6 ian. 2009


Beyond The Darklands Rebellion Of The Damned After times of desolation Frozen minds will melt Our buried souls are rising The deep fall of heaven Fallen angels are with me Their shadows darken the sky Storms are coming We will enter a new chapter of time Beyond damnation of soul We have left our mortal bodies We will go everywhere We will live! __________ Unhallowed Reflections The prophecy of their tongues The announcement of their words Break away from their embrace Follow you, follow not them Follow the way of your mind and soul Threatened by their believe Manipulated by their lies Stop their longing to enslave I left everything behind I created my own kingdom I am the force from below Follow you and follow not them Break away from their embrace Follow the way of your mind and soul Stop their longing to enslace Unhallowed Reflections leading me through the night Their hateful rejection show the darkness in their "light" __________ Forgotten Worlds Coldness let me perceive my breath I look around but norhing is here Nothing but extensive blackfields A threatened atmosphere lies over the land where am I? I awake in forgotten worlds In which I walked in every dream And I walk through silent fields There is no hope - there is no fear I only hear the ground grating under me I run - but where? There - a light I see the angel of death is saving me But I know I will never come back this is my world! __________ Beyond The Darklands Pain - all I feel is burning pain I raise from the clear snowy ground Slowly the dense fog is dissolving Reeling I see a vast scenery of ice and snow All I see is dark Dead landscapes Befrosted paths This cold ominous place seems timeless The icy winds are carrying howling screams There's no daylight - only moon shines on the surface My pale body is sinking back into the snow And all I see is dark Dead landscapes Befrosted paths I see no light Captured in this fields of death Alone in snowy mountain glens Grey threatening clouds cover the sky Above my head the ravens fly Captured in this fields of death Alone in snowy mountain glens There's no way out of this gloomy land My life seems coming to its end... The spirits will guide me To eternal life and might To the kingdom of fire To my yearned salvation And I raise my hands Like burning wings I will leave this world I will fly And I fly... __________ Mountain Of Dead Souls As I wander through the night In shelter of the nocturnal sphere Full moon shines on my pale skin Surrounded by the Immortal's screams Virgin of the night Under your spell I crawl Craving for liberation Longing for eternal darkness Shine on me, star of the damned And light my path to find my inner self Beyond the mortal existence My body - dead, my soul - alive Voices of the night They will guide my way Through this mystic atmosphere I feel the spirit of immortality "And he went to the mountain of dead souls where he could rest and find new strength where he could die in peace die in peace apart the world of fools He raised his head up to the sky the cold wind caresses his face and he thought about the time when freedom ruled this world..." Oh great beloved mother They took your grace away They snatch away your heart Slowly they drown your life's light I tried to keep them away from you I tried to defend your kingdom I tried to fight against their vanity But I failed... All The Dying On Earth Ghosts Of Silence When days begin to breathe shorter and the unbending frost creeps through the woods When primitive strength seems to be perfect then you can hear the silence We are all surrounded by them They are day and night, life and death They are the sovereigns of our presence Awake, awake with new power When the songs of birds are fading away And the previously pleasures of mankind Oh when all these are lying down to rest The the silence begins to live All whispers in the wind from the ghosts of silence Into the pristine woods they lure frightened is the mind but clear Don't deny their existence because staying silent let they upraise The ghosts of silence Arise, arise into this world __________ Symbols Of My Universe The infinite ways of my universe It took me time to interpret the Signs, symbols and signs, the meaning of the Stars will guide me through the depth's of live Until the end I will follow the Signs, symbols and signs, evolving my mind Millions of paths to my universe have to be passed by choosing the Signs, symbols and signs, the meaning of the Ways I have chosen to exist my live Until death I am guided by the Signs, symbols and signs, evolving my mind "On my spiritual journey during thousand of years I have passed the darkest ages. Centuries ruled by sick minds, the withering of humankind. But sometimes I saw the shimmer of salvation. I have seen both - the beauty and the cruelty, the darkness... ...and the light!" __________ All The Dying On Earth We who never feared the moonlight We who never fled from the rain All the dying on this earth All this pain since the birth I see - they are creeping They are dying I feel their fear, the deadlight in their eyes They are drowning in the angel's tears Do you feel the eternal fire? Let it burn, let it burn higher All the dying on this earth Let they die in your fire The great inferno is coming The end of mortality is near All the dying on this earth All this pain since the birth I see - they are weeping They are dying Faces - speaking of decay Creature - abandoned castaway __________ Until Darkness Do Us Unite Colors became so strange Our silhouettes painted in black Our minds so bright and clear We open our eyes when daylight fades away We are voyagers in the night On this trip we make no stay Avoid the light - until darkness do us unite! Banish the sun, smash the mask you had to wear in this untruthful masquerade Black blood boils inside our veins Day is night, night is day We are the few ones who do not fear the dark We are thieves stalking through the park Infinite are the ways of the ones who break the rules in this world full of crap Eternal is the lust of the masters of darkness, mistresses in black And when death comes slipping we hide in the shadows of the upcoming clouds When life's heartbeat's quitting Together we stand under the moonlight's bane Come with me, hold me tight Zeig mir den Weg in die Ewigkeit Until darkness do us unite Eine Ode an die Dunkelheit And now close your eyes We will die together in graceful embrace __________ Her Painful Dreams Of Suicide Every night she dreams the same Haunted by a shadow again and again Captured and lost in a giant mace There is no way to flee She begs not to fall asleep And she prays to god to set her free She is so afraid to see The shadow she fears is me You think you're living I know you're dead I am the madman in your head Did you not know You don't live twice I am the secret behind your eyes Do you wanna hold on crying for the rest of your life? Everyday seems to be the same Quitting this life stops the dying There is nothing left to win After endless nightmares she lies weeping in her bed A blade in her hand, her nightdress is turning red Her skin becomes paler in this cold and stormy night This is the end of all her painful dreams of suicide __________ Elysian Fields Of Anathemised Entities A smell of sepsis poisons my entity For all time we are damned at this place Distressed childrenfaces shimmer through the spinney They stare apathetic at centuries gone Black fog creeps over decaying ground Eternal night falls from firmament with all grace Every step into these woods a deeper step into me This is the real and acting fantasy We roamed across valleys, through shadow an light a lifelong quest True cognition rests on eternity We who opposed their god to discover our soul a corroding quest True cognition rests on eternity Hunted of those to weak to withstand the awakening a mental desire quest True cognition rests on eternity We had the key to us in our burning hearts an entity quest True cognition rests on eternity Now we stand here at the glades of life Eras of mankind passing by The ocean of clouds tears raging apart The starlight shines at us They reveal us the unseen secrets We try to catch the stars to become as one with them __________ The Everlasting Fire There's no difference between night and day Without sun or moon I move The only candles that enlight my way Are the blazing flames of you You are the flames of the everlasting fire You are the wings, the wings that take me higher You are the fire, you are the light You are the key to my salvation The final day of this sorrow inside This is the way to my last destination All insanity that led me astray My deepest darkest thoughts came true The only hope that enlights my way My last believe are you __________ The Incessant Fall Of Mankind The treasure of life is so hard to find Scores of decades filled with grief Hear the elegies of humankind Years of pain, an exhausting decease Crawling in filth and contamination Earth's entity a poetry written with words of deepest grey Drowning in tears caused by soul's desperation Life means death means charity in this world of depravity Nature's virginity has been taken The storm blows us away A ruined world we leave behind All life will soon decay The incessant fall of mankind This is judgement day After our last breathe on earth In floods we'll fade away Now we'll die the hardest death, now we will surrender, suffer for our sins, bleed for our deeds, die for retaliation __________ Awaiting The End Dedicated to the end Architecture Of Chaos Architecture Of Chaos When the sun at the horizon dies away and the loneliness awakes the whole world in its hour of death I walk the stony path again. Now I am my own leader I wretch my life from you Free from your herd, which follows blind and tries to devour me. Guided by spirit In my endless empire Crawling into infinity In this endless night The way is my destination away from you god of slaves My sharpened instinct guides me through this abyss of endless pain. Only I can pronounce myself guilty, my judge - this is me I've cutted the strings you hold out of my skin. Entering the spheres of soul, discovering all secrets you may find Feeling the despise of this deaf and blind mankind Irrational created structures procced to hide The architecture of chaos from inside __________ The Rising Seperate Affiliate Integrate into mind's reformation Dominate Manipulate And create a new age of innocence Infiltrate Elaborate Build a state for a lost generation Last Decade Soon to Fade All seems desperate, but it's never too late Out of the ashes of heaven and hell we stand close, side by side. From the deepest depths we shall rise into the blazing light. Liberate Evaluate Deprecate all the rules of the father Regenerate All once made And degrade the leaders of ascendence Concentrate Associate Interpret metaphors and stigmata Call of fate Love & Hate Celebrate the new beginning Integrate into mind's reformation Create a new age of innocence Build a state for a lost generation All seems desperate, but it's never too late Deprecate all the rules of the father Degrade leaders of ascendence Interpret metaphors and stigmata Celebrate the new beginning. All we see, when barriers fade away: yet unseen territory All we know: the rising from below leads us into infinity __________ Before The Dawn "We all are just moments dissolving in the dust and we all shall be prepared for the time before the dawn..." Creations of sickness, insane crowd of fools Lack of conscience, defiled at heart Emptiness and madness - unborn child will die Hopelessness and sadness - humankind's decay And when the wind blows stronger than before And rain swamps the saving shore We fall asleep for the last time since we've been born A final breath before the dawn Dominant leaders absorbing human minds, Terrified failures are made to obey blind Lifelessness and badness - in the eyes of death Defencelessness and deadness - mankind's final breath __________ Total Soul Eclipse Turning night into day, day into night Drifting in floods, no bottom beneath Sinister the waves arround extend Shatter on black rocks of neverland Initiating the fusion of sun and moon Snow falls in summer, dry rain on my skin Sinister the waves arround extend Shatter on black rocks of neverland Strange are the times When shadows haunt my mind Total Soul Eclipse I've lost myself again... and again... Confusing emotions inside my head All life's seems to be born dead __________ Licht Auf der Flucht vor dem Ende der Zeit Verfolgt von Geistern der Unendlichkeit Im Innern gebrochen, die Seele zerteilt Blutendes Herz, doch die Wunde verheilt Wenn Furcht versiegt, die Fassade zerbricht, schauen wir auf, erblicken das Licht "Siehst du das Licht?" "Suche nicht nur nach der dunklen, kalten Seele, suche auch das Licht dieser Welt..."

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