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En Their Medh Riki Fara... Heathenpride Once a mighty king ruled in a northern land his enemies he fought with steel and iron hand. So many tales were told, his name a glorious sound, "god-like he is" they said, and by no christian laws was bound. Long ago in a northern land... One day they came across the nordic sea, the man of the cross and camped beside a tree which was called a sacred one for all thy heathen hearts, where sacrifices were given to their northern forefathers Gods... The elder and wise men amongst them watched distrustful to all those of the foreign men with their swords in hand .. and the mighty tree was felled... Some days gone by and the elder men disappointed, they found a grave with a wooden cross upon. So they all gathered at a place near the sea at night, they all sat around their king, and a campfire gave it's light... First words were spoken by a maiden of great beauty, she whispered silent words to Freya and began to speak. Her iceblue eyes filled with tears as she told them all what happened in the woods three days ago when two christian men raped her body... Many people told what happened and what was done by the christian men; a girl was burned and three farmers died, nine children were never seen again... The king drew his sword and saddled his black horse, they gave a sacrifice to Odin and to Tyr, the Gods of their war, that might before the morning of... REVENGE!!! The stars were shining from a dark black sky, their swords reflected the light of the moon, their torches burned red, the flames blazed up high, the hour of their raid will come soon... REVENGE!!! As the sun at last arose crimson, beyond the nordic sea, they all stood in armour, with helmet and sword, and with certainty of what was forever will be... .. a furore normannorum libera nos domine... The bells of the christian churches tolled, woke them up so much to late, two ravens high above watched this bloody deeds when the steel becomes their fate... After hours the most of the christian men by the northmen all were slayed, the sun high above was shining bright that day of heathenpride... __________ Ultima Thule A world is deep inside of me, filled with ancient pride... No mortal one has ever seen the horse on which I ride... The one-eyed God is on my way, Thor will be my guide, Freya knows the path I go the Fenriswolf to fight... __________ Winternight Sunset beyond a grey vast forest, I'm longing for the night to break into the woods and darkness then will be my light. .. beginning of my wandering through coldness and grim ice, to find the one I'm searching for before the sun again will rise... Fire - burns down the christian houses and shows me the way with it's light, my ancestors are with me on this wandering into this darkest winternight... Following the foodsteps no snowflake will efface, a northern breeze beckons my body and northern snow my face... I feel he gets nearer to me, a lightning strikes with pride, the thunder roars, the trees now rush, I sense my master is not wide... Thors hammer - in chains around my neck, an ancient wisdom deep inside, my blood flows wild now through my veins while my wandering through this darkest winternight... A lifetime I have been in search for what the elder ones have told me, for strongness and the truth, for blood and victory... But now the time for me has come, no way to find back home, the snow begins to burry me, but I'm no longer now allone... My sword tears my breast, I'm spilling my own blood... The last on this world so I saw was the beckoning of my God...Winternight... __________ Into The Ardent Awaited Land... Far away beyond the horizon, above the shadows of the horses hoofs, a maiden behind a golden shield in a chariot rides across the sky. Two ravens are above us, a long forgotten tale, how it is to reach the utter hail and the eyes of a Valkyrjur caress your heart... When a lightning strikes with pride and a thunder roars upon us, when the trees will be beckoned by their dew again the icecold mist shows us our way... Then be sure, oh thy heathenhearts, our time will soon be there, when the one-eyed God walks amidst us and the neighing will be deep inside of our hearts... One day we will tear the hearts of the ones who stay against us, the nine worlds are in our hands since we've found the key of Valgrind. No wolf will ever subdur us, oh Freya hear my words, forever I'll be in your retinue and await to sense your breath... Once you will open your eyes while a maiden is kneeing at your side, and she will kiss you to awake for you will stride the mighty rainbowbridge... Two ravens are above you, they will show you the final way across the river and over the mountain, into the ardent awaited land... ...Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri ...When Gjallarhorn Will Sound ...Morning arose that day long time gone, two ravens above him showed the way. He was guided by Odhinn, led by the one who shelters the fallen every day by day... ...Once blood was shed of countless of men, in the name of the cross and christian pray... for hundret of years his heart laid in chains but hate was growing stronger every day by day... "Ruler of Asgaard, father of Thorr, send me your powers devine ... Grant me your wisdom, strengthen my soul, so revenge of our blood shall be mine... Allfather Odhinn, I entreat you with awe, to ride with me side by side, so avenged shall all be, who had died in the past, by the power of heathenish pride... Master of thunder, lighting and rain, soon your hammer and cross shall collide... Protector of midgaard's daughters and sons, in your name christian reign I will fight... When the hammer will crush, and oppressors will fall, my sword will be raised to thy hail ! Then the fires shall burn in the name of the Gods as the sign of the heathen prevail !" far in the past he saw what has been his fathers traditions handed down, but he still kept in heart the will to prevail as his hate was growing stronger every day by day... Deep in his heart a shadow had grown which covered his mind with shades so grey, but still every morning encouraged his hope when he sat by the old oak every day by day... "Strong is my heart, and strong is my will, soon I will break our chain... Then the swords shall be raised and our flag held up high, the banner of the heathen domain... Long I've awaited the day of revenge, the heathenish reign to return... Now my swordblade is forged, and my soul will prepared, by my hands christian crosses shall burn..." ...Evening fell that day long time gone, the ravens above still showed the way, they were guided by Odhinn, led by the one, who shelters the fallen every day by day... ...Blood to be shed of countless of men, in the name of revenge and heathenpride... No more withdraw will be on heathenish ground, no more mercy will be when Gjallarhorn will sound... __________ ...Where Blood Will Soon Be Shed "...from the darkness, risen our of blackness, a flame once, burning like red blood was seen by those who waited for the battle, to lead them to where blood will soon be shed..." The oars were shoved into the water, the wind blew strong and filled the sails of dragonships set out for a vikingish foray... The runes were scratched into the swordblades, wielded by heathen of the north to the glory of Valfreya, Asynja, Vanadis !!! As darkness fell and all was silent the air was filled with smell of death and fires burned as a sign of asatruian pride !!! "...The seashore burned like fire and blood ran down the sands... Another day of victory in unknown foreign lands... ...Guided we are by Allfather's might..." __________ Towards The Hall Of Bronzen Shields ...The sun areose beyond the mighty hill, the inlet, ruled by silence, laid so chill... ...The shadows grew as the sun rode high, that day for countless people came to die... "...And high above the one-eyed God sat on his throne to gaze upon the whole lands of Midgaard, he, the Allfather, who allready knows the end of every day sent his shieldmaiden on winged horses to lead all those to Walhall who are the chosen ones to die..." ...The dragonships set sail and farewell drew near, the thunderings of Thorr's hammer were to hear... ...The elder ones by whom the runes were thrown, saw all those things through which their fate was shown... ...A gentle breeze brought the bloody scent as spears without a number were upwards tend... ...Two black ravens known as Odhinn's eyes circled high to descend from the skies... ...And Valkyrjur rode at heavens high to await the death of those who had to die... ...And to lead them well on their final way towards the hall of bronzen shields that day... __________ The Heathenish Foray ...In ancient times once rode across the land a man unknown on a horse of untold grand, adorned his cape by thirty runes of gold of whom the tales since ages unknown told... ...The man arrived at the shore of sea and gazed onto the nightly sky, his ears could hear and his eyes could see two ravens dark as night passing by... ...In a distance far the thunder sounds and lightnings reached the frozen grounds, his breath ran fast, his heart pounded strong as the day now came, awaited oh so long... ...Tears will fall and blood will soon be shed when the dawn heralds the twilight of the day... Then into battle they will ride with their swords in hand for a heathenish foray... ...Countless miles he rode through ice and knee-deep snow over mountains 'till the landscape changed its face so he at last arrived where winds blew strong and chill like a welcome to all those who trod this place... ...He in cape was wrapped, and with his hammer 'round his neck he forced his way though he didn't saw the path, but he did not rest, 'till he had crossed this land of chill and the storm had calmed, when he stood alone on hill... ...His eyes could see the forrest shining bright and its trees reflected solens golden light, the sound of horns then reached his ears to welcome him and take away his fears... ...from all their lands the kings, they came with their retinue of countless men, and the maiden in full armour sat on their horses, winged, until the right began... So he rested a while an recovered from his ride, the horizon gleamed by the mighty northers light, and the elder ones sang tales about the past, of their ancestors pride, that will forever last... ...As the darkness fell and gone was solens light the silernce ruled amongst the men of heathenpride, who now gathered in a mighty battle-line and awaited their Gods to give the final sign... __________ Walhall Sol arose that morning like a sunwheel at the sky... Shallow land two ravens high above gave me the sign... Walhall the hall of shining shields where once I'll be to celebrate my death... farewell my sword may lead me into ancient realms... "...now saddled is my horse and grinded my sword, the wisest of all blacksmith's forged my shield... Tomorrow I will ride, when morningsun arose, to meet my fate on shadow field... ...now the time to leave is near, and all preparations done, the twilight now heralds my farewell... A last donation to the ones who will guide me on my way and who will await me if I'll die..." Valkyrjur will take my hand to lead me on my way... Himinbjorg so soon there Heimdallr will welcome my soul... Walhall the hall of shining shields where once I'll be to celebrate my death... Ok Nefna Tyvar Ty Vanadis Mounted men, with axe and shield On their ride through shallow field See your sons of Vanadis Light my ways oh Manalihs... Freyas Val Woutans half Oaken woods as dark as night Home of those of heathen pride Grand me strength of Asynja Be my guide of Valfreya Freyas Val Vingolfs pride Herjan!!! When the moon shines bright from a dark black sky Wa raise our swords to thy hail When the runes are thrown and the ravens fly As a sign of our heathen prevail While the morning breaks through Tenkterian wood While the sun sets the shores aflame There is one thing only which never dies The honour of thy name Foraan!!! By my side my brothers fall Now on their way to Freyas hall We are yours oh Vanadis Guide their ways oh Manalihs Hier Foraan Tenkteriar Herjan!!! While twilight covers the blood red skies While the sun sets the shores aflame There is one thing only which never dies The honour of thy name When time draws near for the chosen ones To fall on the blood stained fields Then death will grand us a place amongst Our fathers in the hall of bronzen shields A burning flame as blue as ice Now I can see is in your eyes Be my fate oh Vanadis Through the nights of Manalihs... __________ ...As Long As Winds Will Blow... ...As long as winds will blow My pride will be And a star will shine From far away... ...As long as winds will blow My pride will be And hate remains Inside my heart At night a star did shine upon What once was build on my ancestors lands When once I was young Willing to learn From the old and the wise ...As long as winds will blow My pride will be And hate remains Inside my heart Evening fell unto this land That once was build by my ancestors hand When I was young Willing to fight ...For as long as the winds will blow... __________ Aduatuza Once on Tenkterian grounds Hidden in the depths of woods Near the shore of Rhine Oncw was build the home of mine ...Landmark of resistance - Aduatuza Tenkterian fortress - Aduatuza ...Hall of fallen heroes - Aduatuza The place of glory - Aduatuza Hall of bronzen shields Shining bright through the trees Build on shallow land By our ancestors hand ...Landmark of resistance - Aduatuza Tenkterian fortress - Aduatuza ...Hall of fallen heroes - Aduatuza The place of glory - Aduatuza __________ Donar's Oak Branches as high as a vigilant eye could see, Magic runes, one scratched into this tree. An old man sat down at this mighty oak, Every morning, day by day... And he closed his eyes While a gasp blew through its leaves... And he began to speak... Roots as deep as the very depths of heart, Source for those who know what's still to come... Man of wisdom and knowledge great, With hair as white as snow... The young amongst them in a circle sat And listened to this voice. ...While he began to speak... __________ Homeward Shore May Donar grand us guiding wind Walfrigga bless those wooden boards So we will see the morning sun arise May the one eyed God lead us through raging storms So we will reach our homeward shore Allfather Woutan grand us strengths to beat those waves God of rain and thunder guide us well May Freyas star show us our way So we will reach our homeward shore __________ Farewell A cheek was beckoned By a tear A hand on a sword And a whisper to hear A word never spoken A deed never done Time now is near Farewell my son... Hail to thee Great Valkyries Lead my son to Where he belongs... Guide his way while Crossing the rainbow Bid him welcome there Where he belongs... "Riding on horseback Winged like the ravens Eyes of the one eyed God..." "Sun now shines golden Through the leaves of the old oaks Up to the mountain Now I ride..." A glorious dream That was never dreamt A death never died And a life never lived The last words were spoken While the rising of sun Time now os near Farewell my son... "Passing the frontier Of Asgard and Midgard Of heavens and grounds below" "Allfather Woutan's Ravens my guidance Leading me high above" A cheek was beckoned By a tear A hand on a sword And a whispering to hear The last words were spoken While the rising of sun Time now is near Farewell my son... "From beyond the horizon Glorious rising The hall of the brozen shield" "Portals now opened, Bidding me welcome A shield maiden takes my hand..."

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