7 ian. 2009


Obscurum Black Torment When darkness falls When everything turns black When everyone is in torment I look at a sky with no sun I look at a world of no peace I look around and see no life We look at things that were once here We look back on a life that once was We will spend eternity in pure eternal darkness. we will watch tears of blood run down from heaven above we will watch the prares of death anwser to hell
we will watch demons drink the blood of christian scum all night long. We watch everyone bleed in eternal black death We watch everyone suffer in front of jesus christ< I sit down and bleed for the rest of my life in eternal dungeons __________ Black Depths We gaze above the wall of death and see a dark shadow It wakes us out of our dreams and into a mental state you see nothing but pure blackness, and a unholy death fire. So many dark sleepless nights, so many black unholy torches burning Into the dark black depths of hell, this is where the shadow comes from Into the black dark depths of hell, this is where the demons and satan gather Demons, black witches.... darkend shadows no more life.... pure unholy sadness Gazing upon the wall of unholy death, gazing into the eyes of my master satan Gazing into the black depths of hell, gazing into the eyes of pure evil. This place is full of nothing but sad spirits, hate, angzer, pain, and pure unholy blackness. We will forever say in the depths of pure black darkness and hell. We will forever watch people suffer and cry out for help We will watch the fall of christiansity and the rise of black unholy victory. We are in the black depths We are in the black depths We are in the black depths of hell We are in the black depths of hell! __________ Eternal Darkness Eternal Darkness Spending life, under the ground in eternal darkness. sleeping for ever in eternal darkness with no light, only silence. Whispers can be heard through out the night, nothing... but unholy darkness triumphs. Hail the hordes of darkness who support pure eternal damnation! Obscure silence is not dead, but alive through the walls of pure eternal darkness and death. I am damned for eternity, The stars will no longer shine... The sun will no longer rise. I am blessed with unholy misery, I hate everyone who breaths. In eternal darkness, demons drink the blood of jewish souls, In eternal darkness, demons drink the blood of christian souls. In eternal darkness, hate and anger roar through the halls of death. There is a giant triumph in unholy death, in peace with out god, in peace with satan. For us... peace is misery, torment and suffering! __________ Witchcraft Witching hour is on, darkness triumphs in hell werid voices and satan coming from unknown Evil darkness, hatred black hordes... death and silence blood filled bodies lie across the fields of death. Hordes of darkness feast of the white light of christ. Demons drink the blood of angels cunts and necks. Powers flowing through the air on theese dark sleepless nights. Nothing can sustian the powers of a black night of unholy death Preachers... preaching about white lights and mysterisouly dying. The blackend hordes rule this world, we slay the holy peices of shit on this earth. Blackend witches sitting down with there swords Blackend witches slaying the holy ones on earth. Witchcraft Witchcraft Witchcraft Blood, satan... death, hatred... no more life, only death. Pain, suffering, unholy death! Dark skys, bloody whores of christ, people burning... witchcraft all around us, underground in hell... underground in pure unholy damnation! __________ Goat Sitting down watching whores fuck there goats. Sodomy and hatred runs through the atmosphere Gates of intimate darkness open, and hate triumphs People pleading for help, Goats being slaughtered and there blood dank by the hordes. Darkness has fallen, the night is still young, whores being followed by there goats Pure silence is still as the night remains down by the full moon in which covers the sky Goat Goat Goat Kiss the goat, 6 hundred and sixty six fucking times, cut your self up and bleed to death! Hail darkness, hail the goat of sacrifice, everyone will see you bleed for eternity! Watch bitches fuck there goats, watch the darkness fall and full moon open wide. __________ Towards The Gates The stars in the sky have faded away The time of your life has expierd Death arives to your mind, and your soul. Soon you will be on your way, torwards the gates Heading torwards the land of the gates, where you will enter On your way, underground in hell... in pure death and misery A place you never thought you would see, a place out of the world Wandering out of times of forgotton happyness. Wandering out of this planet, horrfying images fill your mind Through the lands of hatred and silance, through the gate of hell Through the blood of a warriors body... to the end of the black gates Heading torwards the gates, heading torwards the land of the gates To the gates, to the black... dark gates of hell.

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