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Verwüstung Universe Of Black Divine The holy trinity is rotten All the saints are slain Religion is forgotten To the winged demon-lord we pray We will rule - If not now, than in eternity Maybe you win in this world But the universe of black divine Remains immortal Get one of us in this reality We sacrifice hundrets of yours In our true reality - Hell The dark age is our aim To rule of mankind This worthless brainless piece of shit That remained of gods ridiculous creation Our unit shows the sign of Satan The master in black Obey or be obliterated __________ Kingdom Of Darkness His kingdom - Kingdom of Darkness Where you can hear agony screams Cry eternal Frozen moon, growing shadows Glowing eyes are waiting (The) creator of darkness will rise And the sun will shine no longer Cry eternal Condemned to walk away in the night In the land where cold winds blow Where silence reigns From horizon to horizon The wind leads your way Darkness fills your soul You’ll be eternal in his kingdom Kingdom of Darkness Embalmed in black Receive thy might Our sense of live to harm world Under the shining moon We follow your command Entering your unholy path Kingdom of Darkness __________ Eye To Eye At Armageddon Unable to save the world But able to suffer in this so-called heaven Your grotesque vision of pure holyness Will be suffocated like you - bearer of light Cry bearer of light To weak to fight Your fear - Your death Eye to Eye at Armageddon You say god is strong You say god is eternal I say this are lies Unable to save the world But able to suffer in this so-called heaven Your grotesque vision of pure holyness Will be suffocated like you Cry bearer of light To weak to fight But we meet again - Eye to Eye Victory at Armageddon __________ In Sin Marching through the woods Our weapons held high Here is our meeting tonight Our fire burns higher then ever before Out master’s awaited with pride We get immortality We are eternal We drink the blood flowing warm from christ So sweet to taste the liquid might Our satanic unity is done Join force Belial Hypnotic trance Awaiting the beast Waiting for the end Whispering voices telling me To rape to kill the priest Floating caused by magic Never ending hate __________ My Soft Vision In Blood So we reached our aim The replacement of day The obliteration of the sun The triumph of the soft moonlight Mankind reduced so much How deep my slumber is You are not the one you think We are masters - you are slaves Why weeping? Why bleeding? Did you believe in the false god? I’m laughing I’m celebrating I have foreseen my triumph Now we are divided But we know our time will come Than we take our weapons To stand together as one Mankind exist to follow To serve and not to think We are born of the ancient race To lead you in total darkness Counts and lords with black blood United under the funeral moon The second wave of darkness Is to be invocated Darkness created Dark age foreseen The process of freezing In my soft vision in blood __________ Diabolic Unity My lord, I say I’m yours You’re my mentor I’ll learn to take control over mankind I’ll be the leader of your unholy legions To your victory on earth We will your enemies the christians My lord, I say I’m yours I say I’m your’s, my lord I’m yours Speak the ancient words to cause the eclipse Embalmed in black receive thy might In sin we live In sin we die Join force Belial Satanic unity Meet us out there Forests pride, moons beauty Satans power, journey’s end Eternal darkness Orkblut - The Retaliation The Prophecy Mark my words - for I speak the truth and foresee I've seen the winged shadow The harbinger of the upcoming storm And warriors which gathered And inflamed their pagan hearts I've read the dark signs and foretell you The final battle under the hammer Of the banished gods... __________ The Rising Of Our Tribe I sent black birds to the sky I set a sign for my hate To darken the day To beat back the light (repeat) Winds storm above this wasteland A first flickering of rage Dark clouds keep me sheltered Don't move before moonrise Don't move before moonrise We gather in the name of our pagan ancestors The teutonic spirit burns in our hearts What once was ours will be taken back Rising our tribe like the upcoming winter-age Upcoming winter-age Like in the ancient days We honour the cryptic place Where we receive our visions Was christian blood sacrificed __________ Emptiness / Menschenfeind / Untamed Devastation Emptiness Hell is real - I feel its presence Staring with empty eyes Into an empty sky Nothing is here to feel I drift like a falling leaf The wind takes me into the unknown Where is all the hate All the pain Staring with empty eyes Into an empty sky Nothing is here to feel I drift like a falling leaf The wind takes me into the unknown Where is all the hate Just pure devastation to darkness Menschenfeind Hass - absolut und rein Existenz in dieser Masse ist unmöglich In ihren Reihen zu stehen Heißt unter Feinden zu kämpfen Ich bin kein Mensch Denn Menschen werden sie genannt Sie bluten - ich werde stärker Ihre Angst - mein Stolz Gott ist tot - nun schlachten wir auch sein Gefolge Untamed Devastation The limit is reached - untamed devastation Moving down every breathing entity Our wrath - our weapons are too real to ignore Mercy - a forgotten word aimless, blind ... just storming 'gainst everything The gods you banished in the ancient days Have still been worshipped by ones you fear They gathered powr which you now loose As your god fails by your side The two ravens are there to pick your eyes As we cry out the names of the pagan gods __________ Battlefield Orphans We loaf around the fireplace War-weary and calm We watch the sunrise motionless The war has been won (repeat) We hear melodies unsung Mesmerized... We survived - but why? A new beginning - for what? Too cooled down to move We just stare and lay back to die The holocaust is over - victory All is dead - burnt debris Everlasting silence - we reached peace of mind We just stare and lay back to die __________ Severance Not a senseless life - but extinguished now This is the long awaited end Not pain - a sort of harmoney I feel As I look back - staring at my body Lifeless - but not without bearing Realizing that the mission is done As I leave the earth I'm not alone All the brave warriors who fought on my side Fly with me to our last place of rest Is it the silvery shine of the moon that surrounds us Or is it the path to the halls of eternal glory Never thought to be so calm As my soul leaves this dimension forever Never to return But wrapped in knowledge we found fulfillment Forever... Nachthymnen Unleashed Axe-Age Ancient!... we invoke The polarities are united as one We are united as one By oaths once sworn - by blood The powers of darkness are unleashed Fire of Surt engulfes the world Fenrir unbound... Midgard drowned by the sea - let Naglfar be launched... The chains of Fenrir are rent asunder And the wolf shall course about... An axe-age, a sword-age... Come forth to receive the mark of fate And prepare yourself for battle The sun shall darken Vapour and fire shall rage together Till the leaping flame licks heaven itself... That the earth will be renewed in splendour And Surt shall endure, as Baldur endures... ...For the powers of darkness are eternal The twilight as come The dawn breaks in the east The world is alive Loki lives upon the earth It is done... The fire engulfs the earth Fenrir is free - the stars are falling __________ Scars In The Landscape Of God I'm the one behind the shadows Tyrant of damnation Believer in war I will build the bridge of hate To walk on pagan ways In the light of the moon ...Hate in my heart I wander through fire To the valley of the shadow I summon my inner self to strengthen my final will I will destroy the promised land of God To set the mighty flame Flame - thou of wisdom the greatest And to rise the hidden words The words of ancient knowledge The scars in the wind Guide my path to the dark Into my cold frozen reality ...This is the dawn of the final war The victory is written in my flesh I laugh as my enemies fall And the sun will retire Into the darkness of the night Forever __________ Reborn Through The Gates Of Three Moons I enter the gates Into the realm where nothing dies But I'm still so cold inside Mesmerized... By visions past and gone Till the end of time I will eternally dwell Im dunkelsten der Stürme Falle zusammen die Kerkerwand Die mich schier endlos band Und herrlicher und freier walle Meine Seele ins unbekannte Land In the darkest of storms May crumble the dungeonwall That bound me almost endlessly And delightful and free may pilgrimage My soul into the unknown land I fly with the raven Through timeless spheres of frost... Through wasted lands of dreams Geflohen vor der Wirklichkeit - vor Ewigkeiten Und jenseits der Schwärze erstreckt sich Ein unendliches Meer aus Grau... Ein Meer aus gestaltloser Leere Doch die Qualen und der Schmerz verbleiben Als Erinnerungen an die vergangene Zeit Stolz und doch verzweifelt... Und in meinem Innersten hoffe ich Daß mein Leben nur ein Traum ist... Fled from reality - for eternities And on the other side of the blackness An endless sea of greyness extends... A sea of formless emptiness Yet the misery and the pain remain As memories of passed time Proud yet desperate... And deep inside I hope that my life is just a dream... The moon is my blanket In this cold domain So ancient - so cold... As a nightmare creature I crawl Awakened from my sleep To forever be... Wiedergeboren... Bei den drei Monden durch Mittwinters Tore Reborn... By the three moons through midwinter's gates I'm a shadow on haunted ground Laughing in sorrow Crying in lust The storm is calming and death is rising Evil - as pure as night Proud - full of sin Once again I'll rise... To survive eternity... __________ Dornen Wartend auf einen schmerzlosen Tod - Die Flammen der Hölle sind nichts Verglichen mit diesem Leben, Voll von wundenleckendem Licht, Umgeben von Grausamkeiten names Menschen - Keinen Tropfen Blut wert. Meine Seele entschwand dieser Welt Vor langer Zeit, Aber der immerwährende Haß band meinen Körper An diese Dimension. Ich wandere rastlos und leer, Auf der Suche nach Erlösung und Harmonie, Wissend, daß diese Suche sinnlos ist, endlos. Jemand hatte die Macht - Und raubte mir die letzte Hoffnung, Den Mut diesen Schmerz zu beenden, mein Leben. Mein Wunsch könnte erfüllt werden - Hinwegschwinden, sanft und sicher, Auf Winterflügeln in die letzte Und ewige Dunkelheit, In der Eiswinde durch mein Haar streifen. Waiting for a painless death - The flames of hell are nothing Compared to this life, Full of woundlicking light, Surrounded by atrocities called humans - Not worth a drop of blood. My soul left this world A long time ago, But the everlasting hate bound my body to this dimension. I wander restless and empty, Seeking deliverance and harmony, Knowing that this search has no use, endless. Someone had the power - And robbed the last hope from me, The courage to end this misery, my life. My wish could be fulfilled - Fade away, softly and certain, On winterwings in the last And eternal darkness, In the icewind blow through my hair. __________ As Astral Images Darken Reality Kometen sind brennende Seelen, Die zur Strafe durch den Kosmos ziehen müßen. Comets are burning souls, That have to travel through the cosmos for punishment. Nothing disturbs this transcendental harmony The only light that breaks up darkness Are the burning red stars Cosmic winds bear a waft Of a gigantic psychic force That the nineth dimension (colossal deep universe) holds And opens for me Desolation in purest shape Neither melodies nor cries Resound in this cold silence Nevertheless I feel the endless echo of melancholy No mountain, no tree, no lake But an endless wasteland of stones and ice Forms this realm where no king was ever born Because no life exists which can be ruled Here is the destination of my astral journey The only place where I find peace So I leave the world behind And replace earthbound grey To interstellar black I leave the world behind ! __________ The Dark Kiss Buried beneath forgotten cryptic stones Enshrined in silence, embraced by darkness Belonging to the hidden ancient race Am I still dead but dreaming Awaiting my time of resurrection Reminisce of a day long ago in past When I was blessed with the dark kiss The gift which immortalized me once Oh... I do remember the taste of hot blood Which was running upon my white face To moisten my dry lips With a burning kiss of mortality ...A burning kiss of mortality My eyes are blazing red in the night Leather wings adorn my huge back My fangs are sharp as frozen steel Prepared to caress thy beloved neck I rise from the tombworld, folding out my wings Flying up high through the nocturnal sky Looking for cretures who are worthy To get the dark kiss And to satisfy my hunger for blood During this night I do feel again the taste of hot blood My fangs are mutilating thy sweet flesh It's the painful bite of the dark kiss Vampires kiss... Blut ist Leben ... The blood is the life __________ I Face The Eternal Winter Flying silent on winter wings Flowing emotions from my bleeding soul Tears that flow burn my skin I'm drifting away on the cold wave of desolation I'm touching the wind as it sadly sings Carried to the disant unknown Eternity awaits me... My heart is so cold Emotions reached their freezing point ...Only pure hate Lost all that I was living for Crying without sound Thy sky has frozen to ice As the last drops of blood leave my body I hear the winter breath I'm the face of the night I'm all alone The fullmoon is glowing Snow falls from the sky I feel the eternal winter Holocaust winds are rising Like a dark northern breeze My cryptic journey has just begun __________ Revealed Secrets Of The Whispering Moon ...And so my mind is calm Ready for the darkest eons Candlelight caresses my eyes Incense smoke displaces soiled air This trip is part of an endless journey I'm Satan and Satan is me Finding myself through this experience Wash away all that ever was... My life is a funeral ceremony As I march through the mortals' graves I obey deepest inner instincts And gain the endless power of darkness To place the seed of evil Right in the heart of the earth ...And all ancient power manifests as shadows Which darken not only my heart and soul But the holy light of all that dare to stand Against the forces of the black flame In der Nacht als der Mond tausend Gesichter hatte Offenbarte sich mir das Geheimnis Und anstatt der Haut in der Menschen Gesichter Sah ich nur dunkles Spinnennetzgeflecht In the night when the moon had a thousand faces The secret was revealed to me And instead of the skin in the human faces I saw only dark spiderwebs __________ A Frozen Soul In A Wintershadow Wolves are howling to honour the moon My heart belongs to the past I feel attraction for the night My mind to the ancient times I wander through the fields where blood was split Awaiting the reign of the dark and the cold I can feel the creatures of the night My dreams are no illusions So I travel between these worlds My soul is frozen - evil rules my mind Able to face the eternal night Why am I born into this world ...Soon I will leave Into the sleep of death - never to return My life is just a darkened silent barricade Between all I ever wanted to be I will enter the other side To fly on the wings of death To ride with the wind to the ancient times To fade away to a blackened spiral - to see eternity To be a wintershadow out of time Apokalypse Celestial Life may have mercy but I've none You can never guess what hell is like Not a sea of fire... Nor you'll find chains of ice... But the word of God is unknown there Nothing is what it seems The dismal truth is so hard to face You're just living in a dream - fear the awakening... Now enter my castle of pain Cross the path of sorrow and fear There'll be no light until your soul ignites 'Til your soul ignites Realise the truth... I am the lord upon the nightsky And I'll never serve in heaven 'Cause I rule in hell But I am still dreaming Unsilent... __________ Verwuestung A wasteland grows inside my mind As the moons sets before my eyes My dreams are old and milleniums passed by Torn - in a strong reality Born - into the wrong century I am soldier of dark existence I'll last eternally... I am the triumphator In the grip of eternal frost Domination, devastation Eternal damnation ...Not just evil imaginations Drum auf bereit zum letzten Sto? Wie's uns're Ahnen waren Der Tod sei unser Kampfgescho? Wir sind die schwarzen Scharen! Eternal Damnation... Und dem Leben soll kein Reich mehr bleiben Total devastation! __________ Ein Hauch Von Kaelte Freezing winds of lands unnamable Haunts the wastes of my soul And time has come to join eternity... To rest my eyes upon the darker shade of colour This is the end and the beginning As dimensions warped in time's motionless storms The long awaited circle is close And the gates stand open wide before me Lie down and let your dreams attack The silence of a soul that is real Is the silence that you lack I feel the strength pulsating through me As I close the gates behind you Dies ist das Ende deiner Existenz Wenn sich dein Himmel zu Eis verwandelt Und ein Hauch von K?lte dein Blut erstarren l??t, Werde ich deine Seele zerschmettern __________ Hyperwelt I slayed love disguised as fear And time itself touches my soul Satan - the fire still burns within my soul And with lifeless eyes I stare A way out but not back I must find A can no longer crawl through this life I hate Soon I'll be thrown to the wolves again And the balance returns again When mind and body unite... I close the temple of my mind Im astralen Lichte glimmt mein Stern Jenseits des H?ters des Schwelle Ein Stern der niemals erlischt Ich bring' die Qualen Ich bring' den Tod Throughout so many lifetimes In this dimension I've dwelt... But I've never forgotten Nor will I ever forgive __________ Tu Es Diaboli Juna My thoughts have never been this cold in life But never again I'll live and breathe amongst mortals You've summoned me once And my rise is your torment... Your immortality was that close to you As close as your death now And now I watch you die my mortal slaves I cause realities end... Listen - a whispering, a crying Some vague and pulsing imprint Of long - ago suffering and death Thousands will be perished in smoke and ashes Imagine your lifetime back when you were born It's lost... All over the world your kind will be destroyed This is my rebirth - don't cry... Tu Es Diaboli Juna Du wirst dich immer erinneren - An diese Nacht voller endloser Schmerzen Sanctus Satanas Ave Satanas Rege Satanas Dominus Satanas Bezeugt meinen Ritus Bezeugt meinen Sieg Es ist vollbracht __________ Ublique Daemon On the path of immortality - I walk I am forever with the stars so plentiful and bright The gorgeous victory of sheer energy and matter This is my constellation - reflected in you fear Through dark tangles of mountainsides I descend And no other God is as strong as I am I am Satan... The lustrous and overwhelming scorn Mein Schattenbild aus einer zeitlosen Welt Wird sich manifestieren And all I see, as I stand above this ancient landscape Is the horror and death that awaits you... My wings flare in the cold wind The delicious stench of blood make me laugh And for one moment I've felt harmony As I've seen mankinds end... Supreme Immortal Art Satan In Me Enter the path to the realm below Where evil sleeps and darkness grows For you don't know where I've been And you don't know what I've seen You can't feel what I felt And you can't go where I've dwelt For I am the blood you bleed And the death you'll see I am the sign of Satan To bring forth the night Infernal chanting.. As the secrets revealed before my eyes Lost for evermore, lost in nevermore As I've wept one thousand tears And dreamed one thousand dreams Now here I stand, flesh and blood My soul reflects a stream of ice As your blood flows in the dark Your fears are calling as I left my mark So here's my confession Yet far beyond expression For I am death and I am birth Your incarnated fear And when you're dead you'll dream of me Live in your illusions Die in your illusions Restless throughout unseen dimensions I've wandered Now I stand forth to challenge The laws of man and god I'll rise the banner of the strong for earth shall be mine My hate are the stars But soon they'll fall __________ Supreme Immortal Art Shivers herald an upcoming possesion The urges to create set us ablaze Demonic art sacrificed to the night A monument of malicious sonority The most precions gift For the everlasting cycle For the beginning and the end For the comprehensive darkness For master Satan and ourselves Millions of unsignificant existences Exceeded by our tones supreme Melodies older than mortality Enormous as death itself The chosen ones have command of the language That needs neither mouth nor words Our minost soul transformed into notes We are element as well as entirety So what is paradise if not hell __________ Soil Of Souls Souls of infidel men Is a fertile soul Like dusky forest grow On fallen leaves We draw the essence of mortal weakness Holyness - The worst gift of light Is long dead and gone Buried by our sisters ages ago Whilst the sun rapes the day Grow borns below Armoured and strengthened Are the sons of the moon And not blood keeps us alive Souls of infidel men Flow through our veins One last silent scream One last breath The moment we appear from the shadows To inhale another soul Of an infidel man... __________ Eclipse My Heart, Crown Me King Act I: Ritual Red interludium of pain Sacrifice for the vein of eternity Battles of ages revealed To my third eye Darkness' treasures as reward for my belief I faint in final ecstasy Surrender to the demon of war Act II: Redemption Proud and dauntless I stalk Trough the gate of the nine seals In the realm of perpetual divinity A path is destined for me Now, as I'm not blinded By gruesome lights of the past I gaze into the distance And perseive my destination For many a castle is obscurity For me a palace of wisdom Redeemed from mortal weakness Enlightened Act III: Return Every single christian monument We lay in ruins And sweep away the servants of the cross We are the creators of the dark ages The revival Of forgotten century's eclipse We rebuilt a somber paradise Out of the wasteland of god I bear the millenium's pain Pure indulgence As my mouth opens breathing death __________ The Spirit Of Venus Unreal revealed this imagination A dream so real, a dream so deep Turning me towards all mysteries I see through the veil of darkness And the mirror behind it reflects my fate But the way is blocked - By sorrow I scream into non-existing nothingness And at last only silence remains Oh, make every tear in my heart A lifetime in hell Falling eternal through the pits of time Into an abysmal womb of subconsciousness Torn apart by the phenomenon of enlightenment And here she was standing enrobed by mist The spirit of Venus.. Chanting my name Embracing my soul The blood was freezing as I touched the flesh And ripped out her heart A kiss which brought total eclipse Unite us in pain Unite us in blasphemy and lust And join us through your devotion Grant me deepest ecstasy Under the watching autumn eye That has guided me through all this year And in the coldness of night I whisper the wildest dreams unto you While I am shrouded By crystals of frosty dusk And the everlasting winter Embraces my heart with grief __________ Blood And Soil This soil is dripping With the blood of angels I can almost touch Their hands through the ground My eyes are filled with pride For this land of the dead Is the precious gift of my father No mortal value can buy such a treasure Which I cherish in my heart of hearts Father - Satan with fangs stained in blood Smile to my naive dreams This unhallowed ground Secret sanctuary of my thoughts Where I walk hand in hand with death Upon blood and soil Oh, don't mind any pain It gives me wisdom My rage is my strength It gives me might But something inside me seems to be lost Is there hope for the blood of life? Or will I always fly alone.. Those who are in Hell Hallowed be thy name This is for you who made me what I am For the storm that tries To shake my roots Is just the breath of the dying god Who once ruled heaven But he won't succed As long as I stand true to my ways And even I am alone I can't remember what I'm missing __________ Magic Glass Monument Awakening Although I thought I would never again In a room with no begining or end But for sure there is a center Nothing but vastness And an object of supreme magic A mirror shaped as a pyramid Black but still reflecting My hands and arms but not my face I'm watching myself moving Towards this blasphemy Attracted I float nearer and nearer Trying to step aside But my journey ends behind the glass A sea coloured red is awaiting me there Everything is upside down Am I destined to drown Surfaces belong to other dimensions Hell is above And heaven awaits far below Deeper and deeper I sink And scream without sound Unrealistic reality or a dream In the state of being awake For sure this will be My greatest victory or my final defeat If I am demon all the angels must die __________ Exhausted Remains Silent screams - Beaten and torn Sanctify - This life of scorn Innocence withdrawn in fear Night grows cold and twilight's near But the light I see is none Just a spectrum of unreal colours Which appears before my eyes For you neither to see, nor to feel Shattered scattered - Remnants of life What can be extracted from nothing What can be found within the emptiness Within the emptiness from which I am fed I deal in pain - All life I drain Cherished - The grandeur of melancholy Always and never - The skyline seems so unreal If I had wings, would I be forgiven If I had horns, would there be flames ..To show my cry Laughing and crying - Nothing remains No future and no past No one could foresee The end has come so fast And I reach my hand Towards this ocean of despair To grant my soul a lifetime in hell Channeling The Quintessence Of Satan Dawn Of Human Dust A newborn day waits to surrect But what will cover dawn? Neither begging nor pleading will find ears When all the angel hordes have gone to war For a final twisted dance A twisted dance into death Writhe within the emptiness Writhe because there lurks endless pain To satisfy our brothers slain To satisfy our sisters drained in flames The dark age shall rise again And ten for one we will revenge what has been done Bathe in flames to clean your souls Your silent screams guide your eternal fall One another you will tear Your flesh out of your bodies burnt by fear Now keep your breath and feel inside Can you feel... it’s the time Is this judgement day? We feel the signs supporting us But shall the moonlight bathe again our midnight prayers To reach the aim we’re longing for To rise up from the human dust we dwelled this earth The trust in us and victory Drives us against our enemy Our kingdoms we are dreaming of And hoping gives us sense to be So let us bring an end to this And lead the first hit to the faces Of the crowds out of the light For broken now lies all their might From all directions coming in trembling with fear The herd of God sentenced to death I lead the first sword strike to eternity You cannot flee from certain death When dawn has come this final day pass with your dying breath __________ Pandemonic Revelation A hunger for insanity within illusions infinity A heart of dreaming ice and burning flesh caught in passion The ultimate pain shines as a star upon God And his creation that gaze at the horizon of the dead A source of tranquility obscure the mind Paralysed by abyssmal revelations Endless oceans formed by skulls Pandemonic outbreaks cause chaos within the universe Blood for Satan - Tears of God Lords from beyond fly through the astral skies From the ashes of buring hell Satan`s legions rise again To sweep upon earth in flames’ disguise Within the gloomy eyes You always saw the darkness rise So think about it Because it`s the last moment you will remember Forever burning in your mind The cruel and ruling all consuming unity __________ Equilibrium Pass By Obtained is now this crystal throne That once upon a time unfolded before my inner eye Extinquished equilibrium While I became immortal Time itself flows through my viens As I rise my sword in lust for battle The battle to feed my raging thirst for blood As my soul reach the plateu of everlasting wisdom That laid hidden for milleniums - unkown, unseen For I am the harbinger of a new age The age that rise between my outstreched arms As I lick the blood of your flesh The age that rise as I inhale your dying breath While the sun and the moon falls down between my fingers - subconscious Glassy tunnels reveal upon this wisdom’s flame The flame, a shivering mirror that reflects my osseous face Bloodred are enlightened my bleak eyes that saw worlds crash Into to the void, the void an empty abyss you call reality Apokalpyse pass by As I settle down in the crystal throne to close my eyes But is this really what I am striving for An everlasting existence without any challenge But what`s an assignment for a god of the superior race __________ Wildfire And Desire In the ancient tradition of conjuration To satisfy my bestial urge I raise blackened magic to the heavens, against the light So appear and bring forth my desire Flesh is the slave - my spirit reigns As naked servant to my rite - enslaved creation Raging wildfire for ritual soul cremation No flame burns brighter than desire Lust and passion, and pain as sinfull gift Wildfire in the heart of man - uncontrolable I’m the creature set ablaze with God’s despised sin Grant me irrisitibility - power infinite Let open up the earth to spew whores Sexual rites to praise your name Sitri! Twelveth of the great! Ioa Sabao! No flame burns brighter than desire Lust and passion, and pain as sinfull gift Wildfire in the heart of man - uncontrolable I’m the creature set ablaze with God’s despised sin __________ Utopia Consumed Forgive me father for I`ve sinned I am a child of fire and the master of winds But I`m still wide awake... Fingers grip out of my brain No control - my mind is lame From the earth up to the trees I hear them calling me The voices which rides on the breeze Oh, it`s haunting me - in expectancy for your flesh But this dream life is the only life - An everlasting astral dimension The dream death is the only death - Total destruction of the soul Within this astral plane I`ll never be the same Throwing myself at the sky while falling back to the ground I`m off the earth but no one can hear my painfull sound I open the doors to the other side and step beyond mortality Trapped in rage - it burst`s my veins so feel the pain I breathe your name It isn’t just a nightscape vision painted in blood Utopia Consumed! The dark silhoutes move towards me As I confess the morbid desire And I witness all the falling souls consumed __________ Demon's Vortex Only one night is missing But this one will bring the storm that put an end to everything The sky is still starlit, but if our faith, our desire is forcefull enough The strings of silence - hushed The strings of silence - smooth Within a few hours all signs will read storm Listen! It is true that there exist individuals Who are never looking prouder Warliker then the rising of the storm Many-voiced the singing rises The air seems to condense Filled with electric sparks Starting to fly, to rotate, to spin To oscillate in the centre of the magical circle The voices sound higher Coil-linke circling and narrowing The light rises faster and faster (The sound is undescribable) The voices resemble blowing wind, howling wolves The silence break hissingly The storm put on it’s strings The strait looks like a witch’s cauldron Like a hotblooded foaming geysir The elements are in uproar Now all signs are stormy It’s insignia are shining dark ablaze A shining ablaze from a voilent encounter of sulphur and lead Everything is out of breath Everything is beside itself - storm world! In the shadow of heavy wings Sorceresses presever In their fluttering clothes resist the beating weather That almost tear the garments of our bodies Flashes in the eye Endless high pulsating coil Is rising from the cone A magical and miraculous horn Of a unicorn whose top gets lost in infinity Sparks spray, thunders beat, lightnings are inflamed That the air is filled with the claps of heavy wings The apocalyptic wildness of the storm Who’s now reigning with a brachial power unleashed despot The string of the storm! The storm of hell that never halts there It drives the ghosts and demons in it’s vortex Everlasting, for the fatal and glorious return of our master... __________ Towards Beyond Through imperial halls of ice Where I left bloodstained pillars Resplendent seem these silver walls Silent phantoms I burn Towards the emptiness Towards the gorge Onwards, onwards... to hell, to hell I was the could through which angenls fell Onwards, onwards... to hell, to hell I was torture, death and fatal spell Onwards - through another vortex of colours To hell - where I left devouring darkness Onwards - opaque visions I haunt To hell - impervious seem these delusive lights My journey begun As you unveiled my face As I ripped of my skin And my demon was roused Thrones and dominiouns mean nothing to me As long as I seek the truth Thus I break man and ice On my journey towards beyond __________ Pandora's Miasmic Breath Melting in the heat Beloved Succubus I lick your lips in fever dreams Pandora sweet Your hot flesh sucks on mine as I flow deep into thee My bride in red In lust our souls ablaze scream with the winds of hell My high priestress of death Drowned in the seed of doom you spread You - my blessed grim reaper Writhing in you brute embarce You - you breathe miasma I taste your kiss of pestilence Pandora - glorious contess of plague and fevers Tears darken my eyes Dripping on you naked breast You lick my flesh Greying, decaing by your touch, my body wreck Convulsive grasp My flesh is striken, shivers run across my skin I face my death, rape my fading life And ride my fevery soul through thunderstorms in Hades’ depths You - you’re the flesh untamed I - I face my death unchained Satanized The Legacy Overwhelming fear As all nightmares come to life Extracted pain unfolds within this realm of fear A change of visions extend my mind Psychotropic pulse I am the chosen one – Satan’s son A flash of shivering stardust enlightens The truth beyond the portals Reality’s borders fade – replaced by liquid glass Modulation tunes reveal All your tears unleashed All souls wrapped in plastic and wonder how It must hurt to see all the fears unleashed… A battlefield of indescribable beauties Like silver statues that glide In everlasting oceans depths Legions march onwards in their perpetual cycle But soon our journey reach it’s end And since ages I felt that kind of satisfaction As my one and only axe strike hits the hand Of my chosen victim that kneels crying before me Oh how I enjoyed to see him cry and finally die Now your prophetic redeemer is dead But take a look around and understand What has changed, say to do really miss him? So forget all set up morals And let eternal wisdom flow Cosmic revelation – demonic incarnation Collective concentration – total devastation Psychotropic pulse I am the chosen one – Satan’s son A flash of shivering stardust enlightens The truth beyond the portals Set ablaze the fires of Satan __________ Re-Pulsor Interconstellar eclipse caused By protoplasmic bombardments Extraterrestrial invaders encompass the universe Infernal invasion enchant me Systematic obliteration – hate me! Lifelessness invaders your eyes Demonized, in fire baptized Chaotic birth of a new domain Static, emotionless I am the repulsor Corrosive spiritual fragments Drowned in grey I am the repulsor Human factors fail again Lifelessness invaders your eyes Demonized, in fire baptized Chaotic birth of a new domain Static, emotionless Hordes of bio machines I am the master of This is my legacy – repulsor! I flight the war no one has fought I am the wretch that’s never caught Infected diffusion – repulsor! Electrostatic aura, I am the catalyst Life and death means nothing to me Demonized – genocide – demonized Brutalized – demonized – brutalized So bow down before me Because resistance is futile __________ Battlestar Abigor A fallout force – a fatal vision Battlestar Abigor Decolour the universe in its purest shape Give birth to the constant of death Immortality and departure of the eternal stardust Reveal the eye of the phantom throne… Passage from another universe Into the 7th dimension Distortion and microcosmical revelation Corrosive devastating fire – the rage takes us higher Analyzed is now your mind Neutralized the human kind Battlestar Abigor – alignment of Satan Battlestar Abigor – like a planet that explodes For this is the dawn of the new age Refuse unknown – glory to be shown Electromechanical precision Objects termination Our legions are armed – mass murder, art Collective homicide – fear worldwide We’re the kings of starlight The beast that tore from inside Our legions are armed – mass murder, art Collective homicide – fear worldwide Life’s pain has come to an end So face the demon unchained And visualize fortress hell __________ Galaxies And Eons Decline Hail you forgotten gods Sleeping the step of death Return to blood soaked power To fierce tyrants reign They somnambulate on burning foots prints Haunting black infinity The shadows beyond the stars Unholy flesh of shoggots distorting time and space Black tentacles atrocious – mouldery slimy trace Recover the lands of an eons lasting dream To enslave all mortal life And bring madness over men Hail you forgotten gods Sleeping the step of death Buried you dwell in R’lyeh Receive my words – chaos… arise! Winds of time chase my prayers Through the depths – resurrect! Wake the dead dreaming gods Cthulhu thee who lurks beyond the threshold Buried under black withered megaliths Under cold and bare distant desert planets In abyssmal depths beyond blinking stars Fleshless bodies dream of a new return Drunk now is my blood, opened is the path Ancient Ones return, cosmic wrath unleashed Shub Niggrath bleat! Your Sothoth arise! Voices chanting pain – scream from a thousand mouths Forces raising dead mountains of flesh Protoplasmic waves spilled from outer space Transformed is my flesh, blackened now my heart Fallen my disguise – shoggot forces mine! The triumphatic rise of the Ancient Ones Invading land, sea and sky in their lust for chaos… An age of occult worship ph’nglui mglw nath Cthuluhu R’lyeh wgahnagl fhtagn… To flesh turned fear in grey disguise Has lead it’s trail for eons long And eons more it will lead on until the galaxy declines Yet Luna splits her gruesome rains Of light over a world in fright And while the tides of time pass by The grey still walks these haunted planes… __________ Luminescence Of Darkness I am the heart of battle I am the arm of warriors My father, he gave me the heavens My father, he gave me the earth He who was alive yesterday He who was alive is dead today The thunders of wrath and judgement are numbered And harbored in the earth, so open the gates The voices travel with the wind – listen, feel it’s power Fear is not! for in time it will reveal the true powers The powers and the might of the black divine The luminescence of darkness Chaos – void of creation Chaos – rise I am the one who comes forth of frost and show With a shadow cast and soon unveils The northern darkness glory I am the angel that never felt All the mysteries are mine I lead you to rebirth though death and destruction Just take my hand For I am the angel that never left All the mysteries are mine I lead you to rebirth though death and destruction I am the one who comes forth of frost and show With a shadow cast now I unveil all The northern darkness glory Creation – understanding Destruction – transformation Renewal – wisdom Just take my hand Chaos – void of creation, chaos rise! Chaos – it is done __________ Nocturnal Stardust Azrael! Angel of death Go forth into that dark night On the narrow threshold stands a legion United they sing out but one name Sword to pointed sword Wing to pointed wing Language unpronounceable For human tongue – for mortal senses Lnaudible, yet loud as thunder Cracking silence in that cave of winds Azrael! Angel of death Go forth into that dark night You’re the lamp onto the realms of shadows As you would enter the arms of your lover Drawn me higher into the night skies! Take my hand and guide me on this journey Dispel fear with understanding I am your temple The temple within all evil dwells All I am is light and shadow expressed in the manifest from Orion, I lock my visions onto the stars I am your Bipolar chaos Of proud heart and valiant soul Death zone – reflections in liquid glass Cry tears – tears that gleam like falling stars Death zone – barren planets teemed with life As I warp my wings around this universe And collect billions] Of souls – the souls that rope Upon the planets surface Glimmer as tiny blue flames Azrael! Vale of shadowed twilight spheres Bearer of the millenium’s pain Azrael! within, without, everywhere and nowhere I am the essence of all life and death __________ Satan's Galaxy What means imagination If not the trigger To pure hell? The chaos nova of our vision Closed the fissure of the night After the mirror of the void was scared By shapeless horns – Satan’s galaxy Seeing through five triangular shapes We are so close to this dimension As the center erects a spiral Uniting us without bridges We swim in a chalice of cataklysm The pentagrams dynamism The chlorophyll of liquid dreams Cloaks the lords of apocalypse As the distortion in the tapestry shows me What they cannot see Reborn by the burial of syndrome This pure flight of transparency Mutating into the new circle of power I gave death to whom I gave death to me An exchange of the links below The geometry of madness fulfilled I breed into new unzoned trance United in parallel Genetic eternities By shapeless horns Satan’s galaxy __________ The Redeemers Return It feels so cold tonight My skin has turned to ice Dead and gone are all emotions Breeding pain enwraps All the tears that wash away Life’s unreal Values of joy and love Pale are my eyes – frozen my heart Time and space, life and death Pale is my mind – stone cold my soul I am the accuser that recreates hell on earth For waits in yours restrictive Three dimensional world? Too late, too cold – none hides of the truth! For I have seen – the prophecies foretold Abstract realities crash into the void A heaven built on non-provable facts – a lie? The wisdom bursts – my veins as I Tremble in – unreal delight And even it hurts – to belong to the knowing An I not – the fulfillment of all quests Trust me you that – bears – the nuclear winter in his soul… I’ll pour out my soul To show my inner strength And wouldn’t you agree If was the highest excitement you’ve felt? So give me all your heart and I will take your life For I am the reborn – beast that will Extinguish all – your mortal kind Or might it be a too – radical step – to immortality? But I thought – you couldn’t await to enter My heaven so accept it – cause our time has come I rise – you fall

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