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Through Chasm, Caves And Titan Woods Carpathian Forest Three times the eclipse. Before she lay her soul to rest. Channeling the darkness of many nights, All this was once her dream. See and feel, The blackened blade of revenge. Cold white towering mountain, The passage to the land of the phantoms, Deep forlorned woods, Where the gleam of neither light or bliss reach. "The castle lies in the mist, Between the mountains and marshes. Through the last centuries, Have the moonshine enlighten her coffin. The black soul of the hunter..." The hungering thirst, For the enchantress of the night. The hungering thirst, Evil, devour its soul. And since the medieval times, Have your shadows haunted... __________ The Pale Mist Hovers Towards The Nightly Shores Eternally sounds the mighty waves, A triton's hymn round a rock-strewn grave, The passing sigh for the bones that moulder, Over the nordic black sea, where the winds btew colder. Here in a bed of wrack and shingle, Beneath rests a sea king of the north, His fallen history remains unknown, Now his grave is just a heap of stones. "The waves crest sharp as an unsheated blade, As spume-topped breakers shorewards loom, And boulder on boulder on land is laid, The triton's hymn round a vanished tomb" The ocean cradles it's sleepy wave, Round the curve of the yellow sand. Of the bleak and mysterious little isle, Where no leaf has been touched by human hands. Then I behold that island so fair, Where the tree's lift their crown in prayers To the golden glow of the evening sky I hold the sword towards the moon, My memories echoes with cries. Hark, to the ocean's cold clamerous roar, The pale mist hovers towards the nightly shores. For the fire in my burning flame, Hail to the father of the fallen flame. Acknowledge the supreme Northern (racial) purity. That runs in the blood of my veins. As the nocturnal curtain falls With the total eclipse of the moon above... The pale mist hovers towards the nightly shores. __________ The Eclipse - The Raven Once upon a midnight dreary. While I pondered, weak and weary Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore... While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping, As of some one, gently rapping, rapping at my chamber door. 'Tis some visitor' I muttered, tapping at my chamber door... Only this and nothing more... Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December, And each seperate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor. Eagerly I wished the morrow... Vainly I had sought to borrow From my books surcease of sorrow... Sorrow for the lost Lenore... For the rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore... Nameless here for evermore... __________ When Thousand Moon Have Circled The vast windswept wastelands, Cold horizons opens. Many traveller has set their course from here, Few of them have returned. The utter darkness, Bleak visions of emptiness, And the veil to this portal, Lies in your own belief... When thousand moon has circled, In the shadow of endless nights, The wage of eternal life. Among the old tree's, As the dust covers every flower in bloom, The mourner hide their eyes, To reap the seeds and harvest. Withering flowers of the northem autumn, Shall never thrive again. The time has ceased, Now my dreams are true... __________ Journey Through The Cold Moors Of Svarttjern Ahh, Dance through the cold shadows of Pan As tears fall from heaven... once I had hold the rarest rose, But, that is now forgotten with time... Among the tree's I wandered, To feel the embrace of etemal eclipse As my candle bums out, And we must make the myths... Dark is the moon at harvest, The nightly mist approaches Through the forlorned marshes, Then darkness has now been achieved... "Crush your earthly virtnes, As I stumbled through snow and frost My feeble heart is longing for the wood, Where all dark cast a shadow..." It's pale morrow landscape, Has now risen through the bleak night Over the moors and mountains, Flies the hunting ravens... searching, Dance through the cold shadows of Pan, As tears fall from heaven, Then, once I had hold the rarest rose... Frozen is my pagan heart, And once again the dawn is here Hear the sound of silence, In these trees... Are my gallows... Black Shining Leather Black Shining Leather Deep red, Face soaked in blood. Black shining leather. I fuck you up in sadistic intent. Whore I plunge into the wastelands of my heart And left it there in ruins. The sun shines once a lifetime. I will leave you in the cold. In the dead of the night, Black leather and latex Queen, A lush of the world. The bitter taste of life, And the coldness Of my heart. Cunt I plunge into the wastelands of my heart And left it there in ruins. The sun shines once a lifetime. __________ The Swordsmen From the thunder and the storm Another winter has sneaked upon me again. There's something strange going on here On these great cold coastals lines. The grim vision of Chaos Upon mankind And life itself. Nights of black candles And gallons of strange old brew. Changing suit into gold. The grip of frost And the winds from the north. Lurking beneath The surface of the coastal horizon. Banners of War. Banners of the Apocalypse. Hatred towards mankind and life itself. Violence is fashion The graveyard soil is changing to stone, So many of its deaths had been midvinter. The blinding snowdrifts. The subzero temperature. __________ Death Triumphant A cold sharpened blade plunge through the skin. Death triumphant. Death the king Blood on my hands. Blood on my lips I took the frail bliss of your eyes And its darker than you think... I violate. I come at night. My great endurance of body, mind and heart Let me take you through... A gust of wind. Torrent of rain. Blood and semen Murder is art The cold blade. The cold blade. __________ Sadomasochistic Whipped and pierced, You disbehave. Underneath the whip To soothe the beast Burn a candle from my soul, for I will never do the same. Cause I see beauty in another things And that is light is the wilderness alone. Kneel before me And shine my shoes. I give you much But you want more I am the long arm of unforgivingness. Beholder of all chains. This tool of great destruction. This life of feces and filth. Pick up your teeth with broken fingers. Lick the blood of your cracked lips. The colour purple seems to fit you Bow down... __________ Pierced Genitalia The toes that you step on today may be Connected to the ass you'll be kissing tommorow. These feelings are left from you. Like a vast burning field And then you submit yourself to me. Perversion of the flesh. With needles in thin skinned places. The warm blood of life poured on the floor, But who gives a shit when your life is a plague. A rollercoster ride of pain. I saw the white in your eyes. Beat me, she said. Cruel, violent shotgun love. I kill you, point blank range. I drank too much of the midnight wine, Disregardless of whatever i claim my throne. Your voice kept ringin in my ears Like little echoes from yesterdays. I did not want, I did not feel. __________ In Silence I Observe At the great wood's mouth, By the deep cave's door. I listened to something I had heard before. The wood's mouth. In a field I am the absence. Wherever I am I am what is missing. And in silence I observe When I walk I part the air And always the air moves in. To fill the spaces Where my body has been... I close my eyelids. There was nothing more to say. I've seen it all before. But, I find comfort in silence, Summer melacholia. The air shivered against my skin. Dark leaned into my eyes. Those threatening clouds. The sweet music of the summer rain. The mist in early hours. The dominant winds. __________ Lunar Nights My associates have denied Christ. Earthly, heavenly and hellish. The only guiding light To you rejoice to see blood flow. I've know rivers. I've known rivers ancient as the world And older that the flow Of human blood in human veins. My soul has grown deep like those rivers old. Away under the wings with dark faces The rulers of the night. The goddes of Death I, drinker of blood. It is nothing to mourn for It is the other world. Do you deserve this? Hell no!!! What a tangled web you weave. Over and over the whips of the world... __________ Third Attempt Come death Before it slips through my hands. Like long-drawn echoes merging far away To a deep and pounding harmony. Vast as the night and as vast as light. Scents, colours and sounds to each other reply. Your wounds are infected And life neglected. These are the autumn years. Haunted nights of ghosts and shadows. You cut the wound to release the pus. You cut your wrist. You do not wish to live And kissed the world bloodred. Through coldness. __________ The Northern Hemisphere The night is cold and brilliantly clear. Peak after peak of glorius ice mountains Rose into the dome of the darkened skies. Jagged crystal teeth queezed between The depths of the jet-black fjords. The mountains lost their sharpness and became Soft and blue-tinged as the great winter day. Which would grow on to be a dim twilight That glimmered slowly to life. Above the peaks the Polar sky flickered with The ghostly radiance of the northern light. A frozen lake discharge into an equally frozen stream. The cold is cruel and unforgiving like the landscape. Up north. __________ A Forest Come closer and see See into the trees Find the girl If you can Come closer and see See into the dark Just follow your eyes Just follow your eyes I hear her voice Calling my name The sound is deep In the dark I hear her voice And start to run Into the trees Into the trees Into the trees Suddenly I stop But I know it's too late I'm lost in a forest All alone The girl was never there It's always the same I'm running towards nothing Again and again and again and again Strange Old Brew Bloodcleansing Blood, sweat and more blood Love turned to hate Light turned to dark And life turned to death Blood! The old engine is still running Cleansing! The cleansing of the body and soul (Then) reach out and touch the branches The branches of the oldest oak In these last autumn days When dim colours are over whelming And grim Cold hills darken Frost is setting in Discover something old Discover something new You have everything to fear You're hated here __________ Mask Of The Slave 10 times the power 10 times the pain He rolls you over And rape what remains He exists in every town He is all around He stab you where it hurts Up under your miniskirt Something never never changes Something never will He loves the fire He degrade He deprive He is the judge and jury Of your miserable life You are his toilet seat You are beneath his feet With this spiked device He rapes you twice __________ Martyr - Sacrificulum Weaklings, You are not the only one Dreamers, I wish you were all gone Losers of faith Grievers of the heart All the purity of sin Inner strength To die for a cause A martyr's death An old conscience Cleansed in blood A burning obsession A cold hearted devotion See into the eyes of evil And see through the eyes of hell Losers of faith Grievers of the heart All the purity of sin Inner strength To die for a cause A martyr's death An old conscience cleansing in blood __________ Thanatology The cold hands were yours The stiff face was yours But you were not there The eyes were yours, but they were closed And would not open The rays of the distant sun were there The moon on the hills white shoulder The trip of death, into the unknown Silent and numb The human mind, a vast universe Dive into darkness Falling further down in despair The silent watcher of truth You have lost your battle once, the quest of man God given immortality Pain strikes, the horror in their eyes Rigor mortis, the death stiffness The trip of death into the unknown Silent and numb The human mind a vast universe Dive into darkness __________ The Suicide Song Come on dead man You have slit your wrist Bow down dead man And slit your wrist again Cut!!! Cut!!! Razorblade baby Kill yourself girl You Christian women You can't live like this No!!! No!!! He's flung high, he's flung low But he still loves the purgatory glow This long road leads to you Feel the anger feel the rush Search your heart And get out before all heaven breaks loose The blood hunger The addiction Night, cold night The stars are not lit tonight Ice bound river banks Cold murky waters The treacherous devilry Coldest thoughts Suicide!!! The blood hunger The addiction Night cold night Suicide!!! Suicide!!! __________ House Of The Whipcord In this house that I built Of cold emotions Through years of oppression The suffering which I obey An unbearable suffering The rope The strangulations The whip Total submission In this room that I built Of devilish lust A tyrant's possession Unleashed at dusk Chained at dawn Deprivation, solitude Perfection, lust In this world that I built Of no emotions I whip the skin I taunt the angel Forever And ever Again And again __________ Cloak Of Midnight The trail I walk is haunted By his blinding light Somewhere Down there For eternities undefeated Unwanted Untouched The evil incarnate The cloak of midnight Screams are strong Around the oppressed Like a blizzard Like a whirlwind Like the long lost divinity! It falls heavy like a stone I am what I am Spill the blood one more time The trail I walk is haunted By his blinding light Cloak of midnight __________ Return Of The Freezing Winds In the night the forest lies cold Longing for the north wind to return Hear the sad whisper of the wind Blackened clouds cover the crescent moon Evil lords ride the tempest wings Cursed is the soil of the pathetic fools The winds of mayhem have returned To the infernal land of the forest The return Dark is the shadow of the reaper His cold embrace of melancholy Illuminated are the old roots of evil Hear the grim anguished cries Frozen millennium of the evil usurper From the dark caves of the forest Freezing winds sweeps the autumn meadow This is the hellstorm of our infernal ways The return of the freezing winds __________ He's Turning Blue He hung himself in the middle of the night Found dead in the morning bright light Got no more lithium Gave up life They say: You better give up now Its not worth the strife The soul constipation He's turning blue He's turning blue He's turning blue He's turning blue And nobody cares He withered He's not the only one Come on get it over with You're not the only one He's turning blue And nobody cares Morbid Fascination Of Death Fever, Flames And Hell On a battlefield up north Tons of steel united in bloodshed Sombre men of invisible might The fallen snow covers All the wounds of the earth Slaves of restriction Remains this skeleton earth The dust kills all sound We're sucked into a black hole The eyes that watched From the top of the hill The eyes that capture human guilt A stiff vulture claw shows the way To a land of mist To a land of war Night of torment Fever, Flames and Hell In the cold grip of Armageddon __________ Doomed To Walk The Earth As Slaves Of The Living Dead You are born into bondage You are born as a slave What am I? "You're a slave" Forever submissive Forever in holy chains (You are) born by a whore By a filthy cunt Which spread disease The disease of god You have the ability to rise After a fall We await impatiently For a divine sundown You're a slave Of your own restrictions Of Christian morals Of the book of lies You have the ability to rise After a fall We await impatiently For a divine sundown You're a slave Of your own restrictions Of Christian morals Of the book of lies Stop being so humble Stop showing remorse Cut it off The hands that feed the blind Can you move? With those holy chains The grey horizon I paint it black See through tomorrows Spiteful eyes The fury of the north men (Within) those who still believe The holy slumber must end (After) Thousand years of dormancy Et spiritus sancti __________ Morbid Fascination Of Death Lifeless landscapes Dead trees up in the hills Pure autumn bliss In cold November On a night of gusting wind Clouds came down - down Together we were beasts We lay in the cold dusk - Of his negligence In the mist of the turmoil Frozen heart Beast of winter Mental frost Beast of winter Mental frost __________ Through Self-Mutilation The self-mutilation Necrosis of the soul Dark is the shadows of life Hot as Hell You take the matters into your own hands From now on it's downhill A single candle burns - In the vast consuming darkness Uplifting like a funeral Through these years you were created In the void between life and death A shimmering blade shreds through his flesh At the peak of his night - time bliss Misanthropes, kings and queens And a painful vision of Hell It burns The blisters on your hands So nebulous, dark as December You should be dead by now Lost in time and space But you push the limits further You hate the human race __________ Knokkelmann Doden er en ensom ferd Doden er bade angst og lja Med et glimt du skal fa se Inn i evighetens oye En fattig sjel Sultet i hjel Dodens kalde hand Hentet knokkelmann I solfalls ild... Evig sovn Nattens taketeppe SIik sloknet en gammel flamme Solfals ild Du sa nei til livets sang Gang pa gang Tatt igjen av tidens tann Til helvete med knokkelmann Solfalls ild __________ Warlord Of Misanthropy I have died from within The beginning of an end But I still stand Seeing red The anger made me strong The vision was mine Horizon becomes vast Claim your throne The fire turns to flames I had it all Before the fall Warlords of misanthropy Powers Spiritual powers to foresee Warlords of misanthropy Warriors of the fall Through sinful years The hellish burden That I was given __________ A World Of Bones An evil face The eyes so cold The dark labyrinth of the human mind Key to a kingdom A world of bones New revelation, anger is the fuel I am a sinner On the last dreadful day of judgement Heaven I unbind all spirits who Abide this hole In symbols speaking I woke you from the deepest dream Open the gates Behold your sentence In the sign of the cross And the crown of thorns The precious (human) blood Burning holy tears Lifetime sinner Which saw his sign But the eyes were cold __________ Carpathian Forest Three times the eclipse Before she lays her soul to rest Channelling the darkness of many nights All this was once her dream See and feel The blackened blade of revenge Cold white towering mountains The passage to the land of phantoms Deep forlorn woods Where the gleam of neither light or Bliss reach The castle lies in the mist Between the mountain and marshes Throughout the last centuries Have the moonshine enlightened her coffin Black soul of the hunter The hungering thirst The enchantress of the night The hungering thirst Evil, devour its soul Since the medieval times Have your shadow haunted __________ Cold Comfort A spirit rose from the earth Slowly leaving... Their candle-flame lonely, and so needing Like dust in the night the prayers rise Under the sick image of Christ They talk to the nothingness Old wounds were never mended Something drops from the (autumn) leaves Again it rains: In a dry corner, salvation again declines Sleep like a skull in the hard ground Nothing for ears nothing for eyes Without a shadow, waiting for nothing The dark room, the moist tenement (of earth) The cold kiss of release, great light He was never man enough In a world of cruel faces He discovered that he was never man enough He discovered nothing Far above and beyond... All in the name of god The eyes refused to look ahead... __________ Speechless When we came through The veil of the night The fall of man We gave you our hearts The watcher The sentinel The "God" that took you away Where ends our journey? We slip away And shadow falls We gave it all You found no god Mankind will forever weep!!! __________ Nostalgia From the ashes he returns Through the seal of the dark He looks upon the enchanting moon His lips are dry And crave for human blood Through all centuries We see the horizon clearly Deep in our hearts Under the shelter of a tree It lives in the well of time The ancient dread of non-existence Close your eyes, it leads the way (To the) Treasure throne of memories This is the emptiness This is life Make a final sign (And) Leave the world behind We Are Going To Hell For This - Over A Decade Of Perversions The Angel And The Sodomizer A young catholic nun Fucked up by a stun-gun Life will not be like before Scream, you christian whore Shout it out Don't resist He'll sodomize He'll slit your wrist You are a fragile flower So innocent and pure Feel it in your bowel (All) tight rectums bleeds for sure Crying out In misery Stinging pain Oh yeah!!! Gather the hordes of hell Gang bang virgin mary 666 seconds in hell Destination death Crucified through the wrists Naked teenage tits Diabolical religious fanatic Heavy downer pills and Heroin addict You have met the devil A devil in disguise Diabolical destroyer (Just) look into his eyes... This is a little bonus (For the) pervertor of the soun Bleeding from the anus Now you're stiff and cold __________ I Am Possessed Bleed! "Og Du Guds lam Som Bar All Verdens Synder." I Am Possessed! "Gi Kirken Tjenere Som Holder Fast Ved Ditt OrD Bevar Oss Mot Vranglaere Og Dodtro" Enough is enough You're going down We're destroying all Holy ground! This is hell, this is war Death, torture, bloodshed And gore... Still burns the church of faith And carpet-bombed is the Pearly gates!!! "Og Du Guds lam Som Bar All Verdens Synder." I Am Possessed! The lack of faith is your, Followers of the parasite god. Eternal death and suffering We embrace the knowledge Of satan!!! Defending the throne of evil The black flame burns I am the voice of evil I am possessed Possessed!!! __________ Bloody Fucking Nekro Hell Maximum evil power Blood-sheared face of death Cold mega engines of Pure hate Blood-drenched walls of Madness and hell!!! The fury of a thousand deaths Bloody Fucking Nekro Hell Blood-fuelled machinery Conqueror of god Bloody Fucking Nekro Hell Satanic Poison Death Lungs filled up with vomit You crawl knee-deep in shit And gore The engines is crushing more And more I am the hell-commander of sin Maximum evil satanic power Bloody Fucking Nekro Hell __________ Bloodlust & Perversion Freezing rain pours down from the clouds Roar of a distant thunder Awakes my thoughts As we ride toward the End of our fate Our horse are carrying us Through the winterland Dark medieval war! The mild breeze are getting stronger My hands grabs the frosty sword Through the vast winter landscape As we enter the kingdom Of the unknown With hate, death and pain Delietful eyes War of chaos and thunder rage Our hands are open to welcome ther death As our sharpened weapons Into the battle we ride!!! After the anger the silence began And now the cold night approaches From the top of the winner mountain To ride with glory and Armageddish anger With hate Defending The Throne Of Evil It's Darker Than You Think My cold goddess of the night Squirming under my spiked fist She's giving me all carnal delights Submit yourself and drink my blood I am the bringer of hate Evil reigns supreme on earth Defenders of the blackest faith Which strengthen my inner glow Mind expanding inner journey >From a grim and bitter soul Misanthropic violent hellblast It's darker than you think... For seemingly endless time There is still blood on the old oak This is where you come to die Over three hundred years old And still stretching towards the sky The hangman's oak... Burning, bleeding, dying From the inside Hitting, whipping, kicking Tthe corpse of christ! Reading, learning, seeing All knowledge of evil Watching, waiting, observing My fallen angel... I am the mortal guide With spiritual possessions I have seen the other side And I have sold my soul! I have no earthly tombstone And I have no christian grave I am a misanthrope I am not a fucking slave! __________ Skjend Hans Lik / Humiliate His Corpse En Evig Kamp Mot Guds Lys! Drep den forstefodte Skjend hans lik En fiende av gud Til evig tid Hat, Kulde, Dod! Et hjerte fylt av hat Ondskapens sjel Kald likbleik hud Dodens sanne ansikt Ond, Grim, Sjel! Grim hellig forakt Kristen menneskejakt Uforsonlig tidlost hat Gi meg valgjerds hode Pa et faens solv fat En dodsmaskin skapt av hat Mot gud og hele menneskeheten En iskald trone skapt av uhellig tro Beskyttet av alt det onde Og hedensk vikingblod! En evig kamp, jeg blaser pa ildens glod! En fiende av gud, til evig tid! __________ The Well Of All Human Tears Evil surrounds you, channelling hell Through the seal... The only answer lies within Beholder of all sorrow The root of damnation, eternal dedication The night closes in Dark and cold Life is an abyss Profound as a thousand nights Through the seal of the dark A journey through the bleakest mist Evil surrounds you The presence of death The gates to madness Channelling hell The only answer lies within Over the ice-cold fjords Under the wind-swept mountains The deepest of all forests Where darkness lies unknown A layrinth of trees Grown on the most unholy soil Forever in darkness I have touched the hands of death Beholder of all sorrows And the well of all human tears The root of damnation Suck the marrow of the fucking bone Eternal dedication We, brotherhood of the blood Beholder of all sorrows And the well of all human tears __________ Put To Sleep Like A Sick Animal!!! Centuries have strengthened his soul He knows the winds He knows the woods and the trees Firmly held by the strongest chains He's waiting for the nightfall He lurks in the evening mist An earthly demon-made soul Declaring destruction of god Destruction and war Hhe lurks the travellers to their death He put a nail in your coffin Forever and ever till the end of time And he will always be On top of the world! Our lifeless faces of death You will walk the darkest path And find no inner peace The blackest light of true evil Torture me with a thousand razors Torment me no further, kill me now This is the day of suffering This is the day I see you die Get me out of this fucking hellhole I can't stand the fucking smell I can't stand your hypocrisy You're going to hell Living in fear, your death is tailor-made Drowned in a pool of snot, tears and misery You haven't seen the light The christians were wrong! There is no comfort in dying There is no peace in death You are worth nothing Put to sleep like a sick animal Put to sleep like a sick animal __________ Hymne Til Döden Fred vil du aldri fa Dine snyder varer evig ved Dette vil du aldri unnga Du drar til et uonsket sted Jeg star og ser pa hatets ansikt Berort av ondskap, berort av and Risset av gudenes runer Er stroket bort av en ukjent hand Hva vet du om döden? Det siste forfall, et lik Og et muggent skall! Doden er et fjell Som lofter sin falte sno Over vegen du drar Dit til du skal do! Vi sorger aldri over de dode Vi lever i hat og evig tro Bare I de hedenske hjerter Strommer de falnes blod Fred skal du aldri fa Dine snyder varer evig ved __________ Ancient Spirit Of The Underworld Overhead the thunder cracked and roared And when it ceased the deathlike silence Chilled my marrow and bones The need to feel dead was killing him Like death itself Evil is found in the earliest Oldest and the most dreadful Memories of humanity Eternally feared by gods primitive men Pale visions, death-pale they were all Still cursed, haunted and alone Killing woman, children and men Sparing neither age nor sex A place where reality is worthless And all you want is to be left alone They grind the land like corn Showing no mercy Spilling the blood like rain Devouring their flesh and sucking Dry their veins... The undead leaves their graves In misty transformations You see half-visible bodies Floating through the night The ancient spirits of the underworld All the trees were lifeless and dead And there were no birds singing The reign of man is over Drained for all its powers He saw their starving lips shake With a horrid grin gaped wide And the corpse lies on the cold hill side His spirit is carried away By the northwinds into eternity __________ Spill The Blood Of The Lamb I walk the path of death Which no one will return I will lead you to this path And see you burn The only guiding light The blackest light To you who seek the knowledge I will spill your fucking blood! Follow me through this earthly hell And lay thy hands on his horned skull And worship! The fallen angel of doom Faster, faster We re heading towards total disaster My father is fire my mother is hate Nourished with the blood That blackened my hellish faith Poisoned by the christian earth Baptized by priest at birth I command and follow lucifer As the only representative Living force... Lucifer! The blackest light of evil I have the knowledge Spilling my blood! I fell first amongst the angels Who despise jesus christ And all other heavenly creatures Of the so-called heaven The age of the moon That should be observed by All of the true heathen blood I expect no less! Spill the blood of the fucking lamb! __________ One With The Earth A shiver creeps down my spine As I wander through these hordes And when these callous arm Streches out for me, I feel at home You are the beholders of silence Still your voice of wisdom means more to me Than the words from a thousand men ever will In a time with religious whores Which keeps fucking the same cock I gasp for air, you are my shelter A forthcoming winter-night From one of your mighty arms I will hang in a rope I am you, and you are the earth! Your presence is indispensable For the existence of life Your elegy in stormy nights One with the earth And one with death! __________ Christian Incoherent Drivel As the decades and centuries rolled by Most of the christians no longer thought That the second coming of christ Would take place in their own lifetime They firmly believed The awaited return of jesus christ To earth in order to judge The living and the dead But they thought its possible That these holy events Might not come to pass For hundreds or thousands of years On the basis of a complex numerical Calculations involving the symbolic Interpretation of the so called Book of truth Still the preachers of our modern age Which prophecies claimed true Admit and coness your pathetic sin Then you kneel and let the brainwash begin The world will be swept by war and plagues All evil will control humanity Many will follow the beast 666 And take up arms against christ The battle of armageddon is near Apocalypse pestilence war famine and death The demons of finality From the sky they came As written in biblical times The vision of the destruction fo earth The future is dark and violent Carpathian Forest wants you dead, DEAD! __________ The Old House On The Hill He lives in a old house on the hill This elderly man of dark secrets Haunted by the memories decades ago Which shaped this man throughout his life The old house on the hill A call from hell Far from people, he lives in the past Alone by himself, always alone to the last A saw, a drill and hammering on nails The curtain covers the dusty windows Scratching sounds and the sound of knives Being sharpened from time to time The old house on the hill The old house on the hill __________ Necrophiliac / Anthropophagus Maniac The nekrophiliac mental disorder Cadaverous sexual deviations An uncontrollable strong desire Reading obsessively all obituaries Dig up the recently deceased woman And break into their tombs Of the freshly buried sluts And fuck them before they rot! Dissecting the stiff and dead Eating the eyeballs and the inside Of her opened head The infliction includes no pain But the destruction of her Innards and brain Consuming the pieces of the corpse Of someone who has been Mutilated beyond recognition A necrosadistical uncontrollable lust There is much blood on the floor Pus, entrails and stinking gore Necrophiliac anthropophagus maniac He needs to see her inside out Necrphiliac God-made sickening art From her dismembered skill and head Necrophiliac

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