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Drudenhaus A Doleful Night In Thelema Out of the house, beyond the stones of eternal pain Across the orgasmic veins of the city - circle of death Unchained as we are, wolves of humanity's ancestral fears The walls, the humans (useless), they stand in my eyes (open) The taste of blood, the sign of war Never look behind, my body is so tired I wanna die Why is she crying? Shut up bitch! A kind of me... Never I'll betray Run my love Save yourself from this chaos The flames, the crowd, the new gods They're marching our plains Dispensing aesthetic death Oh, my breath! Infernal sickness Nothingness - I am alone The walls, the bricks, a girl, oh God! Never stop - the walls - destroy Fucking little bitch die, and die! Friends of misfortune mustn't leave me here Run my love... Save yourself from this chaos The flames, the crowd and the new gods Je jouis, je saigne, je meurs, je vis Je pleure, j'ai envie de vomir Va t'en Pourquoi es-tu venu ? Laisse moi hurler Demain peut-etre, qui sait ? Tu ne sais rien et moi tout I know all Je n'en peux plus, j'en ai assez Je me suis brule les yeux et j'ai peur A line of cars (red and white) and this piece of steel which hurts me in my stomach... __________ The Drudenhaus Anthem I reach the quintessence of all that is I was, I am and I shall be again Burn and torture me for I am the witch The Antechrist you've feared for years and years Burn me and burn us there's no time to waste Burn, burn before you understand For crime so pure and restless tragedies I transgress your world into the house of dawn For redemption and immortality A sacred sin for divine perfection Drudenhaus! O Roy des cieux et Seigneur des Seigneurs O ange des anges, toi que craignent tous les hommes en silence Je suis l'ineffable et ton bras vengeur L'unique salut de ce monde profane et sans grace I pray for all and whole non-salvation And all the phantoms on earth follow me I search for some old forgotten treasures And the girl made of gold is forever above me Down into the house of dawn I rest Between these walls of huge flesh I lay Dawn of Miracle - Drudenhaus! Where life sets and burns until the fall Through the sacred semence of the Lord - my soul I caress the total universe Even so vast mortal skies and oceans cannot Fill the house of presence and goldlust storms There grows the shadow of all my passions There all is silence and will of seduction Mourir de notre main ou de la votre Mourir et enfin vivre d'absolu Et vous serez fiers de nous avoir juge Mais nous seuls nous etions condamnes I touch the quintessence of all that is I was, I am and I shall be again Fuck and slaughter me for I am the witch The mystic force you've cursed for years and years Burn me and burn us there's no time to waste Burn, burn before it's too late __________ God Bless The Hustler Shining upon their chests The silver seal The blood-red penitents Towards our land From my window I can guess The flames of their so-called heaven By now, I should run away Leave the house, the church, the grave And I won't do that I open my eyes - cannot move Their hell after tracks me down Has finally put his hand in mine Torture me if you want I have learnt to suffer And in my grave Rained many a tear, oh blessed majesties Once more saved - nevermore Mare tenebrarum - the red penitents My fate divine - their worst obssession Burn in hell you cunt! Their eyes are burning more than their crosses __________ Enter The Church Of Fornication This is for stepping backwards Into the light Enter the Church of Fornication Resurrection and Life I am the mother of all the pains And I know how it has to end Enter my golden house - Heaven's gate The veil of illusions - Penetrate, Fornicate! Et clamor meus ad te veniat Try so hard to find the Quintessence The sacred eternal sense My Holy Mary forever lost My love and only ghost... Que le Seigneur vous garde toujours pure Je suis la verite, je suis le createur Et mon fils, mes enfants Celui qui vous ecoute et meurt Qui par vos bouches offertes Entend ma voix De milles destins rouges sang Sera le Roy The doors close And there you are And there you stand And there I am God La meisnie a Sathan est el mustier venue En sa destre main tint chascuns s'espee nue Vit de cleres colors la mostier peinturet De martirs et de virgenes et de granz majestez... Oseriez-vous mettre la parole de Dieu en doute? Et les cors de la lune et les festes anvels... Der Teufel soll das alles holen! Et les cors de la lune et les festes anvels... Um Gottes Willen! Du bist mein Des sollst du gewiss sein Du bist beschlossen In meinem Herzen Verloren ist das Schlusselein Du musst auch immer darinne sein Du musst auch immer darinne sein __________ Tragedia Dekadencia Je suis celui que tu ecoutais dans l'ombre de minuit lui dont la pensee chuchotait a ton ame lui dont tu devinais vaguement la tristesse lui dont tu voyais l'image en songe Celui dont le regard tue l'espoir Celui que personne n'aime Le fleau de mes esclaves terrestres Le Roy de la connaissance et de la Liberte L'ennemi des Cieux Le Mal de la Nature (Voila ce que vous avez fait de moi) Evil I am not ...Just ordinary hate You'll never understand Let me leave this room You will lose this wager, my lord Whoreson, you are not me I'm just like the others A pit of bloted ground for to be made For such a guest is meet What kind of thing is more common? What think you on't? I'm as the indifferent children of the earth As my heritage, a thousand humans died within my hand A thousand lives, God offered me The sublime hatred which fills my heart... I'm God's anger and nothing more Dominus Vobiscum Et cum spiritu tuo But age with his stealing steps Hath clawed me in his clutch And hath shipped me intil the land As if I had never been such Thou pray'st not well For the love of God, forbear me! You'll never understand The devouring fire which burns in me Let me leave this room You will lose this wager my lord Whoreson, you are not me I'm just like all the others The bastards you can't touch Dominus Vobiscum Et cum spiritu tuo Per omnia saecula saeculorum I'm as the indifferent children of the earth A thousand humans died within my hand A thousand lives, God offered me As my heritage Divine gift is... The sublime hatred which fills my heart Iudica me, Deus Et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta Ab homine iniquo et doloroso erue me But age with his stealing steps Hath clawed me in his clutch And hath shipped me intil the land As if I had never been such Thou pray'st not well For the love of God, forbear me! You'll never understand The devouring fire which makes me live Je ne suis plus que tenebres et vengeance Je veux vous voir decrepir, pourrir comme les insectes repugnants Que vous etes tous les uns comme les autres Dans un abime de merde grouillante Vous n'etes que des immondices, des larves rampantes But age with his stealing steps Hath clawed me in his clutch And hath shipped me intil the land As if I had never been such Thou pray'st not well For the love of God, forbear me! You'll never understand The devouring fire which makes me fucking live __________ Divine White Light Of A Cumming Decadence Vous avez souille notre sanctuaire Par vos paroles et vos actes Dawn of a lost glory Golden sign and shadow of mine The Messiah I am The golden force's the light that save A living Goddess on the Earth Light divine Live for destroy mankind Mesmerized by an unknown white line Heart of human Disincarnated woman Light divine Live for destroy mankind I am The dark veil on my sight Will of the Lord Longing on my soul My hands bring them decadence For honour and salvation My eyes - they rake among us For deception - honourable Life - Within all of us Was satisfying mankind (But time is to come when) Mesmerizing Holy Light Will fall upon the humans Vous avez souille notre Sanctuaire Par vos paroles et vos actes... Ne regrettes-tu pas ces epoques Ou le vin que nous buvions Nous paraissait si bon ? Ces ceremonies sanguines au theatre de Berlioz... Ce pouvoir Divin! Tout n'etait qu'exuberance Nous n'avons jamais domine Ne regrette pas Bois, rejoins-nous dans notre majestueux enfer Toutes ces ruines de Metal et de Latex Ces corps enlaces La douleur du fouet et du fer Les marques n'ont jamais change Lobotomie intemporelle Coulee de lave vomie par ton ame Je t'execre et te maudis Juste parce que tu existes __________ Dirge & Requiem For My Sister Whore He's waiting semi-naked His make-up makes him look like you slut I'm not sure to be prepared And he's shouting and smiling and laughing too I enter the room - I wanna talk Wanna beat him, wanna turn him into pieces But he's so pretty, unfortunately That I'm getting more and more fascinated And on his face, I see your eyes His lipsticked lips remind me your velvet kisses But I know, oh God I know That I don't hate anybody more than him But I know, oh God I know That I don't hate anybody more than you(r) cunt I wanna torture his cursed body Be delighted by his screams Enlighted as he calls for his dead father I killed him just the nite before I want to hear him saying: "God please no more!" I feel him I need her I want his flesh in between my lips 'Cause I'm your sister I'm your sister witch Dechirons leurs entrailles Je veux baiser leurs tripes Remplissons les de foutre et de merde jusqu'a vomir de plaisir Il faut bruler ces corps et broyer ces membres impurs Buvons notre haine, regalons nous de leur misere Je veux leur arracher les yeux Les sodomiser avec leurs langues Sculpter une idole de la luxure pour la profaner aussitot... __________ Das ist zum Erschiessen schön I will die tonite for the second time I must die tonite I could taste the wine, but it's too late I'll burn with pride I'll die tonight upon the storm And I will cry over heavens No wound shall ever satisfy my senses No wound! Never! And I will cry over heavens No wound shall ever satisfy my senses And in my journey within the night I have made love with the divine In rememberance of an existence Which has much been filled with void and nothingness I'll burn with pride I'll die tonite I'll die tonite upon the storm Feel the flesh of sacred Aeons I have felt all around me the flesh of sacred Aeons In my womb grows the child of thy fornication My hour is almost come when I to sulphurous and tormenting flames Must render up myself Now I can touch your lips And kiss you goodbye For I leave For I leave you alone Eternity ain't enough Frozen heat of hell overcame my body You're not enough for me No woman nor man I shall ever love As I only praise My own sad savour __________ The Red Archromance Inside of me lies a part of the night Nobody lived what I lived, nobody knows what I know Morning - dusk of my neverending life I shall not live without you Didn't you ever think of being my confident? A white bright and sublime and never falling sun... I have no heart - my hands are cold White as the purest snow Sick as my entire cadaver The whole world All is white now I feel your eyes caressing me I feel your presence - always And I pray for you to be - I believe Je sens son corps entrer en toi Je te sens t'ouvrir, le desirer... Puis fuir, ne plus en vouloir, en finir enfin Fais moi hurler Il m'a viole ...And the silence goes on and on Je ne t'ai jamais vraiment aime J'ai toujours fait semblant Je ne peux que verser Quelques larmes de sang En finir, t'achever A jamais innocente Fall, angel fall Fall for me Dare the flesh, taste the human curse And love, only My lovely creature Still smelling heaven's breath divine Come accomplish your destiny Girl, your father will cry for you tonite Spread your wings angel Spread your thighs for me (now) One union forever Je veux entrevoir la mort dans tes yeux Puisse t'elle me sourire au moins une fois Tu etais vierge mon amour Je le decouvris dans la seconde ou tu cessa de l'etre Trionfo della Morte New Obscurantis Order Mother Anorexia Inhale your own worst obssession Forgive me mother Inhale, forget the one you're waiting for The adversary - accusation The last fall is endless Await the blade upon your tiny chest I miss an existence I don't even know My addiction I've seen the universe in your eyes I've seen the beauty that never dies Mother Mother Anorexia engraves my veins There's blood and anger all under my nails Mother Anorexia, my hope was fake Mother Sephirah, they never existed Mother Anorexia I miss a sacrifice No weakness, no instinct, no vileness I've seen the angels prostitute I've seen my loss so cute I've seen the universe in your eyes I've seen the beauty that never dies Mother I live in fear - I hate myself Wanna make love with myself While cutting deep inside my flesh Shallow's your own worst deception Betray me mother Swallow and kill the one you believe you love The way to your perfect immolation The last fall is endless Await my hand upon your offered breasts Now your embrace the no one can take, the never, the always A colder fear... Poison's getting closer to me So pure innocent child Untouchable, virgin like Not as dark as I thought it was __________ Chatiment De La Rose His purity and his tears In destruction he dwells My achievement in murder And he was meant to suffer Enthrone the new Demiurge He told me my mission... purify Tu as vole tout ce que j'avais Tu m'as enleve mon dernier espoir Innommable larve ecoeurante de lachete Je te hais I wanna see your agony in the worst suffering ever Those of your race deserve only hate My wishes reflect his will And he spoke to me He told me to kill To kill, to kill Wish you were here close to me We could forget them My faith has been slaughtered by my sinner's body I fucking shall not forgive anything Tu es la putain des faiblesses humaines Tiede et obscene Aveuglee par ce desir suintant de vanite Sans valeur Elle sera ma victoire Elle sera au-dessus de tout Elle fermera le cercle Et ouvrira enfin ses yeux d'ange Plus rien n'existe, tes mains sont sales Regarde-moi dans les yeux une derniere fois Je perds mon sang par mille blessures et tu ne vois rien Nous sommes si seuls maintenant Et je me noierais dans tes larmes Ta vie portera le sceau ecarlate De mon sang a jamais bafoue Je te maudis Je vomis sur ton ame et sur tous les tiens La mort pour tes parents La torture et le viol pour tes enfants. Je vous hais jusqu'a la mort Gloire aux anges salvateurs Gloire aux anges redempteurs Purifiez ce monde dans le sang! Fucking no servility to the rites of mortals __________ Black Death, Nonetheless Make love with chaos, once in a lifetime... I've seen the son of the man He came to save the ones who were lost Fathers shall not be condemned to death for the sons Neither shall sons for their fathers And everyone shall die for his own sin. Holy me, blessed be Arisen in the Asa glory Asa, Sahasrar shall abolish the man in me Black Death, nonetheless... Black Death, nonetheless Black Death for me For my disease is carrying all the sins of humanity For my death shall be the negation of your miserable existence I was talking with Lucipher yesterday He said he loved you, monkeys He's the only one who cares about you, masses I don't care, don't give a good goddamn May you all die, bunch of pigs Wish I was dead and crucified too Stigmatized by your weak, ignorant moral My body's raped and desecrated by your innoncent newborn sons Anus-Dei God, their flesh tastes so good Flagrance of the Apokalypse Lucipher was born a long time after me And you love to gently caress his perfect hair What a beautiful child you have, Madame Ah, comme je peux hair tous ces miserables assemblages de chair Ces relations faibles et repugnantes Mais comment ne pas vomir sur ces corps abjects Ces tripes fumantes enlacees? Ah, si seulement je pouvais broyer toute cette viande pourrie Dechiqueter ces putains d'esprits Expulser leurs fluides, leurs ames, toute cette atroce puanteur Ah comme je peux hair celui qui a ose les creer Je lui ferais bouffer toutes ces creatures Jusqu'a ce qu'il en creve Et qu'enfin je retrouve la sphere divine Vierge et immaculee Car Dieu m'a dit... toute vie doit cesser... __________ Stabat Mater Dolorosa We are the Sun We are the dead stars We are the black sky Invading your room We are the candle The only light We are the machines of the past Forever victims and murderers of your joy We are Death The ancient knowledge The source of origin The red and white sacred hatred Enthroned, materialized The wrath of heaven and hell united in one Worship us, be faithful Beautiful great and cursed Vexilla regis prodeunt, fulget crucis mysterium Vexilla regis prodeunt inferni We are the... Mother of suffering Bringer of virtue Possess the Holy, drink the wine Arise my son, follow me I've felt the wounds of our race We are the shadows of all your fathers The ancestors of those who suffer Come, when my hand will die upon Thy forehead, you'll breath in the flames Stabat Mater Dolorosa, fulget crucis mysterium Stabat Mater Dolorosa, vexilla regis prodeunt Be without doubt as you've been without weakness We will open the five roses We will awake the seven churches of the final confrontation Mother of suffering Hater of mercy, divine whore Mother of fanatics Be sure we'll meet again Stabat Mater Dolorosa, fulget crucis mysterium Stabat Mater Dolorosa, vexilla regis prodeunt Chatiee d'etre nee putain Non, chatiee d'etre nee trop tard Une seule nuit ne suffit plus A nous separer du paradis perdu Mother of suffering Hater of mercy, divine whore Mother of fanatics Hold me, we'll be united as one Stabat Mater Dolorosa To serve and to obey Here is your tragic destiny Your only choice is the name of your Lord and Everything Your illusion of madness and liberty Sealed your eternal enslavement Slaves to your race We are the Sun We are the dead stars We are the night sky We are the New Obscurantis Order New Obscurantis Order __________ Le Portail De La Vierge Here she comes the teen virgin angel Il desespere... Human nature vomited with anger By the holy avenger Blessed be the martyrs of virtue Jesus was impure Here she comes lying on the white wedding couch I mortify myself, curse thee a thousand times Une trahison pour l'eternite Je ne te laisserais jamais partir Une trahison pour l'eternite Rien ne sera pardonne Et le sang coule entre ses cuisses Riviere noire dans le ciel Et le sang coule entre ses cuisses Un ange deploie ses ailes Donne-moi enfin la grace Viole mon ame Brule ma peau Pour enfin la jeter en pature A cette terre morte assoiffee de luxure I am the virgin and you are the whore Longing for your revelation I am the virgin and you are the whore I'll have to make do with what I've got Standing here in the shades of morning You are the white sun of the end Kiss my lips one last time I promise you I'll leave then Alien world I failed once again Drunk of ideals and sweetness And I'm so far away from home I fear this frozen place Who am I for pretending to survive? Am I the last one on earth? I feel no desire, feel no attraction Two days and I'm tired I shall in all my best obey you, my dear Murder me if I don't But stay with me, don't turn away Whereon do you look? Et le sang coule entre ses cuisses Je ne te laisserais pas partir Je ne laisserais pas ton ame entre ces mains souillees par l'humanite J'en fais le serment devant l'Abime Que le ciel scintillant m'aveugle de sa toute puissance Et le sang coule entre ses cuisses Elle qui est si proche des flammes Elle qui se croit deja morte Lever les yeux au ciel enfin Une derniere fois S'effacer dans la beaute de la nuit Dans son silence, sa purete infinie Ne plus la trahir, ne plus la violer Plus jamais, plus jamais Je le jure __________ The Altar Of Holocausts Blessed be my own decision This body must burn upon the Altar of Holocausts Murder her when you make love Like millions of worms penetrating her flesh While she's lying down, down in the dirt And there is no nobility When I try to kill the sin in me To fuck equals to kill And I'll make her live in the purest, blackest hell ever When I raise my fist slowly, so-called king And when my words become your one and only world... Keys to the gates of submission Obey, and look down I don't love you I'm the eye of deception Control the worms I was meant to die, to order and to reign I am just a white fading flower As he used to call me Burn the witch Razorblade Expire Last breath Krieg in Sicht Yet if as holiest men have deem'd, there be A land of souls beyond that sable shore... How sweet it were in concert to adore With those who made our mortal labours light, To hear each voice we fear'd to hear no more Behold each mighty shade reveal'd to sight The Bactrian, Samian sage, and all who taught the right ! Motherfucking sage will not come to save you, fool ! Krieg in Sicht A smile - I defy With all my innocence My lips closer to yours, I feel your breath Attraction, repulsion and pride Desire made me think I had the right To take your life away Die by my own will Nature of Holocaust Just walk away from the line Do it __________ Ordo Ab Chao: The Scarlet Communion His excess of light is searching for your darkness He is the tyrant There's one only law for him... to be pure He comes from above He died a thousand times and put his hand in mine He hails victory and loss I hear him coming every single day And the queen desires me To use some gentle entertainment to him If it be her will... And I have no choice - Plus de chemin nulle part I should kill for him - I will kill for me He shall bring me the anti-matter No compassion, never Never kneel before anyone The wound is so deep Them - Us - Against I sacrify my right arm to the golden rain And I know it's a sign I know the end is near One black cancer to make the children close their eyes Abime, Abyssus, Propator! The red earth is trickling down on the wall Its blood is running off my veins Et tandis que le grand feu devore le monde la matiere Je prends ma place a la porte du cercle divin Antagonize the world - Incest and crime Humiliation of the whore - Cum, suck me child Vengeance is mine - Murder is wine Purification through the forever more Hold your breath and picture the scene The green-eyed angels are losing their wings All mothers are devorating the babies While children fornicate with animals And fathers die of overdose Dressons le bucher de ce monde Et les ames des elus seront la substance divine United we stand We walk through the flames We walk upon the ruins of your dreams Of charity and of respect __________ Solitude (Candlemass Cover) I'm sitting here alone in darkness Waiting to be free, Lonely and forlorn I'm crying I long for my time to come Death means just life Please let me die in solitude Hate is my only friend Pain is my father Torment is delight to me Death is my sanctuary I seek it with pleasure Please let me die in solitude Receive my sacrifice My lifeblood is exhausted No-one gave love and understanding Hear these words Vitrifiers and pretenders Please let me die in solitude Earth to earth Ashes to ashes And dust to dust And please let me die in solitude

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