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Fire Burns In Our Hearts Clandestine Blaze Keep the evil world outside Close the doors, close kids eyes Fundamental religious life Bible truth, false raised youth You can’t watch them all the time You’ll lose them sooner or later Fire burns in our heart Waiting to be relieved Eyes will be opened Lies will be detected With all those punishments For no reason Bible justification Gods hate towards man Slaves of the book of beliefs Live in their lies They can’t see blaze In our eyes We are the ones Who hold the torch And purge the world With beautiful flames Clandestine blaze __________ Anti-Christian Warfare Anti-Christian warfare Reign supreme Blaze in the house of lord Their crossess and statues Destroyed to pieces Priests hanged in trees Crucifixes shoved up Virgin nuns cunt Their hypocritical values Destroyed the human essence Seeds on unreal good Shall be destroyed before growth They tried to whipe it all away But our power has grown again Joined forces in war Against cristian disease __________ Native Resistance They destroyed the cultures They destroyed the true knowledge In the name of god They turned history to the lie People betrayed their roots Submitted to alienating religion Like poor sheeps Like christians of today Native resistance! Gather the forces and prepare for revenge We have been pushed down too long time Hate against forced relegion Our war will continue till end Native resistance! We’ll destroy their landmarks We’ll pay back their crimes Power and might of church and organized religion Shall be purged away __________ Children Of God In feet of the father Children crying for mercy Taking last breath Before the eucharist Eat it The blessed flesh Drink it Divine fluids from father Children of god Cry for mercy Children of god Pray for salvation Road to heaven is hard Father tests your faith Are you property of father? Are you one of the children of god? __________ Killing The Waste Flesh Hate and aggression Urge for destruction Misanthropic life Urge to kill Complete waste Should be thrown away Misanthropic strike Violent homicide Silent prayer of help From holy forces Cut short With sharp knife __________ Icons Of Torture Watch the holy men Their golden figures Luxury of servants Nightmare of outsiders Deathly power In icons of torture Inspiration For holy action False believers Shall see the gods revenge Divine Blood shed Stolen wealth of nation Organized crime by the church Take back what’s ours Destroy what can’t be On The Mission On The Mission Seeds are planted Seeds of misanthropy Seeds are planted Seeds of hatred Mission shall continue Goal shall grow Possessed minds Of zero tolerance Deep belief On the mission Leathal power Of mans will Vision Strenght Knowledge Power Some transformed To dedicated allies Allies create armies To spread the mission Armies joined to war Against opposite force Victim Death Victory Our Era __________ Tearing Down Jerusalem War! Strike to the holy city Crush jerusalem Torture the followers Of weakening god Let the blood stream Through dirty streets Zionist cancer Faces zero tolerance Tearing down Jerusalem Crushing Zionist Power Victory of unholy forces Our Victory! Destruction! Sky high flames Napalm rain over jerusalem Screaming victims In agonizing pain Destructive flames Leave schorched earth Zionist dream Burned away Tearing down Jerusalem Crushing Zionist Power Victory of unholy forces Our Victory! Night Of The Unholy Flames Chambers Living Flesh On The Row Heading Towards Certain Death Chambers Full Of Zyklon-B Ready For Mass Extermination Sheep Without Will To Fight Illusion Of Salvation They Have Submit To The Destiny Holocaust Of The Weak Gas Among The People Exposes True Raw Nature Sacred Beliefs Forgotten Bestial Side Of Man Revealed In Chambers Full Of Zyklon-B Christians Cry For jesus In Chambers Full of Zyklon-B Jews Cry For god __________ Cross Of Black Steel Crown of barbwire Tearing open wounds Dripping blood blinding eyes Frenzy Crowd Screaming Insults Cross of black steel on sholders Chackles with nails inside Body hanging on the cross From pierced wrists Every self proclaimed christ In torture show for our pleasure Messangers of unreal Live in shadow of Cross of Black Steel __________ Night Of The Unholy Flames This Is Our Night Act Of Ultimate Blasphemy Hatred, Violence And Retribution Misanthropic Strike Against holy Symbols Of Life Glare Of church Burning In Dark Night For Victims No Way Out Christian elders And parishioners Scream Of Fear And Agony Synagogas And Temples Church’s Buildings All Set In Fire During the Night Nothing Is To Be Saved Stench Of Burning Human Flesh Prayers For The Deaf Ears Infernal Flames Destroying The Holy And Torturing Humans To Death Night Of The Unholy Fires Nightmare Of The Believers Turned Into Ugly Reality Ultimate Act Of Blasphemy Ultimate Blasphemy To Celebrate Victory Victory Of Mans Strenght Victory of Mans Will Agains Pathetic Dead christ __________ Invisible Death Hidden In The Clouds Floating In The Air Invisible Bringer Of Death Death Of Human Population Hidden In Cold Winds Drifting Through The Landscape Freezing Death Breath Of Lethal Power Breath Of Life Turns Into Breath Of Death Last Bits Of Life Force Grasped By Eternal Darkness Fields Of Corpses Cities Of Death Grotesques Results Of Deadly Disease Terror Of Invisible Death Deserted Civilization Centuries Backwards Landmarks Of Mans Evolution Growing Knowledge Growing Body Count Lethal Winds Landmark Of Mans Evolution __________ There’s Nothing... I open my eyes There’s nothing I can see Except the blood dripping knife On my own hand I sniff the air There’s nothing I can smell Except the stench of human corpse Which lays on the ground I touch the flesh There’s nothing I can feel Except wounds of sliced body Coldness of the dead __________ Aikakausi On Lyhyt Haavoittuvat kehot Pyhien kaapujen peitossa Suojautuen eläimellisyyden kiroukselta Alistuvat mielet valheiden kirjan lumouksessa Pyhä sokeus pelastukseen johdattajana Kristuksen sanansaattajien pyhä lupaus Uskon luoma illuusio jatkuu jälkipolvien kirouksena Voima symbolien traditioissa Valheen muodostama väärä-totuus ohjenuorana Messiaan aikakausi on lyhyt mutta ei ole aikaa odottaa Minun aikani on nyt Kiiltelevien terien alla silvottu ruho Jumalan huoran kasvot jähmettyneenä Tuskan tuomaan irvokkaaseen ilmeeseen Kristuksen sanansaattajat lävistetty omiin krusifikseihinsa Helvetti ja taivas on maan päällä Minä luon oman maailmani __________ Future Lies In Hands Of The Strong The slaves And servants The followers And masses Meaningless And Undedicated Weak And Degenerated Strenght Of Individual Power Of The Mind Ones Ideology Is Ones Truth Philosophy And Action It Holds The Mightiest Power Future Lies In Hands Of The Strong! Fist Of The Northern Destroyer Fist Of The Northern Destroyer Purging fist of the northern destroyer dominates with force tears down grotesque synagogues Culture of Zion was never meant to be here Bringer of misery to those who oppose Fist of the northern destroyer Bringer of torture to those who don't fear Fist of the northern destroyer Islamic plague raising Spreading it dirty seed Violent Intolerance as reward For their holy secret war Bringer of death to those who don't run Fist of the northern destroyer __________ Praising The Self No god no religion no race no culture No nation no state no collective world Praise the self I glorify myself! I satisfy myself! I am not lower than your god. I am setting the rules of this existence My reasons do not need to look any more rational than his. My reasons do not need to be explained one bit more than His. __________ Doll Of Darkness Haunted by Sad Thoughts Embraced in darkness Doll of Darkness Under the Spell We Created Vulnerable Soul Under Dark Surface Doll of Darkness Broken Under Black Spell Painted Tears Are Replaced With Desperate Agony Lust For Sadism Hatred Crushes Flesh Broken Soul, Abused Mind Destroyed Living Corpse Doll of Darkness Destroyed Victim of Sadistic Cult __________ Ribs Of Virgin Pure untainted flesh tempts the mind feeds the carnal lust and carnivorous urge Taste of sweet meat between Ribs of the virgin Charred remains of the skin soft meat of the breast pulp Pure untainted flesh from ribs of the virgin sin for pleasure kill for nourishment __________ There Comes The Day... There Comes The Day When The World Falls Down The World We Know Today World The Human Rely On There Comes The Day When religions Fall Down Dreams Are Demolished Last Drops Of Hope Betrays believers There Comes The Day When Ideologies Fall Down Order Turns To Chaos Man Forgets His Humanity There comes The Day When Streets Are Colored With Blood And Burden Of Humanity Is Left Behind New Page Of History Is Turning In Domination Of Panic And Terror Brothers And Sisters Killing Each others Showing Direction Of The New World Then Comes The Day When Man Becomes The Beast Realizes Basic Instincts Of Survival Through Hostility __________ Goat - Creative Alienation Black shadow of Goat Follows behind When walking far away from herd of human "As he shall separate them one from another, as a shephard divideth his sheep from the goats. And he shall set the sheep on his right, but the goats on his left" (matthew 25: 32-33) Refusal to run with the flock Not to be herded separation, act of own will doctrine of misanthropy creative hatred for the herd goat behavior not living with the sheep __________ I Have Seen... I have seen the god when world went in decline When kill of the man was committed under shadow of the cross I have heard the god when cries of child suffering reached our damned ears but nobody was to care I have smelled the god when victims of gruesome murders rotted deep in the vast forests half eaten by beasts In the mind of weakness something touches those souls who crave of power and might of immortal power I have touched the god when pulling out the knife from believer I have found god in myself looking for desperation of mankind in amusement SATANIC WARMASTER - Split My Torments Past the end of life my torments ever grow Blood on my knife mutilated self to show My Torments... Never forget cries of anxiety to serve Satan and deny the lies for eternity they burn Satan master I believe in the triumph of will That the strong shall see the new dawn rising with my torments... __________ Sacrificial Fires Sacrifices for creation of new breed of nihilist beasts among of charred remains opens the door to new ara Lights in the night shows the way to path where is the future's way Terrorized creatures, already died in their minds __________ Conspiring Winds Of The Abyss A black book of depraved old myteries Bloodstained black cloth that covers the altar Clad in thick robes to concest the flesh of a man-god I was bound to be The Abysswinds return on the hours of revelations Conspiracy of homodeys and satan A balance of power that was shattered With the spreading of the jew disease Shall be undone with our rites And the persistence to reserve the unnatural reign of christianity As the chant of our discontent echoes to the world A human mind is reborn end the highest law shall be written with a Luciferian sword to the flesh of god's corpse __________ Disease I have chosen the dark side I have felt the touch of the ments plague Consuming all that was once humane I'm the the poison, I'm the disease darkening your light infecting you with lethal curse My light is your darkness your suffering is my gratification I'm the disease living in, consuming in your paradise __________ Guided By Black Light I feel the black light guiding my way like torch lasting for eternity torch that burns inside me giving dim glow enough for my hidden ways There has been torment that you saw Sin you witnessed Blasphemy towards all beliefs manifestations of anti-humanity I have seen this world with eyes of outsider with black light guiding my way I've given the dead world touch from my hand While walking through the cities of the dead I feel the black light guiding my way like torch lasting for eternity torch that burns inside me tells tales of spiritual abandonment Showing it gods turn to die __________ To The Legions Terror night - we're ready! For murder, unholiness sermon tortures begin - in the night in the blackness grows the geed of the legions remains Come tonight! Black winds of morid funeral forever they cry out in pain calling the disciples of the dragon and the impaler to gather under the banner of the black holocaust. Deliverers Of Faith Beyond The Reason Cold flesh in the dark gutter Bound, gagged, and destroyed Once again abused in secrecy Scorned in the insane fire Fire of ultimate will Fire of the logic, under command Houses of lord in blaze of destruction Charred icons tainted with blood, seed and feces Blasphemed holy construction Altar in front of mentally tortured herd Veil of damnation covers the mind Beyond the reason Beyond the explanation Herd remains speechless in front of devastation Demanding logic, demanding reason Never able to see, never able to understand Insanity of ultimate will Veil of damnation covers the mind Beyond the reason Beyond the explanation __________ Psychopathia Sexualis So fragile is the earthly domain of human life Much it wriggles in agony When shadow of evil will is laid upon it It's destiny was to be broken to pieces, to be torn by the power of deathlust It is the clandestine fire, burning inside, feeding the evil will Burning and scorning until it needs to be manifested Lust sickness, for evil will Blood runs among the tears, when flesh is used like... Carving the manifest in living skin Clandestine lust, seeking pleasure from suffering humanity Leaving signs of degraded humanity, to haunt among the herd There are beasts among you. __________ Winter Of White Death Ancient fears has returned To minds of folk In the glare of burning woods Hiding from biting white death Fullmoon on the blackness Glowing in deadly clarity Frozen worlds Touching with life-ending spikes Stiffening corpses In grip of white death Burying the weak Under veil of frost World has humans collapsed Ancient fears has returned Winter of white death... __________ Falling Digged yourself into deepest pits Suffered with self inflicted diseases Scorning yourself with depravity Sinking further into lies and betrayal Another flame burned To dark charred remains Another servant giving up and failing To demands of purity Sworn obedience for who you curse in secrecy In the world of shadows Darkness grows Might of christ is fading Adversary has won! Adversary sitting high on his throne Watching the children of god waging war on themselves Reflecting of evil watching in your mirror Shadows growing in your fading light Burning eye, wide open to see the falling. __________ Tormented Once more hunt begins Lusting for the trophies Visions and feelings of sheep Certified in front of their adversary Pleasures of confusion Seed of tormenting nightmares Sparks of uncomfortable fire Scorching unprepared purity The tormented and tormentor Infected and deliver of the disease Once been hunted Now forwarding the judgement __________ Grave Of Gratification Like demonized creatures Screaming with lunacy inducing voices Obsessions of possessed mind Leads to shadows of graveyards Holy soil lures to be tainted Purity demands for balance Stones of remembrance Invokes wish to pursue carnality So innocent must have been The child of God Who was taken so early So much pain and depression She delivered to world While laying deep in the holy soil No man is witnessing Moments of joy and degrading Grave of gratification stands as monument Of clandestine blasphemy between man and fragile god

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