6 ian. 2009


ATANATOS - Assault Of Heathen Forces Whore Of Revelation The church is a whore of revelation Gins and vices rule in it Church don't spring from Jesus but from malefactores The pope is the leader of all malevolence. Your adversaries say: "god didn't create the world Jesus didn't suffer for the mankind The ecclasiastical services are useless Your sacraments are senseless. The whore of revelation How many noble people, scientists and servants Exposed to danger, suppressed from you Deprived of their joy of life Torchured, strangled and hanged is unknown. Everyone who is in doubt about you Everyone who not follows you Frighten you and is an enemy in your eyes That's why you invent cruel punishments and laws. You set brothers at variance You want to dictate what is the right way And your crusades, your fucking crusades Were marches of general offences. The whore of revelation. __________ Behind The Darkest Woods These are the ancient woods Those cover the secrets The little spirits, unvisible The dance starts at midnight. Burning clouds of thunder His call sounds over the mountains Ride through this rough land Where lived the ancient forefathers Whisperings in the darkness Frozen stars at the sky In the distance you see they come Their swordarms sparkle in the light of the moon. Worship for the strength to fight The flames of eternity Fight for the victory of freedom Ride to the final war. Behind the darkest woods There is the land of fearless warriors With the strength of the gods Fight for eternal life. __________ Journey Through The Spiritual Past Do you hear the cries those tear the silence of night Cries of forgotten souls, signed by a painful life. In search for the real truth, the ancient spirits show the way Dark shadows - eternity, black coldness - frozen air. Between the dreams, the dreams of damnation Chained by fear, splattered by torchures. The dreams of damnation Chained by fear, splattered by torchures. Flight for a long, long time Through protecting blackness of night The inner fight - revenge The saving fight so far away. The dreams of... Flight for... Pictures of destructed life Miracles of existence Chaos rules - burning fields Tears of sorrow - hate. Journey through the spiritual past into the loneliness To the ancient kingdoms, return of the damned souls. __________ Eternal Escape - Under The Black Sky Unter dem Schein des Mondes auf dem von Fackeln erleuchteten Pfad. Blutige Finger, gespaltener Geist angstliche Blicke The Oath Of Revenge Infernal Dreamquest Cries in the night, apparations in your mind. Flight through your dreams full of hate and fear. Victim in an endless war. On the esca. pe from the real truth. Your eyes are full of fear, your cries die away in the wind. When the night comes and the light goes down and the darkness rises you will die. Pain in your dreams, tortures in your life. Run away, helpless through the night. When the night comes and the light goes down and the darkness rises you will die. Victim in an endless war. On the escape from the real truth. Your eyes are full of fear, your cries die away in the wind __________ Return Of The Witch Helpless she flies through the darkness over the abyss of her lost thoughts. In her mind, like the eternal fight between black water masses and unholy rocks, fight her deepest wishes against the endless sorrow. In her life she does not find the way out. In her dreams she lives in another world. Through the woods, the woods of eternity to the mountains of deliverance. Her face, her skin, her pale tremble skin are wet from the black tears they are running down. In front of her there stands a burning cross in an ocean of candles. The twitching lights reflect in her eyes. Now she has only one wish - to die. Imploring she falls down on her knees and cries out her fear. Her whole body trembles in the light of fire, her face is agonized by pain. Like sustained from a foreign power she is suspended into the flames. The body cremates, the soul is delivered. Her screams sound over the woods. __________ Doomed To Death High mighty mountains, deep extensive valleys. Covered by snow, icy winds. Liveless, eternal. You drift on the black waves of damnation, look forward to the end. Life is pain and torment, perfection is the death. In search of yourself, shattered by depressions, teared by painful thoughts. Aimless, helpless. You a stranger for yourself, do not know yourself. Fear rises up in you. Look for the saving hand. You are doomed to death. You know it, cry. The cries die away in the wind. Your shadows sink in the fog. They come to pick you up. Endless silence. You trace their neamess. Hope of deliverance. You see the light. Unique is it, warm. It lights up the path for you. You are doomed to death. __________ Worshipper Of A Weak Lord I bring you life, I bring you death. Moments of happyness, years of awful tortures. You are a devote slave, chained. Pain is a true feeling, it is the answer of mistakes you made. You worship him, you cry. Never he will come back to you. Lost creature, dust in the wind. Listen to the voice of the deadlyabyss. Your thoughts circle around and your views are full of fear. It is the taste of your own blood. Wet is it, wet and warm. I bring you life, I bring you death. Moments of happyness, years of awful tortures. You are devote slave, chained. __________ Armageddon (Time Of Prophecy) The daylight is drying up in the dusky mysterious veils. Eternal night, overhelming darkness, the sky is lighted up by flashes. Bleeding clouds, torn by frosty storms of the universe, are rushing down to the burning earth. Endless streams, fall of sorrow and agony are running away from the indestructable gate of evil. Teared up by wild hurricans, hoarsed screams of anguished creatures. Pain and hopelessness are falling down to the dusky ground like a dirty rain and are making all human beings be quiet. To escape the heat twitching bodies are turning in the plateous of mud seeking for moisture though their water masses have already changed into dust. Caught by black demons of darkness, diabolic eddles of mercilessness are sweeping across the degenerated earth. It is happening this time of prophecy. Predicted thousands of years ago. Never taken seriously but still caused inconsiderateness and selfishness of mankind. __________ Dark Age The land is tornapart by discord. Wars and epidemies demand their victims. A smell of decay covers the world, the rising veil of death is everywhere. Helpless fathers, despairing mothers, all they live in hope of appearance of him. He will come to defend the victims of dark age and will end all their sufferings. We are waiting for you - that is what the people say - because you will come with the coat of kindness. You will brandish the sharp steel of justice to defeat the dark age of death. Dark age, ice-cold breath of ignorance and cruelty. __________ Realm Under The Rising Moon What do you feel in the blackness of night. The coat of darkness covers your damned soul. Fire - ready to fight. Burning fields - moonlight. Torchures - sparkling swords. Black eyes - set the fire. Smell in the air, ancient rites. For the old gods, sacrifice your life. Bloody ground, screaming bodies. Under the sign of the sword. Possessed - kill the christian rabble. Fog will go down. Riding to the gate of pagan kingdom. With the strength of the dragon, noble people - pride warriors. The realm where the moon rises. Thy lord will lead you.

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