7 ian. 2009


Blood & Valour Blood & Valour Out For War, Death I Implore Out For Kill, The Blood Will Spill Out For Sin, This Fight I'll Win Out For Hell, Eternity I Will Dwell Relentless, We'll Hunt You Down Chaos, Destroying All Grounds Bloodshed, To The Fuckin Core Dominate, Our Victory Unfolds Blood And Valour Blood And Valour Unstoppable, We'll Crush Your Vows Invincible, We're The Gods Now Bludgeoned, Fools Lie Dead Hell Awakened, Your Funeral Now Calls For As Long As The Wind Blows It Will Howl My Hate Fists Full of Blood Painful Death Your Fucking Fate Hellborn, Delivering My Wrath My Love Is Lust, But My Pleasure Is Death Until My Hands, Drip Your Blood I Shall Kill, And Kill Forevermore Blood And Valour Blood And Fucking Valour __________ Death Rides Out Tonight Is The Night The Night of Ghoul I'm Ready To Fight This Land I Rule Avenging, Killing, Destroying, Charging I Am The Warrior I Hold The Law I Am The Redeemer Manic Fuckin' Hate When I Look Into Your Eyes I See Death! When I Taste Your Blood I Want More! When My Fists Drip Red You'll See Me In Another World! When I Take Your Last Breath I'll Laugh With Death! Death Rides With Me Tonight Enflamed With Fury Victim In My Sight I'll Fuck Him With My Knife __________ Descention, Hellsblood Break Through The Shell of Man Unveil The Trinity of Soul Compel Beyond The Dismal Light Grasp Darkness Inhumane Dispelling All That Is Clean All In Homage To The Goat How Will It Take To See The Demise of All Humanity Heaven Shall Weep And Burn, It's Hell on Earth HAIL! The Mighty And The Proud Victors of The Earth Evil unto creed Hail! Immoral Is Our Way A Never Ending Path To Infinity Hail! Purveyors Who Summon Might Rulers of The Night We Gloat Hail! Burn The Godly And The Weak Hterzan Shall Bleed We Laugh Aloud Cunt! __________ Barbaric Horde Battle on The Rise Rivals Doom Awaits The Stormbringers Moon Warclouds And Thunder Awake! We Come At Night Barbaric Horde Evil Vicious Plight Charge Forth Fiery Torches Ablaze Follow The Setting Sun Heralds of A Dawn To Come The Land Yet To Be Won Steel Clashes Steel First Blood Drawn Mortals Crushed Underhoof Swordarm Judges Might Unchained Attack Behold Overthrow Shall Unfold All Fighting For One And One Fighting For All Darkened Skies Above They Beckon In The Wind Ash scatters In Stars The Flames Grow Higher We're Here To Reap Holy Waters Poison Lords of Battle Forge Forth Now Many Have Fought And Sought Raging Through Wars Blood We Rouges The Victors Kings Head Carried Home Dark Ages Repisal Mercenaries of Wills Pride Conquer Through Hills of Death Hells Fuckin' Militia Rain Thrashes The Earth Smoke Fills The Air The War Is Over We Won Again __________ ...'Till The End We Set Forward Time Shall Tell What We'll Find Endless Crusade Into The Unknown Places Beyond Striving Through The Distant Land Through Storms of Fire In Search of A Battle Unforgotten The One We Desire Lost Is The Force of Will Our Pride Still Defies We Shall Forge on Relentless Through Depths Unknown To Foresee And Voyage Through The Eyes of Death Our Vengeance Shall Pave The Way We Shall Ride On Till The End Eye For An Eye We Conquer Our Victory Shall Avenge Striving Through The Distant Land Through Storms of Fire In Search of A Battle Unforgotten The One We Desire Lost Is The Force of Will Our Pride Still Defies We Shall Forge on Relentless Even Till The End of Time __________ Legion Of Wrath Blood For Blood, Kill For Kill Wrath The Way of Force Path Of Destiny, Fearless Guest Power Reigns Forevermore Wrath Is Fire, Damnation Pride Flames Enlight The Eyes Invoke Fury, Burning Storm Blackened Skies Now Roar Power of Death, Strength From Hell Destructions First Spell Rebel Force, Mark To Kill Defenders of The Will Clashing Steel, Raging War The Battle Is The Law Blend of Might, Sinful Greed All Lifes Blood Will Bleed Fighting We'll, Kill With Ease We Crush And Defeat Pride of War, Flag Raised High Storming Armies Never Die Riding Torment, Bringing Pain Annihilate We Command Breeding Hate, Cast Iron Will We Are Living For The Kill All The Weak, Shall Fall Legions of Wrath Will Rise __________ Orgy Of Souls (Hallowed Night) Maddened Creatures of Unholy Rite Gates Open This Darkest Night Souls of An Unforgotten Age We Cast Forth Through The Gates of Hell Bring Forth The Spirit of Lust Bring Forth The Hallowed Cunt Bring Forth The Alter of Blood Bring Forth The Seeds of Dark Demonical Fiends All Around All Chanting A Twisted Sound Bodies Dressed In Earths Mud Evoking Ones Darkest Blood Bring Forth unholy Sword Bring Forth The Defiled Host Bring Forth The Chalice of Blood Bring Forth The Crimson Fire Sorcery Infernal Debauchery Hail Satan Our Torches Are Raised High The Paths Are Endless On This Darkened Night We're God And Goddess Orgies Perverse And Bloodstained Souls Naked Flesh Is Fucking Goat Horror And Lust Is Divine Delight Hellish Content Is Raping Mind Fire, Earth Semen And Hell Water, Air Goats And Bell Total Chaos Phallus Venom Goblet Flows Cunts Rum Sorcery Infernal Debauchery Hail Satan Sabbat Complete Desire Fulfilled Pentagram Closed Demons Return __________ I, The Warrior My World, I Don't Give A Fuck What You Think I'm Livin' For Today I'm A Warrior I'll Do Each And Everything My Own Fucking Way! Unrelenting, I'll Force my Sword Through Your Shrines of White Spirit of Hate, The Devil In Disguise I The Demon of The Night! I'll Climb The Highest of Mountains And Journey Beyond The Sun I'll Cast My Will Content I The Mighty One Set Foot On Virginal Land Grasping All By My Own Hand Oh, Mighty One Is Thy The Primal Soul And Elite Empowered Beyond The Worthless Flock No Mortal Shall Defeat Embodied By All That Is Sacred of Will And Lifely Treasures It Will Be Thine Now And In The End To Reap All Lifes Pleasures

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