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Cemetary Visions Cemetary Visions Why did you go? Why? As my Feet step down on this Place of Coffins Desperation is my Leader Surrounded by the Whispering of Immortal Souls Tears, in Black, falling down to the Ground like Flakes of Snow did in this Night, the Night you went away Melancholic Thirst for Cemetary Vision of my Love Oh Love, my Love Life, my Life became so worthless since you're gone So I call forth your Soul Screams in Necromantic Hallucinative Begging Now you rise! Contoures start painting your Picture Dream or Reality?! I see you smile As I aim for your Hand Emptieness fades me away My Decision is sealed Cemetary Vision of my Love We will find Peace when I'll paint the Picture of the rising Moon - in my own Blood Audite denuo vota mea, custodes animarum Devotio simul redemptio absolutioque erit Venite nomine Adonai, Zebaoth, Adonai, Amioram! Accipite me, vitam meam, animan meam! __________ The God And The Idol Time before the Earthquake Sun has Darkened No Star is shining all Light compensed by Him Suffering on your Cross naked and alone left by all your Friends Despair consumes you "Eloy, Eloy, lemah zamahtani?" But there is no Answer in Darkness creates Anti-God His Throne is of black Clouds carrying Him to the Cross Shiva has risen it's Him, the Destructor "Whom do you call for? It's only you and me Your eternal Opposite You tried to terminate Hate but it became your Spawn your Creature crucified you this Creature it is me outborn of your Hate! You taught to love Enemies Love me, your worst one! Love me, I am your God! See I am your Father!" Declaring Love to Him: "Father into thy Hands I command my Spirit!" Earth is now enlightened "It is fullfilled!" __________ Choir Of Immortal Queens Trapped in this Wood full of Fog Raven leads me away arriving at the abandoned Place, an Altar, wonderful Ornaments Flowers of all Colours and Beauties in Centre the Statue of a Black Goat A Number of Women counting three times four, twelve Holding all at their Hands, nude, one with Nature Dancing round the Altar, whilst they sing: "Eko Eko Asarak Eko Eko Somelak Eko Eko Gananas Eko Eko Arada" I feel as the Power floats through their Bodies Raven tells me: Witchcraft - black, white - to be Immortal! __________ An Ode To The Moon When the Moon hides behind grey-misty Clouds, get yourself into the Mood - and rise! To meet the Ancient Ones! Under Moonlight We Kiss Eternal Goddess Eternal Goddess, Vampyre - Queen, I long for Thy Kiss, the Fountain of Immortality. May Thou send Scarlet Stars in the shadowy Hours of sunken Sun, so their charming Glance shall lead me into Thy fruitful Empire, where Darkness is supreme! __________ Her Ivory Slumber Night has covered the Forest with a solemn Mantle, I again visit Her Grave (May Her Murderers hear our Threat) "Though Thy Slumber may be deep Thy weak Spirit shall not sleep and forever Thou shall dwell in the ominous Fire of this Spell. To Thee lovely Night shall deny all the Quiet of Her Sky" (The North - Wind is raving through the Trees and touches roaring the crystalline Seas) The Moon looks round in sweet Delight in this pure Mood I invoke my Bride: "Thus charming as Thy Beauty art thus bloody shall my Wrath them part Oh, golden Strings of Ecstasy encharm us with Thy Melody! So that a Shape of Her may rise and our wild Passion never dies" A dazzling Light spawns out a Vision of my Dearest: "Understand these Oracle - Words of mine and our Embrace (shall be divine) When Skies will be fired with Crimson Cloud all shall be Witness of me enshroud!" __________ Shadows Of The Undead Shadows of the Undead cover the Way beyond into the darkest of all Realms A Guidance to the shining Temple of Thee, oh mightiest and most lustful of all Queens Gleaming Emeralds enlighten my Path in these precious Halls of dark - sexual Beauty The River of Tears is floating in Silence beneath Her ("my") Throne now filled through my Despair as well Whilst I kneel down "I ask about Thy Wilt" "My Dearest died through holy Hand Without Her all is lost I thirst for Her, the sombre Enchantment of my Soul" "I feel the Honesty of Thy Words Thy Courtain of Vengeance starts falling with the final Rise of the December Moon Resurrect Thy Desired through Her Murderer's Blood then... Thou art Leader of the Wolves, Majesty under the Nightsky but doomed to exist in eternal Darkness! Whether Thy Love is strong enough it may never die! Thou shall kiss and embrace as Immortals! Plant these unearthly Flowers on Her Grave and see them grow as the Portal to a new Existence!" I shall take Revenge and encharm my Beloved again through this royal Promethean Gift This is my final Desire, the Sword of Fulfillment "So prepare now to receive my Kiss, the Touch of Eternity!" "I await..." __________ Thy Beauty In Candlelight Thy Beauty in Black Candles' Light is the dearest Vision to my Spirit "Thou art the shining Diamond of my Crown" Harvester I will be of the forbidden Fruits, growing there so deliciously in the Gardens of Thy ("my") Breast In my dark-desirous Dreams I see us inAutumn Fields, feeling October's magic Breath "Thou art the Flower that never shall wither" The Reflection of Thy Beauty in the dancing Candleflames creates Memories so sweet but cold dark as Thy Black Hair, like the Raven-Face of Night Thy Neck is like sculpture-made Thy milky Bosom the loveliest Nature ever formed "Sanguis Vita est! (et) Tenebrae Desponsam meam!" Enchant me eternally with Thy voluptuous Forms as Thy witching Fire still burns in me __________ Veil Of Desire The flaming Passion in Thy Eyes fills my Heart with Melancholy "Beloved One, embrace me, I thirst for Thy pale Skin" In Remembrance to our final Kiss under the Shadows of the eternal Trees, planted when Raven lost their Seed out of his Claws "Oh come, Beloved One, embrace me, I thirst for Thy marble - pale Skin" __________ Secrets Under Blackened Sky The Glance of the Red Wine, so lovely in dim Starlight Only the Moon is Witness of my Revenge "Thee robbed me my most precious, so await my sinister Lust Lycanthropia, I hunt the Night the Tears of Thine for me like Showers of Gold" Thy feeble Screams create the Mood of Symphonies to my Ears For the Blood of the Weak, who took away my Dearest, is Water of the eternal Life floating through my Veins Like a Shark in deep-blue Waters I dive into Black Sky, tasting Thy Blood "Ah, strengthen me mortal Creatures!" Whilst I feel the Hour arriving when lunar Light will caress the Grave of my Beloved with Resurrection Thou feel Death's Claws Death's pure Claws __________ Dulcet Seduction "Cold, sad and lonely is my endless seeming sleep down here in this Grave, where Love and Death must part, only the Magic of these Flowers keeping my Soul alive" The Queen of the Nightsky has risen to bewitch me like Bats on evil Wings I fly through Her Kingdom So that the Shroud's pure white may shine in Purple (Yet) the Brightness of another dying Sun then Doomsday will be done "Blood is Life!" This Wine, as sweet as Thy starlike Beauty, my golden Fruit on the Tree of Passion and Delight __________ Angel's Bloody Tears Thy mighty Words, Vampyric Mater, Queen of the Undead, still evoke my Mind "Soon my Enchantress shall be Seraphim to my Throne, built of Immortality" As Spy in Darkness I see the weak Creature break the Shadows falling on Her Grave My Bloodthirst is of the Wolves, who gather - what Pride - to an impressive Parade The Purity of the Wintermoon strengthens me whilst Vengeance is mine My hunting Fangs - his Mirror of mortal Decay His Blood drips down like the Grains in Reaper's Sandglass ...the once naked Flowers dress! Ecstatic Love or bitter Tragedy? Out of a whirling Storm my Bride ascends "Thou were mine, Thou art mine and Thou shall be mine throughout all Eternities!" Now I touch Thy marble Breasts, shall enchant Thy secret Garden and drown in the Lakes of Thy ("my") Beauty "So reunite with me and feel the Passion Thou get crowned with through my Vampyre Kiss..." __________ Pale Nocturnal Majesty As Darkness drowns the Landscape my Time it is to rise Mighty Ruler of the stormy Night Sanguinaire Lust of me, the Pale Nocturnal Majesty Evocative Chants from the Shadow - Kingdom As I fly into the Night my Realm of grotesque Beauty touches Eternity A Choir through this dark Forest where Light never was to be seen only the shining Jewels of my Sceptre, protected by the Raven with the golden Wings The Wolves guard the Path to my Castle Pale Nocturnal Majesty, come await my Breath in Thy Neck... Black Kiss Fallen Angel's Symphony Death In Desire's Masquerade Death came to me as Maiden Death came to me as Beast Venus smiled at us that eerie Autumn Night Candlelight Banquet in Victorian Halls enflamed my Love for Her Even Poet's passionate Verses were unable to evoke a true Description of such tremendous Fierceness Though appearing as sweet Woman such a Beauty could not be human "Art Thou my Destiny?" Whilst we embraced Moonlight touched Thy soft Lips Such pale Skin, as white as purest Snow Wind curled Thy ebony Hair like Vipers on Medusa's Head Less the Horror than the Grace turned me almost into Stone Infected with such idolatrous Shape my deepest Dreams came true These red magic Eyes, like bleeding Flowers made me Slave to Her Erotic Kisses under whispering Trees were my Foretaste of Eden Melancholia's Fire burnt in highest Flames when She told me to leave "Will Thou be mine again, most sinful of all Demons?" "Encrimsoned Fullmoon is the Sign when my Spirit shall cover Thine At the eldest Oak of the Midnight Forest I'll teach Thee Secrets buried in Stone and by a Force to Man unknown I shall never be alone!" With blind Thirst for that doomy Hour I wandered through my Days like (in) Trances Tears of Blood stole from Moon's Eyes and were Omen to me Bats haunted deep nightly Woods whilst we kissed again in fierce Nocturnal Embrace Love-drunken Slumber led me away from Mortal's sighing World "Awake now to face my real Countenance!" Thus to me spake Azrael in the Robe of godlike Beauty "Hades sent His loveliest Angel to grant Thee Expiration divine!" Death came in Desire's Masquerade __________ Bride's Ghostly Grace "Where Love is denied fatal Passion may shine bright" Like to me in this destinuous Night Visions granted by the Sphere of Dreams Unearthly Desire Whilst entering the Castle Halls Magnificent Whisper welcomes me As Bride's ghostly Grace is unveiled the Courtain of my Tragedy opens Sweet Choirs like the Tunes of Paradise She spreads Bewitchment with Her magenta Eyes and Darkside Kisses poison me Oh Eternity, I long for Thy Caress Speak to me in golden Tongue "My Love once was denied now Thee all feel my Hate and Pride" for I seduce and kill with Delight Ethereal Embrace my Tears are Diamonds to Her This lovelost Spirit dines on my Soul Now dance with me like dead Leaves in Autumn-Wind I adrift... the cold Arms of Death await Now dance with me like the Stars around the Moon Bride's ghostly Grace "Where Love was denied Thousands for their Lifes have cried" as She haunts without Mercy the Night __________ Black Roses On Her Grave A Requiem to the most ardent witnessed Beauty Bloody Baroness, Thine is my Heart eternally! Destiny led us together Destiny took Thee away, oh Phantom of my Dreams Thy spooky Fancy now seems lost to me Awaked by feverish Screams my Nights bath me in Lust and Desire Suck - ubus Copulation, exploding dying Stars "Bring to my Grave a black Rose whenever mighty Death chose to take me at His Hand!" My lovely Mistress, may I fullfil those sensual Words Thou whispered to me fairy-like as perpetual Testimony: "Per Disciplinam meam Tenebrae videbis" "Desdemona in this Grave doth sleep Darkside Secrets She doth keep bring to Her Roses, black as Night to make Her Thy demonic Bride!" Gravestone unveils this mystic Script ghostlike it is carved in Temptating me for Orgasms with the Dead "Desdemona in this Grave doth sleep Darkside Secrets She doth keep bring to Her Roses, black as Night to make Her Thy demonic Bride!" __________ Devil's Paradise The Devil sings a Song for superior Children, Darkness'own seduces them as Worshippers for His Paradise beyond A fierce Hadit Kiss I am the Flame in the Heart of Man The Knowledge of Death Beauty and Strength as Weaponry, thus my Force and Fire Pleasure of the secret Serpent to let the Weak die in Misery Divine Embrace and eternal Ecstasy in this golden bridal Eyes The Magic of glorious Stars rains down an Expiration sweeter than Death "Love one another with burning Hearts on the Weak trample in the fierce Lust of Thy Pride on the Day of Wrath" Be Thou proud and mighty and strive ever to more! The Slaves shall serve and perish in their Veil of Sorrow (There is no Truth except for "Do what Thou wilt...") This is the Law of the Strong and the Joy of our World "Liebet einander mit brennenden Herzen und trampelt auf den niederen Menschen in der wilden Lust Eures Stolzes am Tage Eures Zorns!" I usurp my innermost Throne crown myself as King in the Devil's Paradise __________ The Tragedy Of Forsaken Angels The Tragedy of forsaken Angels A Drama full of dismal Grief once there was Peace in Paradise in heavenly Solitude they might dwell but bitter Tears dropped out ethereal Eyes Chains of weak Obeydiance made them turn to Hell Proud Satan, Thy Revolt unveiled sweet Nectar of Aphrodite's Womb How could Delight be Sin? Rebelling Angels thus darkly seduced Initiation of new Eden and Astarte rules supreme in purest Phoenician Passion Ramiel descends Icon of empyreal Temptation Daughters of Men, drunken of Eros offer fruitful menstrual Wine Bridal Lust, Intercourse, decadent Desires Even Jehova's Plague here can't opress Secrets of orgiastic Shrine A sanguinaire Sacrifice under the Seal of Virginity Fountain for Sodom's mighty Gods ...but where there is Darkness there has to be Light the Cherubim remember, the Seraphim fright "How art Thou fallen from Heaven, Lucifer, Son of the Morning?" the Army of white Angels laughs "This darkly singing Nightingale sounds sweeter than Thy Prayers to me!" __________ Amidst Crimson Stars Silently the Moon fulfills Her Move amidst lovely crimson Stars He (She) who has Wilt will reach the Gate through the Moon, through me, through the proud Angel Now Silence ends, lunar Beauty ascends in charming morbid Glance The Kiss of Isis, as sweet as Honey leads me into a World beyond In bloody Triumph I found my Wilt Here I rule as my only God Glory to Thee who gleams like Jewels from Alpha to Omega May none fall who desires the Sword, the Balance, the Crown! __________ Babalon Ascends Visions draw before my Eyes She rides the Dragon in Fire and Gold A new Aeon shall arise Scarlet Woman whispers Secrets untold Babalon ascends By the seven Highpriests of Kadesh Jerusalem shall fall Creatures damned in long forgotten Times storm forth to cover the Skies ebony Sun is painted in deepest Black whilst Heaven seems to die Lunar Mistress empowers us with all Her bloodred Glance Caine's Children born as Dragon's Seed A new Lilith Pregnancy Ready to rapture the Earth and the Seas now bless the Prophet of the darkest Star Most precious Gift to the Altar of Thine is Blood of the Weak, offered like Wine Our Seal of Revenge is broken, the Slaves in Fear all flee Their dying Screams - a Lovesong to our Tyranny "Once I inspired the Judas Kiss now resurrected from the deepest Abyss Drink from my Chalice, the Origin of Sin and in Triumph and Glory we shall win!" Enlighten me, oh Demon Whore engulf me in Thy Magic to spread the Crown of Daath through Iadnah Mad Mighty Empress of my Dreams wed me as Khaos Bride Flowers of Evil decorate our Bed in the Temple of the Serpent The Gate of God decays whilst I kiss jewel-covered Breasts Never a Prophecy was fulfilled with deeper Wilt Unite with me in proud Supremacy to bring back the Treasures once Ours The Slumber under holy Reign - a Myth now of the Past Beloved Babalon, Mother of Cruelty Thy Wisdom devours all Religion New Aeon has begun! __________ Symphoni Satani Canto IAO Satani - Illuminatio! Satani - Absolutio! Satani - Obscuratio! Canto SATANI Satani - Seduce me! Satani - Awake me! Satani - Temptate me! Satani - Adopt me! Satani - Navigate me! Satani - I am Thee! __________ Vampyresque Weddingnight Dismal Winternight's Embrace paints Scenarios of snowcovered Graves Oh what Solitude in this mystic Presence of the Dead Through the Shadows of naked Trees bright silvery Moonlight forms Her fierce Silhouette An ardent Aura of bewitching Beauty Nocturnal Princess ascends Icon of Sin, darkened Dreams made Flesh Graveyardstatues scream for leaving marblestoned Shell to clasp at least one single Kiss of her lovely crimson Lips "Fallen from God's Grace I am the dark Angel to catch Thee In my Veins I carry Treasures of what Paradise might be" Drink my Blood to taste my Love! Taste my Blood and drink my Love! Seducing me with all Thy corrupt Passion deepest wolfish Desires awake I lost my Heart to Her, a Rose portrayed by sombre Artist's Hand I gave my Soul to Her, a Star kissed with cosmic Fire "Thou drank my bridal Wine, now let me come upon Thee!" Erotic Funeral for my mortal Soul Lust and Death unite to a grotesque Romance in our Vampyresque Weddingnight Celestial Choirs perform decadent Chants Orchids rain from black Skies Maidens dance in voluptuous Embrace charming us with ecstatic Rite in our Vampyresque Weddingnight Synagoga Diabolica Forbidden Fruit Sapientia I am the Serpent that brought Knowledge to Mankind The Fountain of Thy conscious Divinity Deepest Temptation of all Times granted these Fruits of Wisdom I - the Bringer of darkened Arts, born to spread Illumination A Creature with burning Heart, bearing in my essential Spirit the Flame of Perpetuality Pass the Gate and follow me into the Realm of Pride and Glory Thy Eyes there may Witness hidden Treasures of gleaming Stars Promethean Ritual celebrated The Sword of Flames now burns in everlasting Sin Sinister Seduction of the Cherubim Listen! Their Harps play Symphonies composed in Strength and Wilt I kiss Sapientia's bleeding Breasts and taste Her forbidden Fruit We now unite in the divine Lust of secret Intercourse "Thou shall be Gods! Be embraced, oh my children, my beloved Breed Sing with me this blackened Aria to smash Devotion spread by Those holy and weak!" __________ Soul Darwinism "Who loves the Truth hates God!" Thus whispered to me Powers, in Darkness bound and fed by Sin Gloria in Profunditas Whilst I rode on Diamond Wings through the Pantheon of Dreams Oh Magic these Halls of Eternity know to tell about Bathe me in Wisdom and unknown Pleasures of Ecstasies unveiled Hyperion's Daughter again has sent Her Beams whilst - drunken of Wrath - Samael descends from Heavens kissed with Black Lips "Praise my hidden Names, Seeker of the Truth Wilt is Virtue whilst Weakness means Expiration Deny the Fools, stamp them into Dust Absurdity of their Religions means spiritual Suicide Crown Thy Soul victorious in ambitious Aim against their God's Altar!" Darwinism of the Souls Only the Strongest (Souls) shall survive "The Essence of Knowledge is the Spirit" __________ Choir Of Immortal Queens Trapped in this Wood full of Fog Raven leads me away Arriving at the abandoned Place, an Altar, wonderful Ornaments Flowers of all Colours and Beauties in Centre the Statue of a Black Goat A Number of Women counting three times four, twelve Holding all at their Hands, nude, one with Nature Dancing round the Altar, whilst they sing: "Eko Eko Asarak Eko Eko Somelak Eko Eko Gananas Eko Eko Arada" I feel as the Power floats through their Bodies Raven tells me: Witchcraft - black, white - to be Immortal! __________ Deorum Contemptor Satanic Bible In this arid Wilderness of Steel and Stone I raise up my Voice that you may hear. To the East and to the West I beckon. To the North and to the South I show a Sign proclaiming: Death to the Weakling, Wealth to the Strong! Liber Al vel Legis Tear down that lying Spectre of the Centuries: Veil not your Vices in virtuous Words: Necronomicon (Ischtar-Tor) RABBMI LO-YAK ZI ISCHTARI KANPA! INNANA ZI AMMA KANPA! BI ZAMMA KANPA! (IA IA IA BE-YI RAZULUKI!) __________ Crowned Child Placed above the Stars for Infinity on a Throne of purest Gold I will breed a Child mightier than all Kings of the Earth Ashera give Birth to Him My Vanity and Thy Temptation as Key to a new Empire Lead me through my fiercest Dreams to Lands of Passion divine By me all Life is given and also shall expire Copulation under a bloodcrying Moon, Our Veins they seem to burst What deepest Lust burns in our Flesh No Water ever may quench this depraved Thirst, this strongest of all Fires, poison me, Queen of all Desires Arise, crowned Child, arise or forever be fallen! Lay Nations low under Spells of Pride In Delight Thou shalt slay all those weakened Souls praying with false Tongue Forged in Fires of Supremacy Thy Weapons cut their Swathe through all the Weak in Man Once fallen Stars stronger than ever ascend as we conquer the once promised Land Thou art Rex Iniquus, my Son of Revelation and Thy Spawn is destined to be the most superior Nation __________ Exodus, 10,28 And the Pharaoh said unto Him: "Get Thee from me... see my Face no more! For in that Day Thou seest my Face again Thou shalt die!" __________ Creeping Death Slaves Hebrews born to serve, to the Pharaoh Heed to his every Word, live in Fear Faith of the unknown One, the Deliverer Wait Something must be done, four hundred Years So let it be written so let it be done I'm sent here by the chosen One So let it be written so let it be done To kill the first born Pharaoh Son I'm Creeping Death Now let my People go, Land of Goshen Go I will be with Thee, Bush of Fire Blood running red and strong, down the Nile Plague Darkness three Days long, Hail to Fire So let it be written so let it be done I'm sent here by the chosen One So let it be written so let it be done To kill the first born Pharaoh Son I'm Creeping Death Die by my Hand I creep across the Land Killing first born Man Die by my Hand I creep across the Land Killing first born Man I rule the Midnight Air, the Destroyer Born I shall soon be there, deadly Mass I creep the Steps and Floor, final Darkness Blood Lambs Blood painted Door, I shall pass So let it be written so let it be done I'm sent here by the chosen One So let it be written so let it be done To kill the first born Pharaoh Son I'm Creeping Death The Third Testament Ex Insula Angelorum Awake and give Ear to what Damnation's Bell As Prophecy has Thee to tell! From the Island of Angels I shall descend To bring Thee the Third Testament An Age then is destined to start In which feeble Religions are torn apart! __________ Al Shaitan Mahrid Choirs bathed in Vengeance, dressed as Sin Perform my Aria of Doom Drunken with Blood I resurrect my Cult The Serpent strikes again Now that the Seals are broken All Heavens live in Mourning "Et aperuit os suum in blasphemias ad deum Blasphemare nomen eius et tabernaculum eius Et eos qui in caelo habitant Et datum est illi bellum facere cum sanctis Et vincere illos" So do fall down and worship Me! A Feast for the Black Prophet And a greater Feast for Death The eldest Friend of Wisdom The Source of wildest Pride The great seven-headed Beast That's three Names out of a Thousand This World has given Me Oh Earth - Now feel the Elements My Air - Thy Taste of a deadly Storm My Water - The Poison of Dragons Fire - See the Flames burn As Symbol of the new Law Daughter Zion I have risen To preach Thee Thy final Day! __________ Litanies In Blood Litanies in Blood I write As Prayers of Supremacy My Paper is the Skin of Mortals Like the Cuts of hundred Needles in their Head My Feather on it is burning When Children are brought to the Altar Grap their Hearts and offer them to me Diabolical Donation To get fed with Perpetuality When Darkside is calling Open the three Books To read and learn Now Flesh becomes My Word And Word becomes My Flesh Ego te baptiso in nomine Satanas! Taste the Devil's Nectar Drink the Serpent Blood Wilt is the dark Flame of the Universe As we pass the fiery Gates Hand in Hand with fallen sixwinged Seraphim In this sinistruous Night Where an Eidolon named "Might" On a Black Throne reigns upright I welcome Thee Walkers in velvet Spheres My Passion's Daughters and Sons Here is Thy deserved Dominion Corpus Sanguinarius Satanicum Hic sapientia est Qui habet intellectum Conputet numerum bestiae Numerus hominim est Et numerus eius est - Sescenti Sexaginta Sex! __________ Seed Of Evil See the storm forth Like the dancing Flames of immortal Fire Feel them burn Thy Soul Now enter Purgatory! Oh Scorpion in Azazel's haunted Realm With deadly Sting fulfill our Lust May Thou find the beating Hearts in their Breasts Woe to Thee - but where to flee? There is no Place to hide From the Seed of Evil Horned Entity, carry our Sins with Pride As we shall do in that star-filled Night when Babalon's Resurrection is gloriously set to be held Born again from Scarlet Woman's precious Womb As Insignium of Hate Woe to Thee - but where to flee? There is no Place to hide From the Seed of Evil Sand licks the Blood not less than seven Times My damned Children they awake From a Sleep that seemed eternally Whilst Desert's pestilential Winds Spread from the East Nine-headed Hydra's Disease To crawl the Holy Lands "Thou shall be Feast for the Worms!" My Breed, these Harbingers of Death On destinuous Wings do ride Captured Souls are a mortal Meal Consumed with deepest Delight Consumed by the Seed of Evil __________ A Black Requiem Oh fiercest Goddess Darkness dares to invoke Pure Demonic Attraction When Thou were raptured by Elohim's Hand Tears bedimmed Thy ebony Eyes Former Things now passed away No Sorrow, no more Woe In Blackened Moon, in Twilight's Dim Listen to this Bridal Hymn Await my Diabolique Spell Mine art Dark Powers to read the Visions old My Orchestra of Agony performs for Thee The Symphony of Pride Now become One with me Hades and Eden unite Now Thou art One with me In unholy Desire allied Congressus cum Daemonae - See Shadows dance in morbid Rhythm Congressus cum Daemonae - My Black Paradise it thirsts for Thee Revolting Angels gather for Attack Congressus cum Daemonae - Install Thyself next to my Throne Congressus cum Daemonae - Our rival Kingdom never will bow down Pass the Rivers of the Dead A Vision of Elysium tonight flows All Flesh desires Divinity Imprisoned Stars now set free again Ready for Vengeance As I strike the flaming Sword Thee all shalt hear the Master Chord Performed in this Black Requiem of mine Ego vos benedictio in nomine magni Dei nostri Satanas Exaudi meam Dominus Inferus vobiscum! Creatures of the Abyss And in Heavens as well Join our Path under the Sun And join us in crimson Moonlight __________ With Mephistophelic Egotheism Let me introduce myself Mephistopheles my Name I spread Egotheism An Idol of Lust I am To take Thee out of Sadness And Obeydiance my Aim Never wander through spiritual Worlds in Lonelieness Don't wait for Heaven! Mephistopheles - Seduction the Black Way Mephistopheles - True King of this World Allah, Jehova, Father God These worthless Designs do fail Decapitate that Trinity of Falseness In Faustian Conquest I crush their feeble Lies "So ist denn alles, was ihr Sünde, Zerstörung, Kurz das Böse nennt, mein eigentliches Element!" My Soul is in Knowledge of the Universe So come to Me And all Treasures of the Earth can be Thine I await in Hell! Mephistopheles - Seduction the Black Way Mephistopheles - True King of this World __________ The Ultimate Nemesis With Hand of Judgement I have whetted my flashing Sword To punish my Adversaries I will make my Arrows drunk with Blood And my evil Soul shall devour Thy feeble Flesh Now I take Vengeance on my hated Enemies The ultimate Nemesis! Awake, Heaven and Earth For the Time of my Plagues has just begun Like Sodom's lovely poisoned Wine All Waters shall turn red with Blood of the Slain I am Her Revelation On my Sceptre gleams the Morningstar And my Curse rapes all Temples of Thine Lux Perpetua - now Thou art mine! As Conductor to this Requiem I write the Score in Blood Reaper plays his Violin Feel the sweet Smell of Death Oh, Perfume of these raging Deeds Get spread like fiery Breath Hear Lambs in Agony cry See the Slaves slowly die, Still kneeling before their God "With Tongue of Wrath I spake the Judge So they now wheep for their slaughtered Idol... Face the ultimate Nemesis And wheep now for Thy God!" Hear Heaven cry, see Heaven die Bleeding Drips rain from the Sky Hear Heaven cry and see Heaven die Thy "God" - I laugh about his Sigh His Sheep from my Wolves do flee A dying Heaven - this is what I see Dead even I love my Enemies! __________ On Khaos Wings No mortal Soul ever shall feel Wisdom-drenched Secrets hidden under my Veil Through the darkest Portal ever built I will guard Thee to the fifteen Stars under Ishtar's Gate For I am all that was, is and shall be Weeping, creeping, Death is sleeping Mysteries of a World beyond Shall bring Thee back to Life As on Khaos Wings we ride In this Black Magick Night Created before all Mankind Fire and Spirit in me unite With the Wilt to Infinity By the Powers from the East And Mysteries of the Deep I command in Anubis' Names: "Thou shalt arise!" Der Tod kommt auf leisen Schwingen In these ancient Funeral Chambers I cast my Spells upon those Seekers of Immortality Now let us dwell in the Land of Shadows As on Khaos Wings we ride In this Black Magick Night Death rides on silent Wings By the Powers from the East And Mysteries of the Deep I command in Anubis' Names: "Thou shalt arise!" Der Tod kommt auf leisen Schwingen Die to arise! Welcome to Spheres Beyond Mirrors of Blackness __________ Salute O Satana Salute O Satana - Deus Vindictae Salute O Satana - Deus Tenebrarum Salute O Satana - Deus Lucis Ecce Corpus Jesu Christi, Dominus Humilim et Rex Servorum Ave Dominus Satanas Deus Potentiae! __________ Under Astral Tyranny Cosmic Chaos designs another Birth Of the Luciferian Principle Spawn of Venus in Attack Thou art to the World a raging Storm Aeons end, Aeons begin He is the One to call Mountains drown and Churches fall In Earthquake and Deluge Chained in a Thousand dustfilled Clouds Sun no longer dares to rise A World in Darkness drenched And Silence haunts all Lands... When the Stars are in their Constellation right It's Time to pay Tribute to his Might The Astral Tyranny Earth now is a Widow veiled in Black Weeping at Her own Grave Side by Side with Death Widely opened are Gehenna's Gates Like a Virus from Ereschkigal Myriads of Dead do march As Army bringing Pain Jehova see Thy Children fall! When Stars in Fear do stop their Dance Not far ahead is that bloody Romance The Oracle-Goddess preached As Astral Tyranny On this bleeding Planet I raise Centuries of Wrath! My Time - now it is near This Widow it may take my Hand When as Messenger of the golden Dawn I ascend This Principle - it's me! __________ Bells Of Damnation I am Bringer of the new Aeon And this is my Revelation: Beyond the Abyss I arose Tempted the World in Sin Weak Rules of the spiritually Enslaved My Wisdom has destroyed Sacrifice on my Altar And paint the Graves bloodred Where I was there is Darkness Where I am there is Light In a Palace that shines in more Brightness than even the Sun I gather my Nation to lift up its Swords Drink from the Chalice, Sacred Ones, In Lakes of Secrecy now bath The Witch of Endour, my morbid Concubine, Seduces even Angels as we reveal the Words divine: "Another Prophet will arise, Bringing new Fevers, killing with Plagues The Lamb will die through his avenging Hand The Serpent will kiss another Woman She spreads Temptation And represents religious Dawn" Await these Messengers of my Eclipse For I am the King of Kings The Spirit who conquers Thy Souls Purple Tears of exiled Angels Drip down like raining Blood And are Wine to me - Wine of Wrath Now listen to the Secrets old Bells of Damnation for Aeons have told: "Eure Seelen sind mein! Eure Seelen sind rein!"

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