lust Ruler of nymphs I praise thee The wilderness is yours O great son of Herme and lovely Dryope When arcadians gather and sing The sweet sound of your pipe Will resound through the night Beyond wide valleys and streams Thou make all wood-nymphs run with fright With thine phallus awe-inspiring Like Dionysus and Cernunnos The muses sing in thine glory I am one of thousand in thy flock Be my shepherd, guide my cock Oh universal Pan Reveal thyself to me, make me mad The Halls Of Eternity Born In Flames I was born in the sign of Racea From lakes of fire I rose Born in flames to unleash Armageddon The powers of Hades are in my command In this grisly night I ride the realm of Erebus and Sheol Across the skies my mark will be known And the seven seas Will turn to rabid fire beneath my feet As the blackened worlds above are shrieking "By destruction he will build his reign For he is the one who was born in flames" Through this stormy night And over these blazing skies I reign in genocide from my thrones above I conflagration of cosmic dimensions Will flare up the lands in apocalyptic rage "The time has come, the earth is burning Embrace the new domain!" __________ The Battle Of The Ancient Warriors Death herself had chosen me To let me watch that gruesome scene And she held me in her daunting hand Amazed by that macabre view, My heart begun to pulse Galvanized by horrors that I saw The battle was butchering and The hordes were rising against each other Saving nothing but death The dust was rising up in the sky, Dead bodies were lying on the ground, A deadly mass of fierce warriors fighting While the demons were prevailing On the sons of god They were tuning dirges saying: "DIE! Meaningless creatures, slaves of the light I will triumph for the the evil lives in me!" A veil of flames war covering the field The bloody battle reached its end The ancient warriors got victory in hand The Battle of battles was won! Her Majesty, the wicked one, was staring at her enemy Thunderstrucks resounding once again The seven angels holding trumpets disappeared god left the field beaten as the earth started to shake... It was my dream! __________ A Woeful Summoning Crestfallen voices from the past, haunting me She calls me from the land of the dead, in twisted tongues The bells I hear are so cold, and so woeful Still I start heading for the graves, beyond the hills "I've been waiting for you to come I am dead to the world, but you know I am here" At last I realize I can't evade her powers She's got me mesmerized by her cries "I want you to come to me!" "I've been waiting for ages!" From the land of the dead, I've been summoned Her voices telling me, to join the other side And as my sense fades away, my visions transcend Now I realize, where I am going At last I hear, the bells are calling for Me! __________ Cosmic Exile Watching the universe evaporate into aloof depths As the realm of desolation unfolds itself to me My existence now is mercurial And my fate depends on the astral gods "A place of loneliness and despair Far away from the sun Is where now you belong forever..." The final doom still awaits me And my future seems dreadfully dark The storms from lower cosmos are rising As the astral gods are awakening Night after night I find myself Trapped and lost in a world of solitude Will I ever see another view? Or will my essence be forever trapped? In this corner of universe, my little goes on unknown! __________ Spiritual Supremacy Keeper of the Talisman of miraculous, virtues and powers Greedy alchemist with inhuman knowledge endowed Chosen initiate guardian of the unknown grialic plants Prepare the elixir for immortality and rebirth Open the portal to the astral gates of science Mental illumination drunk from the golden chalice "Gaucuma, key to clairvoyance Muchamor, shaman's mushroom with mystic visions of truth Honda, for the sacred delirious healing rites Ayakuasa, death liane of the sorcerers Yage, to see through walls and rocks Guanata, sweet coma to the journey of no return" The secret of divinity lives in this spell The laws of creation now in my hands Nature speaks to me in her occult tongue Reveals to me the keys of her sacred entity Etherial energies, the principle of life I am the only mortal with the solar eye... "The third Eye!" Little by little the spiral takes its form A vortex of magic sucks me to the core...! __________ The Heritage "Obscure forces of the shadows I call you!" I'm the one who raped the children of Abel I am the wicked King of the night And I am the wicked King of the night And I am ready to face your strength In the stone cold temple the four are gathered The sweet innocent virgin lays unveiled Surrounded by candles on the black altar Companions and brothers, I want you on my side Be ready now for our ritual shall begin "Are you ready to become the Bride of Evil? Are you prepared to receive my Dark Powers?" "Don't let my beauty die away Like a dead dry teal Come to me, give me immortality ...Here on this black altar I make my promise of faith!" He's coming closer, and pierces her neck With passionate inhuman fury The cuts his pulsing veins And makes her drink his precious blood The two minds fight and dance together A frenzied dance of secret love "Under this ivory fullmoon I rise now immortal!" Now reborn with dead indifferent eyes Join me night creature in my Anthem of Glory! "Lord of Darkness, Your obscure gift made me Undead In crimson passion we'll live together Screaming in filth Forever damned!" __________ I, Madman Walking in the dark Not caring where it leads It begins to rain Drenched in cold (I madman) I see a girl The feeling of alone I am drawn to her She is shy and I become alive The game She smiles and my blood begins to flow I madman "Take my hand and walk with me Beforewarned I am mad Laughing now she follows me What a bad day she has had I, a madman walking in the rain A rotting corpse that feels no pain Upset and angry for feeling so alone I wish to find a pretty face And make her all my own" Pretty pretty silent one Standing all alone Come a little closer So I can hear your moan Pretty pretty silly girl I take your hand in mine I promise that everything Is just like wine A bit afraid but still so brave I madman I think I love you I madman "A crazy violent stormy man Hidden in a cloak Walks now with a woman Whose throat he'd like to choke I madman who holds your hand Like the calming of the sea Watch me as your life unfolds And your soul is given to me" Many times I'll see your face Damn you madman You haunt me every night Without a trace I madman go to happy place Promises, charm and smiling eyes I madman Always kind and always nice I think you love my grace "The game is dead you want me Remember I am mad Question after question Takes her by surprise I tell her I am wicked And she is not wise So take the hand of a stranger You not a madman" Silly silly little girl I am having so much fun So deep you cannot run Pretty pretty stupid girl... Stay! There is something I will teach you Before you go away "A crazy violent stormy man Hidden in a cloak Lies now on the corpse Of a girl he used to choke Laughing as he looks at her With a smile on his face Grins while he talks to her And heads off to the special place" I madman... __________ From Behind Comes The Sword The final traces of the sun have been eradicated as the earth has seen the coming of our black domain The lands are shrouded by the lunar shine that now will be perpetual successor of the radiance of the past The world turns to black Our army stands tall Disposed to seat Our final attack Pathetic fear and apprehension fill the hearts of the feeble lambs once shielded by their decrepit reiuge Their wretched shepherd has been devoured by the savage wolves and Now they realize their scoffing destiny has come The world turns to black Our army stands tall Disposed to set Our final attack "I, the Svartalv, Supreme Female Feel shame for your pityful human form May your soul be purified By my Deadly kiss of death!" The world turns to black Our army stands tall In fury and hate From behind comes the sword! Proxima Centauri Proxima Centauri By foreign shores we tread our way No clue of what's beyond A lurking threat unknown to man An ancient force of prey Through time and space we travel on Our curious natures grow An evil dark and frightening place Where no man should dare to go Ave aquevale for the neptune towers subside We unlock doors unprepared To face the horrors far beyond As feeble speaks of dust We boldly linger on and on Our souls will burn with flames so high And vanquished we will be For we are merely strangers In this void of misery Cruched and butchered drained and slayed Our souls forever scream Engulfed and severed, tortured and maimed With no hope to be free Anghuishly crying no able of dying A curse no one can tell Forever standed and abandoned Our souls will burn in hell Liberate tute meex infernis We hear our cries we know our lies The punishment is due Beware and fear that which is near And face the world's demise demise So far yet close this hidden evil A scythe reaping souls A breading unportrayable death Will swallow all mankind We have not seen the face of death And hell is just a word The truth is far much worse and vile Our existence too absurd The fatal verge of no return Now breached beyond restraint How many times must our souls cry Before we finally learn We face what power is out of reach Until we crash and burn A warning's given us Remain on our home soil For furious proxima centauri Will shred this mortal coil Shred this coil Shred this coil __________ The Ancient Horadrim I roamed the paths the obscure paths that lead to the realms of chaos I lowered myself into the abyss of hate and ascended the peaks of destruction And still I walk these putrid paths seeking the spawn of eternal damnation My soul's been split like water on sand and dry is the life I lead For the powers I have are just a curse that nibble away at my soul For merely greed have I opened the gate for the three to enter foretold Baal mephisto and sheitan are those who offered me valour The unholy trinity the brothers of hell Who spread only sickening glamour Onwards I march to challenge all hell and now I'm before the last seal The red misty portal now opens before me my mission reverse what I've done And face the three the fearsome three until victory is all that I have My last battle cry is all to be heard while I fight under a flaming sky A dark curse now broads over the lands that aimlessly await what is deemed Deemed to cast only suffering and death to all who live and all who dream For I am izual the fallen guardian banned from the ancient horadrim Aeryel and tyrael my brothers now slayed for that which my mind had possessed Dying and doomed I limp into the black and the portal it seals behind me For I was victorius but banished will be due to that which I wished had not been The evil unleashed on the world's destiny was reversed and the infernal crushed Three brothers of terror three angels of death sworn to be risen again __________ In The Abyss Of The Cursed Souls Walking by the side of my old tired horse After months of blood red battles Finally on my way back home Letting myself be dragged by instinct In the mist of the cold evening I suddenly came across a gorgeous glade At the bottom of a roaring crystal waterfall An abrupt thirst began to creep inside his throat There was nothing he wanted more Than a sip of that fresh water Fast I ran towards the enchanted oasis But suddenly my sight was raptured by a blazing image At the bottom of the spring A pale and charming maid was laying Singing sweet melodies Captured by her perfect beauty I stood still Bewitched by her flaming eyes And then I dared to ask her name Innocent eyes Already bewitched by my infernal beauty Another pure soul will soon be corrupted After an eternity of stone cold silence The magnificent creature spoke to me But her words I could not understand Je suis la belle dame sans merci Ton sang sera mon vin ton coeur ma vie In the abyss of the cursed souls In the abyss of the cursed souls In the abyss of the cursed souls In the abyss of the cursed souls __________ The Witch Up from grave I come to break the spell Slept with corpses scraped Dry blood from veins Dark clouds above shadow hallow Deranged insane my hate my pain Her my footsteps taking your breath Feel my fingers gripping your neck Taste my fury dead and bury Don't you worry you're so pretty The witch my love I come again to take you home The witch that I care it's time again that we go home Draped in sheets of blood So beautiful so beautiful my love Together again forever again Together again forever again The witch you raised me from the dead The witch that gave me blood again The witch we are one again Together we begin again The witch you raised me from the dead The witch that gave me blood again The witch we are one again The witch again We again __________ Apophis Another perilous ride through the underworld Another fiery night in the heart of hell Another battle against the blinding light Another chance to slay and burn The weak defender of the sun You weak defender Out of the darkness perpetual The serpent god threatens The cosmic order You ride through my lands Unaware of the powers here within I tell you beware Cause a gruesome doom awaits you One dreary night with universe in hand You'll see me strike and swallow You ghastly light Light you ghastly light __________ Satan's Children A constant itch will remain on your face you must eat your own head and spit into space It crawls in your skin and into your spin you must dig in your guts and rip out the lines One with no head he sits by your side twitching his fingers and rubbing his tights A pool of blood you're full of blood the taste of blood the waste of blood Always talking just speaking the lines ignoring emotions confusing the signs Satan's children rise from your knees believing the lies are hard to conceive Making the ways and issuing souls spit in the face of those who have tolls What do you see and where do you go What do you know and what can you show Vengeance comes and violence goes Give them a piece of iron man woes Hail to the fury hail to below Hail to the horned one the goat that knows Satan's children looks like a goat Satan's child fly like a dove Satan's children run thru the woods Satan's child all around me Satan's children looks like a wolf Satan's child swim in the sea Satan's children crawl in their web Satan's child is like me Satan's children looks like a goat Satan's child fly like a dove Satan's children run thru the woods Satan's child all around me Satan's children looks like a wolf Satan's child swim in the sea Satan's children crawl in their web Satan's child is like me __________ Beyond The Realms Of Insanity Awakening in another realm In a distant time and place Beyond the known world Shricking voices calling out To the neverending emptiness A shining figure is coming out Of the sea of mist that now surrounds me Reveals a woman pale Yet blacker than the darkest night With eyes of diamonds piercing through my soul I'm your saving angel in black Surrender to my force Cause I am the only one Who hold they keys to your mind The journey to the realm Of the mentally dead begins In a twisted dimension Where the sky is forever bleeding And the seas are burning with fury Like a dragons wrath You're in the claws of death Sucking out your every force Your heart and soul have died You now belong to my realm Beyond the realms of insanity She rules the realm of the raptured minds Beyond the realms of insanity She rules the realm of the raptured minds __________ On Blackest Wings I saw your face one thousand times in my dreams His mark clearly shown with eyes like burning coals Like the demon goat On blackest wings Oh your sight pierces me Oh your sight is fire on my skin Like the demon goat On blackest wings Evil doll you're the one to be chosen Thy master awaits thee And will crown you with needles in blood Like a devil whore My body was oiled with fresh blood A penetrating stench drying sticky on me Before my eyes he appeared His head covered with a real goat mask Evil your presence excites me Evil your body enlusts me Evil your presence excites me Evil your body enlusts me My horns dominate this realm of bags of flesh My body is ready to fuck the demon goat The sky turned black and the came On blackest wings __________ Eyes Of The Dead Deceased not dead my fire burns procession of my rotting worms Heads in hand and silent moans rotting cloth remains on bones Furious yet I ride with ease grand invisions of crushing knees Rolling boulders the sound of thunder soldiers rot they come from under Hear the scream it's time to die we ride the sea and glide the sky Feel the cold rise your feet our silhouette is black and bleak Severed limbs you felt no slash mouths are gaping dripping ash Brain is dead you look so old hands are numb your face is cold Eyes of the dead eyes of the dead Eyes of the dead Crusted black putrid face all are dead the rats in place Fingers crawl in searching birth all around is dripping earth Hear the scream it's time to die we ride the sea and glide the sky Feel the cold rise your feet our silhouette is black and bleak Severed limbs you felt no slash mouths are gaping dripping ash Brain is dead you look so old hands are numb your face is cold __________ Incarnating The Malingnant Deity Prodigious forces of rage and entropy buried in golden seas under lost horizons A black hearted creature has now awakened and begins to claim his ground From the borden of the earth Secrets cames and rising With dragon eyes of the deepest red the patron deity on the fated land Reveals a hunger for vengeance and command the lord of the northern sky regains control God of storms hail the ceaseless one hail God of war hail the final one hail The gruesome creature was rising from the horizon Bringing forth his winds Nineteenth dynasty a roaring sky in fury The storms now sing his name The thunder god is back bringing forth A vast force of ancient plagues And pandemonium

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