7 ian. 2009


Majestic Nothingness Temptress Luna And she rides the never world of her own majestic mountain. And remembering the snow and the demons, she flies... Across a scarlet forever, with a shimmering more divine. The witches ride the sabbat, just a breeze across her path. The breath of unborn gods blows in her hair, and she runs to meet the night. Against the shallow consecration of the spiders sigh, drinking the silver through her veins, a starry sanguine alive. She can't ever come down, ever come back, she's not here. A pitiful lust of the common, clawing at her, screaming, but only you can see her. She dances the pentagram ablaze, lit like the fire of hell. Spontaneous and natural, the kundalini of the soul. Come into my parlour, the temptress red, the blood of the moon washing to cleanse of death. An anthem requiem for the refuge of the souls, the chosen come. The willowy silence of the grave, the sight of the new time, the tombs damp and waiting like the serpents of the earth. Quiet lucid sighing, a gateway like no other, deep and dark and mystic in the lure of the ending. Monstrous halls of her mind, a labyrinth dark, consuming nothing and creating the web. An abyss of sorrow, weeping in the battles of ghouls and laughter, run to penetrate the storm. She comes like the new death, the lost transformation, the circle of the dimension invisible. And her consciousness passes between rats, biting between traps, she wants it no more. Forever knowing above the height of the wind, the view of the nightshade differs, as the moon fires the path silent. She rides her own majesty. Quiet lucid sighing, gateway like no other, deep and dark and mystic in the lure of the ending But as the sun dies with forever, her crown grows evermore. __________ Requiem Spell Watching a thread of silver mar my eyes. Losing an intensity which once did not exist. Left alone a mirror of black, takes away the truth of existance aeturnal, did you ever really know it anyway? Who looks through to a realm labyrinth of nothingness rain? Lost are those who know no death, for they shall prosper none. For it was then and now and forever where I see ones calling I watch a raging sky and hear the hymns of ancient walked. I know a lust so deep, there is insufficient satisfaction. I walk through a hall of emeralds, they glisten through my feats. I hear the hymns of ancient walked, and let them reap an opus requiem. Touch the stars of my soul, and reap harvest of galaxies immense Watch us fall, and dance. Run through rivers of blood, cradled pale flesh, lay in the chamber of ones mistress dark. Lovers embrace in ocean spray. Locked in a silver fire immortal, but stars die too. Run in an abyss divine, float through hazy enlightenment. Ask and you shall wonder. Know and you shall lose, desolate, vast, black desert suffocating me. A mirage of forever, I reach and cease to breathe the diamond steals my breath to beauty enhance, and she lives all over you. Watching, waiting, knowing. The queen of the universe triumph. Beauty. Never whispers none, a palechord of melancholy, where a throne is sown black. Invoke them in the waters of desolation incarnate, walk through the clawing spines. A bride of the moon, a canopy of ashen dust. I laugh no more __________ Drain The Labyrinth A breath of darkness an existance painted in thriving red a crown of ivy and she danced... the branches trying to catch her with desirous, clawing dead love and she tranced... morbid tales fill her sarcophagus ...midnight... a timeless crown on the neverworld duchess dancing she comes to the storm slithering from the dark of her soul to the night of the day bleeding in games for tomorrow they come to drown her too long has she had this reign and the dukes all present their gallant hands for this, the last drain a white bedroom lost in thought of the serpents entwined in yesterdays labyrinth a semen spell in the cauldron red starts to bleed a new game for tomorrow they come to bound her but this they have always done and she laughs at their gallant mucus hands for their night never comes a white bedroom lost in thought of the serpents entwined in yesterdays labyrinth a semen spell in cauldron red starts to bleed a new game starts to bleed... __________ Perpetual Dancer Perpetual dancer lost in the streams of innocent violation and the time denotes only a chaos of certainty. perpetual dancer let me wreathe this braided flesh upon your head and love you in the mirror for time says that this can go on forever... perpetual dancer exclude me from your last dance for time knows nothing the illusion of certainty. perpetual dancer beautiful as the dark winds frustrating as sporn divine as the night ...love me you might. __________ Blood Dance And she watched and she waited. Loving a time eaten by demons and cursing the day. A sombre seed of a mirrored point, just an idea. Laughing in a kaleidoscope of blood and honey... it was all just a dream. The scream, the nod, the boy, the idea. The five points of frustration, inverted to decode, and now they're just upside down. And the snakes who gave you life, mock them from their faraway silent mystery. The temptress in green runs to her attic temple, the sick secrets and the moon all hers to chant in a dark wood falls into crush her of the house she cannot find. Requiem and wandering, following shadows burnt in the dark. Fucking herself in the dense where the cats all watch and guard, and her offspring - a watery universe spark in the chaos of thoughts and orgasm. Where the cats are gods and the forest is home and the blood is the life... A hypodermic, the symbol of the temple. And grim reaper, he won't come to her. And she puts a kiss in the cauldron every night for his ghost, yet the birds always sing. The necklace dangles on her breast and fires at the moons touch. The chaos mingles with the dust of the grave, while the ashes blow away. And the gate between illusion and breath creaks wider with the fading of the sun. Now she wears a cape. Mirrored Hate Painting The Abyss's Mystic Haze The ocean reaps with nothingless pain, for foreign godless pass my entity sees another pray, swirless of desolate concealment rides the waves, where fantasies curl in the abyss's mystic maze. Casting the signs I may, in triangular concepts I reign, though my watcher holds the path I made. Freaking with this orders being, come slither through the maze. In bewildered minds their game is played, to see their minds so soared and mamned and left wondering in a scripture maze of lies, the serpent strides pass their paths to machines, surping young watching minds through a field of chaos Smiles coded as if entwined chemicaly through maingers away, confession you say? Say the prayers and slither away to the little whores hidden far more than egnored, so your faith lies behind someone elses door? Just to ponder a while, through creations divined secret chime, to see evils dogmas created for order, that your evil godhead so deicvingly forseen, that thou are of primative being of flowing orgasmic dreams. Guilt the only means in societies twisted ordered scream. __________ The Painting And the dream, the dream shatters you can't run from me anymore I've loved you with forever as I saw you at the door. And she screams as he tells her who she is reaps at the void she never touched knowing the creature writhes away while the lust for the strains. And he screams at you hurting his pain remember the void touch his knife (they tell her) touch his pain this hurt to familiar... The drain realms suffocate the power generates the look sees beyond and you want to touch his painting his painting... but the liquid is poison the poison poisonous as the mirror you saw before and confusion and the self rising The confusion... like a dark, winged reaper that you knew it all before that you love in the dark that you ...and... the look sees beyond ...and... __________ Mirrored In Scarry Skies Dimensions of entities between the light perceived, A gazing maze in creations plane, the mirrored sea unleashed, Chaos divine with evil behind, a serpents mind crystallised, Caressing the shadows with mind dancing signs, Scattering through realms in fearful disguise. For the feather is mine, astral chimes divine, Kissing with reaper smiles, signs obey, The infinite abyss mirrored in scarry skies, The entity between creates the maze. The maze of gaze through spectral coming age, Spiritual divinity the watcher grows afraid, A plane of sexual chemical diversions, Perversions mirrored and mamned. A flowing field, surrounded withering fate, Disharmony breeds in splendour, of hate adventures, coiled in semen creations of dream state demination, I poison the foundation of order and procriation. Deceiving the believers creates another gaze, To cry, to die, try and hide this maze, Believing the deceivers portrays their sickened race, perceiving through dimensions of mirrored time and space. __________ And Forever And she leaves you, sees you, weeping as you thought you saw the storm, callous colours of drawings without seeing in, the negativity a lie and the all deluded moonlight prescribed screaming abyss that mocks you until you don't know, while catagons breed serpents and the sigils weep into snakes and the tyrant lost of the suns gaze seems to kneel in a sand that they took away, only seeing what you are not too afraid to because it's all a nothing, a dreamscape void with wings and flight and he's following, they're mocking, he's following, run and screaming through as the temperament of linear dredging spirits itself to the flat our face of actually haunting a dimension, and we won't die, pain she said, and we won't die, cruel she said and we won't die ...and forever. __________ Ludus Dreaming chaos screaming weeping love this enemy, call my name run this nightmare, freezing horizon watchers and dancers playing the game Here lies the heresy and pillars we know fantasy drying the ones down below wiping the dust of the crystal delay and the reapers keep sighing, scrying in their will Tying the serpent, while the ivy crowns dissonance, resonance the witchers so proud coming for endless as the dimension shimmers dancing and seeing the blinds failing whiter Constant and strong the desert so coure the cats masturbating with the goddess wrought love me, love me draw me a picture dancing for ever like poison elixir. __________ Void Dress And we reap on frathered ground the fallen where we walk knowledge secrets, smirking mirrors as they lurk where we've always thought Drying ice in the land of gliding ziggurats erected from writing not written time brgotten where time was seen and they all use their canes I dress in night ans see the difference I call the blue to spark with me Absu porning over my shadows lies await in ecstasy.

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