6 ian. 2009


The Pillorian Age Hymn XIV (The Pillorian Age) Embrace me, oh darkness With our lithest veil Blind my eyes so that I see nothing yet all I see Fertilize my visions of the New Age Teach me the art of reaping the seeds of depression Born through the mourning of Man He will give birth to the Pillorian Age Sharpen my spears for the conquest... __________ Hymn X (Velvet Pilloria) Lost far so long, numbness gives in Incarnated in wood Young, cold, pure, oh so perfect Still my own beloved Velvet __________ Hymn XI (Temptation & Undoing) In the coming of the shadowed night As the wind circles me in Licks me wet all throught my clothes The only one to witness my sin I, Fornicator I, the conqueror of your land You, the carrion of my child Greet the birth of the darkest eve Queen Pilloria I have tasted your tears Her vagina as cold as ice My love for her will never die ...never die! Setting sails for the shores beyond On a mission to seek my kingdom On a shore so pure and virginal I found my reich as well as my queen I, Fornicator I, the mounter, the man I, Fornicator We, the King and the Queen __________ Hymn VIII (Four Ravens Flew) In her eye... far away A tear broke free From the ice, from the frost of her long sleep Hear the thunder of the North Hear the ravens screaming her name Let the black ones fly to speak the messages of the unborn Onto the blackest skies Shadows of the raven's flight Crying their lament Upon the crossroad where she stand One flies to gain the thundering North Another crosses great seas in the West The third flies South, towards the !sunreich The last across the windswept fields of the East Sand Seas Skies Darkness Time Death The center of the sin North West South East Wisdom's found Along the roads to the center of the sin The tear... Lost its grip of her cheek Buried forever... In the sand... of my world ...of my darkness ...of my perfection ...of my sorrows Sorrows... Let the ravens fly __________ Hymn XIII (The Sleeping Antarct) Sound asleep deep in the maternal womb Subconsciously dreaming aspects of his future reign The Antarct, Prince of the Pillorian Age He who will rule in the Gallow's Land Reigning in soil, water, fire & air King of the four elements Entrance is broken to a new dimension Where wisdom is virtue and opression [oppression?] defied In the South In the West Hear the conclusion of the ravens' quest From the North And the East Moving closer to be his guests Sleep on... Sleep on... Your time will come I've passed onto you the legacy of the Pillorian Age Eternal is your inheritance Far beyond the limits of your physical life Your word will live !on !on people's lips The word of the sleeping Antarct, king of kings Visions of Gallowenia, Utopia of the Dark __________ Hymn XV (Thunder In The Gallow's Land) Four ravens flew inshores over the windy Nordland coast Gathered again after their journeys in solitude Underneath the thundering skies of the Gallow's Land Returned from far away lands to rise the ustspoken prince Darkening skies obliviate the moon Winds of power sing in the trees A thunder's echo sleeps in the mountains Breaks free from the Gallow's Land, four roads in gold Through the dripping blood of the unborn's eyes Shows powers of his wisdom and the regal trust Approaching with thunder, the four corners of the world To join his birth in Velvet, the Pillorian Age Thunder in the Gallow's Land The birth of a king Through the dripping blood of the unborn's hands Shows the purity of darkness and the warmth of the ice Throughout the muddy fields the horizons come close Provoking the winds and draining the skies... Lightning They who wander the roads of gold To experience the Antarct's unfold Each one with a gift for him to bear Soil, Water, Fire & Air Here where the sand has no taste Here where blood has no worth Here inbetween the corners of the world Here my son, rise the existential sword They who wander the roads of gold To experience the Antarct's unfold Each one with a gift for him to bear Soil, Water, Fire & Air __________ Hymn XVI (Out Of My Flesh) Oh Darkness, I will give the throne onto him Of Darkness, I am harvesting the growth of my first spring Of Darkness, Through me you gave him the life Of Darkness, One world shadowed in me Throught you - the birth of the Pillorian Age Throught you - the sand of the Gallow's Land Throught you - the rest of Velvet Pilloria Throught you - I will pass on my given oath So I am falling my son For my mission is done My visions and you became one Out of my flesh... ...you shall build the town Gallowenia Gallowenia Gallowenia Gallowenia

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